Thursday, 10 October 2013

Real Technique Complexion Sponge Review

 Today I thought I would do a mini review on a product I have been loving lately in my make-up routine! The Real Technique's Miracle Complexion Sponge is very popular in the blogging world so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about myself...
Already being a lover for The Real Technique brushes I knew I wouldn't be disappointed in the sponge.

When I first purchased this I never knew which bit was for what so I went onto The Real Techniques website and Samantha Chapman has a video demonstrating how to use each part of the sponge.
I was amazed as to how many products you could use with just one sponge! it is such a flexible product for make-up
My thoughts on applying foundation...
When I first tried this I used it for foundation, I applied a bit of foundation on the back of my hand then dabbed the flat surface area of the sponge onto the foundation then to my face. It blended my foundation in nicely and a lot quicker than what foundation, stippling or expert face brushes do.
I loved the way it made my foundation look - lighter, higher end and flawless.
I do think brushes cover over redness and blemishes better than what the sponge does from what I have experienced but the concealer pointed corner helps with that...
Using the sponge for foundation is such a good easy make-up applicator, you have more control with the sponge than you do with brushes. It is a quicker routine for those 'in a rush' days or suitable for people who don't want thick coverage.

Pros for applying foundation:
Quicker routine for applying
lighter coverage
looks flawless and healthy
Easy to use

Cons for applying foundation:
Doesn't cover up blemishes as well as brushes

My thoughts on blending in concealer...
I was really surprised as to how good a sponge can blend and cover up blemishes, redness, under eye dark circles etc!
For this I focused on using the pointed tip and the rounded sides for concealer. I firstly applied a few dabs of concealer with the concealer stick applicator that comes with my concealer onto under my eyes. With the sponge I take the pointed tip and literally dab it in with the point and with any remains I take the rounded sides and role the rest in to blend in better.
This sponge is such a good cover up for concealers I highly recommend this to anyone! I usually just use a concealer brush or my finger to blend in concealer but none of them match to what this sponge does! it definitely is a miracle complexion sponge,

Pros of applying concealer...
Blends in really well
coverage is high
a simple applicator to use

No cons!

I haven't yet tried this sponge for applying blush or powder, but I do already use a sponge to apply powder (I recommend you try that if you don't already it is better coverage!)
but I will eventually will try as I have been impressed already with how well it blends in concealer and foundation.

I highly recommend this sponge to everyone! especially people who don't like spending ages blending in foundations or getting mess on their hands.


  1. Great post!! Do you use this sponge wet or dry to apply your foundation?

  2. this sponge sounds amazing! i just purchased the RT face kit of brushes and the expert face brush and i love then! RT can do no wrong! :) great post!

    1. I agree I love all their brushes so I knew the sponge would be just as good :) x

  3. This looks great! Never thought of using a sponge for powder-thanks for the tip :D

  4. Great review! I have seen this in stores and was wondering if it was a sponge that was of decent quality. This makes me wanna try it out though!

    1. definitely decent quality I have stopped using my brushes for the time being just for this sponge to apply my foundation

  5. Thanks for the post! I also have this sponge and i love it so much. It is also great to apply cream blush! Mine is a bit stained by still works well. Great for the money ;)

    My Perfect Red

    1. thanks for the tip :)
      I might in the future get another just for blush and powders x

  6. Thanks for this review, it was super helpful, I've been wanting to purchase it but haven't found any good reviews. xx

  7. Definitely going to get one of these when I am next out shopping! Great review! :D

  8. I ended up buying it! :) not used it yet though! X

  9. This was one of the most helpful reviews I've read of the RT sponge! I really want to get it, but as I use quite light coverage foundations I'm not sure if it would be that useful, however knowing me I'lll probably end up picking it up anyways, it's such good value for money too ^_^
    The Blushing Giraffe| The Blog Loving

    1. thanks a lot! I use light foundations too so don't worry about it :) xx



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