Thursday 14 November 2013

DIY Vintage Deco for Bedroom

DIY Vintage Deco for Bedroom
A DIY on how to create a vintage or 'shabby chic' deco for your bedroom re-using the Yankee candle jar. The is lots of different ways to reuse Yankee candle jars and this is one way!
You don't have to just use a candle jar you could use any jar you wanted to, the rose garments you can make yourself or purchase them off Amazon like I did.
It is a cute way to brighten up your room without spending a fortune.

All you need is:
Rose Garment
Yankee jar (or any jar)

Hand cream
Toilet roll tube
DIY Vintage Deco for Bedroom
Step one: 
Firstly, just for the people who are re-using a candle jar - you need to freeze your jar for about half an hour or put boiling water into your jar to steep to get rid of the access wax.
Once you have the jar ready grab your scissors and rose garment!
DIY Vintage Deco for Bedroom
Step Two:
Now for this, you need to cut your garment up in two depending on the length of it. Cut it to your satisfaction. I cut mine into two and then cut one part into another two just so I knew it would fit into the jar. (a whole garment won't fit or it will be too much)
With the remains of the garment just keep it for now as you can use it for other purposes.
But...if your garment is like this one I am using and has a metal wire inside you may find it tricky to cut it with scissors so maybe pliers is better to use.
DIY Vintage Deco for Bedroom
Step 3:
At this point you take your garment you are going to place into the jar and curl it as though it was twirly pasta! if you are finding it difficult to curl as it is a bit hands-on and can hurt your hands especially with metal inside, use a toilet roll tube and rap your garment around that.
DIY Vintage Deco for Bedroom
Final Step:
Now just start at one end and place it into your jar, this is the most fiddly bit I found. Move the roses and the wire around to suit your satisfactory, if you find the is too much garment cut some more off and there you go! your own cute vintage decor for your bedroom!
DIY Vintage Deco for Bedroom

I hope you enjoyed this post and may possibly use this in your room or even in the bathroom! I never like wasting things that can be storage or deco for my room so a lot of things in my room I have re-used or used as something else, if you are interested in more of these let me know I could do other ways to re-use jars or I could show you other cute ways to create your room to look a little vintage!


  1. This is so cute!!! Might have to attempt this!

    Hannah xxx

  2. This looks adorable. I love recycling bits and pieces to make something new and pretty.

  3. This looks so lovely!! I want to try and create something pretty like this now :-)

  4. Awe, what a cute idea:) I've been wanting to make a terrarium for some time but this could be another version for sure :) x

  5. This is so pretty! I'd definitely make one of these for my room ♥

    Leanne | |

  6. Love this idea!! Great post

  7. This is very creative, looks really pretty!



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