Sunday, 27 April 2014

April Favourites

April Favourites
It seems like a really long time since I last blogged but I have been so busy with uni work, besides that I decided to take a little break and get my April favourites post up. Its been awhile since I have done one of these posts. My April favourites are really miscellaneous this month so hope you enjoy!

 Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
I've mentioned this little bargain a few times on my blog here but ever since I received this I have been using this on a daily basis. I never wear eyeshadow unless I am going somewhere fancy but since I got this I find myself using eyeshadow on days out to the cinemas or meals etc. It is such an amazing palette for everyday use you have a variety of colours for day and night time. What I loved most about this palette is the light shades they have. Its very long lasting on the eyelids with the Urban Decay primer.

Real Techniques Setting brush
I have already done a full review on this brush so I won't mention it too much but, basically this has been amazing for blending in concealer under my eyes. I've been having several nights with lack of sleep so this brush helps wake my skin up a lot!

Sexy Motherpucker glossy stick Nudist and Fuchsia ristic
I love wearing both of these colours recently they just brighten up my lips that little bit extra on days I don't want to wear lipstick. They are moisturizing as well which makes it a lot more nicer on the lips. I can see me using these a lot more through summer!

Neutrogena Blackhead eliminating scrub
Recently I haven't been taken care of my skin as much as normal, I've just gotten a little too busy to cleanse, tone etc so I've just been skipping that process. As a result I've received a couple of blackheads so to clear those up I have been using this. I always make sure I have this in my skincare because it is the best scrub to remove blackheads and access oil that I have used. I now don't have any blackheads after using this every morning for a few days. Really recommend this!

Origins Ginzing eye cream
This will always be a favourite of mine but this month in particular I find myself using this constant. I've had lack of sleep recently due to late nights of uni work and procrastination of watching Friends, Frozen and other dvds. So my eyes have been pretty ugly when I wake up - I have been using this product day and night to help reduce the amount of under eye circles and of course it works as it always does!

Charles Worthington texturising spray
Again I have mentioned this in a review so go check that out for more! but basically as you's all know I try my best to avoid using heat on my hair so when I want a bit of texture this has been the product I have been turning to. It just gives you that quick instant bounce and volume within one spray! I really recommend this product plus its easy to throw in your handbag to touch up through the day.

I have really been into reading books over my Easter break, I have probably read around 2 or 3 throughout 3 weeks and I am having to pull myself away from my Kindle as its distracting me from uni work! Anyway's I have a couple of book reviews that need posted soon but these are the books I have been loving this month or so:
Rock Bottom ( book 2)
Lovely Trigger ( book 3)
In Flight ( book 1)

Primark satchel and Accessorize shoulder bag
I have been digging out some bags I have had for awhile and styling them with outfits and these are the two I have been loving. The Primark one may still be in store but the Accessorize one isn't. I really love both of these little bags they store so much as well!

New Look nude high heals
I fancied some new heals that were different and these were the ones that stood out to me! they've become really popular since I bought them so they are a must to get your hands on! These flatter any outfit at all which is what I love about nude heals.

That is all my April favourites this month, there is minimal beauty favourites this month due to the fact I have been doing more work than shopping. Which is sad but it needs done!

What are your April favourites?

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Naked 3 Palette Review

Naked 3 Palette Review
Naked 3 Palette Review Cohorted - an online beauty shop that decreases the price in products the more people buy were selling the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette! I unfortunately never owned anything from this brand before until now! Everyone was adding this little beauty palette into there baskets online and the price was dropping more and more until it hit under half of its usual amount: £37.00 I think.

I got this amazing palette for just £18.50 thanks to everyone else who was also buying it at the time! I think that has got to be the best bargain I have came across so far.

I have been using the shade 'strange' for highlighting my brow bone, 'burnout' or 'dust' for my eyelid base, 'trick' for any inner corner shadows and 'factory' for my outer corner. I haven't used all the shades yet but these are my go-to colours at the moment. The pigmentation is impressive and definitely great value for money. Since this is my first ever Naked palette I can honestly say I'd happily buy more.

