Monday, 29 December 2014

My High End Favourites | 2014

I am just going to say what everyone else is thinking right now and that is holy moly where has 2014 gone?! I honestly believe time flies over the more you grow up. Gathering all the makeup items I have loved over 2014 is definitely a favourite post to write about. I honestly think I could of included a heck of a lot more in this post but then I decided to pick the products that I tend to use more often which are these! I have created two posts one high end and one drugstore so keep your eyes pealed for that one!

NARS Blush In Orgasm
This has been my everyday blush since the moment I first layed eyes on it! Of course I switch products up here and there but no blusher ever competes with this one. I just love everything about it from the shade to the consistency everything is lovely! It blends in so nicely and if you put too much on your cheeks accidentally this is the easiest product ever for blending out! Nobody wants to look like a clown and this blusher definitely prevents that. The colour itself is on the more darker toned of pinks but like I said it blends in nicely and doesn't look as dark on the cheeks as it does in the package. It is buildable and long lasting which is always a winner! I think I will be continuing to use this next year too as I cannot fault it!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer

I have went on and on about this eye primer a lot this year so it seemed quite obvious that this would become a 2014 favourite. This is the best eye primer I have used by far for long lasting eyeshadows, I have tried the Urban Decay primer potion and I'll admit it is a good product but to me it felt like the consistency was a lot more thicker which was sometimes difficult for applying. This primer blends in so nice and quick then keeps your eyeshadow lasting all day long without the pigmentation fading, I absolutely love this highly recommend this! - also found my eyeshadow lasts longer with this than UD.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

I think this eyeshadow palette has become a lot of bloggers favourites this year as it has been hyped about so so much! This is definitely one of my favourites purely because all the shades are my cup of tea, I am not one for dramatic colourful shades or anything too drastically dark. I am pretty simple and love my pinky, nude tones so this was perfect for me. The pigmentation of these is brilliant I definitely think you get good value of money here. I definitely recommend everyone to try one of the Naked palettes because they are perfect for both day and night plus, they have amazing colours for every outfit! Definitely a one to add on your wishlists. 

YSL Lipstick in Volupte Shine No.8

This is a lipstick I definitely don't regret paying the price for these are completely worth the price. I am obsessed with this lipstick, yes obsessed. I asked for a shade that was suitable for everyday wear that added a bit of 'your lips but better' and this is that product. This has touches of pink, nude and a tiny bit of purple so the colour is incredible! It is very moisturizing which I absolutely love because even a good few hours later my lips are still moisturized. The packaging is gorgeous definitely a product that ticks all the boxes for me! I must add some more of these to my collection next year.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

I can't really fault this product - if you are more on the dry skin side I wouldn't recommend this as the foundation picks up those areas quite noticeably. It has amazing coverage which is buildable that is always amazing, you only need a tiny amount of this too! It is very long lasting and looks nice and healthy throughout the day. Perfect foundation I have not came across any others that can compete. If you are looking for something with high coverage that is long lasting then definitely give this foundation a try, I would be lost without this totally wakes my face up!

Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palette In Dolce Vita

This is a latest favourite of mine and if am honest I am mostly loving this product for the packaging. I have used this a few times it did take awhile for me to properly use this because I didn't want to ruin how pretty it looked (lame I know!) but I finally did try this out. I love the consistency of this palette! It is a bit different to the likes of Naked 3 the texture is a lot more matted than shimmer for starters. I absolutely love this palette the consistency is incredible and so so easy to blend out! I can see this becoming a staple in my makeup routine soon!

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What are your 2014 high end favourites??

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

My Christmas Eve Traditions

My Christmas Eve Traditions
It's Christmas Eve! Can you believe how fast this year has flown over?! Only felt like yesterday I was typing out my 2014 favourites. I really wanted to post something Christmas related today because I don't know when I will next get the chance to. So just like last year I decided to post my Christmas Eve traditions as I love reading what others get up to over the Christmas. These are things I get up to from when I wake up on Christmas Eve to when I go to sleep. 

First thing I do before anything is tuck into my second last piece of chocolate from my advent calender - who remembers these going all the way up to New Year?! It has been a tradition for almost 10 years or so now that me and my brother wake up in the morning to go out with my Dad for our breakfast. Usually tucking into a bacon sandwich and a yummy hot chocolate! Last year we went to Costa and this year I think we have decided to go over for dinner instead.

Once we go home up until around 5-6ish I tend to finish off any remains of writing Christmas cards, wrapping presents or just anything last minute whilst watching a festive movie (usually Christmas carol). This year I may watch Frozen or something on the TV. If I don't watch a film I usually listen to Christmas music to get me in the mood for Christmas more.

