Tuesday, 29 September 2015

5 Tips To Get A Good Night's Sleep

5 Tips To Get A Good Night's Sleep
One of the most infuriating, tense situations to experience is not being able to get a good nights sleep, we've all been there. I used to suffer from insomnia and sometimes occasionally still do so I know all the tricks in the book that work/don't. Today I wanted to share with y'all some tips of my own that I find work wonders on getting you that good night's sleep.

You won't be relying on coffee in the morning, I promise.

1. Snuggle In Cosy Comfort: For me, being comfortable in bed is essential for a good night's sleep. I like to change my bedding once or twice a week just to keep it feeling and smelling fresh. I also like to fluff up my pillows every single time I make my bed as there is nothing worse than sleeping on flat pillows.

2. The Hour Before: An hour or so before you decide on going to bed make yourself some chamomile or any kind of herbal tea. Chamomile is great for calming you down, I always find if I have a cup of this my mind feels a lot more fresh and let's face it nothing beats a good cup of tea.

3. Get a Routine: Following from tip 2. Get yourself a bedtime routine that way your body will get prepared for going to sleep. I usually come off my laptop, make a hot drink, light some candles, clean my teeth than reading either a book or a magazine. That way my mind is relaxed.

4. Plan Ahead: Sometimes a lot of us can't get to sleep because we find ourselves worrying or thinking about something. I always like to make sure I know what I am wearing the next day, what I am doing and write a list of things that need to be done. This way my brain is relaxed and not thinking about what needs to be done tomorrow.

5. Clear Your Mind: Maybe you have an exam tomorrow or a very nerve-racking interview whatever it is if I am feeling worried I like to take my mind of it by reading a book, listen to some music or even though a lot of people don't recommend it I like to scroll through Twitter on my phone, just do things that take your mind off the day ahead.

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What are your good night's sleep tips??

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Homeware Haul

homeware haul
homeware haul
homeware haul
Hello, lovelies I hope you have all had a pleasant weekend and are raring to start another week! As we are nearly into October and winter is almost upon us I thought now was the perfect time to spruce up my bedroom with some new homeware bits and get my bedroom looking snug and cosy for the colder months. So, of course, I decided to write a little haul on some of the pieces I have picked up.

I love Primark for homeware especially their little trinkets and tealights which I always stock up on. I picked up this set of 3 Copper Tealight Holders not long ago but, since then I have been unable to come across them, which was predictable as copper is very much in at the mo! I also picked up some Pineapple and Ginger Flavoured Tealights and a Marble/Ceramic Styled Fake Plant for my bedside table. Definitely pop into Primark and check out their homeware as they are constantly updating and selling pretty little bedroom deco bits!

One day I was casually desktop browsing and came across some of the most stunning/inexpensive homeware pieces on Asda/George's website. One of the first things that caught my eye was this Letter K Candle which was only £2.00! Sticking with the Letter K theme I also picked up a cushion and a mug. I have seen both of these homeware bits dotted around in other stores for a lot more money so to have purchased both of these for only £7.50 is incredible.

Urban Outfitters is one of my favourites for good sale-y homeware bits. I picked up this Elephant Tealight Holder for only £5.00! I absolutely love it as it adds a bit of chic to my bookcase. If you follow me on Pinterest you will know I love re-pinning inspirational, motivational quotes. I have been wanting to create a wall quote for my desk area for a while now so I decided to purchase an inexpensive a4 black photo frame and print out one of my favourite quotes, which at the moment is 'Be bold or italic never regular'. I just think this adds a bit of spark to my desk and some motivation when I am not feeling it.

What is your favourite homeware store??

Thursday, 24 September 2015

5 Simple SEO Tips For Bloggers

5 Simple SEO Tips For Bloggers
Get your cups of teas at the ready as today I am talking about a perplexing topic that gets a lot of bloggers brains baffled. SEO is one of those puzzling topics that a lot of us bloggers like myself think is a lot of hassle and sounds too technological to even know where to start. 

The last couple of weeks I have upped my knowledge on the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how these simple changes can make a big difference to your blog. I decided to share my knowledge on SEO that'll hopefully get you more familiar with what it is and how it benefits your blog. 

1. Name Your Images - When saving your images make sure to give them an appropriate name to what your blog post is about. Automatically your photos will be saved as something like "IMG_260" and this isn't going to appear on Google when somebody is searching for your post.

2. Title Your Posts Properly - The quirky song lyrics on blog post titles may seem great at the time but this in-fact is no help for search engines. You want to choose titles that sound straight to the point but sound interesting too, titles that will show up really well in search engines.

