Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Favourite Rimmel Products

Favourite Rimmel Products Rimmel London is one of my all time favourite drugstore make-up brands.These are what I tend to use mostly from their range, a lot of these have been repurchased over and over again and some of these have lasted me a solid year or so.
Rimmel wake me up foundation, concealer
Wake Me Up Concealer
After a good few years of using the Wake me up foundation I decided to purchase their concealer to match it. I figured since I have no faults with the foundation that the concealer would be just as good..which it is. I have used this for the past few weeks now and can already see it sneaking into my favourites. It is a perfect concealer for covering over those dark circles, I apply a stroke of this under my eyes and dab it in with a brush or my RT sponge. It covers fairly well after 1 or 2 coats of it and it leaves a nice dewy look under your eyes - which I like because my eyes always look dull and unappealing in the morning.

Wake Me Up Foundation
I find this has amazing coverage over imperfections: redness, spots, scarring etc. Its very long lasting on the face and does not wear off at all. It is suitable for both daytime and evening wear so it is buildable for both occasions. Since I have used this for a good few years I can tell you this does not at all break my face out or damage it in anyway.
Other than all of the above reasons for loving it the main reason has to be the set it leaves. It leaves an amazing dewy, glowy finish which can look more high end than drugstore. The glowy finish it leaves can look really healthy especially if you have oily skin like myself.

Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush - Live Pink
This has lasted me a very long time, its not the kind of blush I would wear on a daily basis but it is a nice blush to wear on occasions. Its very much a dramatic pink that is buildable like most blushers. I find wearing too much of this just looks silly on my face so I always apply a tiny amount to my cheekbones as you can tell with how much has been used. Its really nice on the cheeks, its very long lasting and whenever photos are being taken my cheeks are noticeable and appear very healthy.
Rimmel eyeliners
Scandeleyes Waterproof Kohl Liner - Nude
I think this is perfect for me as I am not one to wear eyeliner on a daily basis but sometimes my eyes can look a little plain so this is the perfect product to brighten my eyes up more. Ever since Christmas I have been using this a lot! I only apply this to my tear line and that seems to be enough to brighten my eyes up. Its very long lasting and doesn't smudge over the day which is why I love these kohl liners. But I definitely think this eyeliner is a good product to use to brighten up your eyes on a daily basis without looking too fancy.

Scandeleyes Waterproof Kohl Liner - Black
This is the eyeliner I usually wear on nice occasions on my bottom line of my eyes. What I like about this eyeliner is again it doesn't smudge over the day, I hate smudgy eyeliners. Its very long lasting - I can even recall crying with this on and noticing is hasn't budged so its really lasting! This just looks great on the bottom line of my eyes I have used this on several occasions and saw no problems with it.

Exaggerated Eye liner - Black
When I first started practicing applying liquid eyeliner to my top lid this was the eyeliner I used. It was really recommended by other bloggers for being simple to apply and long lasting so I thought to give it a go. I am still not perfect with applying liquid eyeliner but I am getting better depending on the applicator sized wand. This wand isn't too thick and was a good eyeliner to practice with - thin wands make applying a lot easier.
Rimmel lipstick reviews
Pink Gossip 110
This was the first Rimmel lipstick I purchased, I love the colour its a very dramatic pink. What I love about this lipstick is it smells like watermelon which I found weird but appealing! the packaging is very appealing too. I have used this lipstick on numerous occasions day and nighttime and from my experience I find this very long lasting and moisturizing. It is buildable if you just apply a little amount of it you will notice it but it will look more natural. But, if you add a few coats it will look more dramatic and noticeable.

Kate Moss 12
 I sometimes feel like red lipsticks don't suit me very well, dark reds in particular. So I wanted to try a red that wasn't too dark that may suit my skintone. This one does. I already am a fan of the Kate Moss lipstick collection her packaging is really appealing. This lipstick is like the one above very long lasting and moisturizing. I think if you are wanting to wear a red lipstick during the day without it looking too obvious or noticeable this is the match. I think this is a great lipstick for daytime wear.

