Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Products For The Lazy

Products For The Lazy
Sometimes I just want my makeup removed in one wipe, my legs to moisturized/dry instantly and my hair to be brushed with the click of my fingers. Of course this is just wishful but, lately I have been experimenting with lots of new and old products I have had tucked away in my cupboard. These are products I have been using frequently that I think save a lot of time and are perfect for people like myself that don't always want to spend ridiculous amounts of time on beauty.

La Roche Posay Serozinc | Cleanse your face, pat it dry, spray some of this on your imperfections, done. This product is so simple but effective to have in your everyday cleansing routine. I was starting to believe the myth that toners don't actually do anything for your skin until I discovered Serozinc. This spray not only tones your skin but helps fight off any blemishes and is most suitable for people with oily to spot prone skin types. I definitely see a result in using this product and I will continue to use this in my routine. Such a time saver!

LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub | Lip scrubs are very practical for all times of the year as they are great for dryness, burns or even just give your lips a bit of TLC. I like to apply the bubblegum scrub all over my lips on days I want to give my lips a bit of treatment but still add a little bit of colour. I think this flavour is perfect as it not only helps scrub and moisturize your lips it adds a tint of colour which saves applying a lip product afterwards.

S&G Brow Archery | I go on about this product enough to the point where I say it is like my magic wand but, it really does get your brows filled in 2 minutes. As much as I enjoy spending time shaping and defining my brows most of the time I like them to be done quickly. This pen formulation really helps get them done fast, just a simple pen the outline of how you want your brows to look then fill them in. I honestly think this product is amazing for quick, defined brows.

Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath* | If like myself you absolutely without a doubt don't find moisturizing your body fun then this product could be for you. Elemis bath milk has really been the diamond to my ring recently. You pour a bit of this into your bath and sit back to soak it all in. It smells very fresh which makes it the perfect relaxing de-stress product. As well as the lovely scent this product leaves my body feeling super soft almost like a babies bum sort of softness. Absolutely love this product!

Original Source Quick Drying Spray | Following on from the bath milk if I do feel like my skin needs a bit more TLC I go ahead and use this quick-drying oil spray. Instead of having to dip my hands into a cream, wait for my legs to soak it all in and have to wash my hair I can spritz this product all over my body and watch the magic happen! This smells delicious and I love that it contains oils as I can really see the difference as it adds a bit of a shine.

Overall I am happy that I have found myself little gems to help save me time and effort. Let's face it beauty takes time and I am all about saving the time but still getting wonderful results!

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What is your product that gets the job done fast??

Sunday, 26 July 2015

De-Stress | Calming Herbal Tea

De-Stress | Calming Herbal Tea
Whenever I am stressed my fairy godmother literally my mum will come into my bedroom with a delicious, hot cup of herbal tea or a good hot chocolate covered in marshmallows accompanied with a couple of custard creams. Why is it our instant thought is to pour a hot drink when we are feeling stressed? What is it about a hot drink that calms us down? It is a tricky one to answer! 

A couple of month's ago when I was what felt like the most stressed time of my life. I was in the process of completing my final university project and the pressure was getting to me. My mum she is famous is in the post one day picked me up some of this Calming Infusion herbal tea from M&S oh and also some Matey bubble bath - who remembers that?!

This naturally caffeine free chamomile lime-flower & lavender tea made my eyes roll but my curiosity bubble. I was intrigued by this tea as I've never come across a calming tea before - I'd of imagined peppermint and chamomile teas were for that. Believe it or not, this tea really did and still does calm me down! I am not sure if it is all in my head but every time I have a cup of this tea I feel content and de-stressed. It tastes just like a normal herbal chamomile tea would do so you wouldn't notice the difference.

If you are feeling stressed out and enjoy a good cup of tea definitely try this as it works wonders! I have been feeling really stressed over these last few weeks so a cup of this has really helped ease it away. Also how pretty is the packaging?!

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What are your tips on de-stressing??

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Jewellery Box

Jewellery Box
It is no secret to you all that jewellery is undeniably one of my favourite things to splurge out on. I am aware that I don't have enough fingers to wear all my rings nor do I have enough earring holes to wear all my earrings but, does this stop me buying? Nu'uh. I constantly find myself wondering on jewellery websites and skipping merely down jewellery isles forever lusting over the most stunning, intricate pieces.

Jewellery Box* is an exciting, new retail brand that offers simple, fun and fashionable essentials to add to any girls jewellery collection with a price tag that will make you blush! They stock everything from rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, nose studs, toe rings you name it!
When you were a child did you ever have an idea in your head of what sort of dinosaur you would be if you could? Just me? Since I lead a very peculiar imagination to let that be said that I would be a T-Rex. When I spotted the Sterling Silver Solid Tyrannosaurus Rex Necklace at £16.50 I was in love. I am one of those girls who likes wearing dainty, novelty pieces of jewellery. This necklace is the perfect piece to wear on those days where you don't feel like wearing anything too bling or sparkly but want to wear something simple. It is such a quirky piece to have in your collection.

