Thursday, 29 May 2014

Newcastle's Vintage Fair

 I don't remember the last time I sat at my desk and typed up a blog post but, since I have just finished my second year of uni (eeek!) I will be getting back into the swing of blogging - thankfully! On Monday me and the lovely Claire went on an adventure into the Theatre Royal in Newcastle to visit a little vintage fair. Now, I am obsessed with vintage, shabby-chic, retro miscellaneous pieces my rooms full of past down trinkets from family members. So when Claire told me about it I was all for it as it is right up my alley way!

We came across so so so so many lovely vintage pieces from clothes, jewelry, little storage tins, vintage magazines etc etc. I wanted to take mostly everything home but unfortunately I don't have enough hands to carry everything or the room in my bedroom! I almost splurged on a few items such as a cute, dainty necklaces, vintage storage tins and the Toy Story 3 chatter telephone as he was incredibly cute. But, I proudly didn't cave I resisted the temptation!...this time.

After the vintage fair me and Claire went for some food into an American Diner and stuffed our faces with oreo milkshakes and chicken burgers whilst having a little gossip. 
I had such a lovely day out at the vintage fair with Claire and can't wait for our next date adventure together! 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review
 I have been using the Rimmel 'wake me up' foundation for over 3 years now so it is fair to say this was a serious commitment to one foundation. It did the exact job I wanted it to but, recently when looking through old photos and glancing in mirrors I have noticed this foundation hasn't been suiting my skin very well. It has been looking very shiny, unhealthy and sometimes orange which took me by surprise since its done me well for so long. I took all those signs as a reason to break off my relationship with this foundation and go and venture out for a new one.

Estee Lauder foundation has always appealed to me and when a blogger raved about this so highly she convinced me to give it a shot. So when wondering around Boots I went straight to the Estee Lauder counter and got seen to. The woman was lovely and she redid my entire makeup using this foundation and a bronzer. My shade is 'ivory nude' as I am really pale and even the woman said my current foundation wasn't sitting on my skin nicely. So I finally got my correct shade!

It was a bit pricey..£28 but I don't regret that decision at all because since then my face has received lots of compliments. I have used this foundation everyday without fail and never seen my face look so radiant and healthy..

When the woman first did my foundation I was really worried in case it wasn't enough coverage to cover any wrong was I! I can wear this foundation without concealer it has that much of a high coverage.

A few weeks ago at the Teaspoon blogging event I was really worried in case my makeup was starting to melt off because I was there for quite a few hours but, my foundation was not shining even though I had makeup on for over 7 hours. My face had the tiniest amount of shine around the evening which just made my face look like it had a healthy glow. My old foundation would have made my face really shiny by that time and possibly start to patch.

When I apply this foundation with my Real Technique buffing brush it sits on nicely and even alone it doesn't feel shiny whereas my old foundation felt oily and took longer to dry into my skin. This foundation is so long lasting I sometimes forget its even there because I don't feel like its heavy or on my skin at all. I love being able to touch my face without it feeling oily.

One slight problem I have had with this foundation maybe once or twice is when you have those bad skin days this foundation tends to hate your skin too. I've had one or two dry patches off spot treatments around my face and I found this foundation liked to make these areas more noticeable..also this foundation sits into the skin straight away so sometimes its a bit tricky to blend out areas when its stuck straight to my face.

Extremely long lasting
High coverage
Sinks into skin quickly
Feels light on skin
Looks healthy
Easy to apply
Smells pleasant
Build-able for day or night wear
SPF 10

Doesn't come with a pump
Sometimes a bit playful if you have imperfections (e.g dryness)
Dries a little too quick into my skin

Overall I am so happy I went and got my face tested for the right shade and purchased this because it is perfect for my skin. I genuinely thought this was long lasting but not as long lasting as I'd of expected. I have now ended my foundation relationship with Rimmel and committed myself to Estee Lauder.

Have you tried this foundation?

Monday, 19 May 2014

Top 5 Real Technique Brushes

Top 5 Real Technique Brushes
 I am a huge fan of the Real Technique brushes I have mentioned them in numerous favorites, hauls etc and still to this day I find myself always coming back to them. I decided to review my top 5 favorite ones which seemed a bit of a challenge to simmer it down to just 5..but I did it!