3. Search Description - When you are writing your content there is a setting on the right sidebar called "Search Description". If nothing is there go to settings - search preferences - description and change this to enable. The Search Description box is what will show up underneath your blog post title in Google searches. Write a couple of lines summarizing in short detail what the post is about.

4. ALT Text - Once you have uploaded your photos click on them and select "Properties". Where it says "ALT Text" simply write a short description of the photo. For example, say your post is "5 Simple SEO Tips For Bloggers" name your image something fitting in with that, this will help show your photographs better in Google searches.

5. Permalinks - As well as the Search Description bar on the right sidebar there should be a "Permalinks" setting. Click on this and you have the option to customize your permalink, which is basically what the URL of your blog post will look like. So I would recommend customizing the link specifically to be what the post is about for example if you are writing a "My-Current-Favourite-Blusher" change the permalink to something like "Nars-Orgasm-Blusher-Review" this again just makes your SEO a lot more friendly.

These are some simple basic SEO tips that are great for starting out and trying to understand how it works. I am no expert in this, in fact, I am still learning as the days go on so who knows I may publish another one of these in the future. I hope they were of some use to you!

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What tips do you have on SEO??

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

My Top Autumnal Lip Products

Autumnal Lipsticks
The leaves are starting to fall off the trees and excessive amounts of cups of tea are being consumed, which means autumn is finally upon us. Usually, once the colder months start to kick in my lipstick colours tend to change, I ditch the bright pinks for the deep reds and purples. I decided to share with you all the top autumnal lipsticks that I wear quite often that I think every girl should have in their collection!

Chanel 440 Arthur* | A Chanel lipstick is the crème de la crème of all lipsticks and owning one of their classics is flabbergasting. This creamy lipstick is definitely worth the splurge as the pigmentation is incredibly long-lasting. Not too dark of a red but not too light either and the consistency feels very moisturizing. If you order this wonderful lipstick off Cosme-De you get 23% off which is a bargain!

Mac Rebel | An autumnal classic from Mac this one is always difficult to get a hold of and I can see why. This deep, berry purple is the perfect purple for autumn and winter. What I like about all Mac lipsticks is they glide on your lips so easily and they are so long lasting to the point where I barely need to top up. This shade can really pull a simple outfit together and make your whole face stand out.

NARS Cruella Lip Pencil | Lip pencils are becoming one of my favourite products to use as they glide on your lips so easily and don't require as much attention as a lipstick. Cruella by NARS is one of my all-time favourite lipsticks for the colder months. This really brightens your lips and hardly moves throughout the day. The pigmentation on these lip pencils is amazing and definitely worth the price.

Bourjois Plum Russian Lip Pencil | These chubby stick formulated lip products are my all time favourite for a quick lippy. If I don't want to spend 5 minutes perfecting a dark lipstick shade on my lips I tend to wear a chubby stick. These are so moisturizing and quick to apply - I'm talking 30 seconds quick. They are long lasting and these ones, in particular, add a little bit of a healthy shine which saves time on adding any gloss.

Those are my go-to autumnal lip products that I can't fault one bit and I would certainly repurchase time and time again.

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What is your autumnal lippy??

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Nars Dual Intensity Blush

Nars Dual Intensity Blush
Y'know that saying when two things are brought together and they create the perfect pair? NARS Dual-Intensity Blush hits the nail on the head for that. These stunning, shimmery duo blushers are definitely a sight for sore eyes.

I think the word massive is an underrated word of how much I adore NARS blushers, they make such a difference in your makeup and last a great deal of time. This beautiful coppery rose gold Dual-Intensity Blusher* is the perfect shade for both day and night time. It adds such a lovely, healthy shimmer to your cheeks without looking too much like a vampire in the sunlight.

I have been mixing both these shades together onto my cheeks during the day and I can definitely see a lovely glow. The great thing about NARS blushers is they are very pigmented and build-able so a little can go a long way which means you are getting value for money, love a good money saver. The rose gold shimmery shade is beautiful on fair skin but I think it could be even nicer with a summer tan so anyone who is after a shimmery holiday blusher NARS is the one.

I would definitely consider adding more of the Intensity Duo's to my collection as they are beautiful for getting that healthy glow.

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 What is your favourite NARS blush??

Thursday, 17 September 2015

My Autumn Haircare

My Autumn Haircare
As I find myself sitting at my desk sipping a delicious hot cup of tea and relaxing in the thickest, fluffiest socks I own, I think it is now officially autumn, hi-pip hurray! I love autumn it gets me all excited for the festivities that lie ahead and means I can now officially start planning wintry blog posts! 

