Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Clean&Clear Oil Free Face Wash Review

 Recently I've gotten a little bored of my skincare routine and wanted to try a brand out that I've never really tried. I probably used to use products from Clean&Clear when I was a young teen but obviously I didn't really pay much attention to my skin back then. I thought since I wanted a new face wash why not try this out and see how I get on.

I have used this every morning since I purchased it and saw some impressive results regarding my oily skin and imperfections. When I first washed this off my face I noticed my face was really soft and hydrated.

My face did feel a little too dry around the blemished areas so definitely moisturize after you use this. Spots did start to reduce in size and a lot of them were drying up till the scab fell off grouse I know this product definitely helped with my oils.

My makeup lasts a heck of a lot longer now I noticed a few days ago that my foundation wasn't shining as much because of this product and obviously other new products I've been using too.

Reduces spots
Face feels healthier
Very hydrating
Nice scent
Great facial wash for mornings

Face can be too dry so moisturize
Not hyped up enough

Overall I am happy with this product and I will continue to use this and maybe even repurchase it depending on how I am feeling. I wouldn't say this was an amazing product but I definitely think its a great product for people who have oily skin as this definitely helped reduce access oils.

Have you tried anything out from Clean&Clear?


  1. I use this too and its done wonders for y skin glad its working for you too xx

    1. im glad someone else is using this!xx

  2. I haven't tried this yet! Might have to pick it up
    love victoriajanex

  3. I think because clean and clear target the younger teenage audience they get looked over a bit - but they do an excellent job for spot clearing products :)

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. I completely agree, they need advertised more to everyone nto just teens xx

  4. I've been in the same predicament.... my skincare routine has been a bit rubbish recently, it's as if my skin has become immune to it! I love Clean & Clear, makes me hark back to my hormonal spotty, teenage years haha!

    Vicky xx
    Lots of Love, Me.

    1. oh I know right! even though everyone associates it with being a teenage spot treatment it is just as good to any age xx

  5. I actually bought this product a couple of months ago and I agree, it is amazing! Never had such fast results in regards to clearing up my skin before and it is super affordable too. Great post :)

    1. thanks! so so glad its done wonders for your skin I hope it keeps up its game for me too! x



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