Thursday, 26 May 2016

A NYX Cosmetics Haul

A NYX Haul & First Impressions
I did it, I have finally broken my NYX makeup virginity if we don't include a rather old eye shadow stick. At last! My local Boots has opened an NYX stand and my goodness I want everything in site. Apart from the hectic, chaos that stopped me getting a proper look, I managed to get my hands on a few goodies I have wanted to try for ages and figured why not celebrate this moment with a Lil' old haul.

The first stand I somehow landed towards was lips and this area was definitely the busiest, packed with other makeup-addicts like myself. Despite the low on stock cream liquid lipsticks I managed to pick up a Liquid Suede Lipstick in 'soft-spoken' and a Lip Lingerie in 'lace-detail'. Both of which are a perfect 'your lips but better' shade that instantly gives your lips shape and a lovely finish. I wanted to try some of their Lip Liners so I picked up one in 'vanilla sky' and I have been wearing this every day. To go with this I have paired it with a Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade 'Stockholm'. I love the lip creams they are insanely matte so I sometimes like to add a bit of balm over them.

Something I have wanted to try for ages is the NYX Matte Setting Spray and finally, I got one! Since I have oily skin I like to apply a matte finish to tone it down a little so this was perfect for that. I have tried this twice and so far it's definitely kept my oil and bay, but I may pop in for the dewy spray as well. The last thing I bought which to be honest I didn't really need but I was feeling spendy was the Control Freak Eyebrow Gel. I chucked my Revlon eyebrow gel out ages ago and have felt bare since these are great for giving your brows shape and control. 

After that shopping trip, I am so excited to try out more stock and cannot wait to play around with my new bits!

What NYX products do you recommend??

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Let's Talk About Hair

Let's Talk Hair
I write about beauty related topics pretty much most of the time on my little blog yet I always seem to float over those uncomfortable discussions about beauty that we deal or have dealt with in the past. For today's post I am going to be talking all about hair from head to toe. Hair is one of those things we have to deal with on a day-to-day basis whether that's growing out your locks or reducing it for a summer holiday.

Once the weather starts to warm up I like to try and get as much sunshine as I can on my legs. Razors are great for quick getaways, but something that I think is worth investing in this summer is a Panasonic Beauty Product. This website has so many amazing epilators, ipls and other amazing summer-body-ready products. I am one of those people who doesn't like to spend a massive amount of time on 'boring' beauty regimes, which is why I think these could be worth it for summer. I am truly obsessed with all these electronic beauty products as I just think they save so much time and are perfect for us lazy girls! An epilator would be great to pop into your luggage for a sunny holiday as the last thing you want to be doing on a hot summers day is spending half an hour or so in the shower removing those hairs!

Over the past month, I have been trialling out the QuickMax Eyelash Growth Enhancer which in simpler words is a wand that helps with eyelash and brow growth. Honestly, I didn't think this was going to do much but it has proved me wrong. This has made such a dramatic difference to my brows and lashes, more so my brows as I was seeing results a week later. Definitely, recommend this if you want to grow out your brows or lashes as it is so simple to use and very effective.

I have always been intrigued as to how hair removal creams work so I decided to try the Inhibitif Hydra Gel. This gel is a plant-based molecule that visibly minimizes hair re-growth from just 2 weeks. You apply this twice a day in areas you want to reduce hair and that's it! Such an easy product to apply and you definitely see results. The results do take a lot longer than what the other products do, but patience is a virtue!

Taking a vitamin every day is so much easier than applying millions of products to your body. I love the Zipvit's Hair, Skin & Nail Vitamins and I can honestly say they have made such a difference to my hair length. Put it this way I got my hair cut just under a month ago and it has grown out already! These are also really good for strengthening your nails and making a difference to your skin.

Sticking with growing out your locks, I have been taking a spoonful of The Fountain Hair Molecule everyday now to help the growth of my ends. I like to call this my 'hair medicine' as you consume it as though it was dollup of magic. This is a beauty supplement that can leave your hair looking stronger and healthier. This is my second bottle and I can honestly not live without it because it makes such a difference to the length of my hair. You notice results incredibly fast too for all you impatient ladies out there!

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What is your favourite product for growing/reducing hair??

Monday, 23 May 2016

Contouring On A Budget

Contouring On A Budget
It's getting closer and closer to that time of the year where bronzing, strobing, sculpting, contouring and highlighting is in for achieving that healthy, summery glow we all lust for. Contouring is definitely a part of my makeup routine that I cannot leave out unless I am running late, as it makes such a difference to giving your face dimension.

