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September Degustabox

September Degustabox
As I type this it's currently the 25th of September, not to alarm anyone but 3 months until the big man gets here, but hey who's counting? I can't believe I am writing about September's Degustabox already, it feels like yesterday since I talked about August. This month's box is filled with a variety of foods some of which are unknown to me so I was excited to try them out.
Cape Drinks
Cape Drinks 2 x £1.59
Cape is a sparkling blend of anti-oxidant packed Rooibos Tea and delicious fruit juices with added vitamins, ginseng and natural botanical extracts. It is made with all natural ingredients and contains no refined sugars. Both of these flavours really appeal to me I love fruity, refreshing drinks that don't leave you feeling bloated or unsatisfied. I rarely drink fruity drinks but because these are packed with vitamins I might have to give them a go.
Chia seed
Chia Bia Seed Sachets 2 x £1.00
Chia seeds are something I have in my diet daily, I always sprinkle them onto my porridge, in a bottle of water or in my salads. They are tiny black seeds that are added to foods to boost nutrition, they are packed with omega 3, fibre and is also a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals. These have no flavour to them whatsoever so they are really easy to consume.
Hartleys jelly
Hartley's Jelly Pots 4 x £0.50
Who didn't used to eat these as a child and always have one popped into their pack lunch? These non added sugar jelly pots are great snacks to brighten up any lunchbox. I haven't had these in years so when I tried one it brought back so many memories as a child. So yummy!
Metcalfe's Popcorn Thins £1.00
These deliciously light and crispy popcorn thins are made from corn so they have a unique texture and crunch to them. I always like to snack on these if I am craving some chocolate but don't want to indulge into a chocolate bar. These are so addictive and perfect for healthier snacking alternatives. They are great for popping in your bag for on the go snacking too.
Miso Soup
Miso Taste Soup £3.65
Soup is one of those light lunches I always have with crackers or some bread, and these little sachets will come in perfect for when I am at work. Miso Soup is made from 12 month fermented soybeans and rice with a hint of Japanese shchimi spice. These sachets come with two separate packs for an authentic flavour, they are suitable for vegans and only contain 45 calories! I can't wait to try these out!
Cirio Borlotti Beans £1.89 (pack of 3)
Cirio beans contribute towards a healthy, balanced diet and contain dietary fibre, vitamins, vegetable protein and carbohydrates. I personally have never tried these myself they just look like your standard beans, I am not entirely sure whether I would like this but I would imagine they'd be nice mixed into a sauce or some sort.
Get fruity
Get Fruity Bars £1.00
This is an award winning fruit and oat bar that has a high percentage of the named fruit making it authentically fruity. Containing gluten free oats and virgin coconut oil with no added refined sugars, produced on a nut free site and is 100% natural. These just sound incredibly good. I have tried one of these before and thought they tasted delicious so I was excited to receive one in my box. They are great for on the go snacks or if you are feeling a bit peckish.
Mrs Crimble's Fusilli £1.99
This is gluten free corn fusilli pasta with a gourmet mushroom and cream sauce, perfect accompaniment to meat or fish. I have never tried fusilli pasta before not that I am aware of anyways but I hate mushrooms so I know I won't eat this. I do like how it is gluten free though, perhaps I will check out the brand for other flavours.
say yes to no bread
Say YES To No Bead Chips £1.49
I have had these in a box before I am sure and I thought they were nice but a bit drying so perhaps I'll top them with a dip of some sort. These do taste really good and don't leave you feeling bloated like some snacks do.
Teisseire Sirop £2.99
For water worth savoring, add a dash of this stuff to still or sparkling water. The soft and fruity raspberry taste, boosted by the freshness of the cranberry flavour, gives an extraordinary experience with zero sugar. I like the sound of this drink it sounds really refreshing and great to spice up water so I can't wait to try this.

Overall I would say this box was good but not my favourite I did like how their was a lot of brands I haven't tried before but, a lot of the bits didn't really appeal to me. The popcorn thins were definitely my favourite as they are a great healthy snack alternative.

I would really recommend people who enjoy food and want to try new brands out to give this box a try. Who doesn't love the element of surprise especially with food?! It is like Christmas every month. You always come across some amazing brands and try some yummy recipes too!

If you want to find out what other yummy treats Degustabox send out their website link is here, or you can find them on Twitter or Facebook for more information. 

If you are interested in trying this yummy box out they have kindly sent me a £6 off discount for you all, using the code: BLDEG15

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*PR Sample/gift.
Have you tried Degustabox out yet??

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