Once it hits 5-6 ish everyone starts having a bath - I am usually the last to go in purely because I take the longest (typical!). A bath just isn't the same without a Christmas LUSH bath product, I think this year I am using Dashing Santa or Candy Mountain. I also like to give myself a bit of a quick pamper with a face mask. A tradition that has went on since I was a child is having fresh, new pajamas's to wear on Christmas Eve. Christmas just doesn't seem the same without these tiny simple things. Once we are all in our new pajamas and had a bath we order a Chinese takeaway and watch a film on the TV until we are all stuffed to death and tired ready for Christmas day!

I hope you's all have a lovely Christmas!

What are your Christmas Eve traditions??

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Whatever The Weather Products

I don't know about you but when the days get shorter and the evenings get colder my skin tends to go on a mental breakdown. Whenever the seasons start to change my skin for the first month or so it goes through some changes to adapt to the weather. Fussy skin I know. My skincare and makeup routine always tends to change with the weather, I ditch bb creams for foundations and everything tends to be a lot more coverage for winter. I decided to share with you some products I've found great for winter but are also great for summer too - products that can handle any season, whatever the weather!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - review
Having purchased this back over the summer I can tell you from my own experience this is a great foundation for all seasons. I didn't use this all the time in summer as like I said before my skincare changes and I tend to switch it for something lighter. But, this foundation never melted off in summer it stayed put and since it is winter now I've recently returned to this for thicker coverage. Winter is a bit of a messy month in the UK with rain, wind, sleet etc and this foundation has definitely stayed put all day long through all weathers! High coverage, dewy finish and lasts all day long - brilliant.

Dr Lip Nipple Balm
This product is the definition of 'a little goes a long way' I always grab this product whenever my lips start to feel dry or sore. I don't use this through the day as the coverage is a little thick and sticky but, I apply this over night and by morning my lips are back to soft and smooth! This lip balm can handle all weathers because even in the summer when my lips were feeling a little sun-burnt or just down this always helped them! Definitely recommend this if you suffer with chapped lips.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer
I go on about this eye primer a lot and in one of my previous posts I've even compared it with Urban Decay's primer potion and I always said this was better value. I've used this primer every single time I go to wear eyeshadow. Even in the hot months I thought my eyeshadow would naturally melt off with the heat but this amazing product stops it from happening. My eyeshadow still looks great 5 hours later its incredible. I seriously recommend this eye primer if you want to be wearing eyeshadow all day long!

Benefit High Beam Highlighter
This is an oldy but goody product to me as it has always been one of my favourite products for dewy highlights. This definitely tackles those horrible wintry days and it definitely keeps your face looking upbeat and healthy. I always prefer cream to powder highlights in winter especially though because I feel like my skin sometimes needs that extra bit of layer whereas, I'd feel like a powdery highlight would eventually drop off if that makes sense. Try and keep your eyes peeled in Boots stores for these sample sizes as some stores are selling Benefit stocking fillers.

Makeup Revolution Blushing Heart*
This is a newbie welcomed to my makeup drawer but I am already in love with it. I love this blusher it reminds me so much of the Too Faced trios. I think this is perfect for both summer and winter as you have 3 different colours or if you are feeling fancy like I do you could swirl your brush in all three! I love the finish these give my cheeks and I can't get over how long lasting they are as well. £5! Everyone needs a blushing heart added to their Christmas lists!

What are your products that survive whatever the weather??

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Current Favourites

When going through my to do list of what blog posts I would like posted before New Year it came to my attention that I have not yet posted my November favourites and we are now currently over half way in December. So I decided to call this my 'current favourites' instead or a belated November favourites if we are being truthful! Can't believe this will be my last monthly favourites of the year as my next one will be an overall year favourites. Where has time gone? Where have the days went? Does anybody else find the time goes quicker the more we grow up?!

Taylor Swift 1989 Album
This is weird favourite for me as I am rarely into Taylor Swift but I have seen everyone ranting and raving on about this album so I asked to borrow it off my friend. I love this album so much I think it is definitely a different soundtrack to what she has done before which is probably why I like it as it isn't all lovey dovey rubbish (sorry Taylor fans!). A few songs I love are: Welcome to New York, Style, Shake it off and many many more.

Makeup Revolution Blushing Heart in Candy Queen
Was a bit of a challenge to limit to just one favourite from this brand but this I am going to be creating a post of all my bests from this brand sometime soon (cheeky spoiler alert!). The favourite that stood out the most was one of their blushing hearts and this is in candy queen. These are so pigmented for the small price of £5! I was blown away. I think all of these shades together create such an amazing, healthy look - just don't go too heavy on the brush as I did at first! Really recommend you to put these on your lists to Santa as they are incredible!