For today's post, I am sharing with you 3 contour kits that are inexpensive and easy to get a hold of that will give you that 3D finish.

Maybelline Master Sculpt Contouring £6.99
Out of all 3 contour kits, this one is the most practical as it not only contains the highlight and bronzer but just underneath there are a mirror and a contour brush - perfect for on the go! This contour kit is really subtle but gives a gorgeous shimmer on your cheekbones that looks lovely and glowing. I find contouring with this palette very easy, a little goes a long way and the colour shade is spot on. The little brush it comes with is also very handy and applies the product precisely into your cheekbones without overdoing it.

Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit £6.49
This was the first ever contour kit I bought so it's lived in my collection for quite a while now. This two in one kit also comes with a handy mirror that is perfect for on-the-go or to pop into your bag for touch-ups. This is a great product and again the shades are spot on, I have pale skin so I always reach for the 'light' shades. This one does take a bit more time to blend in so you do have to have a bit more patience. However the highlighter is incredible, I went through a phase of using this highlighter all the time because I loved how glowing it made my skin look.

This is definitely the best palette for the price, if you are starting out with makeup I would definitely recommend picking up this one as it is so inexpensive. Out of the 3, this contour kit has more of a thicker texture which is perfect for sculpting. It does require a lot of trial and errors, more errors than trials for me. But once you nail it the results are insanely good! I really like the highlight for my brow bone it instantly makes them stand out and look sharp.

What inexpensive contour palette do you recommend??

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

My Bedside Beauty Essentials

My Bedside Beauty Essentials
To be completely honest I never used to have a night time routine or a bedside drawer filled with beauty products. It's only recently that I like to keep a few products on my bedside table so it makes my life a little easier as they're within arm's reach of my bed, so I can simply grab for them just before I snuggle up in bed.

One of the first things I like to do once fresh out of the shower is applied my Origin's GinZing Moisturizer. This has been my go-to cream for a solid 2 years now and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and refreshing. It actually contains coffee-beans which is probably why my skin always feels super hydrated and awake. As well as my moisturizer I like to go ahead and set my eyes for the evening with the YES To Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream*. This light-weight eye treatment is clinically proven to help visibly diminish the appearance of dark circles. Without this, in my routine, my eyes would have no luck whatsoever.

Much later on in the evening once I have brushed my teeth etc I will then get myself into bed and apply the Schol Velvet Smooth Night Mask and then pop on my Botanic Bamboo Moisturizing Spa Socks. I don't do this every evening, maybe once or twice a week I do this and my feet are ridiculous smooth the next morning. If I have any breakouts I like to pop on Acneside Benzyl Peroxide Cream and wait until my face has fully dried before lying on my pillow. I was prescribed this from the doctors and I can honestly say it has worked wonders on any blemish or sore spots I sometimes get. I also like to keep a tub of Sudocream near me just in case I have any dryness, sunburn or even blemishes also.

One of the last things I do before I pop my sleeping mask on is apply my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream to my hands and lips. I have only been using this product for a couple of days and cannot believe I am only using it now. I don't think my hands have ever felt smoother and when I wake up my lips feel so plumped.

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What is on your bedside table??

Sunday, 15 May 2016

How to Make a House a Home With Cheerz

How to Make a House a Home With Cheerz
When it comes to putting together a room it's the personal touches that really make the place feel more at home. Trinkets that have sentimental value, some bright colourful flowers and even photographs of some of your favourite memories are just some of the ways to make a house feel like a home.

I take a lot of photographs to the point where I have countless snapshots of memories stashed on my little Samsung Galaxy. There is something very special and nostalgic about having photographs printed and sprinkled around in lovely picture frames in your house, rather than living inside a computer screen. So many things these days just stay on the computer, which is amazing in some ways but in others, it means memories aren't relived and moments are forgotten about. I've recently felt as though my room has lacked that 'personal' touch so I have been printing out lots of photographs and created a little DIY photo bunting and a wall full of happy moments captured.

I have frequently mentioned Cheerz on my blog but for those of you who aren't familiar, Cheerz is an online/app that allows you to print your snaps in a variety of ways including Craft Sets, Scrapbook, Photo Booth Style Strips, Polaroids, Magnets and other unique boxes that are perfect as a gift. Ordering off their website couldn't be any easier as you can upload straight from your desktop/laptop or even grab your snaps from social media accounts such as Instagram or Facebook. As well as this you are able to edit your photographs with some filters and text, to personalize your prints.