Kate Moss 19
This has got to be my all time favourite lipstick by Rimmel if I had to choose just one. I wanted a lipstick that was an unusual colour mixing with nude-brown and this was the one I went for. I wear it a lot on a daily basis whether its to uni or shopping if I am not wanting to wear a lipstick that is too dramatic this is the one I wear. What I love about this colour is it looks really natural but not at the same time..confused? What I mean is when you ain't in the mood for wearing lipstick but want something to brighten your lips up this does that. It suits my skintone really well and is again long lasting!
Rimmel nail polish and tan
Space Dust Nail Polish - 004 Luna Love
  I got this for Christmas because I wanted a glittery/dark coloured nail polish to go with the time of year. This is an amazing product! I apply only one coat of this on my nails and it already looks just like it does in the bottle. It dries really really quick around 10-30 seconds and it feels like their is texture applied. You can feel the glitter on the actual nail which at first I wasn't keen on but it grew on me.

Instant Tan Water Resistant Light Matte
I was on the hunt for a new tan that wasn't as messy as St Moritz or Tropez and this was reviewed a lot so I decided to give it a go. I have done a review already on this in the past and still love it to this day. It looks very natural on my legs and makes the tan look real! It is quite scary looking when applying it but once it has dried in its really nice and not too dramatic!

That is all of my Rimmel favourites! I really enjoyed doing this post if any of you have a few Rimmel favourites I tag you to do this post and let me know when you do!

What is your favourite Rimmel products?

Thursday, 13 February 2014

February Birchbox

February Birchbox
February Birchbox
February Birchbox is all to do with London Fashion Week and this box is packed with samples that will fit right into our personal routines!

Green & Blacks dark 70% chocolate | £2.29
I am a sucker for chocolate and since Birchbox sent me Green&Blacks chocolate in a past box I have loved it! I have already ate this. Not too fond of dark chocolate but it still didn't touch the sides.

Leighton Denny nail colour | £11
This colour is gorgeous and fits in well with the season! I am obsessed with pastel colours so I will most definitely be given this a go.

Gilchrist & Soames the London collection shower gel | £13.75
I do like using shower gels so this will be getting used up fairly quickly. I can't really work out its scent but the piece of card with it says 'red tea, grape seed and milk' which sounds really yummy.

Urbanveda daily facial wash for oily skin | £7.99
I use facial washes regularly so this will definitely be getting used up especially because it is targeted at my skin type. As a lot of beauty boxes I have received in the past with facial samples inside have been for all skin types. This apparently minimizes pores and absorbs access oil so I hope it works for me!

Beauty Protector oil | £16
Now I already use hair oils a lot in my hair when it is damp so I was happy to receive another one. Especially one worthy of £16! this apparently battles UV rays, heat and breakage so maybe I will keep this for the summer months when the suns out!

Eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner | £12
This is a familiar brand to me I have saw people blog about certain things from this brand so I am curious to know how good this will be. Its supposed to help create a Alexa Chung style feline flicks in a flash. I ain't the best with liquid eyeliner so I shall try my best.

This box is really handy for me as I use pretty much all similar products anyways so these will be getting used! One thing that did impress me in this box was the little cards they had with how to apply liquid eyeliner tutorial this will be handy for me!
I am satisfied with what I got but maybe they should of made it more Valentines/romantic rather than London Fashion Week?

What did you get in your Birchbox?

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo VS A.I

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo VS A.I
I am a huge fan of the La Roche-Posay oily to spot prone skin range I have not had a problem with their brand they always work wonders on my skin. Today I wanted to create another spot the difference post. These two products targeted towards people with blemish prone skin have very similar pros and cons so I decided to break it down.

I've been using the a.i corrector everyday near enough since purchased so I figured to do another VS post on the famous Duo against the latest a.i.
La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo having repurchased this tube 3 or 4 times it is clear to say 
that this product has became a holy grail in my skincare routine. I have did numerous 
amounts of reviews on this product - it was my first ever review on my blog here.
It is definitely a miracle worker for fixing those problematic skin types, whether that is 
redness, blemishes or just looking dull and having no radiance. I found applying this on 
redness and blemished areas reduced the colour and size dramatically - within a few days I noticed results. 
On those 'no-makeup lazy days' at home I had applied this in the morning and by the evening my face looked a lot more healthier. It does definitely help clear up your problems on your skin! also being a oily prone skintype I find using this before applying moisturizer and make-up keeps my oil at bay for a little while longer. 

Long Lasting
Dramatic results on blemish/redness
Adds radiance/brightens the face
Easy to apply
Smells pleasant

Always out of stock
Not all Boots stores sell it

La Roche-Posay Effaclar A.I
Since purchased this last week I can say from my experience that this is just as good as the Duo. It has reduced the redness, it did take a few more days so its a slower process to the Duo but, nonetheless it has. My spots are slowly starting to improve as well, I have noticed they are drying up a little quicker. Also noticed how healthy my face is feeling/appearing, this product not only corrects problematic skins but its very similar to the Duo in the sense of brightening my face.
I little goes a long way with this stuff and the consistency is different to the Duo..its more thicker and looks more like a moisturizer.

