Thursday, 31 July 2014

None Beauty Favourites

None Beauty Favourites
When wondering around my room to find my 'beauty favourites' of July I had realized as a matter of fact I have more random favourites than beauty. I haven't really been loving much beauty related products this month because I've been more interesting in relaxing in the sun or out on little adventures to even have the time to experiment with new beauty products or purchase any. So I decided to post about my random favourites of this month instead!

Missguided floral kimono
I could never find a kimono from anywhere that I fell in love with other than this one from Missguided so I decided to splurge the £25 on this one last month and only started to wear it this month. I love this! I am still unsure if it suits me or not but I still love the style and colours, I love how summery it is and how easy it is to style with white clothing!

Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume
One of my all time favourite scents is Daisy by Marc Jacobs, this scent gets overly used a lot in summer as it is the perfect floral, fresh and summery scent. I also am obsessed with the bottle itself I am sure you's all agree that the bottle is lovely and is definitely a one to have on display! I've been wearing this a lot on trips out as it is the perfect summery fragrance.

Amazon Kindle
When the sun is out all you want to do is be sat sunbathing in the garden but lets face it, sometimes that can get a little boring and long. So, I like to keep busy for time to fly by quicker and read books on my Kindle. I don't just do this sunbathing I read on my Kindle in the bath or whenever I have free time! A couple of books I have been enjoying re-reading is Beautiful Disaster and Harry Potter.

5 Seconds of summers album
Not big on much pop music but I surprisingly fell in love with this album the second I heard it advertised! I have been listening to it a lot this month a few favourites have been 
 Kiss me kiss me kiss, Amnesia and Don't stop. Definitely check out their album!

Vintage watch
I recently went to a market where I came across this lovely bargain for £5! I absolutely love this watch its vintage too which makes it even more lovely. You twist the side for the watch to work its incredible. I have been wearing this all the time since I've purchased this, it goes with everything - such a simple watch!

Kardashian game app
Bit of a random one but I've recently joined the bandwagon of being addicted to the Kardashian game. Now at first I thought oh I bet this is a typical cheesy 'stardoll' type of game - how wrong was I! I am officially hooked with this game, you start from the bottom and build your character to become a big star by doing photoshoots and getting into big parties with Kim!

Other Favourites
Other miscellaneous favourites this month have been a few TV programmes I have started watching through Netflix: Orange is the new black and American Horror story. I am hooked on both of these TV series and definitely recommend you check them out!  

What have you been loving this month?

Monday, 28 July 2014

Eucerin Micellar Water

Eucerin Micellar Water
 A company got in contact with me a few weeks ago asking if I wanted to try out Eucerin's cleansing water, now I always use micellar waters when it comes to taken my makeup off so I thought why not give this a try, plus it is a 3 in 1 which makes it even more interesting to try!

I don't think the packaging or scent is very appealing but in this case the phrase 'what matters is on the inside' this product definitely fits that criteria. I have tried this for removing my makeup and as a quick cleanse in my morning routines too and both of which I have found incredible. I am usually very weary when it comes to trying new skincare products out but I felt like I trusted this product enough to use this a lot more often than I would with my original Garnier micellar water.

I grab around 3 or 4 cotton pads and dab a bit of this onto the pad then remove my makeup. I found this a lot more softer on my skin than my original micellar water, I also found it very hydrating too as I find these waters can dry your face a little. I also found it took my makeup off a lot quicker and easier too - meaning I only needed 3 pads not 4. This product is amazing for removing my makeup it takes everything off even eye makeup which can be tricky! 

In the mornings my face sometimes feels like it needs a cleanse so I again take this with a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face to remove any dirt. I am so impressed with how strong this product is for picking up any overnight dirt or makeup etc. I really enjoy using this more as a morning cleanse than a makeup remover because I feel the '3 in 1' affect a lot more. I definitely feel like my face has been fully cleansed, toned and moisturized even after using this.


Removes all traces of makeup easily
Cleanses skin
Skin feels and looks more healthier
Long lasting


Smells unflattering
Unappealing packaging 

Apart from the unappealing design/scent to this product it does its justice on the inside. I think I have found a new micellar water that does much more than a drugstore remover would do.

