Thursday, 16 January 2014

January Birchbox

My January Birchbox
January Birchbox unboxing
January 2014 Birchbox products
It seems like ages since I have received my last Birchbox but I was happy to come home from uni to see this little beauty waiting for me!

This months box is all to do with tiny tweaks meaning products to use in a beauty routine etc etc. The months box doesn't actually make sense but I am just going off what I think it means..

Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer | £27.50
WHAT: A hair savoir. That mask strengthens, nourishes and prevents breakage.
MY THOUGHTS: I am quite excited to give this a go as I love receiving treatments for my hair especially ones that are on the more expensive side it makes it more exciting to see what it does!

Lavera sensitive hand cream | £4.45
WHAT: Organic shea butter and almond oil protects and moisture's parched winter hands.
MY THOUGHTS: As much as I love hand creams I have like so many to use up as it is so receiving another one was kind of like..ugh. However I have tried this already and it smells amazing and it seems very moisturizing!

Benefit The POREfessional | £24.50
WHAT: An award winning primer that magically erases pores and leaves skin velvety.
MY THOUGHTS: I read somewhere Birchbox were given everyone a Benefit sample so I was anxious to know what is was. I was skeptical on receiving a primer because I have already tried a Benefit primer before and that broke me out insanely! but this is an award winner so I am hoping this doesn't give me the same effects..

Vasanti Detox purifying facial cleanser | £18.00
WHAT: Was away toxins (not to mention every last trace of foundation) with this fresh cleanser.
MY THOUGHTS: I don't really have an opinion on this..I mean I love cleansing my face but I like products that are specifically for my skin type (oily/combination) I will use this of course just prefer if it was for specific types.

Rodial stem cell super food day cream SPF 15 | £42.00
WHAT: Advanced stem cell technology gives skin a boost of hydration for a health radiant, youthful complexion.
MY THOUGHTS: The price blew me away I am quite excited to try a product that is worth that much! I have heard a few things about this brand so I will be given this a try!

Birchbox Eye mask | £10.00
WHAT: This gel filled mask cools the eye area and decreases puffiness.
MY THOUGHTS: Love eye masks especially when I have horrible tired eyes so hopefully this helps get rid of those!

I thought this box was really good definitely up in my top boxes so far, they have filled the box with expensive samples which is great as I love trying expensive brands out. This is exactly why I didn't cancel my subscription for this box because they always impress me.

Have you tried Birchbox?


  1. Oooo I am so undecided on whether I should order a Birchbox or a Glossybox!

    1. Birchbox! I did a post not so long ago on Glossybox vs Birchbox xx

  2. I love the cleanser and Rodial product you got here! I wasn't too impressed with this month's and worried the boxes had lost their spark but actually I like your box so maybe I was just unlucky x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

    1. What did you get different the oil and soup?
      I have saw a few boxes with some sort of oil I am glad I didn't get that too be honest x

  3. This has made me even more excited to get my birchbox! i think i have pretty much the same as you on the way, dispatched yesterday so hopefully will receive it soon. I've seen your glossybox v birchbox post and i'm definitely more of a cosmetics kind of girl so which one would you recommend would be better for me? tempted to subscribe to both tehe :)

    honey bee

    1. Hopefully!
      I subscribed to both haha couldn't decide at first but if I had to choose it would be Birchbox you get more samples for starters and I have noticed their more expensive brands too xx

  4. US Birchbox is awful. We'd be lucky to get one of's just a box full of foil packets you can find in any fashion magazine haha. Definitely report back on the Porefessional because I really want that!


    1. really? I've never saw the US Birchbox's but that doesn't seem right you should be getting similar things to me! and yes will do!xx



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