Cheerz has recently collaborated with the amazing photo-lust Polaroid, hooray to cute pics. The Polaroid 3000 is a sweet little box filled with 18 Polaroid prints that can be chosen from your phone, Instagram, Facebook or more. The prints are a little bit different to Cheerz's classic prints - they're slightly smaller, with an embossed effect to recreate the old-school Polaroid feel. You can also add a vintage filter to them, making them even more retro! 

I picked to print some of my favourite photographs to add to my decoration wall and bunting. The photos printed out exactly how I wanted them to look - traditional and modish, yep both of them together! They look so cool displayed on my wall and really make my house feel more of a home. I have so many photographs that I might even consider starting a scrapbook to document some of my favourite moments I don't want to forget.

I would definitely recommend checking Cheerz website out if you are thinking about creating a wall filled with photographs and memories, or even just pictures to add to your photo albums.

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How do you display your memories??

Friday, 13 May 2016

Beauty Tryouts #3

Beauty tryouts #3
Since we have 'fingers crossed' said goodbye to the frosty weather and hello to lovely sunshine, I decided now was the ideal time to update my makeup routine. I have recently purchased a couple of new makeup products that are perfect for this time of the year and I figured to let you guys know how I got on.

Makeup Revolution Summer Of Love Triple Baked Bronzer
This has lived in my makeup drawer for god knows how long and has never been used until now. This stunning packaging contains a 3D heart with a mosaic shimmery bronzer, perfect for giving your cheeks a healthy glow this summer. Here in the UK, we have been blessed with some lovely weather and I figured now was the time to apply a tiny amount of this bronzer onto my cheeks. This leaves a lovely shimmery glow to my face and instantly gives me that 'healthy finish' that us beauty-addicts die for. It would look amazing in photographs!

Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette
Have you ever seen anything more beautiful in your entire life? Sleek has really done well on this one. Firstly the packaging is very luxurious and instantly screams high-end which is amazing considering this little palette only costs £10. Containing 4 highlight shades that are directly used for certain features of your face; brow bone, cheeks, nose and your cupids bow. So really you are fixed, right? I absolutely love this palette the consistency is incredible for a drugstore brand and it really helps bring your makeup together. I highly recommend you try this palette out if you want that healthy, highlight this summer.

Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick 'Berry Kissable'
I was on the hunt for a new lipstick that will give me the 'your lips but better look' and this one hit the nail on the head. First off this smells literally like a Cadbury's Mini Eggs, which of course are my favourite Easter chocolate so already I was impressed. This matte shade lipstick is perfect for those days where you want something on your lips, but nothing that takes away your natural lip colour. This lipstick is so easy to apply and lasts a good couple of hours before touching up. I would happily buy another one of these!

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What beauty products have you been trying recently??

Monday, 9 May 2016

Budget Friendly | Keeping Base On Face

Keeping Base On Face
I have experimented with makeup for a solid 5+ years now and one little nugget I am always trying to accomplish is keeping my makeup on my face all day long. These 3 makeup products are what will save you skipping to the bathroom to touch up your makeup every few hours and are budget friendly to your bank accounts. All 3 costing you a total of £23.99!

Primer | The Body Shop Insta Blur £14 - I've always primed my face ever since I realized I had oily skin because primers are created to help keep your makeup on after all. After trying my fair share of lotions and potions over the years I have finally found my happily ever after primer from The Body Shop. With a silicone texture this primer mattes my skin out allowing the foundation to glide on a lot smoother. This primer is incredible for keeping your makeup on your skin all day, my makeup never slides off or looks as though it needs to be touched up. I highly recommend this primer it definitely lives up to expectations and does the trick!

Powder | Rimmel Stay Matte £3.99 - You's have probably all heard, purchased, used and repurchased this powder over the years as it's no stranger to the blogging world. I would usually reach for my Mac MSF at this point but, if we are being budgeted friendly Rimmel is a great alternative. It's cheap, cheerful and does exactly what it say's on the pot and that is 5 hours without shine. It definitely stays on your face for up to 5 hours so any longer and you would need to touch up but, for a £3.99 powder that sets your makeup who wouldn't?

