Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Colour Palette Transition

Colour Palette Transition
I love when the season starts to change and since autumn is upon us, this generally means I swap my floral dresses for knitted jumpers and nude lips for berry shades. Autumn is definitely my favourite season of all, I love the dark evenings and the chilly air, also all the festivities are almost upon us. I have started to switch up my makeup routine and decided to share what I've transitioned in my routine.

Shimmery Eyeshadow's
Shades usually associated with autumn are mustard, berry, brown and taupe. So when I am wanting an autumnal eye look I tend to reach for my Morphe Palette 350s as this palette has loads of shimmery autumn shades - just look at that burnt orange! The pigmentation on this palette is incredible, you can create some amazing looks for autumn both during the day and night. I also quite enjoy the H&M Eyeshadow's too these are much cheaper and are great for travel. They aren't as pigmented as Morphe, but H&M do have an amazing collection of autumnal eyeshadows as well as nail polish and lipsticks. I like to purchase a couple of shades from them for autumn instead of buying a full eyeshadow palette.

When it comes to blushers I tend to switch them up quite often, but the ones I am currently reaching for are the Laura Mercier Skin Cheek Blusher or NARS Dual Intensity. I love the Laura Mercier and Nars blushers they are definitely both good for shade range and pigmentation. I have the LM blusher in 'plum radiance' which is a gorgeous natural-looking shade that brightens and illuminates the face. I like to use this if am wanting a blusher without any shimmer, but if I am after shimmer I tend to reach for this NARS Dual in the shade 'Fervor'. What I love about this blusher is the silky, wet/dry formula that creates a healthy glow. Both blusher shades are amazing for autumn and are so long lasting!

I do love a berry shade in autumn so for those days I am feeling daring I reach for the classic MAC 'rebel' Lipstick. A creamy lipstick formula with a soft cushiony feel and satin finish. I love how creamy these lipsticks are, I personally don't like matte shades without a bit of moisture in the autumn especially. Another alternative I have been reaching for is the Topshop Everything Stick in the shade 'defiant'. Topshop does some amazing makeup that is definitely worth checking out. This is such a good multi-purpose product that is perfect for on the go and travel. You can swipe this on your lips, cheeks and even contour with some of the shades. I personally only use this on my lips, but the shade is so autumnal and the consistency is beautiful and creamy. I am definitely going to check out more of their shades.

What autumn makeup do you reach for??

Friday, 7 September 2018

End of Summer Favourites

End of Summer Favourites
Summer is officially at an end, we can finally say goodbye to long days and say hello to cold evenings and thick, knitted jumpers. Autumn is definitely my favourite time of the year I just love all the mustard and burnt orange colours and being able to layer up in jumpers. Even though summer is at an end *mourns* we have had a nice one here in the UK (minus those humid evenings!), so I decided to wrap summer up and share what I have loved this past couple of months.

Garnier Sun-Kissed Gradual Tan
As much as I love false tanning I just don't have the patience or the number of bed sheets to be applied every day. Gradual moisturizing tans are something I always reach for as they are just so simple to apply and give your skin a lovely colour. I find out of all the gradual tans I have tried, this one is the one I return to the most as it doesn't leave your skin with a strong biscuit scent and it doesn't apply patchily. I used this before I went to Gran Canaria and it just helped so much with looking healthy and tanned (plus it doesn't stain your sheets - bonus!).

Moroccan Oil
I have used and loved this hair oil for years I think it's fair to say as I have mentioned it numerous times you are probably bored sick of me mentioning it. But I always reach for this hair oil in the summer, especially if I want to achieve healthy-looking beach waves. This oil helps keep my hair in good condition which I think you need especially in the summer. It also gives my hair a gorgeous shine which looks amazing with beach waves on a sunny holiday. Definitely my favourite oil for keeping my hair in amazing condition and something I'd recommend to anyone with damaged hair.

Avene Thermal Spring Water
I personally only use this thermal spray when I am abroad for sunburn or to cool down with, but you can also use this for skin irritation, after removing make-up, after shaving or hair removal too. I have quite sensitive skin so this product is perfect for me when my skin is agitated as it just helps calm it down whilst moisturizing. This travel-friendly bottle is perfect to pop in your bag for on the go and in need of a refresh. Definitely been a life saver during the humid evenings!