Benefit High Beam Highlighter
I have had this product for quite awhile now but one day I was feeling adventurous and wanted to try this and wow I love it. I apply a couple of dots going up my cheek bones then dab/blend this in with my finger. I love the quality of this highlight it is definitely one of the best I have tried for wanting dewy, healthy looks that last a long time. Really easy to blend in as well don't be put off that is a cream highlighter I know I sometimes can!

Mac Lipstick in Rebel
I purchased this lipstick when I was down London for my birthday so if you would like to see what I got click here. I fancied purchasing a purple lipstick because I was feeling very festive at the time plus you can never have enough lipsticks! I did at first find this very dark for my skin but I embraced it and quickly fell in love with it. This has been my everyday lipstick ever since! It is really pigmented, blends on well and lasts a really long time. Perfect.

Origins Super Spot Remover
This is an oldie but goodie that has sat in my drawer for months and months abandoned and replaced by numerous other products. I have been having a bit of an awful breakout on my chin recently (I blame the cold weather!) and when I saw awful breakout I mean awful breakout. I've never had such a giant, under the skin, painful spot as to what this one was. Nothing was working. Nothing was fixing it or reducing the swelling. In fact I thought it was getting bigger but then again when we get spots we always think they look worse than they are. So I decided to give this another try and so far so good, it has reduced the swelling, speeded the process up and finally it is starting to go down. This is a little life savoir for those horrible under the skin spots that never go away!

 The Body Shop's Wild Rose Hand Cream
Hand cream is essential to me in winter it never used to be as I didn't suffer with dry skin but over the past 2 years my hands have been getting a little dry probably due to one hour long baths, uni projects etc! So I have been popping a bit of this hand cream on every morning and evening to keep my hands hydrated. I love the smell of this for starters it smells very mature but rosy that stays with you even after applied. This always hydrates my hands fairly quickly which is great too!

What are your November favourites??

Monday, 15 December 2014

London Birthday Haul

For those of you who haven't read my 21st birthday in London post here won't know that I recently turned 21 and my boyfriend kindly took me to London which was exciting! I mostly received money for my 21st just so I could get whatever I wanted down in London. I think I did good with my money considering I was surrounded by all of these amazing stores down Oxford Street. I didn't spend much of it either purely because there was nothing that I really wanted but, I did pick up a few bits and pieces that did catch my eye so I decided to create a London birthday haul! 

The first thing I purchased was an absolute bargain, this pastel green little bag was from Accessorize at a small price of £10! (including discount). I was so stunned as to how cheap this bag was especially from Accessorize these are usually in the £20 area. I love pastel colours in winter or summer so this will definitely be getting used - could not leave this bag on the shelves! 
When visiting Selfridges I think it took me around 5 minutes until I had purchased the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quad in Dolce Vita. I have wanted this product for ages and had every intention on purchasing this so I was thrilled they had it in stock! I had also purchased the famous Mac lipstick in Rebel purely because I fancied a purple lipstick fitting with the time of year! Loving both products so far so expect reviews soon!

Another item I have wanted for ages was this elephant purse from Urban Outfitters, I was really happy that they had it in stock. I always seem to buy my purses from Urban Outfitters for some reason, I just love there quality and designs.

It is getting a lot colder now so wearing layers or thicker clothing is essential. I love these turtle neck clothing that is in fashion now so when I saw this grey knitted top from River island I just had to get it. Which is weird because I never ever find anything in River Island that appeals to me so this was a new one for me! Another new thing for me is buying products from the Body Shop, I have always wanted to try there skincare range out and since my boyfriend could get 35% discount I thought why not try something. So I picked up a seaweed facial wash for oily/combination skin which is great so far.

On our way back to the train station we went into the Harry Potter store and I was instantly drawn towards this mug because it comes with a little spoon too! How handy is that for hot chocolates?! My boyfriend actually kindly bought me this but I thought to include it in my haul anyways. 

Overall I am really happy with all of the bits I purchased from London, I'll admit I probably could of went crazy in Selfridges or Harvey Nichols on makeup/skincare but I am glad I held back a bit! So happy I spent my 21st in London and was able to treat myself to some goodies!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

My Little Box | Fleur De Force

My Little Box | Fleur De Force
It literally felt like good old St Nick aka Santa Claus had arrived early when I came home and saw this parcel from My Little Box waiting for me. I was really excited to receive this months box since it is the last box of this year I was very curious to see what festive, Christmas bits I received. Definitely a great box to end the year with and I will definitely be continuing my subscription next year!

