Sunday, 29 June 2014

Newcastle's Funfair

Newcastle's Funfair
Newcastle's Funfair
Newcastle's Funfair
Newcastle's Funfair
Newcastle's Funfair
Newcastle's Funfair
Newcastle's Funfair
I've been making the most of these lovely warm days in Britain as you never know when the rain is around the corner. So today me and my boyfriend decided to take a spontaneous trip out for some food and then took a nice walk to the Town Moor, which for those who don't know what that is it is a funfair with plenty of rides, amusements, fortune tellers etc that happens once a year in my hometown. It has been a sort of tradition to go to the Moor once everytime it comes because it is a huge funfair that only ever stays for a week or two. 
So I decided to take a few snapshots of my dayout as I had such a lovely time! - they aren't the greatest photos I could have took on my phone but unfortunately I had incredibly sore feet this day so I was hesitant to even blog about this.

There was so many rides I wanted to go on such as the Big Wheel, Ghost Train and even some of the bigger rides that I didn't manage to take photos of. But I didn't go on any rides instead we decided to blow some money at the amusements or on those stalls where you play darts to win a prize. My boyfriend being very traditional had won me a cute, cheesy teddy bear through playing darts.

Once we realized we spent a bit too much on amusements and stall games we decided to start heading back home but, before we did we took a look at some of the yummy sweet stalls. I honestly was in my element at this point my eyes were wondering over to the candyfloss and doughnuts. I tucked into some delicious sugar doughnuts on my way back which tasted absolutely yummy! I ate 3 of these and don't even regret it.

We had such a lovely day minus the painful blisters I was getting but other then that we had such good fun at the funfair and I was even more happy that I didn't leave empty handed! 

What is your favourite fairground ride?

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Market Finds

Newcastle Quayside market
Today I thought I would share with you's some little bargains I have been finding at local markets in my town recently. Over last weekend we had seen a little bit more of the sun so I decided to take advantage of the lovely weather and take a walk down to the Quayside on Sunday. Every Sunday the Quayside upholds a market stall down some of the Tyne, where you can get your hands on some crafty trinkets, food and other miscellaneous items. Its been such a long time since I was last there so I decided to see what I could find.

Surprisingly I found quite a few amazing finds I wasn't at all expecting to find such lovely things. Infact I have even decided to go back sometime soon because I wasn't finished with that place anytime soon! All of these lovely trinkets were inexpensive which is the best part of markets, I think I had spent around £12 all together which was really amazing!

I am obsessed with anything vintage, dainty, floral or anything involving elephants so these were the things I dug out for! I have been wanting a oil burner for quite sometime now so when I saw this one and the orange oil fragrance I couldn't resist! it makes my room smell very fruity and summery. I also couldn't resist picking up the candle teacup the designs on the teacup are so so cute it just matches my room and personality completely!

The tin is so retro! I am obsessed with cute storage trinkets so this is perfect for storing some rings or earrings in. Of course as soon as I saw the elephant hanging design I just had to get it for my room, I absolutely love this!

I am quite happy with what I found at the Quayside market for the price I payed it was definitely a successful trip!

Have you been to any markets recently?

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Seaside Outfit of the Day

 Hi guys, I wasn't sure whether to post this or not because I wasn't wearing anything exciting or summery but, since you's requested me to do some more ootd posts from my last one here I decided to try again. Since I was going to the beach and the wind was still a bit strong I thought it was best to wear something warm but cool at the same time, so wearing a nice dress and having the world see my underwear was a miss on this occasion I'm afraid.

I decided to wear my comfy, wash out jeans and a pastel pink cami with some white sandals. Thought this outfit was appropriate for the beach and it really was as I was incredibly comfortable. Not the most fashionable outfit but maybe this will give you a in look more on my style, I don't keep up to date on all trends I am very much my own style and on some days I like to keep my outfit light and comfortable. My hair was tied in a side fish tail plait because I knew if I wore it down it would go everywhere so this was a useful thing for me to do!