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter
I have tried a lot of powdery highlighters and out of them, this is my favourite by far heartbroken I hit pan though. This product is a smooth and extremely pigmented highlighter that gives your skin a beautiful champagne colour (perfect with a tan). I find with powdery highlighters that they tend to fall off my face by the end of the day, but with this one, it doesn't budge! Plus, it picks up amazingly in photos and natural light which is why I absolutely loved it when I was on holiday.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick
CT lipsticks are so beautiful not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. Pillow Talk is the perfect nude pink matte lipstick for every day and for a special occasion. Enriched with soothing orchid and Lipstick tree extracts, lips appear fuller and wider. It is such a long-lasting, moisturizing lipstick for a matte texture. I am yet to try the lip liner that pairs with it, but I have heard amazing things about that as well.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume
My cult staple summer scent has got to be the classic Marc Jacob's Daisy perfume. If you like fresh, floral, succulent scents definitely give this a whiff if you haven't already. It is my go-to summer fragrance and I always feel heartbroken when I am near the end of a bottle.

What has been your summer staple this year??

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

4 Cult Beauty Picks

4 Cult Beauty Picks
I have spent more money than I care to admit on Cult Beauty's website over the years. There's something ever-so special about spending time scrolling through their website and treating yourself to a brand new beauty product. It's quite difficult to get your hands on a lot of these cult-loves, which is what makes spending your pennies on this website that little bit more special. I've loved everything I've ordered from Cult Beauty, but if I had to choose my top 4, these would be those.

Alpha H Liquid Gold £33.50
I was recommended to try this product years ago and still to this day it fits into my skincare routine, which to me is a cult favourite. I have ordered numerous bottles of this stuff from CB and will continue to do so. This exfoliating, overnight treatment delivers so much goodness for your skin! I find exfoliating gels/scrubs quite harsh on my skin, so I tend to sway away from those and only use exfoliating acids, that you apply with a cotton pad. This product contains 5% glycolic acid (which is a great ingredient for discoloration and pigmentation). It's amazing for those dark spots that leave redness, acne scars and anti-aging! I've definitely noticed a difference in my complexion when I've used this product. My skin looks much more glowing and I've definitely noticed this has helped with acne scarring. Definitely worth the 5 stars on their website!

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel £31.00
I've always found cleansing gels a lot more beneficial for my skin type and Oskia's Renaissance Cleansing Gel has really helped strengthen my skin over the years. Containing vitamins C, B2 and E, pumpkin enzyme and much more goodness. This isn't my daily cleanser, but I do like to use this when my skin is in need of brightening or calming down. My skin always feels so smooth and radiant when I've used this product, which is why I only like to use it when my skin is having a freak-out. It probably is targeted towards people with more dry-normal skin, but because I use quite drying spot treatments, this helps to restore balance into my skin.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation £29.00
I was a bit hesitant to try this foundation out, as I am quite picky with how I want my foundation to look, but I took a gamble and gave this 'I woke up like this' foundation a go. First off, this foundation gives you a medium-to-full coverage which is perfect for those long days or as more of an evening foundation as it doesn't give you flashback in photos! This is such a natural, dewy looking foundation that sits on my skin so nicely and is so easy to blend out. I like to use this as my going out foundation because of how flawless, it makes my skin look and how amazing the coverage is. Its definitely up there with my Double Wear as a cult favourite foundation.

Morphe 350S Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette £23.00
I have been after this palette for so so so long and finally, I joined the waiting list and impatiently waited for that Cult email to say it's in stock. Containing an array of warm neutrals, this 35-pan palette is a must have to be added in your makeup stash. You have every shade you could ever want and can create so many amazing looks for both day and night! These shadows are so pigmented and long lasting! - A little tip I like to wet my eyeshadow brush before applying they shimmery shadows to my lid, just to enhance the colour even more. Definitely a one to buy if you are really into your shadows.

What is your one Cult Beauty skincare and makeup favourite??