This month's My Little Box teamed up with the wonderful, famous Fleur De Force who is for those who do not know a well heard of Youtuber and familiarizing blogger who discusses a lot of beauty, fashion bits like myself! So I was quite happy to see a blogger get involved with this box as it just shows how useful the community is. Once I opened my box like a bit like a kid on Christmas day I was welcomed with another one of My Little Boxes greetings cards. This quote reads "Christmas isn't a seasons it's a feeling" - Edna Ferbee, which is such a lovely quote fitting with the time of year. As I've said before these make lovely little notes to someone who is having a rough day or look nicely presented in a photo frame. I really love receiving these cards as they are nice to look back on.

Behind the greetings card was another cute, little magazine filled with lots & lots of tips, fashion, DIY, beautiful photography shoots and an interview with the one and only Fleur! I always throw these in my handbag if I am wanting something to read on the go!

Once I finished unraveling everything within the bow the first goodie I had came across was in a gift box labelled 'present for you'. Excitedly opening the box I came across a grey knitted head band which is so cute! I am yet to wear this because I tend to never wear anything on my head as I don't suit them: hats, headbands whatever it is my head always looks strange. But, this does look incredibly warm so I might give this a try even if it is just for sitting indoors. Great time of the year to be sending out knitted pieces to keep you warm in winter so I see what they did there! 

On the topic of winter also packed in the box was the cutest, little Christmas decorations for present wrapping. Gift tags, masking tape and string to wrap around presents, these are so cute I couldn't contain my excitement so I ended up using these to wrap my Christmas presents up with asap. I've used the string to wrap cards up with as I think it goes nicely with the red envelopes. Definitely a nice little extra piece to add and brighten presents up. 

Saving the best till last was another dainty drawstring bag full of amazing beauty bits to try! The first item I pulled out was a body lotion by the brand Cowshed worth £18 which is packed with natural ingredients and sinks into the skin before you can say Jingle Bells! - which I agree with having tested this out already. I ain't too keen on the scent but I like how it contains all natural ingredients and dries in real quick so I will be using this to keep those dry areas away! 

The next product I received was L'Occitane's creme Precieuse Immortelle worth £45. Bit of a mouthful to read but apparently you can use this little pot of glory anywhere on your body to keep you hydrated and since it is originally worth £45 I will definitely be given this a go. Saved the best beauty item till last and that is another one of Little Boxes own beauty range only this time it is a lipstick which is worth £15. I absolutely love the packaging of this product it is rare you see lipsticks in cardboard packaging so that was nice to see something different. The shade is beautiful it is definitely a me shade to wear in winter so I cannot wait to be wearing this red/pink toned lippy! All of these goodies definitely fit with this time of year.

Overall I am really happy with the quality and effort put into this last box of the year! A lot of thought always gets put into these boxes and you come across some amazing items like the lipstick and Christmas wrapping pieces. I definitely think this box is worth checking out because you not only receive some amazing beauty products, you receive some life and fashion bits too!

Are you in love with this box yet??

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Makeup Revolution: The Golden Sugar Blush Palette

Makeup Revolution: The Golden Sugar Blush Palette
Receiving any sort of beauty product through the post is exciting enough but to receive a product so beautifully designed and consisted is a whole new level of excitement. This is one of Makeup Revolutions* latest releases that has got everyone fallen head over heals with - quite literally. This palette is actually the third blush palette being offered from there range and in my opinion possibly the best so far. This palette contains a variety of amazing bronzers, merged blushers, baked bronzer and two merged baked highlighters. If you like the sound of all of this then keep reading!

Again just like I spoke of in my Makeup Revolution face palettes post here the packaging in what these products come in is very sleek and practical if you are like me and end up with makeup all over your products, this luckily wipes off with ease. I also really like how this palette comes with a giant mirror I find this really handy for on the go or even if you are at a friends house getting ready and are short on mirror supplies! - always happens to me.

I think if you are not a major lover of the highlight, shimmer look then this palette isn't for you because it is highly shimmery. I happen to love shimmer and highlights especially in winter time so this did not put me off whatsoever. I like sweeping the first top product across my cheek bones or brow bones for highlighting. This definitely adds a lot of highlight so be careful on the sweeping! But the results are amazing and last a very long time. I think my favourites out of the whole palette is the middle two on the top row personally because these are the shades I tend to wear on my cheek bones or appeal most to me. I have been wearing these and I must admit they are very shimmery - sometimes too much but, they are really lovely shades.

Is it just me or does the third one on the bottom remind anyone of lava?! This palette unfortunately has no names for the shades but I think it should be called lava, I am yet to try this shade out if am honest I am a bit skeptical of it. The shade to the left of that product is however another amazing blush! I would describe this as a mauve pinky shimmer that can be used as a highlight too which as you's know I love multi-purpose products! 

I think if you are looking for a palette that has a bit of everything for different skin tones then this could be the product for you and for a small price of £6 yes you heard me correctly £6! you really cannot go wrong. I am looking forward to exploring with this palette more and can't wait to see if Makeup Revolution can top this palette off!