The best part about this palette is the shadows last such a long time on your lids without getting the crease or it fading away. I do recommend a eye primer as these help keep your shadows in place for such a long time but to be honest you could go without it with this palette.

Overall I am really impressed with this palette all the shades are so stunning every girl who likes pretty, rose-gold, pinky tones should pick this up.

Have you tried this palette yet?

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette Review

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette Review
Too Faced Natural Eye Palette Review
Too Faced Natural Eye Palette Review
 I received this eye shadow palette at Christmas and since then I said I would review this product but only just got around to doing it now! ooops. But basically I am in love with this palette - I know everyone loves all the Urban Decay palettes but this one is my all time favourite.

First off lets just take a moment to admire the reminds me off fantasy, magical, Disney books for some off reason. It is such an appealing product to have on display in your make-up collection I have to admit. I've even kept the box the product comes in just for this post! I absolutely love the colour selection of eyeshadows you get with this palette they are all very appealing and girly..also how creative are the names please?! What makes the packaging even more great is it comes with a tiny sample of there eyeshadow primer and a couple of 'look book' cards to create different looks.

I used this palette throughout winter for all parties, events etc and cannot explain enough how great this product has been. It has all the colours to go for any occasions: smokey, classy, fashion, vintage, daily you name it!

Moving onto the actual reason why I love this product - it is very long lasting with or without the primer. I do recommend purchasing the Too faced eyeshadow primer though as it sets all the product in place better. But I have tried using it without too. The colours are extremely pigmented so you know that this product will be lasting me a good few years if not more.

I have worn this product for a few hours and I have worn it all day too and both times it has not shifted from my eye lids! and I get some lovely compliments off wearing it too which is always nice to hear. Your eyes look very high end with this product if applied correctly.

One of my favourite colours I like to use is 'Push up' it is a very nice colour to sit on your eyelids that draws attention but not too much.

Very pigmented
Extremely long lasting
Appealing packaging
Multi purposes
Doesn't fall off or smudge
Worth the price

A little expensive
Too much can mess your eyes up
Not hyped up enough

I think this product is around £30 in is a little expensive but I have to admit it is totally worth the price! I think every girl should have this palette in there collection!

Have you tried any Too faced palettes out?

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

LUSH Love Lettuce Face Mask Review

LUSH Love Lettuce Face Mask Review
LUSH Love Lettuce Face Mask Review
 A couple of weeks ago I went into Lush just to pick up a couple of pieces for Mothers Day until I passed the face mask section. At the time my skin was in pretty bad shape - I just randomly had a breakout as you do! So I figured to go back and try an oldie but goodie face mask I used quite sometime ago. This face mask - 'Love Lettuce' is targeted towards people with normal to oily skin types.

Lush recommend you keep there face masks in a fridge..which I can only imagine it is to keep them fresher for longer. It isn't the most prettiest face mask to keep in your fridge but surprisingly I've noticed the unattractive coloured masks tend to have the better effects..weird right?! Anyway's all you do is apply this around your face with your hands and leave it on between 5-10 minutes then rinse off. I tend to leave it on for 10 minutes on the dot or a little bit over..I also sometimes remove the mask with a exfoliating glove to get a bigger effect.

The results are great! after the first use I had noticed my skin was very smooth and definitely more radiant than beforehand. I also noticed redness was reduced and imperfections were not as noticeable..

..Even a few hours later I was still noticing results: my face had calmed down a lot, spots were drying up and were not as noticed. I was really amazed by how fast working this mask was!

I haven't YET noticed any results towards my oily skin side of things but I am sure I will if I continue to keep using this often.
I use this mask once or twice a week as I like to use other masks too but, this one has quickly made a place in my favourite masks by a long shot!

Easy to apply
Fast results
Reduces redness, imperfections
Smells pleasant
Adds radiant glow
Moisturizes well

 Always forget its in the fridge
Takes a bit of time to scrub off

I think once I run out of this product I will try other Lush face masks as I always venture for this one never any of the others.
Overall I really love using this face mask and I would recommend anyone with normal to oily skin to try this out or even ask for a sample of it as the results are really impressively fast!

Have you got any Lush face mask recommendations?


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