Thursday, 28 June 2018

101 Skincare Mistakes

101 Skincare Mistakes
Following up from my 101 Skincare Ingredients Guide I've decided to write a little 'skincare series' on all the beauty knowledge I have learnt. When it comes to taking care of our skin we aren't perfect, we're all guilty for sleeping in our makeup after a night out or picking a spot every now and then. It is important to take care of your skin, especially when you are younger to help benefit when you are older.

Here are 15 skincare mistakes to avoid in the hope it'll improve your skin in the long run, aka wrinkles, sunburn and aging.

1. Picking or touching your face
Most of the time you won't even realise you're doing it, but touching your skin or picking at it can be seriously bad for your skin in the long run. I am a sinner for picking a whitehead, it's probably the most common mistake ever. Think of it this way every time you touch/pick at your skin you are damaging it and running the risk of leaving scars and holes, gross.

2. Over Exfoliating
It might feel amazing at the time scrubbing your skin with an overly harsh facial exfoliator every other day, in the hope it'll shift those dead skin cells. But it won't be permanent. Once or twice a week is much more beneficial than every other day. I actually avoid facial scrubs and only stick to watery exfoliating substances that require just a wipe over the face (Pixi Glow Tonic). Over exfoliating can remove your skin protective barriers and strip away the natural oils.

3. Sleeping with a full face of makeup
Guilty as charged. Now I'm going to break this down to you in the hope it'll change your future-drunken self to stop doing. Sleeping with makeup on can cause eye infections, wrinkles, breakouts, broken eyelashes and clogs your pores. Since learning this no matter what state I am in I always make sure to remove my makeup before my head hits the hay.

4. Skipping Moisturizer
I have oily/combination/acne/whatever it wants to be kind of skin, therefore using a moisturizer is crucial. I did however used to fall into the trap of 'adding more cream to my face will make it worse', until I realised how important it is to moisturize. My Dad has amazing skin and he told me all he does is moisturise! I've noticed so many older people with amazing skin and they all say its off moisturizing. I am for sure a believer that what you do for your skin now will benefit in the long run. Hopefully doing this will postpone wrinkles!

5. Not using SPF in your skincare
It's been drilled into our head from our family to wear sun cream and even though we listen, we never really think about applying sun cream on days it's not sunny - or at least I didn't. This article really opened my eyes on how important it is to apply SPF even on days you don't think you need to. My primer has a high SPF so my skin isn't at as much risk of sun exposure.

6. Not washing your face
Seems like such a simple thing to skip out of your routine, but it is so important on how your skin appears. I wash my face every morning and evening and it's becoming a routine for me to do. Think of it this way you wake up with dead skin cells, sleep on your face and if you were to go outside your skin is then hit with pollution and germs! If you don't wash your face you are more prone to breakouts, premature aging etc.

7. Not changing your bedding often
I think because I've suffered with bad skin since I was around 14-15 I've had the basic skincare tips drilled into my brain and one of which is changing your bedding often. I change my bedding either once or twice a week and I am forever swapping my pillow cases around. A bit similar to No.6, your skin produces dead skin cells over night as well as your hair, therefore it's important to change your bedding and keep your skin away from bacteria.

8. Not using the right products for your skin type
Your skin could be dry one day so you apply a thick moisturiser and the next week, it's oily so you don't use any. Your skin needs balance and it's important to know what your skin type is before you think about what products to buy. Price doesn't always determine quality, I've bought products in the past after reading highly rated reviews that are not even targeted towards my skin and end up doing absolutely nothing. It's worth reading up or getting your skin checked out on what your skin type is.

9. Having hot showers
Having a shower that is too hot can dry out your skin and make it increasingly prone to irritation. I always try to wash my face with cold water to help tighten the appearance of my pores. If water is too hot my skin actually goes sensitive and very red, so I always try to avoid this as much as possible.

10. Using products with toxic ingredients
It's always good to check what ingredients are in your skincare, hair care and makeup before you apply to your skin. I might do a post all in what products to avoid in depth, but as an overview avoid parabens, phthalates, fragrances if you can. I still use products with these in, just not as much as I used to.

11. Good night sleep
I mentioned in my 13 Things I've Learned in 2017 post that I much prefer my early nights juxtapose to 2am sleeps. Not that I wake up with flawless, fresh face skin, but I do find my eyes don't look tired, my skin doesn't look dull and I've also noticed my skin is much more plumped, than it would be if I was to sleep early hours.

