Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sleek Contour Kit Review

Sleek Contour Kit Review
Sleek Contour Kit Review
After lusting over this product for what seems like a very long time I finally decided to order the Sleek contour kit and see if it lives up to its expectations. Not many places have this compact in the lightest shade so I ordered mine off Amazon and luckily they had it! and within a couple of days it arrived in good condition.

I always found Sleek packaging very appealing and useful with the mirrors in the compacts so I was really glad this one had it too. I was a little unsure how to use this product at first so I did some research (as you do!) and watched a couple of Youtube videos demonstrating how to apply the product. I was stunned just off the videos I watched how amazing the definition comes out on your face with this.

The next day I started using this product in my everyday make-up routine. I have been loving the highlight more than the contour but that is because I have more control with highlighting than contour.
I just dab a tiny amount of the contour (left) on the back of my contour brush then from the outer part of my cheekbones just above those I apply this going all the way towards my lips near enough. Even for the lightest shade this is still really pigmented and can easily make me look orange so definitely use a tiny amount. I was really impressed with the results already it looked very natural and shaped my face. Not too noticeable but enough to see I have definition and framed my face a lot more. Why have I only just got this product now!?

I then go onto highlight (right) where I just highlight my nose, above the cheekbones, sometimes eyebrow bone and sometimes the section between nose and lip. It really all depends on yourself and where you want to highlight your face. The highlight goes on really nice and blends in quite nicely too. I definitely like how this has made my nose look more healthy and noticeable. Its really long lasting as well. 

I am still practicing contouring my cheekbones as I am not the greatest or I am not very confident in myself. But I have been liking applying tiny amounts of this to notice just a little. The highlighter I absolutely love! it just makes my face look so healthy and glowy. 

Long lasting
Definitely creates definition
Healthy, natural, glowing
easy to apply
Appealing packaging

Difficult to find light shade
Extremely pigmented

Overall this product is amazing it just gives the most amazing definition and shapes your face really well. My face looked very 2D without this now I can tell why everyone loves contouring.

Have you tried Sleek contour kit?

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Invisi bobble Review

Invisi bobble Review
It seems like I haven't blogged in a very long time due to all my deadlines! - I decided to take an hour out of uni work to write up a couple of reviews on products I have been using lately.

The first question you are probably wondering right now is what an earth is this right!? I said this myself when I saw it on other blogs. These are bobbles for your hair..unusual I know and extremely quirky indeed - a little like telephone wires if you ask me. But, basically I am loving these hair accessories and I wanted to tell you guys why.

I was in Boots browsing down what felt like every single isle when I came across these in the hair accessories section. I was originally down this isle for the shower Tangle Teazer for wet hair, until I saw these and completely forgot what I was down the isle for. They had a couple of colours: blue, brown, black and maybe red? I went for the brown ones because its more near my hair colour than any of the rest. These little amazing bobbles were only a couple of pounds as well which stunned me.

These bobbles are designed to avoid any kinks in your hair, headaches, split ends and hold a strong grip for any hair types. I got these because I have quite thick hair anyways and sometimes if I have a high ponytail in it tends to hurt after awhile and I sometimes get kinks in my hair if I wear my bobble too tight.

I have worn these numerous times now (they aren't the most attractive thing in your hair) but the results are amazing. I have had no traces of headaches what so ever which is brilliant! haven't noticed any split ends either. One thing I swear by it definitely does is avoids those hairlines you get when you pull your bobble out and holds a strong grip as my hair stays in the same spot all day.

Another thing I noticed is my hair has a bit of volume with these in which is unusual but who can complain?

I have heard some peoples Boots stores don't sell these however I have saw several in Accessorize and they do them in amazing bright spring colours like pink etc.

Avoids any traces of hair lines
Avoids headaches
Strong grip
adds volume
won't damage your hair

difficult to get a hold of
not the most attractive accessory

I definitely think these are worth the hype and if you have thick hair or even wear your hair up a lot then give these a try!

Have you tried Invisi bobble?

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Witch anti-blemish Primer

One product I don't seem to talk about enough is the current primer I have been using for over a year now: Witch Hazel anti-blemish skin clearing primer. I came across this on Rihannon Ashlee's YouTube channel awhile ago and she mentioned how great it was for stopping breakouts throughout the curiosity getting the better of me and I gave it a shot. Ever since that day I have used this as part of my everyday make-up routine, I have changed it up from time to time with other primers but I always seem to come back to this one. I just have had no problems with it.
I did blog about this last year it was one of my first posts here. But obviously since then my skin has changed a lot - meaning my skin has improved dramatically and this primer plays a significant role to that.

