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October Degustabox

It has been ages since I've put fingers to keyboard when it comes to blogging. I've been super busy with uni and other things going on but today I decided to put all of that aside and get a couple of posts up. So starting off with another amazing unboxing of Degustabox* get ready to drool! I know I almost did with the amount of yummy treats. I always get excited about these subscription boxes because let's face it who wouldn't love to receive a bundle of food every month?!
Brioche pasquier sliced loaf £1.69 & pasquier pain Au lait with choc chips £1.60
I have received some yummy pastry treats from this brand in my August Degustabox and they were demolished within seconds. So to see some more was exciting! These would make lovely snacks if you have got a bit of a sweet tooth. I have already nibbled on one of the choc chip Au laits and they did not disappoint. I can imagine the bread would taste amazing toasted with some nutella or butter on because it looks like really decent bread.
Special K Cracker crisps in Barbecue £1.89 
I love Special K and when I read the email letting me know what brands I would be receiving this was what I was really excited about. Unfortunately however I hate barbecue so someone else will be eating these which is a shame. I wish I received the sea salt balsamic or sour cream and onion flavour but nonetheless these are really ideal snacks too. Very light weight and contain 60% less fat so a yummy treats without feeling guilty? I think so!
Jelly Belly £2.50
I went through a faze of absolutely loving jelly beans so when I saw these in my box I figured I could well and truly be hooked again. Especially on the sour ones. These always taste incredibly flavoured and addictive. I also think these little pouches are great for stocking fillers or given someone them as an extra present. 
Dr Oetker dark chocolate £2.48 & cocoa powder £1.89
I love receiving cakey, baking things in these boxes so when I saw both of these in my box I was really excited because I've been getting into baking a lot lately. Not a huge fan of dark chocolate but I know that is the healthiest option so these might come in handy! Definitely will be creating a cake of some sort and blogging about these!
Get Buzzing £1.30 1x 
Can I just point out how spot on the naming of this brand is! These healthy flapjacks complement a balanced diet and provide fast and slow releasing energy that will keep you going for longer. With uni and everything going on in my life at the moment an energy flapjack is something I definitely need! Can't wait to see how these taste. It is like Degustabox can read my mind!
Enhance Drinks £2.49 1x
Orange and passion fruit? Yes please! I know Robinsons have a similar sort of thing out right now and those are perfect for throwing in your bag in case you fancy a flavoured drink. This is packed with natural ingredients that keeps you hydrated anytime, anywhere and only contain a shocking 1 calorie! They are available in Asda or Ocado so definitely get your hands on one if you fancy a little hydrated flavour.
Bear Paw £0.55
I have received something from this brand before and I found the fruity treats really really nice so I was really happy to see another. These delicious pure fruit snacks have no added sugar or any other nonsense. I think these are cute and great for kids or for someone who is easily pleased by paw printed baked snacks.
Solo Marshmallow creme 1x £1.99  
I can't get over how incredibly cheap this brand is! These sorts of products tend to be a lot more pricey. I am a sucker for marshmallows so I know this will definitely come in handy! A spreadable sweet marshmallow treat that offers amazing versatility for baking mm. I know myself I would be quite happy with a spoon and the tub to eat from but I might give some baking a shot!
Alpha Bites £2.69 for full box
I have received the full box of these before and I thought they tasted a little bit like cheerios just a lot plainer. I wasn't majorly loving them but they were a nice alternative breakfast that includes no nonsense or sugar. Definitely give these a try if you are looking for a healthier cereal option that looks really cool! I did spell my name out of these though which was fun.
Blue Dragon sweet chilli sauce 2x £1.39
If you like food with a little bit of a kick definitely check these out. We already use these in my house and it definitely makes normal food taste great. We like to use this as a dip with some spring rolls when we are having a bit of a 'clarty tea'. Or we sometimes mix this into a stir fry which I will write a recipe on when we next use. 
Kents Kitchen 1x £2.50
These sound really really amazing! Use three clever pots and add a few ingredient to create a restaurant quality meal and you are good to go! I am really intrigued by these little pots to see if it does live up to its expectations and taste to that quality!

Overall I am really really pleased with everything in this months box. I think there is plenty to play around with this month and lots of kitchen experiments will be created! I would really recommend you try one of these boxes worth £12.99 a month as who doesn't love the element of surprise especially with food!? You always come across some amazing brands and whip up some yummy recipes too!
You can find Degustabox on Twitter and Facebook for more information and what they've sent out in previous boxes. They have kindly given me a discount code of £3.00 off when registering for all of you lovely readers! Just type in: 3NI77

*PR Sample/gift.
What are your thoughts on Degustabox??


  1. Excellent box! I absolutely think the Marshmellow fluff sounds amazing!

    1. It is nice but crikey it is sickly!

  2. Well this just made me even more hungry than what I started off being. Lol

    I would have to agree with you about getting a monthly supply of different treats/foods would be a very good and interesting concept.

    1. I apologize this does the same to me too! It is especially brands you never heard of

  3. Looks like a great box - I received last months box and I loved it x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  4. Ive never tried marshmellow fluff I bet it is wonderful on toast and maybe it would compliment nicely with the pastries! Xxxx

    1. I've never had it on toast I tend to just eat it out the jar haha or dip it into a biscuit or something xxx

  5. Wow this months box does look really good!

    1. probably one of the best so far!

  6. That marshmallow spread looks delicious! :O

    1. mmm I know it tastes it too! bit sickly mind but still nice x


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