Thursday, 31 March 2016

11 Types Of People At The Gym

Types Of People At The Gym
Since joining the gym last summer I have picked up on a lot of reoccurring people that seem to always be there in their natural habitat. Remember that scene from Mean girls where we are introduced to the layout of the high school lunchroom? The greatest people in the world, the worst etc? Well, the gym is exactly like that but a whole lot smellier. 

Today I wanted to write a light-hearted blog post on the different types of people you always see at the gym.

1. The Grunters - Now I can totally understand why people let out heavy breaths when they are working out that's completely normal. However what is peculiar is sounding like a fast car that changes gear with an 'shhh' noise, every single time you squat. I thought I was at a gym, not a race car track.

2. The Old Ripped Guy - There is guaranteed always at least one oldish man at the gym who rocks up alone in a stringer that just screams steroids. This guy tends to just get on with his workout and minds his own business whilst sipping his pre/post whatever workout drink. Surely at that age, you want to be on vacation somewhere enjoying life, right?

3. The Lurker - Oh my goodness these are probably the worst types of people at the gym. You have just started working on the squat rack and there's someone standing to wait to use it even though you've told them you have another 3 sets to do. Like please do something else and stop lurking over me it's off-putting.

4. The Hogger - Another very annoying one is those people at the gym who just hog everything. Unless you've somehow gained the strength to grow three more pairs of arms you do not need 4 sets of dumbbells. I've legit witnessed someone pick up four or five sets of dumbbells just to use themselves.

5. The Texter - There's always someone who takes a far too long break during a workout just to sit on their phone and text. Like come on, text later some of us want to be home for 9pm for The Walking Dead.

6. The Makeup Queen - Don't get me wrong if I've got dark circles or a couple of spots I will dab some concealer over them but that will be all. I'm talking about those girls who'll rock up with a full face of makeup, surely that isn't hygienic right?

7. The Person Who Does Nothing - We all get those days where we can't be bothered to workout but seriously, I've witnessed a couple who have just sat on a machine and just talked.

8. The Guy Who Thinks He's On Holiday - When you go to the gym you want to be wearing something comfortable right? So how earth is wearing flip flops normally? I hope he isn't going on the treadmill.

9. The Newbie - Of course when you first start the gym you have to get familiar with the machines and what you want to train. It's actually quite awkward to watch someone who isn't doing hammer curls correctly or has the wrong posture.

10. The Flexer - Just stop flexing your muscles or taking selfies at the gym, please.

11. The Sweaty One - Sweating is totally normal and un-judged upon at the gym, but I will totally judge you if you've been on a machine before me and not cleaned up after you.

What types of people do you see at the gym??

Monday, 21 March 2016

5 Tips To Give Yourself A Spring Clean

5 Tips To Give Yourself A Spring Clean
Whenever a new season is upon us I always like to give certain things a little bit of a 'spring clean'. Since spring is practically around the corner, I mean, shops of filled with Easter egg chocolate and bright, yellow daffodils. I figured now was the perfect time to give myself a bit of a spring clean and blog about some of the things you could perhaps change yourselves!

1. De-clutter The Wardrobe | In the UK the weather is not that warm enough yet to ditch the jumpers for my liking but, I have been wearing more of my jackets. Once the weather warms up its good to clear out all your fluffy, dark clothes, bung them into a drawer and pop out your pastel shades.

2. Makeup Change - I have ditched my glittery gold eyeshadows and purple lipsticks for more nude and pink shades recently. It's good to change your makeup routine up every now and then it makes you more excited to try products you've forgotten all about!

3. Change Your Room Around - Pop to the shop and pick up the brightest daffodils you can find, burn some floral candles and even change your duvet to something more spring/summery. I've got some daffodils in my bedroom and I've changed things around in my room just to get me out of that winter vibe.

4. Change Your Look - Perhaps winter has made you want to work out more frequently or get a new hairstyle? Now is the perfect time to make those changes. I always find once the weather warms up and the days get longer I am more motivated to get things done, instead of coming home and going straight into my Disney pyjamas.

5. Change Your Hobbies - Let's face it in winter we would come home have a hot bath, stick our pyjamas on and watch something on Netflix. Now that the days are longer and it's getting dark around 7/8 perhaps make the most of the day. Go for a late run, walk home from work and try to get more out of your days.

What do you do for a 'spring clean'?? 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Beauty Tryouts #2

Beauty tryouts
I mentioned in my last post that I was going to start writing more blog posts on beauty products that I am currently trialling out. One of my NY's Resolutions was to use up my products and spend less on new ones - this has been the first time I have bought new makeup since last year, can I get a round of applause or something?! I picked up a couple of beauty products I've been meaning to try and decided to write about how I got on or if they live up to expectations.

Boot's Tea Tree Witch Hazel Face Mask | I picked up Boot's own face mask due to the fact I kept pinching my mam's, so I figured it was about time I got my own. This helps calm my skin right down, allows it to look a lot more awake and refreshed as well as hydrated. It does reduce the redness of any imperfections a little bit but, not a drastic amount. I love the smell of the tea tree it really wakes you up and overall it's a very cheap and cheerful mask that I'd repurchase.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder | Yes. I am the last person in the whole entire world who hasn't tried this face powder out. Even growing up I never thought to give it a try as I've always been a firm, dedicated MAC customer. But I figured after using MACs MSF for a solid 8 years it was about time to try something else. I picked up the translucent shade just to be on the safe side and I've been trying this for the past 2 weeks. To be honest, I don't get the hype I mean, it's a great powder and sets my makeup off but, after 5 hours or so I could see it starting to disappear. I will happily use this for those short days out but, for long shifts at work or nice occasions, I will still be returning to MAC.

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer | After seeing this hyped up everywhere for covering dark circles I decided to give it a whirl. I absolutely love everything about this concealer, from the sponge application to the actual results it is incredible. I picked up the lightest shade which is a little bit dark but it's perfect for covering dark circles. I like to draw out a triangle and blend it in with my Real Technique's Sponge as it's too liquidy for a brush blend. It instantly wakes my eyes up and covers up those hideous dark circles. Nobody needs to know I only had 5 hours sleep.

What products have you been trying out recently??


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