Today I thought I would kick off my autumn/winter blog posts with some hair products that I have been using the past couple of weeks and what are my favourite go-to products to use during the colder months.

So grab your cups of teas and keep on reading if you are interested!

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Winter Remedy - Any of the Aussie's 3 Minute hair masks are definitely worth trying out. I tend to use them when I don't want to sit for 15/20 minutes with a hair mask on but still want the deep treatment. These are so quick and effective to use once a week and work wonders on your hair especially during the colder months. I like to use the Winter Remedy during the cold months just to give my hair a deeper treatment.

Silk 18 Natural Conditioner* - Conditioners are essential when it comes to my hair as they always leave my ends feeling moisturized and super smooth. I have recently been using the Silk 18 conditioner and have seen such a difference in my ends of hair. I was a little apprehensive with it being a lightweight formula as my thick hair craves moisture in winter but, I was pleasantly surprised to see it do a good job! This left my hair feeling silky smooth and smelling like vanilla all day!

Aussie Anti Frizz Conditioning Milk - This is a product you use after you have washed your hair, you pump onto your hands and rub it into the ends of your hair. I use this a lot during the colder months as this completely cures any frizzy or split ends that occur after I have showered. This just keeps my ends looking a lot healthier and stops my hair getting as tatty.

Salon Science Aqua Cooling Spray - This spray has saved my hair so much recently, whenever the weather dramatically changes my hair suffers from dryness and sometimes even a flaky scalp, not fun I know. I use this spray once I have just washed my hair to give it a bit of moisture and softness. I don't know how it has done it but it 100% has removed any traces of dry scalp or ends on my hair.

I always struggle with keeping my hair from getting tatty, dry or split during the colder months so I am always on the hunt to try to avoid it and these products are really helping. I recently discovered a blog post about Caring For Your Hair During The Autumn Months on the Allcures* website which is full of useful tips to help keep your hair looking healthy and smooth during autumn, this website is now currently sitting in my bookmarks as it is full of useful tips to read, definitely check it out!
Allcures hair tips
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What are your favourite autumn hair care products??

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Makeup That Hides The Hangover

Makeup That Hides The Hangover
You planned on going out for one quick drink which turned out to be you strolling in the home at 4am. You wake up 3 hours later with the room spinning and you look like something from The Walking Dead but you have to get ready for work. Here are my 'makeup remedies' that'll get your face looking as though you've had 8 hours of beauty sleep and nobody will suspect that you've been bogeying away all night.

Makeup Revolution Corrector Palette | I think every girl should own one of these palettes as they always come in handy for those imperfection emergencies. Usually, if I am hungover my eyes suffer the most so I like to use the cream and white shades under my eyes to brighten and cover up those dark circles. Sometimes if I have drunk too much I can wake up with a nasty red spot so I will take the green shade and this helps reduce the colour of any redness. 

S&G Kick Ass Concealer | You've brightened up your face but there are still areas that need more coverage so Kick-Ass comes to the rescue. This concealer trio not only conceals but brightens under your eyes amazingly! If you suffer from really bad dark circles after a night out then I would definitely recommend using this. It is also really good for covering nasty spots too.

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush | Highlighting or brightening parts of your face takes the edge off looking unwell or tired so I like to use a blusher that not only adds a nice shade of pink to my cheeks but also adds a highlight too. This really helps brighten up your face and gives you a nice healthy glow.

Origins Ginzing Mascara | This mascara is incredible for thickening, adding volume and waken-ing eyes up. The wand is incredibly big and intimidating to use but the results are impressive and the mascara doesn't smudge at all. Having voluminous mascara can help with reducing the look of how tired your eyes are.

Topshop Innocent Lipstick | This colour is perfect for adding a splash of colour to your lips that is appropriate for work as well as takes the edge off looking hungover. These are incredibly creamy and last a good few hours.

Those were my go-to makeup products if I look hungover or even just too tired they always come in handy and make such a difference to your makeup.

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Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Naked 3 Palette Dupe

The Naked 3 Palette Dupe
I always find it so exciting when you discover a dupe that'll save you an arm and a leg. Today I am sharing with y'all another amazing dupe that will save you an astonishing £30 and that is the W7 In The Nude Eyeshadow Palette.
naked 3 palette
w7 palette
The Naked 3 has always been a favourite eyeshadow palette of mine, it is legit a girls dream of a palette. Full of lots of rosy, nudes and plenty of shimmery pinks that are perfect for all times of the year. The pigmentation on these shades is incredible, I could apply my eyeshadow at 11am and it will still be in place by 6pm. I love how subtle but strong the shades are on my lids and let's not forget the stunning rose gold packaging either. But of course, this wonderful palette comes with a cost and not a nice cost either, £38 to be precise. 

