Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Christmas Lush Haul

With winter on the way Lush are starting to bring out their Christmas cosmetic collections so I went in for a little browse and ended up coming out with a lot of things...the unfortunate thing is I wanted more than I got!

I love Lush and the is a big clue in the name why it is called what it is. 
When I went in the store the was so many products I wanted to purchase! I did go a little overboard on the products but it has been so long since I last was in their so it was needed..
The woman who served me even said 'are these all for you!?'..awkwardly I had to say no but of course they are! I have enough to last me till Christmas!
I love their Christmas selections of bathbombs, masks, shower gels etc etc and these were the ones I purchased...
Top left is: The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar...
How cute is he!? he was the first product I saw when I walked in, he is so cute! I don't even want to use him. Not that he looks much of a penguin but you can tell what he is, he is a bubble bath bar. I am excited to try this but I have the slightest feeling he isn't going to be as great as his appearance!

Top right is: Secret Santa Bath Bomb...
This was so expensive but look how big it is! it is quite a heavy bath bomb. I can't work out what it smells like because my nose is mixed of all scents but appearance wise I was really impressed with. Lush have definitely upped their game since last Christmas!

Bottom left is: Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb...
This smells gorgeous! it reminds me of Twilight for some slight reason, it looks like it will make my bath create a lot of colours!

Bottom right: So white Bath Bomb...
This bathbomb looks so relaxing I am sure they did this last year but a smaller version. It smells like apple it is so yummy! can't wait to try this!
Top left is: Shoot for the Stars Bath bomb...
The colours look so pretty! I love how much detail has been put into the design for this. Just when you think lush can't get any better they go and create this

Top right is: The Melting snowman Luxury bath melt...
I purchased this because of how cute it is! a melted snowman come on..I have already used this bath melt and to be completely honest with you it isn't that great. Obviously I wasn't expecting a bath bomb explosion of colours or anything but I'd of thought it would at least smell nice. Unfortunately I didn't like the smell and it didn't really do much for me :( which is a shame as it is cute!

Bottom left is: Father Christmas bath bomb...
This is another cute bath bomb that caught my eye as are mostly all of these clearly..I have a feeling this bath bomb is going to be really great just by the colours!

Bottom right is: Golden Wonder bath bomb...
Out of all the bath bombs I picked up this one was the messiest it is covered in gold glitter and is quite heavy/big. Even just taken the photo of it was a hassle as it went on my bed! but nonetheless I am excited to try this! it is going to make my bath very glittery (my mam won't be impressed).
Snow fairy shower gel..
Every year Lush bring this shower gel out around Christmas time, it is an amazing yummy scented shower gel. I always purchase this every year so it was no surprise that I got it this year too. I got the small sized bottle because I have been liking a few other shower gels, but nonetheless I recommend this to you as it has a lovely yummy candy floss scent to it.

Hand & body lotion charity pot...
I always get these whenever my last one expires or has ran out so I got another one, these are handy to carry in your bags especially in this time of year. I like to carry these to uni with me and whenever I feel dry hands or elbows etc I just apply this. 

That is all the Lush products I purchased I hope you like them! I might have to create a Lush wishlist as the was so much more I could have purchased. Definitely check out their new products if you are like me and love bath bombs!
Lush have really impressed me this year and I am looking forward to trying these!

What Lush product you lusting over?


  1. Amazing haul! I've heard the Luxury lush pud is gorgeous! Makes such beautiful colours. :)

    Claudia xx

    Beauty and the Chic

    1. I can't wait to try them! I waited to try them until I posted this so now is my chance. Unsure which to try first..decisions! xx

  2. Ahhh Lush at Christmas is sooo amazing! I tried the Golden Wonder bomb and the Soot Ball bomb and loved them both! I really love the smell of the Snow Fairy I need it! Also I love the look of the Shoot for the stars bomb!


    1. I know I get over excited when I go in their shop. Yeah I can imagine that bathbomb being really good! I love snow fairy! get it every year.
      I can imagine that golden wonder bomb will get glitter everywhere!xx

  3. There's nothing like getting a big box of bath goodies from Lush and Snow Fairy is just amazing. I haven't opened mine yet - I'm trying to wait until Dec 1 :O). Xx


    1. I know their gift sets look just as nice! hope someone gets me one!
      omg I am too I don't want to use them up that is my problem!x

  4. Everything looks so cute! I'm definitely going to be picking up a Snow Fairy shower gel this weekend. Never bought it before but I hear so much about it and it sounds amazing.


    1. it smells really yummy and has a nice colour that is why I love it! xx

  5. i love the look of their products even though i've never used them, seem to be fun!!

    Come visit me

    MandySharesLife FACEBOOK PAGE

    1. I know they are really appealing think that is why they are popular x

  6. golden wonders and the lush pud are my favourites out of the bath bombs :) and you can't fault snow fairy mmm <3


    1. I can't wait to try them! I agree I get this every year and love using it x

  7. Amazing haul! The lush products look so great, I really want to try the golden wonder :)



    1. I can imagine that one will create a mess in my bathtub but I can't wait!x

  8. I've never ever owned a lush product but I'd love to! My sister had some bath bombs last christmas and I was SO jealous but I never get a chance to go into their stores. I've heard Snow Fairy is fantastic, I really want to give it a go! xxx

    www.jadicusxo.com xx

    1. They are really nice! I mean I think to myself why am I spending so much on bath products after I come out the shop but it is addictive!x

  9. Wow!!!! You are going to have some amazing baths! I bought a golden wonder :)

  10. D: it's all so pretty and amazing! I went in lush the other day and wanted to buy everything!

  11. I love Lush so much but haven't been in one of their stores in so long. You're making me have a good snoop on their website haha! I love Christmas and all the new additions they have. The Snow Fairy shower gel is one of my all time favourite Christmas products!

    1. I know! I could spend a fortune in that shop x



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