For accessories I kept it simple but summery so an anklet was a must for this occasion. I also wore a long necklace that has a colourful umbrella on the end which again sort of fits with typical British weather. Sunglasses are a must for weathers like this, these kinda make me look like Willy Wonka don't you think?!

Leather Jacket - New Look
Pink cami - Topshop
Wash out jeans - H&M
White Sandals - Primark
Umbrella necklace and anklet - Accessorize
Sunglasses - Primark

What is your go-to 'warm but cool' beach outfit?

Thursday, 19 June 2014

A Trip To The Seaside

A Trip To The Seaside
A Trip To The Seaside
 Another lifestyle post here! Since me and Claire from Fineanddandy had such a great time out at the Vintage Fair a few weeks ago we decided to go on another little adventure before she goes back home for a few months. We took full advantage of this beautiful, sunny weather and decided to take a stroll down to Whitley Bay's seaside whilst taking some snapshots of the beautiful day!
 We went for a lovely ice cream where we both spent a fair few minutes trying to take numerous photos of our delicious master pieces which was impossible as they were melting so fast (hence the awkward shadow in my photo). This ice cream though was aaammmazing! I got the Belgian chocolate those ice cream cones were so yummy and pretty!
Once we made it to the lighthouse we walked all the back along which definitely burnt off some of that lovely ice cream! We had such a lovely day out down the seaside I am so happy the weather stayed in shape throughout the day, Whitley Bay has some lovely areas to see! I can't wait for our next little adventure! 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Real Technique Travel Brushes

Real Technique Travel Brushes
It has been ages since I last popped into Boots for essentials so I knew when I went in this time round I would come across something new and exciting, which was these dainty makeup brushes from the Real Techniques range. I am so happy Real Techniques have brought out yet another set of brushes I was beginning the think they stopped with makeup brushes and moved on.

These are perfect for travelling! I have already used these since purchasing and they work just as well as the big brushes just obviously need a little bit more time as they are a lot smaller. The great thing about these is they require no space in your bag at all, mine are still kept in its little pouch this just makes it easy for me to find them all and to keep them from getting lost.

I've found these amazing for touching up throughout the day, before these I only ever carried one makeup brush with me and that was a kabuki brush to get rid of any shine - plus it was small, I was never too keen on carrying big makeup brushes with me so I am really happy Real Techniques have created these as they are perfect for all parts of my makeup.

I use the big face brush for any touch ups to powder, blush or bronzer. I use the foundation brush for blending in any liquids that have rubbed or need seen to. And I use the shading brush for any eyeshadow or eyebrow dilemmas. These are amazing brushes literally have a brush for everything very versatile!


Require minimal room in bag
Versatile brushes
Organised with the pouch
Work exactly like the big versions

Difficult to find in stores
Require a bit more time

Have you came across these travel trio makeup brushes yet?

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Summers Day in Heaton

It is very rare that Newcastle has bright, summery days like it is here. I was beginning to think we were going to have rain and thunder storms throughout my summer break! but how the wind has changed. A friend and I decided to take full advantage of this weather and go on a nice walk to Jesmond Dene and since I have received lovely feedback on my last few lifestyle posts I decided to take my camera with me!
Feeling a flower overload?! so much floral and nature you don't know where to look. Everything looked so beautiful when the sun was out I just had to take snaps of everything.
 We decided to have a little picnic on the grass I was eating a nice healthy salad with chicken, mango fingers and of course a Nakd bar as they are my favourite. We soaked up a bit of the sun then decided to go on a walk further along.

It was such a lovely day I ended up having caught the sun on my back as well. I also did a floral ootd post here if you want to have a look. We walked quite a little journey so our feet were hurting by the time we got home but I am so glad I took advantage of this lovely day and hopefully we will see more summery days like it has been today!