*PR Sample/gift.
Is anybody else in love with this palette??

Monday, 8 December 2014

An Unexpected Lush Haul

This was a very unexpectedly planned blog post but basically a lot of friends/family kindly bought me some Lush bath products for my 21st birthday. I received quite a few so I figured to create a blog post on all the products I received. I was planning on creating a Christmas Lush haul within this month but since I got so many products for my birthday I don't think I need to be heading to Lush anytime soon! My room now smells like a Lush store which is always lovely! I will start from the top and work my way across on what each product is.

Rose Jam is a bubbleroon that claims to make your mood rosier and give you soft skin. I think this reminds me a lot of a macaroon for some reason which I'd imagine is why it is a bubbleroon. This smells really nice and rosy definitely a scent for people who like flowery scents.

As you can see I received two Candy Mountain bubble bars. This is always such a popular Christmas bubble bar as to a lot of people it smells just like Snow fairy which is again a Christmas bath product for your skin. If you like very sweety, candy scents then you will love the smell of this.

Space Girl is a classic Lush bath ballistic that has been around for years! I don't think I have ever tried this myself but I am excited to. This smells very sweet and fruity but apparently contains popping candy that cracks in your bathtub to make you relax.

Icle Baby Bot is a probably the cutest bath bomb within this haul as it looks like an actual baby robot. This is apparently targeted more towards children who can't sleep as it smells like lavender. But, child or not I love this and since it contains lavender it is always a winner for sunburn or unable to sleep!

Another sweet flavoured bubble bar is Creamy Candy which again smells a lot like candy floss and other sweety things. This bubble bar contains things that lifts your mood to perk you up so this will be handy for when I am in one of those 'down in the dumps'.

Granny Takes a dip bath ballistic is my second favourite bath product from Lush - Twilight being first. I love this product it is just full of colour and explosions. Definitely try this if you want a bit of colour in your bath as this just explodes with all kinds of colours.

The last bath ballistic I received was Fizzbanger and again this is like a classic from Lush that I have never tried. It doesn't look very appealing but apparently it claims to change colours in your bath as well as crackle which sounds exciting. Plus it apparently calms anxiety levels too which is always great.

I have plenty of bath products to last me till New Year! I cannot wait to try some of these out especially the ones I have never tried before. 

What is your favourite Lush bath products??

Sunday, 7 December 2014

21st Birthday in London

It seems like ages ago since I've been able to sit at my desk and type out some blog posts so apologies if I seem a little out of sync with it all! I've been really busy recently with uni projects, deadlines and just generally trying to keep up to date on things. During the middle of last week I turned 21 so I had a little time to myself to relax and enjoy my birthday with friends/family and where better to celebrate being 21 than London. I love London it has always been one of my favourite places to visit so I was so excited to spend my birthday there especially with it being so close to Christmas!

I had went down to London with my boyfriend as he kindly payed to take me for my 21st. We only spent the one night in London but got two full days out of it as we arrived at dinner time on the Wednesday and returned home on the Thursday just past midnight. Everything in London compared to Newcastle is immensely bigger and a there is a lot more of, for example I must of came across 7 or 8 Accessorize stores within my whole time down London.

It is an amazing place to visit and I could of happily spent a lot longer there. The first thing we did once we checked into our hotel and unpacked was hit Oxford Street. Most of the trip down London was based on Oxford Street because we really wanted to walk down the whole street and see what we could come across. It was incredibly cold and busy but we were too excited to care or notice. One shop I did dive into was Selfridges and it took me not even 5 minutes and I had already purchased a makeup product (which you will see in a haul soon!). I could easily have spent all of my birthday money in that one store because there was plenty to look at.

After spending a good few hours on Oxford Street we somehow landed in Leicester Square. First place that caught my eye was the m&m store and of course I went in for a browse and left with some m&m's! Leicester square had a Christmas market on with a couple of fairground rides which were all festively decorated in fairy-lights. We were also surrounded by Christmas music which was all very exciting to be around. I loved the little woody, shed-like stalls where you could buy different foods. 

Once we had finished wondering around we went back to the hotel got dressed up and went to an Italian restaurant for my birthday meal. We ended up in a place called Pizzeria Oregano which served the most amazing pizzas ever! As a starter that was already set out I had green stuffed olives which were probably the best I've ever tasted. We then followed with two pizzas and fries to share, it was lovely. After the meal we wanted to get a couple of drinks in a bar close by but unfortunately even though I have just turned 21 I got I'D and silly me has no I'D on me. I guess this is a positive thing people thinking you look younger than you are. However this happens to me very very often...