The W7 In The Nude Palette* could just be the next best money saving palette dupe. This palette is the spitting double no, a doppelganger of the Naked 3 Palette. Everything from the resembling stunning packaging to the close-ish shades already screams Naked 3 dupe. The pigmentation is amazing just as good as the Naked palette and they are incredibly long lasting too! But the best part is the astonishing £10, I repeat £10! Saving you a massive £30.

I love both of these palettes I cannot fault either of them they both do exactly the same job just at a totally different price-tag.

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy

5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy
So you've woke up on the wrong side of the bed and are lacking in energy but its only 10am! Coffee is your best friend but it simply isn't cutting your sleepy brain from keeping motivated, what do you do? Here are some simple ways to boost your energy and get you through the day without cheekily turning to the caffeine or energy drinks.

Healthy Diet | I know I know, I wrote the dreading words 'healthy' and 'diet' in the same sentence, but bear with me on this one. It's a known fact that if you are eating unhealthy foods frequently and not getting enough of the good vitamins your body will feel drained and you're likely to get fatigued quicker. Some foods that are full of energy that I eat are fruit (bananas, apples), nuts and chia seeds.

Don't Skip Breakfast| Following on from the first tip but skipping a meal can have a huge effect on your body as well as your mind. I am one of those people who wake up and have to eat my breakfast even if I am hungover or ill, it's such an important meal to kick start your day. If I do skip my breakfast my body doesn't feel as ready for the day ahead so it is always important to have breakfast, even if it is just a bit of fruit or a GoAhead bar.

Wonder Around | Rather than me bore you with the typical, apparent go do some exercise why not just go for a walk. Especially if you have spent the day glued to a computer it is nice to take half an hour out and go for a nice walk around the block. Going for a walk or exercising, in general, allows your body to feel a lot more awake and you will find the more you do it the longer your body has energy. Since I joined the gym my body never feels the need to take an afternoon nap.

Stress Less | It is a known fact that stress can allow you to feel a lot more tiresome so it is wise to try and avoid it. If I feel like I am getting stressed I like to just take 5 minutes out and breathe or if I am at home I have a nice bath and switch off the internet for a little while. Very important to keep a clear, open mind.

Drink Plenty of Water | Another obvious one but something we all tend to forget at times but it is incredibly important to drink water every day. I always try to drink at least 2 litres a day and I must admit fresh cold water has such an effect on my body for keeping motivated and energetic.

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What are your tips to boost your energy??

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

University | Handling The First Day

University | Handling The First Day
The first days of everything are always the hardest to handle because you don't know what to expect, who to talk to or whether you are going to fit in. The first day of university is always nerve-racking for most students and I was one of them. I decided to share with you all my experience on how I handled the first day of university and some tips on how you can feel a lot more at ease.

My Experience: My first day at uni wasn't as nerve-racking as it is for some and that is because over the summer before starting I was going on chat-rooms, Facebook groups to try and find people who were on my course or even at the same campus as me. The more I was talking to people online the more I was realizing everyone is in the same position and I wasn't alone in finding friends! I definitely say make the internet your best friend over summer and try and find people even if you are typing your course into the Twitter search bar you may find someone. As I was getting involved in groups and chats, two people from my course managed to find me online and I think I found someone too. We all got chatting and talking about this and that which made the first day a whole lot easier. Talking online to someone anyways is easier than face to face but, I did have to talk face to face to new people too. 

Ice Breakers: Here are some questions or topics of conversation you could talk to people about on your first day to break the ice after you've asked what their name is and where they are from to keep the conversation flowing...

1.) Are you living at home or halls? (If you both have this in common talk about where)
2.) How are you finding today so far? 
3.) Talk about your course, maybe do research on what it involves beforehand
4.) Ask if they have their student loan and if they've spent it on anything
5.) Be normal with people and describe how you're finding uni already
6.) Talk about upcoming events, fresher fairs ask if they are going 
7.) Ask for their full name to add them on Facebook
8.) Ask if they know anything about the course

These are just basic ice breakers to get conversations flowing, nobody likes the first day at uni but once you've spoken to a few people you start to feel at ease as everyone is in the same boat.

Tips: Here are my tips on handling the first day of uni and what made the difference for my first day...