*PR Sample/gift.
Have you tried this product?

Sunday, 27 July 2014

A Walk To Tynemouth Beach

A Walk To Tynemouth Beach
A Walk To Tynemouth Beach
A Walk To Tynemouth Beach
A Walk To Tynemouth Beach
A Walk To Tynemouth Beach
A Walk To Tynemouth Beach
A Walk To Tynemouth Beach
My boyfriend doesn't live too far from the seaside so we decided since the weather wasn't too bad to take a long walk along the seafront and pass by the fish quay. I thought this was the perfect time to bring you's along with me! I love the seaside on good or bad days so I most definitely going to live by the seaside one day!

We decided to head out bright and early so we could spend longer time down the beach getting our feet nice and exfoliated by the sand! We took a little walk past the fish quay and all the fancy restaurants where we decided to stop and get some traditional fish and chips but minus the fish as none of us like to eat fish. We also decided to share a battered sausage as an alternative to fish, we took our food and sat at the front of the river facing South Shields and some boats.

As you can imagine seagulls were pestering us like crazy for our food so we decided to walk whilst eat it. Once we finished we walked off our delicious food with a walk along the seafront heading towards Tynemouth. Once we got to Tynemouth we took a stroll along the pier, we didn't go all the way along but we did get some nice views from where we did go. After spending sometime admiring sites and other areas we decided to walk along the beach.

The beach was crawling with children even though the sun wasn't entirely out it was still really busy! We walked all the way along the seafront and back whilst dipping our feet in the sea. We did come across numerous jelly fish too which was quite a surprise! Once we had enough of splashing around in water and exfoliating our feet we decided to make a trip back.  Only on the way back I spotted a nice ice cream van which of course if you go to the beach it is always a tradition to grab an ice cream too. So we decided to share one whilst walking back home.

I had such a good day out! the weather stayed in shape, I didn't get sore feet off walking so far. So it was quite a successful little daytrip and I can't wait for the sun to come back out again for us to go back! 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Review

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Review
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Review
 I am one of these girls who finds a perfect mascara and never changes it for any others. I have been using Benefit They're Real mascara for a good year now and I figured since so many people are reviewing other mascaras it is about time I end this relationship and find another perfect mascara!

Maybelline great lash mascara gets mentioned so so much in the blogging world so i decided to pick it up and see what the fuss is all about. I am sure this mascara has been out for a fair few years or so if I am not mistaken? but it seems as though everyone is digging it out of there makeup stash again and wearing it.

I love the packaging its very neon and summery! just the packaging alone excites me to wear this that weird? Anyways packaging to one side this mascara has lived up to its expectations in my opinion. I was a little weary because of how thin the brush actually was but I found the brush more useful being stick thin. It does exactly what I want from a mascara which is: no smudging, volume, no clumps and looks natural but buildable.

 I do really like this mascara but I still sometimes go back to my They're Real at times so maybe it hasn't totally blew me away.

It is a good drugstore mascara I have to admit and it does exactly what I wanted from it. My lashes always look very natural but have volume at the same time which is great for day time wear!


Doesn't smudge
Adds volume
No clumps
Natural but buildable
Pretty packaging


Didn't win me over enough to become an everyday staple

Overall I really enjoy using this mascara, it will be a good alternative when I am getting a little bored of my They're Real. But, it hasn't won me over enough to wear every single day.

Have you tried Great Lash mascara?

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

11 Things To Do This Summer

11Things To Do This Summer
Summer is finally here! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the ice cream van is parading down the streets. Summer is most definitely the time of year to get out of your winter slacks and go explore whilst catching a bit of a lovely tan. If  you are stuck on ideas on what you could do this summer then keep reading as today I am sharing 11 activities you can do this summer.