The next morning after check out we decided to visit London bridge which was eye catching, especially being able to see all the massively structured buildings in the distance. We did want to try and visit Buckingham palace and Houses of Parliament but we were on a time schedule so we went back to Oxford Street and spent the rest of our afternoon shopping! We had also stopped off at Nightsbridge before heading back to the train station just to visit some of the really high end stores. Harrods blew me away especially the food halls, you could definitely spend a small fortune in that store. I was on the lookout for lobster because I have always wanted to try it, I read somewhere they sold lobster salad but unfortunately I could not find it. So lobster is still on my bucket list of things to try!

Once we were all tired out from walking for ages we decided to chill at Kings cross station and wonder through some of the shops there until our train arrived. I had such an amazing time down London and I am already wanting to go back sometime soon to do more things. Could easily spend a small fortune down there whilst visiting a lot of famous landmarks! So happy my boyfriend took me there as my 21st couldn't have been better.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

A Bunch Of Mascara Reviews

When looking at my forever growing list of things I would like to blog about it came to my attention that I have wanted to review a couple of mascaras. So I decided to put two and two together and create an all in one post of a bunch of mascara reviews! - You's can thank me later! I have been experimenting with a lot of mascaras recently because 1. My They're Real by Benefit has completely flaked away. 2. I needed a change in mascaras. So it was the perfect time to try out some new mascaras I've had lying around.

Soap & Glory Thick and Fast
 I had real high expectations of this mascara and it sort of let me down. It gives you volume, I found this really quick and easy to apply, it is definitely an eye waking-er, buildable and inexpensive - great right?! wrong. I mean yes it does everything I look for in mascaras but the down side is after a short few hours this mascara left me with smudges under my eyes or a typical saying 'panda eyes'. It also had a very unusual smell to it yes I smell my mascaras but the smell was a little off putting. I do like to use this mascara every now and then if I am not out all day and just want something to open my eyes but, I won't use this on long days because mascara's that smudge aren't a winner for me unfortunately.

Makeup Revolution The Viper*
Love the name of this product it definitely has a 'bite' to it. This mascara adds great volume, doesn't clump any your lashes and separates them all evenly which is brilliant. However again I found this mascara smudged but only this time it smudged within 2-3 hours so I definitely think you get your moneys worth of £3 on this mascara. It is great for volume and separation it is just a shame it smudges! I also found it a lot more harder to apply than what the S&G one did. I will probably use this again on those short trips out because I do love how it separates my lashes! But, I hate those panda eyes.

My Little Beauty Mascara
This mascara I received in my Little 'cosy' box post is here and call me judgmental but out of all 3 of these mascaras I doubted this one the most. I thought since it wasn't a drugstore or a high end mascara that this might not do anything amazing. Oh how wrong was I! This mascara is actually incredible! I am yet to discover any panda eyes with this so if I do I will update you's but, regarding volume this was great. Easy to apply to my lashes, very pigmented so you don't need two or three coats, separates all lashes out nicely and the packaging is cute. I could just cuddle this product and tell it how sorry I am for misjudging it.

I think in the future if I have a few of the same application products I will do another one of these posts instead of individual ones!

Have you tried any of these mascaras??

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Festive Primark Haul

Festive Primark Haul
It feels like forever ago the last time I had posted a Primark haul which is not like me at all! But you know life sometimes gets too busy to even have a impulse shop in Primark unfortunately. However I decided to take a bit of a break from uni work and went off to do a bit of Christmas shopping which resorted to buying things for myself, woops. It has been awhile since I've splurged in Primark so this was necessary in my defense, plus they are always fun to blog about!

I love how Primark now have their wintry boots, jumpers, coats etc in stock! If there is one thing I love about this store it's there cosy, knitted jumpers. I love how they now have a range of loungy jumpers with cute animals on the front: Bambi, owls, cats etc so I couldn't resist picking up a cream cat jumper to lounge around in. I'll be honest it is a little bit irritating to wear so definitely give it a wash or maybe wear a top underneath it, but it is super warm and cute. I believe this was £14 which did hurt to spend for a Primark jumper.

In winter I always stock up on cute Christmas candles or candle holders and 9 times out of 10 they are from Primark. I picked up these cute candle holders which I thought were too nice not to have. The Santa's head is obviously for Christmas decorations and since I prefer burning tea-lights I thought this would be cute to burn them in. The other candle/candle holder was too stunning to not have, it is beautiful and I will definitely be keeping the glass when I am finished.

I was with a friend when I splurged on the mint green throw and knitted cushion so I blame her mostly for this! We both ended up buying throws and cushions. The throw is so so so soft and cosy! I always wrap myself around in it when I am doing work or just chilling. I have even been using it for a couple of blog posts weirdly enough. The cushion is also very wintry and decorative for this time of year, plus very comfy!