I can't wait for summer weather now!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Origin Charcoal Face Mask Dupe

Origin Charcoal Face Mask Dupe
 It is very rare that I come across dupe skincare products that do exactly the same job as maybe a cheaper alternative until I came across this one that did exactly the same. So I decided to let you in on my little secret dupe product that may save you some pennies but do exactly the same job as a higher brand would do!

 Origins face masks have always been a staple in my skincare since last year so I am quite familiar with what they do and don't do for my skin
The Origins clear improvements face mask has constantly been one of my repurchased favourite masks for my skin - as you can tell with the minimal product left! I never had any issue with this mask apart from the cost, it was really expensive to fork out £20+ for a face mask every other month which was partly the reason I started hunting for cheaper alternatives. I definitely think Origins lives up to its expectations and it is worth the price to pay.

 Stepping away from the price range this mask did exactly what its hype had lived up to be even after the first use. It reduced redness dramatically after one use - whether its  redness from current or previous spots, blotchy areas, name it. Also on the topic of spots I noticed when I had some they were reduced in size and sometimes even dried up completely. My face was very soft and moisturized, it also felt a lot more healthier because I wasn't feeling any access oils. I had also noticed my makeup was staying in place for a longer time which was amazing! This mask was almost to perfection minus the price to pay...

...I was browsing around Boots for a new mask when I came across the Quick Fix skincare face masks range, now I have heard quite good things about these masks already so I was instantly drawn in when I saw the range.

The good thing about this brand is they have specifics for different types of imperfections: blackheads, dryness, dullness, brightening, redness etc etc. I picked up the oily and spot prone skin mask because that is what my main concerns are. I used it the night I purchased it and to be completely honest I wasn't expecting much from this mask as it was only 4-5 pounds BUT I was really impressed with the results after the first use. 

...After the first use I could already see a difference in my skin it looked less oily if anything my skin looked healthy and radiant. It also felt really moisturizing some days I didn't feel like it was necessary to apply any moisturizer after I used this because this mask kind of did that job for me. I also noticed redness was reduced, spots were less noticeable and my make-up was starting to stay in place for a longer period of to sum it up this mask did pretty much the same as what my Origins clear improvements face mask did.

 All of these results from a product I was not expecting much from has well and truly shut me up on judging products.
I was really impressed as to how similar the £5 Quick fix mask was to my £22 Origins clear improvements. They are both amazing face masks and I would repurchase them both, however I would more likely repurchase the Origins mask when I want to treat myself since I have found a cheaper alternative.

Personally if you have a similar skin type to what I have then I would recommend both of these masks but, if you are wanting a cheaper alternative that does exactly the same job as to what a higher end brand would do then get the Quick fix and save yourself the extra £17.

What skincare dupes have you come across? 

Monday, 9 June 2014

Floral Outfit Of The Day

Floral Outfit Of The Day
Floral Outfit Of The Day
Floral Outfit Of The Day
Floral Outfit Of The Day
Floral Outfit Of The Day
Now this is kind of a first official outfit of the day post so bare with me, I have done a few before on my blog but they weren't layered out like this it was mainly just one solo image with what I wore on my face and hair etc. Having been said that I decided to take full advantage of our lovely summery day we had last weekend with some spring-like posts.

Since we had such lovely weather on this day I decided to try and get some colour on my body so I wore a floral petite dress which I found not so long ago hiding behind other dresses in my wardrobe - quite happy I rediscovered this dress as I absolutely love it. I also styled it with some (not so stylish) comfy flats that I've had for ages, I wore these with my dress because on this day I had went on a big walk so I needed some comfy shoes on. I also wore my little backpack to hold my picnic food and camera in which was really comfy and didn't weigh down.

Floral Petite dress - Topshop
Camel coloured pumps - Primark
Brown rucksack - Primark
Sunglasses -
Yellow flower necklace - Topshop

What is your 'to go to outfit for that nice summers day'?