1.) Be digital savvy and get involved in any fresher Facebook groups, chats involving people from your university.
2.) If you find people on your course before the first day speaks to them, get to know them, break the ice and maybe try meeting them on the first day or beforehand.
3.) Everyone is in the same position so keep reminding yourself that.
4.) If you feel too nervous to socialize face to face that much try and get their names and add them on Facebook to chat to later.
5.) Think about it this way if you go to uni and don't want to speak to anyone will you feel like your first day has been a success or not? 
6.) If you are unable to speak to anybody on your first day that is completely fine loads of people don't you have plenty of time to talk to people.

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Have you got any tips on handling the first days??

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Cleansers For Oily Skin

Cleansers For Oily Skin
Having oily skin has its pros and cons, one essential problem I find myself tackling on a day-to-day basis is taming my shiny/oily skin. Over the past 10 months or so I have experimented with a variety of cleansers and this 4 in-particular have made such a difference to my skin. 

The Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash | This light formulated gel facial wash has such a refreshing, clean scent to it that really wakes not only yourself up but your skin. I like to use this first thing in the morning to wake my skin up and when I do use it my skin always looks and feels ready for the day ahead. It's also really handy to use when you have had lack of sleep and your skin looks a little dull. Using this product before applying my makeup has made such a difference in locking away the shine for longer.

Jurlique Cleansing Gel* | Exfoliation is just as important as cleansing so when a cleanser contains exfoliating beads I am happy. I like to use this cleansing gel when my skin is in need of a gentle scrub as well as a cleanse. The beads aren't abrasive or harsh on the skin, in fact, they are soothing and very gentle. Whenever I use this cleanser any redness I have on my skin is reduced and my skin feels a lot more clean and healthy.

La Roche-Posay Foaming Gel | I like to use this as my deep cleanser and I use my Magnitone brush to cleanse it in. This cleanser is amazing it not only reduces any swelling or redness but any breakouts I may have looked a lot less noticeable. I use this cleanser once a week and just off once a week I can notice such a big improvement in regards to my skin. My makeup rarely ever slides and gets overly shiny and I think it is because of this product.

REN T-Zone Cleanser | Whenever my skin is feeling clogged up I like to use this gel cleanser. This has such a refreshing, herbal-type scent to it which is really quite relaxing. My skin always feels a lot more fresh and not clogged up when I use this, I also think this helps with keeping makeup from clogging up your pores too.

Even though some say gel cleansers aren't good for people with oily skin I have to disagree. All of these cleansers gel or creamy have made such a big improvement to my overall skin and have helped keep away that shine for longer.

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What is your favourite cleanser??

Friday, 4 September 2015

University | The Pro's To Living At Home

University | Living At Home
Two of the students biggest worries, when they are about to start university and are living at home, is will they miss out on anything or not make friends as easily. I am here to tell you no, that is not true and don't worry. I am going to talk about my own experience I had at university whilst living at home for 3 years and how it was such a great decision.

The Decision: I had the option to move into halls at uni and right from the start I never considered it. From the second I got my acceptance letter I knew I was going to live at home and travel the hour and a half journey everyday to uni. I did have those doubts of will I make friends? Will I miss out on anything? At first but I ended up becoming good friends with a bunch of nutters who lived at home like myself, which was perfect! (most of the people on my course lived at home weirdly).

The Experience: People say you are not getting the full university experience if you are not living at halls which I don't think is for everyone to be honest. I personally loved living at home throughout my time at university but I think this is because I like my own space as I work a lot harder on my own. On those days I was at uni 10-5 I was relieved to be sat on the train home as once I was home I was able to sit in the bath for as long as I wanted and eat a big, hot meal and just do whatever I wanted without having to worry about other people. Living at home was never a distraction I genuinely think if I lived at halls I would be distracted by housemates and probably waste all my money on nights out. Speaking of money living at home saved me a fortune, some of my friends who live at uni always say how skint they are and how they had to get themselves jobs to buy food asap. So I guess it has its ups and downs living at uni and living at home.

The Pros To Living At Home: There's a lot of good reasons to live at home whilst at university and here are a few that spring to my mind...

1. You are able to buy food and not have to worry about others pinching it
2. If you live with the family you sometimes come home to a nice hot meal
3. Saves you a lot of money, I've actually saved most of my loan up thanks to living at home and not having to pay anything other than food and board.
4. The freedom to relax and escape to do whatever you want
5. Never run out of hot water!
6. Don't have to clean up after other people all the time
7. Able to be unsociable without being classed as boring 

Overall I'd say living at home isn't a bad idea if you have that option to anyways. It definitely saves you money, I mean yes you don't get the full independence or experience but you can get that later on in life. I still saw my uni friends a lot even when I lived at home and I chatted to them frequently so if you are worried about missing out don't be because I still enjoyed my time at uni whilst living at home.

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