Sticking with the festive, decorative homeware I also picked up some LED lights, I originally was looking for the colourful ones to decorate my mini Christmas tree with but I came across these reindeer ones instead which I couldn't say no to. They are currently wrapped around my TV stand and they look so cosy especially when you are sat watching something with a cuppa! 

Lastly I purchased a dress which I plan to wear for my birthday and sometime over Christmas as it is too good to only wear for once occasion! It is this beautiful nude dress that flows out a little at the bottom but has this stunning neckline detail which is really flattering. I love this dress and I cannot wait to wear it!

What have you been loving from Primark lately??

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Makeup Revolution: Iconic Dreams Eyeshadow Palette

Back today with yet another Makeup Revolution* product review only this time it is their latest eyeshadow palette called 'iconic dreams' and for the small price of £4 this products name definitely is a dream! - A dream come true. I think I am starting to quickly fall in love with this brand more and more. 

I am a neutral girl when it comes to eyes in the sense I like pinks, nudes, purples etc all the suited neutral tones that I can wear on a daily basis. So when I opened this palette up and saw how many amazing neutral, day-to-day makeup looks I could create I was over the moon! Even the darkest shades were appealing to me which is a rare occasion because a lot of my eyeshadow palettes darkest shades are jet black and 99% of the time they get unused. So I can guarantee all of these shades will be getting put to use which is great!

I have been using this palette almost everyday when I wear makeup now and it has completely knocked off my Urban Decay Naked 2 basics palette off the shelf for the time being. I like how structured this palette is and how all the shimmers are in the middle and the matte shades are on the outsides. I have been mixing up a few of these shades and I have to be honest the mattes are really good quality they last all day (with eye primer of course!) and blend on so nicely and easy. However, the shimmers or at least the lighter shades of shimmer need a few more coats. I did have to dip my brush in the fourth one along a few more times to achieve the look but, once set it stayed in place all day.

I think this palette would be great for this time of the year especially the purples and greens. Definitely feeling the winter/autumnal vibe from these shades so this would be great for Christmas period!

There isn't a lot more to speak of on this palette other than you need it in your life if you are like me and prefer a lot more neutral shades. Really great quality for the shockingly small price of £4, £4!

*PR Sample/gift.
Have you tried this palette out??

Friday, 21 November 2014

My Little Cosy Box

My Little Cosy Box has finally arrived first thing this morning which was a lovely surprise to start my day off. I have been waiting impatiently for this box to arrive for a week or so now, I was beginning to think they forgot all about me but luckily they didn't!
It is getting closer and closer to Christmas - just over a month now I believe so subscription boxes are starting to get more wintry/festive and My Little Box is no exception.

This month's box is themed 'My Little Cosy Box' which really excited me as let's face it winter is all about the excessively long bubble baths and extra 10 minutes or in my case half an hour in bed. So I was quite excited to see what goodies I received fitting in with being cosy. Once I opened my box a bit too excitedly like a kid on Christmas day I was welcomed with another one of My Little Boxes greetings card. This quote reads "My favourite pasttime is to let time go by, to have time, to take my time, to waste time, to live out of time" - Francoise Sagan, which is a lovely quote and would make a lovely little note on the back to someone who is having a bad day. These cards are always handy!

Behind the greetings card was another cute, little magazine filled with lots & lots of tips, recipes, interviews and some beautiful cosy photography shoots. Always a nice magazine to throw in your handbag for on the go!

Once I finished unravelling everything within the bow the first goodie I had came across was an incredibly cute cushion that you microwave to create a warm, cosy cushion! I actually own a eye mask with the same idea and they are incredibly snuggly for winter or if you can't get to sleep! So this will definitely be getting used a lot in winter it is such a nice idea! On the topic of warm and winter also packed in this box was the cutest, little espresso mug which reads "how is your day gonna be?" and the answer is smartly at the bottom of your cup. So in order to get your answer you finish the drink to find the word "happy" scribbled right at the bottom quirky right? or am I just easily amused. On the other side of the mug is a cute illustrated drawing of a girl drinking coffee. Not that I like coffee but I do love this cup so I will find one way to use it! Definitely fitting in with the theme 'cosy'.

My Little Boxes always save the best till last as yet again right at the bottom of my box was another cute, dainty drawstring bag full of amazing beauty treats! The first thing I pulled out was a Yves Rocher eyeshadow in the shade 'brun cafe mat' which is a beautiful chocolate brown almost black shade. This is a nice eyeshadow but it is rare I use colours this dark so I will have to experiment sometime! The next product I received was a mascara by My Little Box beauty themselves, I do love how they include little pieces of their own every month! This mascara looks amazing so I can't wait to try it. And last but not least was a black eyeliner by Arcancil Paris, I've never heard of this brand before but I will be given it a try! All of these goodies would create very dramatic, dark makeup so they are very fitting with the time of year.