1. Make lots of sandwiches and go for a jolly good picnic with some friends or family somewhere green and sunny.

2. Hit the beach and take your shoes off letting your feet get exfoliated in the sand

3. Plant some flowers in your garden and Instagram all the prettiness 

4. Go on an adventurous walk in the sunshine somewhere quiet and get lost in a good book

5. Grab some friends and go to a festival and watch your favourite artists play live

6. Exercise can be fun! Go for a nice jog down the beach and blast out some music on your ipod

7. Be spontaneous, try something new, visit a new restaurant or go for a sunny drive somewhere new and exciting 
8. Let your hair down by going for a good swim at the beach or a swimming pool 

9. Go for a BBQ and devour some delicious grilled burgers whilst having a chat with some friends and family

10. Go to a park and spend the day trying to catch some bate for your tea!

11. Just have some fun, don't feel stressed, relax and try and catch that tan you desperately want!

What are your plans this summer that makes last summer different??

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Nars Blusher in Orgasm Review

Nars Blusher in Orgasm Review
Nars Blusher in Orgasm Review
Nars Blusher in Orgasm Review
I have lusted and lusted over this blusher in particular from NARS for a very long time but, always hesitated to pay the £22. Until luckily enough one week Cohorted released this blush on there website which I couldn't possibly turn away from knowing that the price will start to drop the more people purchase it. So long story short I ended up getting this blusher for £16.88 rather than its original cost which was very exciting!

As soon as it arrived I was already dipping my Real technique's blush brush into the product and dabbing it on my cheeks..first thoughts I was impressed with both the packaging and the product. The packaging is a lovely design very simple but looks high end with the type used and its layout. I also like how it came with a mirror I find that super handy for travelling and also the product itself looks an appealing colour. However, the packaging gets dirty very easily and it can be a nightmare to remove if you are like me and hate good make-up getting dirty then your ocd will be screaming at you!

I have used this blush almost every single day when I wear make-up it applies on the brush and my face incredibly easy. The great thing about this blush is you only need a small amount and 9 times out of 10 this product will be still on my face hours later depending on how much I apply. It actually look high end as well which is sometimes difficult to tell between drugstore blushers but I felt like this blusher looked more expensive on my cheeks.

This is a perfect blusher for everyday wear, it is buildable as well but personally you don't need to build for it to look more noticeable it is well fitting for day and nighttime. 
My face looks really healthy and dewy with this blusher on I really like how well it sits on my cheeks. I also really like how it also gives you a bit of a highlight as well which at times makes things easier for me because then I don't always have to apply a highlighter as well so its a bonus!

Appealing Packaging
Worth the money
Long lasting
Looks expensive on the cheeks
Healthy, dewy finish
Highlights a little
Suitable for day or night

Packaging get dirty

 I personally would purchase this NARS blush again and pay the full price next time if necessary, it definitely lives up to its expectations there isn't anything major I can fault about it. Definitely worth the money if you are wanting a high end blusher for day or night wear that gives you that healthy, natural, dewy finish.

Have you tried any NARS blushers?

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Garnier BB Cream Review

Garnier BB Cream Review
Garnier BB Cream Review
As most of you's will know I have oily skin so when the weather starts to get a bit too hot I don't always want to wear a thick coverage of foundation. So a few month back I decided to try and find a base product that was lighter coverage than a foundation and would be suitable for the summer. I decided to review how I've been getting on with this product over the past month or so

Before even purchasing this I was won over by the variety of shades and types of BB creams Garnier sell: dry, oily etc etc. There was literally something for everyone's skin shade and type which told me a lot about there range. I've never had any issue with Garnier products in the past so I thought why not try it on days where I'm not going far and see how I get on. I was a little weary at first though in case the heat melted this product off my face or my oils would start to get more noticeable etc.

After purchasing this I did a little research and quite a few mixed opinions on this product, some people said it wasn't long lasting at all and some say the opposite so I was a little concerned about trying it.

The first time I did try this I was a little disappointed with how the consistency was runny and very watery - this did sort of put me off because I am used to matte, thick coverage. But I still tried it out and blending it in with my Real Technique buffing brush I was instantly blown away with the results.

I do think using the buffing brush helped but I was really impressed with the results the coverage was incredible especially for it being a 'light' coverage. I have the odd redness, blemish here and there and even those areas were covered (of course concealer helped too!). It dried into my skin really quick and it was really easy to blend in, I have to say I am really enjoying using this bb cream.

