Thursday 24 October 2013

Topshop Lipsticks

A few years ago Topshop came out with a make-up line which was mostly online, but now my local store sells the products, which has made me so happy. Products such as nail varnishes, lipsticks, glosses, brushes, blushers, eyeliners and highlighters. I believe they have much more of a range nowadays, but back when I bought my first lipstick their makeup line was very limited.

After seeing a couple of reviews on Youtube about these dainty lipsticks I figured to give them a try and as you can see I now own 5 so I think that says it all.
1. Innocent
Innocent is a pastel type of purple so almost like lilac but, when applied on the lips looks more like a pastel pink/purple rather than just purple. My friend was wearing this lipstick when we were out and I had to ask where it was from as it was a lovely colour - like natural colour, not too in your face and not too plain. It just gives the right amount of colour, I don't think this is to everyone's taste in shade but it is something to look into. It is build-able but to be honest building on a pastel purple isn't always a nice colour it looks nice with just a little bit applied.

2. Macaroon
Macaroon was one of those colours you either love or hate I am a big sucker for pink lips so when I saw this I thought 'oh it's going to be too pink' but I swatched it on my hand in the Topshop store and it looked lovely, not too in your face at all!
The name reminds me of macaroon's as in the little deserts you can eat, so the name sounded tasty. The colour when you open the lipstick looks orangey/pink and when you apply it to your lips comes out exactly like a pinky orange, it is a lovely summery colour. I would wear this more in Summer than winter but it is a lovely colour - again buildable too.

3. Ohh Lala
Ohh la la (I think it is spelt) is a straight-up orange lipstick, not that I am a fan of wearing orange lips I purchased this years ago it was my first ever one I got so, at the time I obviously didn't pay much attention to what I was purchasing I just wanted to grab one. It is a nice colour and I have worn it once or twice but I don't think it suits my complexion very well. Nonetheless, if you are after an orange lipstick that is not too in your face but has a decent amount of cover on your lips then I recommend this.

4. Brighton Rock
This has such a dainty name as do all their names, but this one for me is my all time favourite Topshop lipstick. I love everything about this lipstick it is a vibrant pink not luminous pink but I kind of pink you'd want to wear that makes your lips noticeable. I wear this colour a lot on nice occasions, it tends to be my lipstick to wear on a night out as it suits my skin really well.  I do recommend this lipstick if you are like me and love pink lips! the coverage is brilliant - it is tough to remove though!

5. Pillow Talk
Not last but least Pillow Talk, I got this lipstick for my mam when I was in London's Topshop but I like to steal it from time to time. Anyway's this is a gorgeous, light pink shade, on your lips, it does have to be buildable as it is really fair colour. But once you have put enough cover on you will see how pretty the colour is. I like to wear this for a day to day wear, so when I go shopping or even just to uni I like something not too noticeable but you know the is something on your lips (if that makes any sense!) I do recommend this lipstick to people who suit light pink lips as I don't think this will be to everyone's taste as it doesn't suit everyone's skin tone unfortunately!

I do recommend you check out Topshop's range of lipsticks I think they are between £10 - £15 but if you are a student you can get discount!
I love everything about these lipsticks, the packaging they come in is really cute as is the container they are in.

Have you tried Topshop Makeup before??


  1. These are definitely all of the best colours out of the Topshop Lipsticks!!
    I loooooove lipsticks, I have macaroon and love innocent, Ohh La La is on my Wishlist :)

    Alice x

  2. I love topshop lipsticks especially for the price! I was loooking at a few of the darker shades the other day and your right I could not get the swatches off my hand!
    Genna xxx

    1. I want a new one in a darker shade! but yeah it is annoying! but at least we know they are good x

  3. I love the packaging, it's so cute! I've yet to try a Topshop lipstick, but I can't wait until I do. Great post! x

    Leanne | |

    1. I know! the packaging is one of the reasons I wanted one, go for it! and thanks x

  4. Great post, beautiful colors you have there
    xx, Malena
    You can check my blog on:
    Fashioncontainer Facebook page

  5. I still don't own a Topshop lipstick but I love the look of pillow talk! Great review :)

    Girlintheblackhat x



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