To match my quirky, everyday dinosaur necklace I also received a pair of Sterling Silver Diplodocus Studs at £3.40. These dainty, delicate studs are the perfect set of earrings for every day. In some ways, the dinosaur earrings have reminded me of when I was younger as I used to wear gold teddybear studs all the time.

Rose gold is a favourite of mine, I love the rustic, old but new look it has on jewellery at the moment. This 18ct Rose Gold Dipped Sterling Arrow Midi Toe Ring at £6.60 would make the perfect sandal decoration. Summer is here which means feet are out a lot more, nails are painted more often and there is nothing more exquisite than embellishing your toes with a bit of sparkle. What makes this ring even more special is the fact it adjusts to fit your need; so it could also be worn on the hands too.

Jewellery Box is definitely a dainty, lovely website I will be returning to in the future as it just has the most delicate, beautiful pieces to suit everybody. Even the packaging the pieces came in had a very appealing, personal touch which made the products feel more special.
*PR Sample/gift. 

What is your favourite jewellery piece??

Sunday, 19 July 2015

De-Stress | Adult Colouring Books

De-Stress | Adult Colouring Books
From the age of being able to put pencil to paper colouring in was one of my much-loved hobbies growing up. As well as the somewhat frequent Disney colouring books my mum used to get a blank piece of paper and fill the page with squiggly lines for me to colour them all in, it kept me amused for hours. I am now 21 which growing up I thought was an age of adulthood, settling down and paying bills. I am an adult-ish but I still enjoy some of my childhood amusements and I think it will always be that way. Who says colouring in is only for children?

It seems every shop I walk into lately have a stand covered in these 'adult colouring books' and they are flying off the shelves. I pondered for weeks on whether or not I should pick one of these beautiful books up but I just couldn't part with the £7-£10 extortionate pricing. It was when I went to The Range a home and garden shop might I point out that I spotted these 'mini' versions of the adult colouring books at a god-smacking, low-cost of £1.50 each. It was my dad who spotted and bought these for me as he knew I've been feeling a little lost and stressed since finishing university.

These adult colouring books are just the thing for relaxing and de-stressing. As much as I enjoy technology pursuits I think it's very comforting to sit with a cup of tea and colour in some patterns. It's reminiscent of our childhood and to me, it always reminds me of content times in my life which is peaceful to think about. The miniature size colouring books are practical for travelling and I prefer the ring-bound pad style as it makes turning pages so much easier.

I think these books are incredible for anyone with a probing taste in colouring but as well I think they are wonderful for anyone who feels stressed. Turning technology off, make a nice cup of tea and colour in one of these pages really helps me feel calmer and de-stressed.

Have you tried de-stressing with a good colouring book??

Sunday, 12 July 2015

4 Products I wouldn't Repurchase

4 Products I wouldn't Repurchase
There is something so exhilarating about purchasing a product that you have not tried before - almost like a Christmas morning feeling. It is always such a disappointing feeling though when those products you couldn't wait to play around with don't live up to expectations you had hoped for. Today I wanted to share some of the products I wouldn't repurchase again and my reasons why.

Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Face Mask: I am a huge fan of 99% of S&G products both beauty and skincare so when my skin was in need of some TLC I picked up this face mask for oily to combination skin. This is not like a face mask I have used before as you apply the product to your skin then wet your hands and rub your hands over the mask until it turns blue and heats up. I must admit hot masks are the perfect pamper evening essential for de-stressing as the heat completely relaxes you. But, regarding my skin itself, I saw no results whatsoever. A nice mask for de-stressing but not a mask I would pick up again to help treat my skin.

Benefit Browzing Brow Palette: When I got into taking care of my brows a lot more I picked up this product which comes with a powder and a wax. At the time of using it, I thought it was the best thing ever and it left my brows looking great but the downside was it took quite a while to fill my fair brows in. I soon moved onto other products and forgot I even owned this, it was only recently when I rediscovered it. I retried it and realized how time-consuming this product is, therefore, I won't be repurchasing this again.

The Body Shop Seaweed Moisturizer: Body Shop was one of those shops I constantly would walk past but lust over all of their range. It was only until Christmas when I asked Santa Claus to let me try the seaweed range. The moisturizer is suitable for oily/combination skin types. It is a great moisturizer for those 'good skin days' but, on those 'my skin craves moisture' or 'my oily skin is out of control days' this is where it lacks and I turned to something stronger. I sometimes found this moisturizer a bit sticky and didn't always do enough regarding my oily skin. It is a good light base product but I wouldn't repurchase it.