My face looks and feels a lot lighter throughout the day when I go out places, it doesn't agitate me whereas my foundation probably would. Long lasting side of things it does last a good few hours 3-5 possibly but of course after that my face will need touched up with some powder. It is a really healthy, light bb cream for the summer and I am really enjoying wearing this.


Great coverage
Healthy, light
Long lasting
Great shades for different skin types
Perfect for summer


Runny when first pour out of tube

Overall I am really happy I purchased and tried this out despite the mixed reviews about it. I am definitely finding bb creams better for the summer, this has already made its way into my favourites this month!

Have you tried Garnier bb cream?

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A Trip to Beamish

A Trip to Beamish
A Trip to Beamish
A Trip to Beamish
A Trip to Beamish
A Trip to Beamish
A Trip to Beamish
A Trip to Beamish
A Trip to Beamish
 Since myself and my friends have all finished uni for the summer we decided to go on a little trip to Beamish. Its been a very long time since I was last at Beamish..maybe even when I was back at school! For those who don't know what Beamish is it basically is a outside British museum that tells a story from different periods of times: Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian periods. So if you are into your history this is a interesting place to go to!

Once we arrived the first thing we did was got on a tram that took us to a farm and from then on we went on foot. We wondered around where all the animals were at first which wasn't the greatest way to start considering I had chicken in my dinner. But once we finished seeing all the animals we sat down on a table and had something to eat.We all brought out own lunch with us as Beamish is quite pricey for food! I just brought a chicken salad, fruit and some raisins.

Once we finished eating we started to walk again only this time we went inside old houses and even a school with a playground too, where we decided to try and play with the hoop and stick which I just couldn't get the hang of! I was drawn towards a lot of the typography logos, designs etc as you can tell and of course I was drawn towards some of the bedroom designs as well.

We ended our little trip wondering around Beamish town where the famous, yummy sweet and cake shop is. I almost indulged into buying some sweets but I resisted as I know they'd go to waste since I don't really eat sweets. We did however watch someone create cinder toffee and had a sample of that which I liked..however didn't really enjoy the after taste!

Once we finished admiring historic houses, dentists, clothes shops etc we decided to take a trip back to the beginning on the tram and had a little look in the gift shop.

This was such a great day out especially since the weather stayed ok too. I'd have to say my favourite part was the Victorian houses I just loved there interior designs and furniture. I also really liked seeing the dentist area and how they'd deal with peoples teeth back in those days, found it really fascinating!

Do you like history, museums etc?   

Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Bronze of Champions by Benefit Review

The Bronze of Champions by Benefit Review
The Bronze of Champions by Benefit Review
 It seems ages since I've blogged about beauty products as recently my posts have been on lifestyle or fashion - purely because I have been spending quite a lot of time outdoors as its the summer holidays. But, my 'blog to do list' is getting pretty big so I need to start ticking off some to-dos and this is one of them which I was looking forward to blogging about!

I rarely shop at Benefit unless its for a repurchase of the They're Real mascara but other then that I tend to stay clear as I find it a little over hyped, because personally certain products have broke out my skin in the past... 
But, putting the negative thought aside I really fancied purchasing the Hoola bronzer as its been highly recommended by bloggers. So since I had just finished second year of university (at the time of purchasing this) I thought why not treat myself to some new high end products. Instead of purchasing just the bronzer I went for this set instead which was £26.50 it included a variety of other makeup products that I've been lusting to try including the bronzer..bargain! 

Since purchased in May I have been using these products quite regularly especially the Hoola bronzer and watts up highlighter. This makeup kit is amazing for achieving the 'bronze' look and has everything you could possibly need to look like a bronze goddess. I like to use the Hoola bronzer for contouring my cheekbones and nose I think it gives a nice bronze effect without looking to overly bronzed or contoured. 

