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March Degustabox

March Degustabox
I was so thrilled to receive my March Degustabox before bank holiday weekend kicks in! This month's box is packed full with delicious breakfast and Easter snacks that are perfect for on the go or as a quick eat. I shall be popping a lot of these snacks in my handbag as a simple, fast snack to go.
Chewits 4 x 35p | Oh my who remembers Chewits growing up?! I have not had these in years so they brought back a lot of childhood memories, the blackcurrant ones were my favourite. Chewits were one of the first chewy sweets to hit the shops and they were so popular growing up. I tried one before and I mean, they're nice but not as amazing as what they were when I was younger. But nonetheless I've popped a packet in my bag in case I am peckish!
good hemp
Good Hemp Coconut £1.79 | Good Hemp is a nutritious dairy free alternative to milk. Made from the natural goodness of hemp seed it is a natural source of omega 3 and is completely allergen free. I have wanted to try coconut milk in my smoothies for ages so I was excited to receive this in my box. I am yet to try this out but I'd love to know what other people have with coconut milk, let me know!
Kallo Quinoa and Seeds £1.89 | With sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds, these rice cakes are perfect for snacking as a lovely light lunch. I have never tried the quinoa flavour rice cakes but I am excited to try them with a bit of cheese and tomato for lunch sometime!

Kallo Milk Chocolate £1.00 | With only 79 calories per cake these make the perfect sweet treat without any guilt. I always have a packet of these in my cupboards because they are what I reach out for if I am feeling peckish and want something light. They taste so delicious and more-some so be careful you could end up eating the whole pack!
Karyatis £1.99 | When I first opened this up I thought it was a box of crackers but then I read the packaging and was so excited! A delicious sweet and smokey roasted red pepper and tangy feta dip, perfectly complimented by crunchy rosemary crackers, all packed in an easy to carry box. It is just the sweetest thing created for on the go snacking as you've got it all in one box. I am yet to try this out but I will report back when I do as I cannot wait.
White chocolate Lindt bunny
Lindt Bunny £2.99 | I am a huge fan of Lindor chocolate and my mam is even a bigger fan so I sort of had to share this one. This chocolate tasted amazing and the outside chocolate was quite thick as well so you definitely get your money's worth. If you haven't tried a Lindor chocolate you are missing out and must try one this Easter!
Kent's Kitchen
Kent's Kitchen Stuffing £1.85 | KK stuffing's are a tasty addition to a roast dinner. Made with all natural ingredients and chunky pieces of fruit, herbs and spices, these easy to make stuffing pots will complete your meal. Not too sure how I feel about cranberry and orange as a roast dinner acquaintance but I will give it a try.
Metcalfes Cinema sweet popcorn
Metcalfe's Cinema Sweet £1.50 | With only 93 calories per serving, say hello to guilt free munching! I love popcorn especially healthier alternative popcorn snacks. These lasted approximately 2 hours in my house since arrival and were demolished. They definitely taste like cinema popcorn so I might have to grab a bag next time I go to the cinemas. I love popcorn as a snack because you are never left feeling grouse or full.
Parle Hide & Seek 59p | These biscuits are mouth-watering chocolate chip moulded from India. They look like square cookies to me and they taste delicious, apart from the aftertaste. I was left with an unusual taste in my mouth which took me by surprise but other then that they taste lovely and make a nice tea dunker.

Monaco 39p | The light, crispy biscuit sprinkled with salt is the perfect savory twist you can add to your ordinary boring moments. I love crackers especially topped with cheese so I can't wait to eat these when I fancy a little snack.
Pasquier £1.40 | These new pains Au chocolat contain a generous helping of delicious creme patisserie. Individually wrapped they are ideal for breakfast on the go or as a snack. Free from preservatives, artificial colours and can be preheated in your over for 2-3 minutes. I have had one of these for breakfast and can honestly say they taste lovely and even more so heated up. They are so quick and easy to eat if you are in a rush!
Pipers crisps
Pipers Crisps £2.00 | I rarely eat crisps but some reason I am always intrigued by crisps with this sort of packaging. It just somehow screams tastier and better for you, weird right? I haven't tried these yet but I think they might be nice with a good film one evening, so I will let you know how I get on.
Weetabix on the go
Weetabix On The Go 2 x £1.50 | With extra protein, Weetabix shakes promise to deliver a proper breakfast that fits your morning routine because it contains all the energy and fibre if a Weetabix cereal. It also contains 4 vitamins. iron and calcium and absolutely no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners. I have had these before and really liked the taste of them, I found them so filling and definitely something to try in the mornings. Especially if you can't stomach food first thing in the morning these make a good alternative and will see you through.

Overall I really liked this month's Degustabox as it is full of lots of amazing, snacks that are perfect if you are in a rush but want the nutrition's. My favourite has definitely got to be the popcorn I think it taste spot on and was perfect to chill with a good film. I am a bit apprehensive to try the stuffing but I will let you know!

I would really recommend people who enjoy food and are wanting to try new brands out to give this box a try. Who doesn't love the element of surprise especially with food?! It is like Christmas every month. You always come across some amazing brands and try some yummy recipes too!

If you want to find out what other yummy treats Degustabox send out their website link is here, or you can find them on Twitter or Facebook for more information. 

If you are interested in trying this yummy box out they have kindly sent me a £6 off discount for you all, using the code: BLDEG15

Last Month's Box:

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  1. What a fab box! I could so do with some Chewits right now, I haven't had these in years either!
    samantha xx

    1. I know it was a good box this month! And me either they definitely reminded me of childhood memories

      Katie ♥


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