Saturday 24 August 2013

Real Technique Make-up Brushes Review

Real Technique's Make-up Brushes Collection | Review
Something quite iconic in the blogging industry at the moment is the new Real Technique Makeup Brushes. These brushes have taken the beauty fanatics hearts (and money) that's for sure. I decided to share some mini-reviews on a couple of the brushes I was able to get my hands on.
Real Technique Make-up Brushes Review
Powder Brush:
The Powder brush was the first brush I got by RT. I was on the hunt for a new powder brush and I came across these so I thought since they were so hyped up on Youtube and this that I'll give it a go. The powder brush is apart of the 'base' range, I like to use the powder brush after I have applied foundation, powder just sets it all in place. I do feel like after using this brush that my skin gets a healthier finish than it does to the brush I used before (eco tools).

Blush Brush:
The blush brush was actually one of the last brushes I bought from Boot's it is such a good brush not only for a blusher but for bronzer I like to use this for contouring my cheeks. It is apart of the 'finish' range, it leaves just enough on your cheekbones, not too much or round like some blush brushes do. Definitely, recommend this brush if you are like me and prefer blush brushes that don't leave circles on your face! 
Real Technique Make-up Brushes ReviewStippling Brush:
The stippling brush is part of the 'finish' range also. I like to use this to apply foundation it just leaves a high finish to your skin. By far the best brush I have used to apply my foundation to my skin. It just leaves a glowy, juicy and healthy finish to your foundation. I have used several brushes that just apply your foundation but don't give any effect so this brush was a surprise to me. It is probably one of the most hyped brushes I have seen, others agree with me about it given you a higher end finish. Mostly recommend this brush out of all their range!

Expert Face Brush:
The expert face brush is apart of the 'base' range just like the powder brush. However, I feel like it should be apart of the 'finish' range as it definitely gives a good finish to your skin. I use this to blend in remains of a foundation, I like to use the stippling brush to apply my foundation onto my face then this brush to blend it all in. It leaves a lovely finish using both together so I would recommend buying both if you want a 'high end' finish to your foundation. I noticed using this brush that my foundation was locked onto my skin better, as sometimes foundation can get difficult to blend depending on the brush you use. This definitely helped to avoid any blending problems! 
Real Technique Make-up Brushes Review
The Foundation Brush: 
The foundation brush is part of the 'base' range too, you can tell what range they are from by the colour :) anyway's..this brush I occasionally use to apply foundation depending on how my skin looks on that day. This is a good starter foundation brush from RT but, I would recommend the two above^ more. But if you want an alternative then try this it does has advantages: it is brilliant to apply to your skin, it has an angular shape to the bristles which gives your skin a bit of effect. 

Shading Brush:
The shading brush is the last brush to talk about if you are still awake from reading so much! zzz. Anyway's this brush is different it is apart of the 'eye' range it is the only eye range brush I have ATM. I use this to apply eye shadow or the occasional highlighter to areas around my eyes. It is such a soft brush, easy to apply eye shadow but with it being a shading brush the isn't a huge amount I can say about it unless I did a tutorial with using this! 
Have you tried these brushes yet??


  1. I love these brushes! I am going to get more when I get paid! :D

    1. You should and since you can get them cheaper you should get me some :P x

  2. Love these brushes they work wonders so easy to use! x

  3. I love these brushes :)
    Especially the expert face brush
    I'm going to go for the blusher brush next time
    Chanelle Jade xx

    1. Me too its such a good brush! I used the expert face brush to apply powder once at my friends when I forgot my powder brush it still did just as good of a job

  4. Loved this blog post! I've deliberated with the idea of trying these brushes out and after reading this, I think I'll have to head to boots soon :)


  5. I have a collection of these as well! Best drug store brushes out there!



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