I also like to use the Wats Up highlighter for my eyebrow bone, cheekbones and down my nose. I am really blown away with how beautiful this highlight looks like on my skin. I think I may prefer creamy highlights to powders as this was noticeable but looked really healthy. It does take a bit of time to rub in especially if you're wearing foundation but when it has rubbed in you definitely see that highlight. Its just a beautiful highlighter I can already see this in my favourites.

I have been occasionally using the eyeshadow products both separate or together and they are really pigmented. I love how my eyes stand out with these together and how easy it is to blend in. I do recommend a eyeshadow primer if you are wanting to wear bikini tint because it does tend to melt off.

Overall, I am really happy I purchased this set it was definitely worth the money and all of these products come in useful! since purchasing this I am considering buying another Benefit set when I get payed as I really liked this one.

What is your favourite Benefit product?

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Oily Skin Saviors

Oily Skin Saviors
  I really wasn't sure on what to call this post because its a mixture of everything to do with having oily skin that I take into consideration, so things like products I use and things I have picked up on etc. Quite sometime ago I mentioned that I have a new skincare routine and that I've seen some results regarding my oily skin and since then I've seen an even more improvement so I decided to do a post all to do with what has worked for my skin and what I've avoided etc hopefully people will find this useful!

La Roche Posay mat moisturizer - I hear mixed opinions on whether using a matte moisturizer is beneficial for oily skinned types or not as apparently it can block your pores or make your oils worse but, as a matter of fact I haven't noticed any of these problems and if anything my skin is better off with using a matte moisturizer because my makeup has lasted longer. This may have something to do with not having combination or sensitive skin. I use the La Roche Posay effaclar mat and I've used this for almost a year now and its been the best one so far for my skin.

REN Combination to oily Cleanser - Only been using this for 3-4 month now and I have seen a difference on my skin, not that I have combination skin but this was the one I was recommended to. I use this either in the morning or after I take my makeup off. My face always feels and looks a lot healthier after I use this and by a few hours any imperfections get dried up. I have read somewhere that gel cleansers aren't good if you have oily skin too which again I don't agree with. I prefer gel cleansers to the creamy ones but its just personal preferences, gel cleansers always feel more refreshing and lighter to my skin than what cream cleansers have. If anything when I used to use creamy cleansers my face clogged up a lot and it did nothing regarding any imperfections I have. 

Witch Hazel anti blemish primer - I've used this primer for years now even got some of my friends trying it out too because I rave on about it so much. It never lets me down it does exactly what it says which is stops any blemishes throughout wearing your makeup. I do think wearing a primer is beneficial if you have oily skin that is just my personal opinion because I do notice a big difference. Primers get over looked a lot of the time but without mine I can guarantee my makeup would melt off by the end of the day without one. This definitely helps maintain my shine it keeps my oil at bay for longer than it would without this. I don't have to worry about my makeup melting because this keeps everything locked into place..but of course my face does have that glow anyways just this stops my makeup from fallen off or breaking out!

Quick fix oily to spot prone skin mask - This I've used for a good few months now and cannot fault or recommend this enough to people with oily skin! I did a review on this here where I compare it with the famous Origins charcoal mask basically I find this a cheaper alternative dupe costing around £5. I think charcoal masks benefit having oily skin a lot - again personal preferences. Just whenever I use any charcoal mask my pores feel tighter and my face doesn't feel or look oily. I use this face mask once or twice a week depending on time and leave it on for 10 minutes. I think without this my face would most definitely be more shinier and probably breakout a lot more so if you are wanting a new treatment and have oily skin definitely search for a charcoal mask I find the smelly, dull coloured masks work the best for me.

Clean&clear daily oil free wash - Clean&Clear gets overlooked a lot because I think a lot of people associate it as being a young teenage skincare treatment. I am all for daily facial washes I love using them when I wake up they refresh my face and gets my skin feeling more prepared for the day. This daily wash I've used for a few months now almost every morning or evening where I just spend around 2 minutes rubbing it in then washing it off. My skin definitely feels more cleaner and a lot less oily - I have reviewed it properly here if you want an in-depth review on it. But I do think using a oil-free facial wash helps especially in the morning before you start prepping your face. Another facial wash I love is the Neutrogena 2 in 1 this is another daily wash I find amazing for reducing oils!

