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January Degustabox

January Degustabox
January is always one of those tricky months for stepping away from the overload of chocolate and mince pies from Christmas and getting back on track to eating normally. I am still (at times) guilty for demolishing those 'eat me' treats in the cupboards so I was most excited to be receiving my January Degustabox to see what healthy New Year kicks I would be able to delve into! And to no surprise I received some yummy goodies!
Mornflake Porridge (£1.50 each)
There is nothing more satisfying than tucking into some hot golden syrup porridge on a cold wintry morning to keep me nice and warm. I love porridge but I must admit eating porridge alone or with already added flavours can sometimes be a little tedious so I was really excited to see these pots of joy as they come with little sachets of sweetness! I received both Golden Syrup and Nutella sachets to add into my porridge to give it that little extra sweetness. I love both flavours so I will definitely be adding these into my porridge in the mornings. I prefer porridge that comes with little sample sachets as it limits how much to put in and stops you going over board (I know I would with Nutella!) These are available in Waitrose as well which makes it even easier for me to stock up on.
Little Miracles (£1.49 each)
I do love organic, herbal teas (hot) I devour one or 3 of these hot drinks every day as they are full of amazing goodness for the body. Cold tea? I am not sure. I have tried drinks from this brand in the past and wasn't a fan of the taste but, I must admit the white tea with ginseng and cherry sounds very intriguing! I will of course give these a taste because I love how little calories they contain and how they will make you feel refreshed. Plus I can imagine these will be full of plenty of goodness so we shall see!
Clipper Green Tea (£2.00)
Another prime example of how I truly believe Degustabox can read my mind. I love green tea. I pretty much live, breathe green tea I can't get enough of it. So as a green tea fanatic I have obviously tried a variety of brands and this is definitely one I return to as it tastes so good. It isn't to everyone's taste but flavours like this with added lemon or add a bit of honey for starters definitely helps. It is just full of amazingness that will definitely be a great kick starter for the New Year as it is proven to boost your metabolism.
Kabuto Noodles (£2.00)
I do love noodles they tend to be what I reach out for when I order takeaways whilst sitting watching a film. This could be an alternative to try whilst watching a film: a delicious combination of authentic Asian flavours and quality ingredients, mmm. I am very intrigued by this flavour I may have to switch my next occasional takeaway for one of these!
Finn Crisp (£1.20)
Crackers are very fitting with the whole New Year health kick especially ones low in fat and full of vitamins, fibre, minerals and antioxidants, need I say more? I actually eat crackers with some salad toppings for a lot of my lunches so these will be very useful for that. If not these will make great peckish snacks that would fill you up since it is made from wholegrain.
Magners Light (£1.25)
I do love how these are now 'light' definitely a great way to help knock off those extra pounds of alcohol. Not a lover of cider so this maybe use to someone else but these contain 103 calories and are available in Tesco so they're not too difficult to buy and won't make you feel guilty! This is a new flavour too pear with berries, it does sound yummy.
Koko Dairy Free (£1.39)
My mam is actually lactose so when she saw this she was eager to give it a try. She told me that for one it looks more pure white compared to normal milk and it tastes a lot nicer too. I bet this tastes a lot nicer because it is made with freshly pressed coconut milk. What stood out to me (as milk can be fattening) was it contains fewer calories that skinned milk and tastes just like normal milk. I definitely think I will be pouring some of this on my wheatabix in the morning!
Sukrin Cake Mix (5.00)
Cake isn't one of those foods that sucks me in but I do like the occasional birthday or carrot cake every now and then but I am always left with the guilty after taste. A cake without guilt? Okay I am listening. This cake mix is made with natural sugar alternatives (so you get the full flavour) and contains less than 80% carbohydrates! I will most definitely be whipping out my baking skills and baking this cake.
Simplee Aloe (£1.79)
Aloe vera drink? Yes you heard correct. This is an all natural, never from concentrate Aloe Vera drink. That brings the goodness of Aloe to the masses and blended that with grape juice and a squeeze of lemon to create an extremely tasty and healthy drink. I like the sound of this so I will definitely be putting this in my bag to take with me to uni.
Haywards Piccalilli (1.89)
Piccalilli is one of those spread like sauces that is great in sandwiches, burgers or even barbecues. This sort of flavour can really bring food to life because of its tangy mustard flavour. I have tried this before and I do like it but not too much as you definitely taste the tangy-ness!
 Alfa One Rice Oil (£2.00)
Vegetable oil is an essential when it comes to cooking in the kitchen but we all know a lot of oil isn't exactly great for your body. This oil is nutritionally well balanced and high in natural antioxidants such as vitamin E. This vegetable oil is apparently one of the most healthiest versatile oils that makes any dish to perfection. I know already this will become of use in the kitchen so I can't wait to be able to eat food without the rubbish. 

Overall I think this is a great start to a New Year box, full of some healthy treats that will be great starts to getting back on track. Who doesn't love the element of surprise especially with food?! It is like Christmas every month. You always come across some amazing brands and try some yummy recipes too!

If you want to find out what other yummy treats Degustabox send out their website link is here, or you can find them on Twitter or Facebook for more information. They have kindly given me a discount code of £3.00 off when registering for all of you lovely readers (that can be used in February too!) so here is a little gift from me to you! Just type in: H58CQ
*PR Sample/gift.

Is your mouth drooling over all of these amazing foods??


  1. I would love to try a food box like this, it is great to encourage healthy eating :)

    Alice x

    1. I know they are so handy for trying new bits out! x

  2. Great review! I'm definitely going to have to pick up the Nutella porridge! :)
    I'm glad to see someone else is a green tea addict too!
    ♥ Fran - xx

    1. yes you need it! Tastes lovely! and oh gosh I am obsessed a little too much with green tea have one as I type! xx

  3. I've never heard of this box, but oh god it looks like you got some absolute treats! Will be looking into this.

    Beka. xo

    1. you get some lovely treats every month who doesn't love the element of surprise with food?! xx

  4. This is a box I'd love to receive, I love the sound of everything which is weird for me as I'm incredibly fussy. I've wanted to try Kabuto noodles for ages! x

    1. I am yet to try these still I am a little off put with the coriander but these would be so handy for on the go! xx

  5. Oooh this is such a good box! I love porridge, especially with nutella! Also love the Little Miracles drinks, I haven't seen the peach one before so I'll definitely be on the look out for it.
    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. mmm it tasted lovely! I really like this flavour surprisingly, tastes lovely x

  6. Oh wow that is such a good box, that magners sounds yummy and I love lemon green tea!

    Sophie x


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