Monday, 30 May 2016

B is For Books

Book haul

book haul
It is very rare that I will indulge in purchasing a book or 7 in this case, I usually download books onto my Kindle where they take up no room on my bookshelf and are all stored together. There is however nothing better than owning a brand-spanking new book and being able to smell the newness as you flick a page. Recently I've been adding a tonne of books to my Amazon wishlist and decided to treat myself to some new reads to add on my bookshelf.

Health, Fashion & Beauty Hacks by Esme Floyd
These are new to Amazon I think and they are really useful books to have on your shelves for learning all tips, tricks and simpler solutions to everyday things. I have already been post-it-noting pages that have some really handy hacks so I might write a blog post on hacks I've learnt from these if you are interested. I am learning some really fascinating pieces of information from all 3 books. These are super easy to read and very interesting to flick through to up your beauty, fashion and health knowledge.

Why We Buy by Paco Underhill
For any shopaholics out there this book could be worth getting your hands on as it a guide to how and why people shop. I haven't read this yet but from the looks of it it's quite a lengthy read that requires your full attention. I was kind of hoping it would be layered out quite simple and not like a novel but, I am excited to read this one and hopefully I will understand more behind why we shop so much! I'm calling it retail therapy.

Eat pretty by Jolene Hart
I've been meaning to purchase this book for absolutely ages and really wish I had because it is so knowledgeable! Firstly the cover is very eye-catching and is definitely a one to have on display. I haven't been able to take my eyes from this book to be honest, I am learning a lot about nutrition and it's effects it has on us. It is very easy to read and understand which is what I wanted, as I find some nutritional information a little knotty and tedious. A really good book with a whole new aspect on nutrition that doesn't sound mind-numbing.

100 Awesome Hair Days by Jenny Strebe/Braids, Buns & Twists by Christina Butcher
I'm not the most adventurous with my hair I usually wear it down, fish plait or in a ponytail so I decided to purchase a couple of books that'll teach me some easy hairstyles to make my hair look less boring. I really want to know how to french and dutch braid so these books are so handy for giving me a step by step guide.

Any books you would recommend??


  1. Oh you've picked up some great reads, I'm curious about the why we shop book!

    Sophia xo'

    1. I will probably talk about it on my blog sometime once I have read it!

      Katie ♥

  2. These are some great books! I would love to read the three hack books, they sound cool!
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    1. You should definitely try them they are so handy and filled with really useful tips!

      Katie ♥

  3. These books sound great. I love reading nonfiction too. It's good to read something and have new knowledge on a subject. My favorite nonfiction books I've read this year are I Am Malala and Gifts of Imperfection. I Am Malala is so good because it teaches you a lot about Pakistan and it's history as well as how Malala began her work for girls' and women's education. Gifts of Imperfection is by Brene Brown and it's a great book if you want to be happier or struggle with perfectionism.

    - Courtney

    1. Oh wow this sounds quite interesting actually! I love reading things like that!

      Katie ♥



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