Real Techniques Blush Brush
This was one of the first brushes I purchased and it didn't take long to become a favorite of mine. It is a bit intimidating the size of it for your cheeks but I naturally have big cheeks anyways so this was perfect size for me. I am not keen on the circular blush brushes as they do make my face look tiny - this was is perfect because of the different size bristles. Its very soft and pleasant on the skin and doesn't break whatsoever after washes. It just sweeps the right amount of blush across my cheeks without looking too shaped or too much.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush
Always loved this brush for applying foundation I liked the shape of the brush it absorbs the right amount onto your face and blends in really nicely. This brush has never been a challenge when it comes to applying foundation, sometimes I find some brushes aren't enough when it comes to blending in and I have to use my finger or another brush. This one I never had that issue, it gives amazing coverage and looks very healthy on your face. It feels more like a high end brush rather than a drugstore but its the best for foundation.

Real Techniques Stippling brush
Before I got my hands on the buffing brush in the set I used to use either this stippling brush or the expert face one. This one was always my favorite out of two because I liked the results. This brush knew what it was doing I felt like it never absorbed any of the foundation into the brush it all just went straight onto my face. I always found I had remains of foundation on my hand after using this brush because it gave a great coverage with just little amounts of foundation. The only reason I wouldn't say it was as good as the buffing brush is because the bristles can look a little out of shape once used/washed and it can take a few times till it starts feeling itself.

Real Techniques Setting brush
I have heard that this brush is meant for powder? someone needs to enlighten me on how that works. I use this for blending in concealer though I feel like it gives the right amount of coverage for under eye circles. This brush is amazing for blending, I cannot recommend this enough for people who suffer with dark circles or too many light nights on uni projects like myself. I do sometimes use this to cover any blemishes or redness as well but I think it works at its best for under eye coverage. It brightens up my whole face when I use this brush. Definitely needs hyped up a lot more!

Real Techniques Detailing brush
I never really used this brush at first I sort of left it out because the setting brush pretty much covered all concealer areas for me. But, recently I thought to give this ago for those smaller areas on my face that the setting brush might not necessarily get to. I like using the detail brush for around my nose because it has the right precision and goes directly where I want it without it covering a bigger area. This is also good for tiny breakouts I sometimes get randomly around my face. I think this brush is great for those tiny areas on your face that need more of a precise attention.

That is my top 5 favorite Real Technique brushes I pretty much like them all there isn't one that I don't like using. I have heard they have brought out an eyeshadow palette which I am curious about!

What are your favorite Real Technique brushes? 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

LUSH Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask Review

LUSH Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask Review
LUSH Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask Review
 Since my LUSH 'Love Lettuce' face mask review went down really well post here I decided to review another face mask I have been using recently from LUSH. This one is called 'Cosmetic Warrior' which combats spots and soothes troubled skins. What drew me in to purchasing this was the fact it had tea tree oil in and my skin always adapts well to tea tree oil.

Lush do recommend you keep these in the fridge which I constantly forget about so I haven't used it as often as I'd of liked to. Unless there was a fridge in my bedroom..then I will 99% of the time forget its even there. You just apply this onto your face for 10 minutes max and then wash off with water and pat dry with a towel.

I have to point out this product has a nasty smell to it..I think its the abstracts of garlic that make this mask smell bad. I found it uncomfortable to have on my face because of the smell but, other then that this mask was brilliant!

The results were really impressive one major thing I noticed was my skin was super felt like I had drank 100 gallons of water. Whenever I used this mask my blemishes were reduced in redness and sometimes in size depending on what kind of spot I had. This mask just did basically the same as the Love lettuce only this felt more like a moisturized mask than a exfoliating one.

Easy to apply
Fast results
Very moisturizing
Reduces redness
Makes face look healthier

Always forget its in the fridge
Unappealing scent

I was really impressed by this mask overall and maybe in the future I will repurchase this but I still think Love Lettuce is more for my skin than this one.

Have you tried any LUSH face masks?