What is your skincare 101 mistake to avoid??

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

A Foodies Guide to Paris

Paris is such a beautiful, elegant city that got me fallen head over heals in love and lusting to see much more of the world. The Eiffel Tower, Sacre-Couer, Notre Dame and all the other iconic touristy spots are all in well amazing, but what is just as important to do if not more is exploring the food.

Food is so important when you visit different cities as you want to taste all the goodness and try the local cuisines everyone recommends. I probably spend just as much time researching places to eat as I do for places to visit and I 99% of the time look up quirky little spots to explore.

Here, I have put together a guide on all the foods I was able to try during my time in Paris or spots I would recommend that isn't on a typical Parisians food guide. 

P's I was very mundane with my food choices and practically lived on pastries, just cause why not?

72 Hours in Paris | Guide blog post
French pastries
French Baguette
Hotel Val Girard
Visit A French Bakery
No matter where in Paris we were, we always stumbled across hundreds of French-style bakeries just off the corner of pretty much most streets. You just can't avoid them and the smell of freshly baked savouries will instantly draw you in. I noticed lots of Parisians buying a stick of baguette and just eating it by the stick which was crazy! I pretty much lived off pastries for breakfast at our hotel and I made sure to try a baguette (apparently the pointier the end the better) to see what the fuss was about. Definitely recommend visiting one or two bakeries during your stay and trying all the delicious, sweet treats.

Tribeca (Italian, French)
On our first night we didn't fancy being adventurous so we went to a restaurant just off Rue Cler. After a long day of travelling, I just fancied a good old pizza, which I can confirm was probably the best pizza I have ever tasted. The service here was lovely and the prices were what you'd expect to pay here in the UK. My boyfriend had a pasta dish which was smothered in a creamy sauce served with chicken, Parmesan and rocket, which he also said tasted amazing. Every restaurant you go to in Paris you are guaranteed a basket of bread to go with your main, so all the carrrrbs.

La Poincare (French, European, Vegetarian Friendly)
Not too far from the Trocadero metro line we ate at a local French bistro called La Poincare. I wouldn't really rate the service as great, but the food was delicious! I had the spicy sausage, mash potato and a mustard sauce, which tasted amazing, especially the sausage it tasted a lot different to what we get here and I noticed that a couple of times throughout our stay. My boyfriend ordered a burger which he said was probably the nicest he's ever had, so the food here is definitely one to try!
I've always said if I was to visit France that I'd try snails, you can try them at pretty much any French restaurant, the same with frogs legs. Bistro De La Tour is where we went for the snails which is just around the corner from The Eiffel Tower on the corner of the river. The service was really great here, the waiter helped us with the snails and overall gave a lovely service. The snails had a strange texture to them, almost like a mushroom or mussels, they were smothered in a garlic oil which gave the snails a a bit of flavour. Not something I'd eat again, but I liked them, my boyfriend however didn't so I was left to eat 5!
Choco factory
choco factory shake
Amorino gelato
Sweet Treats 
Like I said at the start before I travel anywhere I always look up quirky places to eat and Paris luckily have a few to mention.

Choco Factory
Just around the corner from the Luxembourg Gardens is the Choco Factory, which is a unique little cafe that literally is like a chocolate factory full of dreams. Not only can you create your own chocolate here, but you can eat all the waffles and crepes until you explode. We went for one of the freakshakes which were incredible and definitely a place to go to snap the Instagram shots. So much choice here, I would definitely come back here.

Amorino Ice Cream
There are a couple of Amorino ice cream shops in Paris and are worth checking out during your stay. We went to the one in Montmartre when the weather was lovely and sunny, perfect for an ice cream stop. Quite possibly the best ice cream I've ever had, we each chose three flavours and had them shaped into lovely roses. I went for raspberry, hazelnut chocolate and vanilla, and honestly it tasted amazing!

Those were most of the stops we took during our time in Paris, there are loads of choices of food to eat. We also made a few stops to local supermarkets where we bought some sweet biscuits to eat on our travels and some Milka Chocolate (which seems to be very common here). If we were to go back we'd definitely try a wine and cheese board and the famous macaroons.

What food have you tried in Paris??


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