Thursday 12 September 2013

My Ombre Haircare

Ombre Haircare
Having had bleached ends for a good few months now I figured now was a good time to share my hair care routine and what products I would recommend to people who are thinking about or who have damaged/bleached hair.

Hair Masks:

LUSH Marilyn Hair Mask
One of the most difficult things with bleaching your hair is keeping the colour in good condition. With ombre, it is quite easy to go orange or brassy if not looked after properly. Having done some research on removing brassy tones I decided a hair mask would be a great product to add to my hair care routine. This product is to be used as a pre-treatment before you wash your hair. I leave it on for half an hour and then rinse and go ahead with my shampoo and conditioner. This has definitely improved the look of my blonde and helped keep brassy tones at bay. It's not a miracle worker, but it's so conditioning and light on your hair.

Aussie Take The Heat 3 Minute Mask
When I don't have a lot of time or just can't be bothered to spend half an hour with a towel on my head I sometime's like to go ahead with this 3-minute mask. I have gone through so many of these 3-minute masks, they are so good for keeping your hair healthy. I rarely use heat on my hair, but when I do this is something I like to follow up with when I wash my hair.

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Hair Mask
This hair mask really helped keep my ends in good condition from breaking and becoming dry. For those who don't know, when you ombre your hair it can become quite dry, I have ombre'd my hair twice and I used this straight after I dyed it just to give me hair a deep treatment, so it's safe to say it's really good for conditioning.

Other Treatments:

Aussie Anti-Frizz Conditioning Milk
I have used this product long before I even bleached my hair, it is such a good product to have in your hair care. When I get out the shower I like to pop this onto the ends of my hair and let it soak in the moisture. I always try to air dry my hair to help keep my ends from damage. By the next morning, my ends feel so healthy and soft. 

Moroccan Oil
The perfect summer essential to have in my opinion, I take this lil guy on holiday with me as well. A little goes a long way so I try not to use this too often, but every now and then when my hair feels dry or lifeless I like to add this to the ends of my damp hair and by the next day my hair looks shiny and healthy. A pricey little bugger, but really worth the price!

Herbal Essences Split End Conditioner
This product smells so yummy, just that alone makes me enjoy using it. I never shampoo my hair without following with a conditioner and I hand down believe that and maybe the rarity of using heat is why my hair is in such good condition. I have again used this long before I bleached my hair and it has always been great for keeping my ends in good condition. I used to straighten my hair every day so you can imagine how split my hair was, this helped so much with that. 

Charles Worthington No Frizz Finishing Cream
Not the biggest of fans of Charles Worthington hair care, but this product is one of the few that doesn't grease my hair or feel heavy. If I do use heat on my hair I like to dab a pea-sized amount of this on the ends of my hair just to lock in the moisture. I also use this to tame any frizz or flyaways. 

Ombre Haircare Tips...
1. Try to avoid using heat on your hair for a few months to help restore moisture to your hair.
2. After you bleach your hair, apply a deep hair mask then a hair oil to keep it in condition.
3. Get someone else to bleach your ends for you if (like me) you don't trust yourself!
4. Plait your hair overnight if you want that beachy, wave effect.

What products do you use to keep your hair from damage?


  1. I love ombre hair, I already bleach my hair though so it'd be more hassle than anything else haha. One tip I always tell people who bleach their hair (either a full head or partial like obre or hi lights) is I always just leave my hair for a little while after. I know not everyone can, but I use a mask and oil after bleaching then don't wash it or use anything else for at least 2 days, it really helps my hair. :)

    Maxine, xx
    Beauty Blog|Lifestyle Blog

    1. yeah that is what I do too for even dying my hair normally :) helps a lot xx

  2. Fab post!! I love Morrocan oil!

  3. Looks lovely! Great post for anyone who wants to try ombre. Thanks for sharing.

    Pretty Gloss ♥ beauty, makeup & a bit of life..
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  4. Great post! Im really tempted to ombre my hair again, absolutely loved it. x

  5. See I told you it would be a fab post and it is your hair looks lovely and because you look after it it's in love condition x

  6. I love that Herbal Essences mask it was in my favourites this month. Your hair is gorgeous I love the colour xx
    Blush & Bunting

  7. I had my hair ombr├ęd professionally and it looked 100000% worse than this. Well done! (I had to dye mine straight back so now I'm just left with the damage from the bleach. No matter what I do it won't leave- my only option is to cut it all off I think :( ) Lovely post/ hair though!! :D xx

    1. thank you :) and oh no that sounds nasty! I was always reluctant to get it professionally done, I am sure you could use treatments for your hair :) xx

  8. Loving the huge range of haircare products! Your hair looks pretty :)

  9. Hi!
    I have nominated you for the LIEBSTER AWARD 2013 :) I hope you like my post and I look forward to reading your answers to the questions I have asked :) Hope your having a great weekend!

  10. Your hair looks amazing. I was always told these box kits to ombre weren't very good but your hair looks lovely. LOVE Morrocanoil so much :) xx

    1. Well I used two on my hair at first but that is because I have long hair but thank you :) xx

  11. I love your hair!!

    I've used some of the products You've talked about (: The Aussie stuff smells AMAZING! I love it!!!! xo



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