Friday, 16 May 2014

Space NK, MAC and Boots Haul

Space NK, MAC and Boots Haul
Been a little bit crazy with the remains of my last student loan and ended up going beauty shopping. I am quite excited with the beauty products I got because for the first time I have broken my NARS virginity..its about time! I basically wanted a whole new makeup base and new pieces of skincare for my face because I figured it was about time I changed it up a bit and I was getting a little bored with how my makeup was looking.

I have been after the NARS Creamy Concealer for months now so I was very happy to finally get my hands on one. From what I've tried in the shop it has amazing coverage for under the eye dark circles so I think this is perfect for those sleepless nights. I have been a bit fed up with my Rimmel foundation recently the lightest shade looks too dark on my skin and whenever I look in a mirror it just doesn't sit nicely so I thought enough is enough. Estee Lauder Double Wear was recommended to me on Twitter by someone so I tried it on in the store and absolutely loved it! Cannot wait to review this product.

Ren Cleansers is another product that I have wanted to try for quite sometime. I picked up the one suitable for oily skin as lately my skin has been so shiny! This smells very refreshing and I can tell already it is going to be lovely. I picked up a couple of face products the Clean&Clear Face Wash & Quick Fix Face Mask. I wanted to try something a little different for my skin so these were the two I picked up. I enjoy pampering my skin so these will be used for those days.

The weather is getting a little bit warmer and on those days I don't want full coverage from my EL foundation I thought why not try Garnier BB cream. I have never tried a bb cream so this is a first for me hopefully I like it. Speaking of Garnier I also picked up some more Micellar Water to remove my makeup. This just gets the job done very quickly without breaking my skin out.

I will be reviewing pretty much all of these when I get the time and chance to. Was happy with the pieces I picked up can't wait to try them all!

What beauty products have you picked up?

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Clean&Clear Oil Free Face Wash Review

 Recently I've gotten a little bored of my skincare routine and wanted to try a brand out that I've never really tried. I probably used to use products from Clean&Clear when I was a young teen but obviously I didn't really pay much attention to my skin back then. I thought since I wanted a new face wash why not try this out and see how I get on.

I have used this every morning since I purchased it and saw some impressive results regarding my oily skin and imperfections. When I first washed this off my face I noticed my face was really soft and hydrated.

My face did feel a little too dry around the blemished areas so definitely moisturize after you use this. Spots did start to reduce in size and a lot of them were drying up till the scab fell off grouse I know this product definitely helped with my oils.

My makeup lasts a heck of a lot longer now I noticed a few days ago that my foundation wasn't shining as much because of this product and obviously other new products I've been using too.

Reduces spots
Face feels healthier
Very hydrating
Nice scent
Great facial wash for mornings

Face can be too dry so moisturize
Not hyped up enough

Overall I am happy with this product and I will continue to use this and maybe even repurchase it depending on how I am feeling. I wouldn't say this was an amazing product but I definitely think its a great product for people who have oily skin as this definitely helped reduce access oils.

Have you tried anything out from Clean&Clear?

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Bloggers Teaspoon Event

Bloggers Teaspoon Event
So on Saturday 10th of May the lovely Rachel and Becca put together an event in aid of Lupus UK - which I believe made near £200 after the event! This awareness is quite close to one of the organizers: Rachel as she in fact has Lupus so this made the event a lot more personal and close to some of the girls hearts. It was a very heart warming, touching event that got a few people teary!

This is my first blogging event I have been to and I really enjoyed it, I met some lovely girls who I will be meeting up again sometime soon! unfortunately I didn't get to speak to everyone but I am sure their will be other times.
The tea party was really dainty and sweet everyone stuffed there faces with some delicious cakes and tea. Provided by Salsa, Teapigs and some of the bloggers who were there baked some of the yummy cakes! 
We all received a goodie bag too with some amazing things in such as a candle, beauty samples, nail vanish and some tea from Teapigs! which I've gone and bought for myself since as I loved it. We mainly all just got chatting and mingling with others but there was a raffle too which was fun and I happened to win a Body Shop gift set! (which is a first as I never win anything!)

I didn't take any photos on my camera as I was so involved with cake and meeting new bloggers it slipped my mind but these are a few snaps I got on my phone...
I really enjoyed this tea party event and hope there will be another one sometime soon I have met some lovely people! thanks again girls for hosting an amazing event!


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