Loreal Doutzen Collection in Doutzen's Nude: Like most of Loreal their packaging is what drew me into buying this. The shade is a lovely pinky, nude that is perfect for summer. I couldn't wait to try this product out but unfortunately, it let me down a lot. The colour itself didn't look right on my lips, the consistency wasn't very moisturizing and the product itself took quite a while to sit on my lips properly. Overall I was really disappointed in this lipstick and I don't think I will be purchasing any more from this range.

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What products would you not repurchase/why??

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Uncomfortable Beauty Chat

Uncomfortable Beauty Chat
I write about beauty related topics pretty much most of the time on my little blog yet I always seem to float over those 'uncomfortable' discussions about beauty that we deal or have dealt with in the past. It was only until I wrote my June favourites where I awkwardly mentioned my love for a glass foot file that I wanted to talk more in-depth about uncomfortable, awkward beauty topics we all deal with.

Foot care: Feet are not the most flattering parts of people's body but taking care of them is essential. We are on our feet a lot of the time and to avoid taking care of them is just going to resort in blisters, dry, sore or even worse problems. I like to use the VAMA glass file every few days (especially in summer) then go over with some moisturizer just to keep my feet feeling fresh and clean. If you are interested in the foot file you can get 15% off the code KATIE15P (expires 31/08/15). I also sometimes like to use a foot mask or dip my feet into some hot water for 10 minutes just to keep my feet feeling nice and pampered.

Odour: Probably the most suitable word to describe this and the perfect timing since summer is here! Finding an antiperspirant or deodorant to suit your needs can take some time. I have tried both roll on and spray products but I found my body was more comfortable with Dove invisible dry spray. Not that I sweat but of course I do get hot from the gym or this summer heatwave we currently have therefore spraying deodorant is essential. What I love about Dove is the scent remains all day and they now have miniature sizes to carry in your handbags.

Hair Removal: I am lucky enough to have fair hair so I can get away with not shaving my legs for quite awhile. Once summer arrives I find myself shaving more frequently as I wear more dresses, shorts and small tops. Of course, it can become annoying at times but I find using Veet Wax Strips the best in summer as they are so quick and easy to use. My legs always feel smooth and clean after using these whereas with razors they can sometimes feel quite dry and more time-consuming. I found reading the How to guides on hair removal* on Veet's website a big help for keeping away any hairs or keeping your skin feeling smooth, they have loads of important points that make things a lot easier.

Oral Care: I am all for taking care of my teeth because at the end of the day we only get one real set! I like to brush my teeth, floss and finish off with some mouthwash. Mouthwashes are great they always feel refreshing, powerful and you are left with a nice taste (most of the time!). Having bad breath isn't the most flattering of things to have therefore carrying some chewing gum or mints are always handy! I even carry a miniature size floss in my bag just in case!

*PR Sample/gift.
What do you find the most awkward beauty to talk about??

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Keeping Base On Face

Keeping Base On Face
If you have oily to combination skin the one thing you will always think about when summer is here is how do I keep my makeup from sliding off my face? Well, I have two answers; a primer and a setting spray. I have oily to spot prone skin which over the years I have battled with a lot but only for the past 6 month, I'd say I have found myself a makeup routine that stops my makeup from sliding down my face or keeps that shine at bay for longer. 

Witch Hazel Anti-Blemish Primer: If you don't suffer from blemishes but have oily skin then you may still want to consider this product. I have used this primer since the age of 17 (I am now 21) that is a lot of years of dedication put into one solo primer. Of course, I have tried my fair share of lotions and potions for my base but none are as good as this holy grail. I used to find throughout the days I didn't wear this primer that my makeup looked uncomfortable, it shined a lot more and some of the time spots would appear. This product helps stop blemishes from appearing during the day and keeps your makeup at bay. I 10000% think this primer has helped keep my makeup looking fresher and lasting longer than any other primer I have tried. Some people skip primers as they don't count it as essential but that extra layer can make the difference in your makeup.

Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray: If you really want flawless, keep base on face makeup for longer then I would recommend the Urban Decay Setting Sprays. A couple of spritz of this all over your makeup and you are ready to go. This product really makes a difference to my makeup. I have only used this for 6 or 7 months now and cannot fault the product one bit. My skin always feels more awake and fresh once I spray this and my makeup lasts such a long time. With this and a good primer, your makeup will stay in place for such a long time.

Since using both of these products religiously in my everyday makeup routine I now never worry about if my makeup is shining or sliding off after a few hours. 

What are your oily skin heroes??


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