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January Degustabox

January Degustabox
With Christmas done and dusted it's now time to get back on the health kick wagon and eat more nutritional foods. I was excited to receive this months Degustabox with in being the first one this year, I had high hopes for it being a healthy box.

If you are interested in trying this yummy box out they have kindly sent me a £6 off discount for you all, using the code: BLDEG15
jordan's granola
Jordan's Fruit & Nut £2.69 | Light, crunchy golden oat clusters with a generous handful of delicious fruits and crunchy nuts, this delicious breakfast would fill me up for hours! I ain't the biggest of fans of nuts in my breakfast bowl but I am willing to give this a try since it looks absolutely mouth watering!
Yoshoi Rice Sticks £2.00 | These quirky looking rice sticks are baked using green peas as a healthier alternative to fried potato crisps. They are less than 99 calories and are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Nut and dairy free, high in fibre and a good source of protein. Sweet chilli flavoured rice sticks sounds really yummy so I can't wait to have a handful of these as a light snack!
Tsingtao Beer £2.00 | With Chinese New Year on it's way this beer is internationally recognized as the finest beet in China. I personally don't like the taste of beer but I know somebody who would appreciate this and won't get wasted.
Slim Noodles
Slim Noodles £2.49 | UK's No.1 health product made from organic Konjac flour and oat fibre, Slim Noodles is a healthy alternative to regular noodles that help you loose weight. I am a massive lover for noodles or rice so these are right up my street, the fact the only contain 9 calories and are fat free makes them sound even more amazing. I think these would make a great lunch topped with some chicken and soy sauce.
Fruit Bowl flakes
Fruit Bowl Flakes £2.00 | These fruit flakes used to be one of my all time favourite snacks to have in my packed lunch at school. They taste so fruity and full of deliciousness, perfect to pop into your bag for on the go. I can't wait to devour these again and relive my childhood!
Finn Crisp
Finn Crisp £1.20 | What is a Degustabox without some yummy crackers? Finn Crisp contains two distinct sources of goodness made from wholegrain, it is rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These are the perfect as a little lunch topped with some cheese and salmon or even a bit of salad. I love crackers like these they always come in handy if you are feeling peckish or make a nice light lunch.
Amoy 2x £1.79 | Amoy's new taste of Asia range brings delicious cooking sauces in a convenient pouch, allowing you to prepare truly authentic Asian dishes at home. These sound amazing and probably would go well with the Slim Noodles as a simple dinner. I love flavorsome foods so these will be great if I fancy something simple and easy to cook.
Clarks £2.39 | This is a Carob fruit syrup that is made by extracting the fruits from Mediterranean Carob plant. It can be used everyday to sweeten drinks and can be used in baking. With Pancake Day around the corner this sweetener would be perfect for pouring on my pancakes with a bit of fruit! And since this is part of a controlled diet I won't feel guilty eating it!
Coldpress £1.40 | This apple juice is packed with more nutrients, Vitamin C and other antioxidants with each sip. I have tried Coldpress drinks before and they do taste a lot more beneficial and healthier than other brands I have tried. I had this juice the second it arrived and it tasted so good and just like apple juice should taste like.
Conscious chocolate
Conscious Chocolate £3.00 | Raw, organic, vegan, handmade, truffle like chocolate bar what more could you want? This delicious dark chocolate bar is perfect for dieting and tastes just as satisfying as normal chocolate bar would. I had tried a piece of this yesterday and the texture is just like a truffle which is delicious.

Overall the start of the years Degustabox is full of lots of amazing snacks to try from brands I haven't heard of before! A lot of quick, healthy snacks to have stocked in the cupboard and a lot of healthier alternatives too.

I would really recommend people who enjoy food and are wanting to try new brands out to give this box a try. Who doesn't love the element of surprise especially with food?! It is like Christmas every month. You always come across some amazing brands and try some yummy recipes too!

If you want to find out what other yummy treats Degustabox send out their website link is here, or you can find them on Twitter or Facebook for more information. 

Last Month's Box:
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Have you tried Degustabox out yet??


  1. That apple juice sounds lovely! I need to try this box out!

    Louise xo

    1. You should you'll get it cheaper if you use my discount code

      Katie ♥

  2. This looks fantastic. Definitely something to look in to.



    1. I love this box every month it is full with yummy surprises!

      Katie ♥

  3. Whenever i hear desgustabox i always think of disgusting haha its not the best nanme is it

  4. I'm trying to snack a bit more healthily - maybe this is the answer?! xx


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