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7 Things To Do At Home When You're Unwell

7 Things To Do At Home If You're Unwell
If you haven't already read my Surviving a Winter Cold Post and feel as though you are run down with the typical 'winter blues' then here are some things to do at home to help you feel a bit better. There is nothing worse than feeling run down and having to take time off to get better, I mean it has its ups too, you get to spend the day at home and avoid social contact with humans. When I am off poorly these are some of the things I like to try and do to keep busy as I hate having days where I don't feel like I have done anything.

1.) Drink Lots & Lots of Tea | There is literally a tea for every problem: sleep, stress, stomach pains, flu you name it. I find when you are run down, especially with the flu, a good cup of tea can really help take your mind off the problem and help you to unwind. I've been reaching for Kusmi Tsarevna Herbal Tea* which is a limited edition Russian blend of black tea, spices and orange, perfect for this time of year.

2.) Pamper Yourself | I always feel as though I look like a bag of crap when I'm poorly so one of the things I always do is give my skin some 'me time' and reach for a face mask. I am in love with the L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks, especially the detox one. They are perfect for brightening up my skin and giving it some moisture. I always feel a lot more perked up after I have applied one.

3.) A Home Spa | Lets face it a good old massage helps right? HoMedics Luxury Foot Spa* is amazing for winding down and de-stressing. I love pampering my feet, especially in winter when you know you've been running around Christmas shopping. This is an amazing product if you are feeling stressed, cold or even just want a massage, I think having one of these can really help relax you and take your mind off feeling unwell. You could even go the extra mile and have a pedi/manicure in the comfort of your own home with the Rokit Gel Nail Kit*. This is another great feel good product and an amazing asset to have for a pamper/spa evening. I am not one for painting my nails because I find they chip easily and take ages to dry, but with this nail kit my nails are a lot stronger and they look amazing.

4.) Have A Lush Bath | If you are suffering with the flu or have muscle pain a nice hot bath can really help. I always treat myself to a long bubble bath if I am feeling down in the dumps. I like to create a bath cocktail with a LUSH bath bomb, some bubbles and just sit back and relax. I do this once a week, even when I am fine because it's good to give yourself some 'me time' away from technology.

5.) Adult Colouring | I've said it before and I'll say it again adult colouring is great for de-stressing and unwinding away from phones and social media. If I am feeling run down or stressed I like to listen to some music or pop a Disney film in and just colour. I find it very therapeutic and calming I would definitely recommend people buy one of these books there is so many different types out now.

6.) Read A Book | If colouring in isn't your thing, maybe try reading a book, if I put my mind to it, I can get sucked into a book for hours and feel very relaxed. Finding the motivation to pick up a book and read it is my struggle so sometimes I sway towards doing something good for my brain like Sudoku or a crossword. You'd think I was an old woman, but I love puzzles.

7.) Relax | I think the last tip I would recommend if you are at home unwell is just to relax, use that time to put yourself first and focus on getting better. I sound like a nagging mother, but drink plenty of fluids and take lots of vitamin C.

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What do you like to do at home if you're poorly??


  1. A Lush bath and plenty of sleep always does the trick for me. I have never thought of spending the time colouring though, I might give this a try when I am starting to feel a bit better :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  2. I love reading and taking baths when I'm feeling great, so I enjoy it even more when I'm not feeling well!

  3. I love reading a book when I'm ill, I sometimes find that TV or films can give me a bit of a headache, so it's nice to just switch off from it all for a bit! I'm all up for a bath as well, and nothing better than lush to make you feel better! Love this post idea :) xx



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