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May Degustabox

May Degustabox
After last month's delicious box was such a sucess I was really excited to see what I received in this months Degustabox. This month's box is packed with lots of Spring, healthy goodies that are perfect for eating on a hot sunny day that's if we get one. I absolutely love receiving these boxes every month and to come across some yummy snacks I've not even heard of before!
Kallo Rice Cakes
Kallo Belgian Milk Chocolate Corn Cakes / £1.29
I am a massive fan of rice cakes I think they are such a guilt-free snack to have on-the-go or part of a balanced diet. At only 78 calories per corn cake, these make a delicious snack that satisfies any chocolate craving. You can eat these as they are, with some fruit or even drizzle some honey or whipped cream on them! I have never tried the corn cakes but they taste so good and light! They did leave me incredibly thirsty though and I'd prefer if they came in packs of 2/3 for on-the-go like the yogurt cakes do.

Kallo Yogurt Coated Rice Cakes / £1.69
I always have a pack of these in my cupboard or in my bag as I am obsessed with them. These scrumptious rice cakes are a great alternative to a biscuit. Made with wholegrain brown rice and coated in delicious yogurt. I definitely think if you want an alternative to biscuits or chocolate that you should try these.
Pasquier Croissants
Brioche Pasquier Croissants / £1.80
This is Degustabox's product of the month and it's definitely a good choice! A traditional French breakfast wouldn't be the same without an all butter croissant. These are free from preservatives, hydrogenated fats and artificial colours. I like to heat these up for 2-3 minutes and add butter or even bacon to get me through the morning.
Beloved Nectar
Beloved Dates Nectar / £3.50
Gluten, wheat and dairy free, this unique Date Nectar is 100% made from pure dates and absolutely nothing else. Great as a topping on porridge, pancakes or as an alternative to sugar in home baking. I have porridge every morning and I definitely think things like this can really make it taste less bland. I can't wait to try this with porridge and a sprinkle of chia seeds.
Pechkeks fortune cookies
Pechkeks Fortune Cookies / 2x £1.00
These black cookies are crude, truthful and direct - the glimpse into the future, brutally honest and pessimistic. So you're left with no choice but to take them as a sense of humour. I gave one of these to my boyfriend and I opened the other and they definitely were amusing to read, I think mine said something about having bad luck. I used to sadly keep all of my good fortune cookies in the hope they'd come true!
Get Fruity
Get Fruity / 1x £1.00
Get Fruity is an award-winning fruit and oat bar that has a high percentage of the named fruit making it authentically fruity. These bars contain gluten free oats & virgin coconut oil with no added refine sugars, produced on a nut free side and is 100% natural. To be honest this lived less than 2 hours in my cupboard I had this as an afternoon snack one evening. At first I wasn't sure I liked the taste, but after awhile I got used to it and it reminded me of the taste of a flapjack. These are quite a nice snack to quickly eat or have in your bag.
Wonderful company
The Wonderful Company Pistachios & Almonds / 2x 90p
Not the biggest of fans of pistachios purely because they're quite fiddly to get out the shell, but I do like almonds. I think these mixed together in a little pot are great to have on-the-go. I have already popped some almonds into my tiny lunchbox for when I am on the bus to work or on my break. Nuts are so filling and great as a balanced diet as long as you don't eat loads!
Cranes Alcoholic Drink / 2x £1.90
In original cranberry and strawberry/kiwi these two drinks sounded so refreshing and amazing in my head, but once I saw they were alcoholic I decided to give them another home. I think these chilled in a glass filled with ice whilst you are relaxing in the sun would be perfect.
Jack Daniels Honey BBQ Glaze
Jack Daniels Honey Barbecue Glaze / £1.99
This barbecue glaze is infused with the soft flavours of the popular Jack Daniels Tennesse Honey Liquer, giving the glaze a hint of honey and a delcious, smooth flavour. Create luxuriously sticky, sweet ribs and glistening chicken wings or simple use a dip for wedges or veggies. As delicious as this sounds I must admit I cannot bare the taste of barbecue but I know my brother would absolutely loved this sprinkled on spare ribs. I think this would be so handy to have if you are having a BBQ or a garden party in the summer.
Garafalo Pasta
Garafalo Pasta / £1.99
I always think having a bag of pasta in the cupboard is a great quick meal to make after a long day at work. Garafalo is a corkscrew shaped pasta that is made from only high quality durum wheat. This pasta will come in so handy on those evenings I haven't had time to cook or would go lovely with some tuna as a healthy lunch.
Pomegreat Juice / £1.49
Another great refreshing drink to have on a warm sunny day, Pomegreat harvest pomegranates when they are deep ruby red and bursting with flavour. I had high hopes of this tasting as amazing as the fruit, but unfortunately I didn't like the taste. It tasted too bland and very sweet - nothing like the actual fruit which is a shame.

Overall I really enjoyed this month's box as it was full of great healthy snacks for on-the-go and even some great breakfasts. My favourite is definitely the rice cakes I find these so yummy and more-some which makes me feel less guilty of having!

I would really recommend people who enjoy food and are wanting to try new brands out to give this box a try. Who doesn't love the element of surprise especially with food?! It is like Christmas every month. You always come across some amazing brands and try some yummy recipes too!

If you want to find out what other yummy treats Degustabox send out their website link is here, or you can find them on Twitter or Facebook for more information. 

If you are interested in trying this yummy box out they have kindly sent me a £6 off discount for you all, using the code: BLDEG15

Last Two Month's Boxes:

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  1. This all looks delicious - I love get fruity bars!

    Hannah | Oh January

    1. me too they are so handy to have!

      Katie ♥

  2. yummy everything looks so good!
    Rita x

  3. Replies
    1. They are my favourites for guilty-free snacking!

      Katie ♥

  4. Look at this lovely pasta!

    1. My brother ate it all before I got the chance :(

      Katie ♥

  5. Those fortune cookies are so cute and that Cranes drinks look so good! Great post lovely!

    Ella xx

  6. Everything looks amazing! The JD honey glaze is by for the best thing on this earth! With gammon or beef <3 Ah I must go buy some now haha!
    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

    1. It's came in really handy actually which I didn't expect!

      Katie ♥


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