Lasts a long time
Reduces redness
Dries spots up fast
Moisturizes the skin
Brightens the face
Easy access in store

Takes a little more time with noticing results

To be honest from using both of these Effaclars I can tell you they both do similar if not the same jobs. The Duo has a lighter consistency whereas the A.i is more like a cream so it takes a bit more time to blend in. Both do exactly the same: correct the problems on the skin and add radiance. Yes the Duo shows quicker results (I saw results within 2 days) but the a.i is a good alternative if you are unable to get a hold of the Duo. If the Duo goes back in stock I probably will repurchase it but, I am quite satisfied with the a.i. 

Have you tried the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Range?

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Samples I'd Repurchase

 I love samples. I am typical girl who prefers to try the sample sized product out before buying the full sized version. Samples are great they help avoid us bloggers from spending a massive amount of money on something you aren't fully sure on and allows us to try other brands! 

These 5 products have been my top favourites that I have received in the past in magazines or in my monthly beauty boxes that I think are worthy of a full sized purchase.

Harmony Moisturizing Smoothie Serum
I never thought much of serums I always thought they were for the older generation..how mistaken I was. They are becoming a lot more common now because some serums are targeted towards people with blemished, scarring or discolored skin types etc. This is amazing if you are like myself and receive spots that look worse than they actually are, what I mean is they are inflamed and the inflammation spreads across an area of your skin. This serum reduced the redness on my face and allowed my skin to relax without looking too inflamed and blemished. I also felt like this reduced the amount of oiliness on my skin as my make-up wasn't melting off as fast..brilliant!

Benefit They're Real mascara
What I love about this mascara is how easy it was to achieve the thick, curly lashes without using a eyelash curler. The precision brush is great it separates the lashes perfectly, I almost believed they weren't my eyelashes!  The mascara doesn't smudge or leave any specks, I use this daily so for around 7 hours a day and my mascara is still in place is definitely a good product to have. It is build-able as well so perfect for nights out as well as daily basis!

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray
If I am blow drying my hair I apply a few squirts of this onto my damp hair then blow dry away. I ain't keen on the scent of this I really think its off putting but for such a high end brand I wasn't letting that get in the way. This definitely thickens your hair up once blow dried and adds volume too! when I have just used this product I notice a difference straight away. I definitely think its a good product to have if you have thin hair or wanting some volume..is a little pricey but this sample bottle has lasted me since last summer so if you can get your hands on this freebie in a magazine get it!

Dr Lipp nipple lip balm
The name is amusing especially when someone says 'what is that?' and you reply with 'nipple balm'..anyways immaturity put aside. I couldn't have been without this product throughout winter, my lips were extremely dry especially in December. But, this little product definitely helped reduce the dryness and moisturized them a lot. I treat like as a deep lip treatment because it is a thick consistency, sticky and heavy on the lips so i'd use this just before bed. When I wake up this product has definitely worked because my lips are satisfied and moisturized! I think if you suffer with chapped lips badly that this will help stop that! I haven't had badly sore lips for awhile now but when I do I am definitely purchasing the full size.

Eva Mystic diamond hair oil
I always try my best to take care of my hair and hair oils play an important part of that. As much as I love my Moroccan oil I have to say this is just as good. I'd apply this onto the ends of my damp hair and leave it to dry naturally because oils work best without using heat in my opinion. I notice after using this my hair feels fully conditioned and not dry whatsoever. Also the best part of this product is noticing texture in my hair, this product definitely adds texture just like the Moroccan oil. A little goes a long way with this product you don't want to apply too much oil to your hair otherwise you will have greasy hair.

What is your favourite sample product?

Friday, 7 February 2014

Get Organized With Smiggle Stationary

Get Organized With Smiggle Stationary
An Australian stationary company called Smiggle website emailed me a few weeks ago asking me if I wanted to advertise their company on my blog. I am a sucker for stationary to be honest so I was thrilled to be asked this.
Smiggle are opening their first UK store in Westfield Stratford on the 20th of this month! this then will be followed by further store launches in Reading, Brighton and Kingston. so now is the perfect chance for all you UK stationary geeks to get online and see what they sell!