LUSH love lettuce exfoliating mask - I find exfoliating very useful if you have oily skin because it gets rid of all the access dirt and helps with pores too. This is a one I have been using for a little while now its not a scrub its a exfoliating face mask but I prefer this to my facial scrubs as you feel more results using a mask that has exfoliating bits in it. I have reviewed this mask here awhile back. It is definitely a favourite of mine as it removes all the access oils from my face and opens up my pores a lot more, along with other amazing benefits like reducing redness and blemishes!

These are all my current products I've been using the have helped with reducing the access oils or makeup melting off. Without any of these I can guarantee my face would fall apart, I am unsure what product it is or if that all have helped me with keeping that shine away for longer and I now don't have to worry about my makeup ever fallen off which is amazing! I was going to include a tips and tricks to this too on what I find useful if you have oily skin but I might do a separate post on that if you are interested!

What are your oily skin saviors?

Sunday, 6 July 2014

A Spontaneous Haul

 When I've been tidying up my room I have been coming across certain objects that I've realized I haven't blogged about yet so I decided since its been a very long time since I last done a haul to collect everything I've accumulated the past few months and put it all in one. I've done minimal shopping these past few weeks because I've been enjoying more day trips out places and keeping my money for that instead of shopping! But, of course there has been little treats here and there from markets and shops etc etc so I thought to just collide it all into one big haul.
These are the only 'beauty' things I've purchased recently which is a big shock to me too! The Maybelline great lash mascara was something I've been wanting to try out for awhile so I splurged on it when the Boots had there 3 for 2 on. Moroccan Oil was something I was running low on so I ordered myself another one which is the smallest sized one because these last me so so long. The Benefit dandelion powder/blush face product was actually spent wisely, I had £20 worth of Birchbox points so I decided to splurge on a Benefit product this costing me only £3.50! Can't wait to try it out as it looks super cute.
 This bag is from Primark for those who have seen my past hauls you may have came across the coral version to this one. My mam actually spotted and bought me this which was kind of her so I was over the moon when I saw it was the same but in pink. These bags are perfect because they fit everything I need in: umbrella, purse, keys, phone, bit of makeup and a snack.
These are another Primark bargain I got these last month for £16 and only started wearing them recently. They have sold out super fast so I am so glad I got my hands on them when I did. They are really comfy but they do feel a bit heavy at times on my little feet but, they're stylish and look lovely with my lilac jeans.
 I have recently been to a few markets here and there and the last one I went to I picked up these earrings. They aren't to everyone's taste but they are just too cute..iced gems in a little jar?! too cute and they cost me £4. The neon pink sunflower bobble was from Missguided I got awhile back to get my free next day delivery.
I got this absolutely ages ago but I've never mentioned it before which is odd considering its so beautiful! I got this from Urban Outfitters, it was a more of a 'I've just finished uni' kind of treat to myself. I carry this with me whenever I am on the go it just holds all my essential makeup and hair items in. Its very summery and I love the daisy print - its a perfect makeup bag.
I was over the moon when I found out that 5 Seconds of Summer's album was released so I ordered this off Amazon as soon I found out. I love this band I saw them live when I saw One Direction and I am loving them! The watch is probably my most favourite thing out of this haul because I found it at a market stall! first off its vintage - you have to wind it in order for it to tick 'amazing' and also I payed £5 for it! absolute bargain I love it!
Both of these were also from a market I've recently went to both costing me £1 each! I thought this storage box would be amazing to hold memories in or photographs etc. It was the typography designs that drew me into buying this box surprise surprise! The photo frame I almost didn't buy because I have way too many as it is but for £1 I could not leave it there.
All of these DVDS were bought from HMV sale, basically I've been in the mood to watch some cartoon animated movies so I decided to get a few that I love watching! I kind of regret buying these now though since I've just got Netflix but oh well still love them!

That is everything I have been buying over the last 2 months or so. Bit random I know and includes no clothes which is a shock to me too! I am really happy with some of the market bits I've picked up.

You been shopping lately?


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