Overall I am really happy with the quality and effort been put into this months box! A lot of thought went into this again and some amazing items to use such as the cushion and cute mug! All very fitting in with winter and being cosy. I definitely think this box is worth checking out because not only do you receive some amazing beauty products, you receive some life and fashion bits too! 

Are you subscribed to this box??

Monday, 17 November 2014

Makeup Revolution Cover & Conceal and Blush & Contour Palettes

Makeup Revolution* is quickly becoming a favourite brand of mine for numerous reasons. It is really affordable and the quality in products is amazing. I decided to combine both of these palettes into one post because you's will be seeing a heck of a lot more posts regarding this brand so keep your eyes pealed!

The blush & contour palette in sugar and spice comes with 8 beautiful shades with a mixture of matte and shimmery finishes. This is definitely a great palette to have in your collection if you are a big fan of pinks because there is such a selection to choose from of different tones. In my opinion the quality of all of these shades are astonishingly pigmented and I mean really pigmented. You only need the tiniest amount onto your blush brush then blend, I'm serious I made the mistake of swirling my brush into one and it was a nightmare to rub in. So quality wise these will definitely be lasting you a very long time. 

I think the first two shades on the top row are great for contouring especially the second one as I felt like you were getting a highlight as well as a bronze/contour finish which is always great! The two on the end of both rows are very shimmery and pigmented they remind me a lot of Hourglass blushers with the mosaic, colourful style. The pinky toned blushers are incredibly soft and easy to blend in which are all great for both day and evening wear. Such an amazing quality palette for £6 definitely worth adding to your Christmas lists!  

The cover & conceal palette is definitely a good starting kit for anyone who isn't sure on there shade or even for professional makeup artists this would be a great kit to maybe do some looks for makeup on a budget. This palette does the job it covers over any imperfections but, not to a high standard. So if concealer is huge deal to you where you need that decent extra coverage I wouldn't try this. I use this a lot on days where my face is content (not spotty, dull etc) but, on days where my face maybe breaking out this doesn't cover very well.

However I do like how light weight this feels on my skin when I do use this, it blends in so nicely and creamy and never looks cakey. Probably one of the easiest concealers I've tried for blending in. If you like light weight, easy to blend concealers this is worth trying but if you sometimes prefer a bit more coverage this might not work for you. 

Overall I am so impressed with the quality of both these palettes and how inexpensive they both are only £6, £6!! What an amazing bargain definitely get writing these on your Christmas lists!

*PR Sample/gift.
What are your favourite Makeup Revolution products?? 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

No.7 Highlighter Review

Today's post I decided to share with you all an everyday staple item in my makeup routine that I am currently, overly addicted to using. When wondering in Boots I walked straight past this thinking it was a blush stick like the rest of the No.7 range next to it - until I looked closely and realized it was a highlighter, who'd of thought it?! Having um'd and ah'd for a good 5 minutes whether I needed yet another highlighter in my collection I finally decided to give it a try!

I think it took around a day or 2 for me to be completely in love with this product. I tend to find cream based highlighters work a lot better than powdery ones do, which seems a little odd to me as I prefer powdery blushers to cream ones. Creamy highlighters always feel and appear to be more noticeable without looking like Edward Cullen, you are able to blend it in to your own satisfaction a lot more and you have more control than to what powdery ones do. Powdery highlighters are great for brow bones but sometimes I find they go a little too crazy when swept across my cheek bones. 

Back to regarding the product judging on the packaging itself I was already loving this. I like the idea of a highlighter in a formulation of a lipstick/blush stick just like Benefit Watts up highlighter stick! I think these sort of package designs will last a lot longer than what a palette would. I love the colours used on the packaging everything looks very luxurious and high end! The highlighting stick itself is fairly chunky which you can guarantee will last me a very long time! hallelujah! 

The consistency of the highlighting is incredible and could almost be classed as a high end product judging on the results. I dab my finger onto the product then apply this on my cheek bones, down my nose and brow bone then blend it all in with any sort of small brush. The results are amazing on my cheeks and nose you can really notice a difference when standing in the light, it looks incredibly healthy and natural! This product blends in so well and has a good few hours of use before needing to reapply. My brow bones unfortunately didn't look like I had any product on at all so I use my trustworthy Watts up by benefit for that area.  


Appealing packaging
Will last a very long time
Looks healthy and radiant
Blends in well


A bit pricey for a drugstore highlighter
Didn't do anything for brow bone
Too much can rub makeup away

Apart from the brow bone situation I love this product and will be continuing to use this in my everyday makeup routine. I would definitely recommend trying this if you prefer creamy highlighters and are after a buildable product to work with!

Do you like the sound of this product??


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