Setting Spray | Freedom Priming Water £6.00 - You can skip this part of your makeup if need be but, I always find my makeup isn't finished without a spritz of a setting spray. I love the Freedom Priming Water purely because it is again cheap and cheerful. You can spray this on your face before or after you have applied your makeup (I prefer after). Once you have finished your makeup spritz a couple of pumps onto your face and you're ready to seize the day! I do think they make a difference to my makeup as they add hydration as well or give me a healthy glow.

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What are your staples to keeping makeup on the face??

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Makeup That Can Handle The Weather

Makeup That Can Handle The Weather
If you live in the UK you will understand what I mean when I say the weather is hormonal. We are supposed to be in spring yet I still can't shift wearing my thick, fluffy socks any time soon. Since the weather is constantly up and down, hot or cold I decided to write a blog post on some makeup products that I think can handle any weather and why.

The Body Shop Insta Blur | Primers are a bit like an extra blanket to keep you warm or in this case to keep your makeup from melting off. I have been using this primer for months now and can honestly say it really keeps your makeup in place for hours. Rather than a creamy consistency, this has a more silicone, gel-type of texture that I think makes a difference to my skin type (oily). Once applied this instantly mattes out my skin and also reduces any redness my skin may have. I could have my makeup on for 12 hours and this primer won't make my foundation budge, which is exactly what you need to survive all the seasons.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation | Where do I begin with this foundation it has honestly changed my life and my bank account. It is a little bit expensive but if you wear makeup a lot and want that high coverage then I think it's worth it. I have worn this foundation in all seasons and 100% think it can handle any weather. Not that I would wear it as much in the summer but it does protect my skin even on hot sunny days. My makeup always looks flawless when I wear this and it doesn't budge from my face even if it's raining. It is buildable and the coverage is definitely medium to high, so it covers over those nasty spots!

Mac Mineralise Skin Finish Powder | I have used this powder since I was 13/15 and still to this day no other powder competes. Especially if you are oily skin it is good to finish your base makeup off with a bit of powder to matte and set your foundation for the day. Powders are great for stopping access oils from appearing throughout the day so I always like to pop this in my bag and touch up after a few hours. It definitely keeps my foundation at bay and any access oils. This and my primer together really helps limit any oil from appearing even through summer.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara | Nobody likes going home to eyes half way down their faces or as I like to call it 'panda eyes'. I have tried hundreds of mascaras over the years that'll not smudge throughout the day. Roller lash is amazing for not getting panda eyes and gives your lashes instant volume that looks as good as false lashes. You only need one coat of this and you are ready to conker the day ahead.

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What makeup item do you think can handle the weather??

Sunday, 1 May 2016

My 6 Overnight Beauty Tips

Overnight Beauty Tips
I am always on the lookout for ways to perk up my skin, body and hair that'll not take up a great deal of my time - there is still hope for me to get an extra hour in bed. There has been a couple of nifty tips I've discovered over the past couple of months that have saved me so much time in the morning and have made a massive difference to my appearance!

These are my overnight beauty tips that will change your life, literally.

The Greasy Hair Solution - If tomorrow is hat day then this tricks for you. Did you know if you spray your roots with dry shampoo before bed and leave it overnight your hair will of absorbed all the oils so you are ready to go! Does this mean more time in bed? I think so.

The Lazy Girl Hair Solution - If like myself, you don't have time to deal with long tangled locks in the morning then I have a solution. Since summer season is not that far off which means wavy hair, why not damp your ends of hair the night before and create two little pigtails. The next morning undo them, run your fingers through it and you're ready!

The Sore Feet Solution - You've been on your feet all day or in my case you're trying to wear in your gorgeous new shoes. If you have sore feet and know they're going to be worse tomorrow, try rubbing Vaseline on your feet and cover them with socks overnight. Your feet will feel so soft the next day!

The Split End Solution - Coconut Oil is amazing for treating split or frizzy ends. If you are washing your hair tomorrow morning why not apply a small amount of Coconut Oil onto the ends of your hair and the next morning once washed your hair will not only be frizz-free but have a lovely healthy shine!

The Problematic Skin Solution - I love overnight face masks they literally save so much time and give you amazing results. Once you have prepped your skin before bed, apply an overnight mask and let the mask do its magic. You will wake up looking fresh and ready to conquer the day.

The Dark Circle Solution - Something I've recently noticed that makes a difference on my eye area is sleeping masks. Once I have prepped my eyes with cream I will then go ahead and put a silk eye mask on. Once I wake up my eyes look incredibly fresh and as though I have had a decent nights sleep, which means less concealer!

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What overnight beauty tips do you recommend??


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