I didn't want to just advertise their brand I wanted to put a spin on it on useful ways to use Smiggles stationary, so I came up with an idea fitting with having a blog - how to get organised with blogging. I personally do some of these things myself whether I am travelling or at home, I always make sure I have some sort of stationary to jot down some blogging ideas as you never know when ideas pop up!

The stationary above is what I received by Smiggle I was really overly impressed. I was not expecting such amazing stationary! especially those gel pens..90s kids can reminisce to the retro memories!?
Get Organized With Smiggle Stationary
Firstly, grab some headphones! - plug them into your iPod or phone and put on your favourite music! this is a good way to put you in the mood for blogging or get some motivation as we all know at times we aren't always up for writing posts!
These headphones are really comfortable as they have soft material all around the head area, also the music is really good quality that comes out of them just as good as expensive headphones. 
Get Organized With Smiggle Stationary Grab your pencil case, pull your pens out and think of some ideas to blog about or you could write lists on what you need to buy etc. 
This pencil case is so cool all the zips open so their is no need to look for one zip..I am mind blown!
Get Organized With Smiggle Stationary
Sometimes I write lists on what to buy then when it comes to hauls or reviews I can look back on the list and tick what I have mentioned on my blog!
This just makes everything more neat and when I have a blogging brick wall of no ideas I can look back on my lists.
Get Organized With Smiggle Stationary
Now, I ain't one for writing in pencil unless I really need to - its normally fine liners or normal pens. But sometimes it can look quite boring right? 
Smiggle sent this amazing box of gel pens out which has allowed writing things down more appealing and fun. These are handy for if you want to write lists on different things but be organised about it. Also who doesn't love gel pens?! these just remind me a lot about my childhood years!  I love the retro being brought back it just makes writing things down a lot more fun!
Get Organized With Smiggle Stationary
Another retro stationary I had growing up was pens that had a variety of colours you could pull off and change. Never came across a highlighter one before but oh my goodness I am impressed. I love this! and I plan to carry this to uni with me along with highlighting things I like in magazines. It is really handy to have one of these with all colours on as lets face it one colour gets boring!
Get Organized With Smiggle Stationary
The dreading part for our bank accounts is writing down how much each item you want to purchase is and scribbling out things that are way too expensive. This is handy to have to calculate your total bill and know what to cross off your lists or to keep for another month!  
This comes with a ruler wrapped around it which is flexible and if you's have been reading my posts for awhile you will know I love flexible products a lot. 
Is it just me or does this remind you of Minnie Mouse?

Those are some blogging tips on how to get more organised instead not just with writing things but with stationary too. I am really grateful Smiggle contacted me about this opportunity as I had so much fun with writing this post and using the actual products themselves. 
Definitely check their website out if you love quirky stationary or if you want to bring back those retro pens we all used to own!

*PR Sample/gift.

Are you a sucker for retro/quirky stationary?

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Bourjois Java Rice Loose Powder Review

Bourjois Java Rice Loose Powder
Bourjois Java Rice Loose Powder
 Now I am a sucker for anything that has a vintage, pastel or retro design towards it so when I came across this product I was instantly impressed and had to purchase it.
This has been floating around on peoples blogs recently because Bourjois have reinvented their first bestseller: Java rice powder for their 150th birthday! it has such an impressive, vintage packaging.

What I found really great about this powder was the twisty compartment inside to lock the loose powder in stopping it from going everywhere. I thought this was really handy and avoids a lot of mess!

The powder itself smells really nice a kind of sweet scent which is unusual but nonetheless it allows applying it to feel a lot more pleasant. 

I dab a tiny bit on the back of my hand and take one of my brushes either RealTechniques blush brush or Ecotools version. Dab it in then apply on my cheekbones in an up down motion and patting it all around my cheekbones.

 I treat this as a highlighter which I am sure a lot of other people do too because it has the loose highlight feel to it.

I then just give my whole face a quick run over with it too to brighten everywhere up, my cheek bones are the main area I apply this though.

It is such an amazing product inside and outside! it leaves a lovely feel to my skin and just adds the bit extra to my cheeks. It isn't too bold and blends in really nicely to create a natural finish. It just adds definition to your face which I think is important at times.

Also for those who don't have a brow highlighter it makes a great alternative!

I love highlighters in general and this one competes with my S&G luminizing powder.

Definitely give this a go if you can get your hands on it as it is truly amazing!

Have you got a favourite highlighter?


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