What I like about this primer is it comes with a pump which is super handy when it comes to knowing how much you need. The pump is really handy because I always apply too much of creamy products on the back of my hands so this is useful to me.
Another thing I liked about this primer was the smell - a lot of the time if a product smells nice I usually get a good vibe about it so this definitely gave me those before even applying to my face. It squirts out in a very white, light cream consistency which looks and applies like a moisturizer.

I wouldn't go so far to say this was a 'miracle worker' for stopping spots appearing - but I have noticed a HUGE difference from last year and now. Before this when I wore my make-up for hours around 4-8 hours a day, I would by the end of it gain a few of those tiny white headed, unattractive spots. Since using this product those spots have never been seen since.

It definitely is a 'anti-blemish' primer because I have not suffered with any breakouts appearing through my make-up throughout days. Even though I love this primer to bits I have to admit it isn't the best primer for those who suffer with oily skin. I am one of those people and I do use products to reduce oils but, this product is NOT a primer for long lasting make-up. My make-up stays on all day but by a few hours it will need touched up..but that is normal for most people so it doesn't bother me too much.

Stops blemishes appearing when wearing make-up
Easy to apply
Pleasant scent
Goes on like a moisturizer
Handy pump packaging
Tube lasts a very long time

Isn't hyped up enough
Difficult to find in drugstores

I do really like this primer and I would go and say it was a miracle worker IF it has a built in formula to stop make-up from melting. But it doesn't bother me too much! other then that who doesn't love a primer that is prone to help stop blemishes from appearing!? amazing product highly recommend it.

Have you tried this primer?

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Origins Face Mask Reviews

Origins Face Mask Reviews
Origins has became a big part of my skincare routine and has definitely been worthy of the high cost of £ bank card doesn't always agree though! I now currently own all of Origin's face masks that are for problematic skins so I decided to do an overall review on what I think about them all and what they've done for my skin.
Origins Charcoal Facemask review
Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask to clear pores
As you can tell by the tubes of this mask that I have grown to love it. This was the first mask I purchased from the Origins range - because this was the most suited towards my skin type. I use this once or twice a week usually on days when I am wearing no make-up. This for me has done much more than 'clear pores' it has woken my face up. I sometimes get those little spots that are so tiny you can only notice them in the light..this mask helps dry those up fairly quickly. It also reduces the amount of redness on my face by a mile! and it adds a bit of moisture. Their is so much more I could say about this mask! I highly recommend it if you feel like your face is run down or lost its radiance this mask will help clear your skin up and just add a bit of brightness to it. Without this my face would be a mess no exaggeration there.
Origins drink up face mask review
 Origins Drink Up mask quench skins thirst
I went through a faze of having dry skin near Christmas time so I had asked for this for Christmas off my Mam. I definitely think this helps get rid of dry skin on my face I wouldn't say it was amazing but it definitely rubs away some dryness. I don't really get dry skin and if I do it tends to be off one of the spot treatments I use. This wasn't like the charcoal mask - what I mean is the consistency was more liquidized so you only needed the tiniest amount of this. Once after the 10 minutes is up my face is extremely soft! I also noticed my face just looks and feels a lot more cleaner than it did before. I do love masks that make my face feel more healthy. 
Origins out of trouble face mask review
Origins Out of trouble rescue problem skin
This is my latest mask to add to my collection it was the final one I needed. I was really looking forward to trying this after hearing it was really good for spot clearing. Now, I figured this would just be similar to the charcoal mask as they are both for problematic skins. But, turns out they did total different things for my skin and both together have had a huge impact! this one firstly smelled like Vapour Rub which I found really unusual!? but I am a sucker for strong scents so I felt like this was a sign that this was a good mask. After the 10 minutes were up and taken a good few minutes to scrape it off my face this mask worked its magic! my face has never felt or looked more healthy and clear than it has today. I would even say this was better than the charcoal mask. This one isn't direct to my skintype (oily) but it definitely helps reduce redness and those scars!
Origins drink up mask review
Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask quenches skins thirst
I only got the small tube of this because as just mentioned I am more oily skinned than dry. But, I wanted to give this a try as I have never experienced a mask that is for overnight use. I have used this 2 or 3 times and only the tiniest amount is needed! this tiny tube will last me a very long time. It smells amazing! really really lovely scent hard to describe maybe fruity? but its pleasant to smell overnight. After the first use of this the next morning my face felt like I just drank a gallon of water not even being dramatic either.. it literally made my face super soft! that isn't the only thing it done. When I wake up sometimes my face is at its worse and sometimes its not, this mask helps tone down the 'morning face' which is also nice to see.

That is all my Origin mask reviews! I would repurchase most of these again. Not so much the dry skin masks as they aren't really targeted to my skin type most of the time but I would probably repurchase the small tube of them if I needed to. The problematic masks I would definitely repurchase as you can tell I already have with the charcoal mask!

What is your favourite Origins mask?


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