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Nars Creamy Concealer Review

Nars Creamy Concealer Review
Nars Creamy Concealer Review
 Not so long ago I went on a little bit of a shopping spree when I finished certain projects at uni, I called it 'my deadline day treat' and this was one of the products I indulged into buying. I am not one for changing up my base make-up because I always get weary in case my face breaks out or I am wasting money but, recently I have been a little bored of my face products so I changed my foundation post here and my concealer and since then I have been using both almost every single day.

NARS is a brand I've lusted and lusted over for months, maybe even years but never wanted to pay the price. However uni work has been such a stressful time for me that I needed to treat myself to make me feel better! at the time I was in two minds to try the NARS foundation or the creamy concealer but, since I had just purchased a new foundation I splurged on my second best product on my NARS wishlist went for the concealer.

I have to be honest I am not blown away as to what most people have been by this concealer. The woman said this was my shade (honey 3) which looked perfect on me in the shop however when I apply this myself at home I feel like it is too dark on my skin and only really works well under my eye area. From this I felt like the staff who work at NARS didn't pay much attention to my skin as well as I'd of thought.

Despite this being too dark for my whole face this works nicely under my eye area it can totally make my whole face feel more alive. But after seeing this only works under my eyes and not on the rest of my face it did put me off into repurchasing this in the future or if I did I would get retested somewhere else as I wasn't impressed with the service.

The packaging to this product is lovely it definitely looks high end and has that classy feel to it. However the product packaging itself tends to get dirty really quickly which can be annoying if you are like me and like things to at least look new for a little while...(ocd much Katie? I know)

I usually create the letter v under my eyes then blend it with my Real Techniques setting brush and it just brightens my eyes up that little bit extra. The coverage is amazing under my eyes so I can understand why everyone raves about the coverage because it wakes my eyes up completely. 

Unfortunately though I can't really say if its good for covering imperfections around my face because it looks too dark. I do remember the woman applying the lighter concealer to this one on my face as well and the coverage was incredible but, I can't really say whether it works well repeated or for a whole day as I only had this tester on my face for a few hours if that.

High end coverage
Brightens up eyes
Healthy glow
Blends in nicely
Appealing Packaging
Great for under eye circles

Hard to find your correct shade
Packaging gets dirty quick

I probably would repurchase this in the future but get the lighter shade however this shade is great for under my eyes so maybe I will just stick to using this for under eye dark circles. From this I realized if you are looking for a decent under eye concealer get the shade darker from your natural skin because it definitely makes a bigger difference I have noticed a huge difference.

Have you tried any NARS products?

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A Little Trip To Hexham

I've just finished my second year of university which means I can finally relax by going on some day trips out my hometown and blog about it! So last weekend me and my boyfriend took a spontaneous trip out down to Hexham, which isn't too far away from my hometown but we decided to spend this summer going on some day trips. Hexham being our first trip which was a successful trip because the weather was lovely and warm!
A Little Trip To Hexham
I loved the interior designs, architecture of the buildings in Hexham they appealed to me a lot (as you can tell!). I was also a little obsessed with the sweeties on the window display, who doesn't love staring at sweets and wishing you could demolish them all without gaining cavities or weight!?  
After we done a little bit of walking we decided to go get something to eat somewhere. I ordered the sweet chili egg noodles with chicken and Rikki ordered the classic 6oz beef burger with chips. This main was delicious and it made me feel a lot happy knowing it was a healthier meal.
 Since we were having a day trip out we splurged on a desert which is something we rarely do - we usually share a starter then a main never get deserts. I ordered the Belgian waffle with ice cream and Rikki ordered the warm chocolate fudge cake with ice cream. This was so bad but so good! I do not regret any moment of this.
 After we were so full off our meals we decided to do a bit of walking to walk off our over filled stomachs! We walked through the city town and through the park where we just relaxed on the grass and admired the amazing views we could see. Once our feet were hurting after a few hours of walking we finally decided to hop on a train back home. I had such a fun day out of Newcastle and can't wait for our next little trip out!

If you's like these posts let me know and I will do more lifestyle blogposts!


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