Sunday, 31 August 2014

A Day To Alnwick

A Day To Alnwick
A Day To Alnwick
A Day To Alnwick
A Day To Alnwick
A Day To Alnwick
 Hi guys another lifestyle post here only this time we took a car ride up to Alnwick. I am making the most of the rest of my summer by going on these random drives to little villages/towns because once I am back to uni I will be back to being a hermit who studies 24/7. Anyways I decided to blog another trip out, I did hesitate to post this up as the picture quality isn't the best and they look very similar to my other lifestyle posts but nonetheless I enjoy reading these posts so hopefully you do as well!

Once we got parked up since we were driving for a good hour or so it was dinner time and we all fancied a Costa. I got the wild cheddar, tomato and ham toastie with a chai tea latte - I've never tried a chai latte before until now it has always been on my bucket list (I kid you not!) so I decided to finally try it. Turns out I love this drink its incredibly sweet and definitely a winter toasty drink to have!

The weather did look like it was going to rain but luckily it didn't so we were able to have a little browse around some of the shops. Yet again you can see a theme of things I like to take photos of so I took a few snaps of shops that looked appealing! There was plenty of dainty, cute shops that sold some lovely little pieces for your home. But what caught my eye the most was the lovely, jaw-dropping display of cakes my eyes were dotting everywhere! I ended up getting the giant french fancie cake which I demolished when I got home. I did take a photo of it here it was a delicious little treat to go with my tea!

We did take a little wonder around where Alnwick castle is but unfortunately we didn't go inside on this trip but I am definitely wanting to go in next time as Harry Potter was shot there once which is crazy! I came across a couple of lovely little trinklets to store rings in and some amazing seaside themed pieces of deco. When I move out I can see my bathroom being decorated with the seaside theme as the beach is associated with lots of happy times!

Once I got back home that was when I delved into my delicious french fancie with some tea whilst reading the Hobbit. It was such a lovely day out and next time I make a trip there I will definitely be going into the castle.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Drugstore Favourites

drugstore favourites
So since I recently posted my high end makeup favourites here I decided it seemed only fair to dig out my drugstore favourites and give my reasons why I love them too. I have a lot more drugstore favourites than high end but I resorted to just 5 which was hard but these are the products that stand out the most for me or have been repurchased.

Sleek au Natural Eyeshadow Palette

This has been a favourite eyeshadow palette of mine for both daytime and nightime wear. If I am honest I usually always wear my Naked 3 or Too faced palettes but this will always be my favourite drugstore palette. You really are spoilt for choice with the colours its such a versatile palette. I always find this is handy to have on me if I don't want to take something more expensive out with me. I really want to try more of these eyeshadow palettes especially their latest one as they are so pigmented!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Think I speak on most of the beauty bloggers out there that this is an amazing drugstore concealer for coverage. I have probably repurchased this more times then I care to admit! I have tried a variety of others but I always return back to this one. I just love the coverage it gives under my eyes and over any spots! I can't really fault this product its just a good all round coverage concealer! It will probably always remain a drugstore favourite until I find something else.

Soap&Glory Brow Archery 

Won't go on too much about this is I posted a review here but, this has been a recent favourite of mine - maybe around 2 or 3 months now but its straight away went into my drugstore favourites. Without this product I would be spending a heck of a lot longer filling my brows in. So first off let me point out this shapes and fills my brows a lot quicker then any other product I've used! - AMAZING. The colour is the perfect shade for my fair little eyebrows which is quite hard to come across if I am honest. My eyebrows don't look as dark and suit my skintone a lot more. This just is a perfect quick, long lasting brow product to have!

Bourjois Java Rice Powder

Alright I will hold my hands up and admit I purchased this product because of its really appealing, vintage-like packaging. This has all round ticks in my opinion it not only is really appealing on the outside but the inside is just as good. This is perfect to sweep across your face where the sun naturally hits you, any area you want to highlight this product does it really well. I have not used this as a powder I always prefer it as a highlighter for my brow, cheek bones. It looks healthy, smells great and lasts a long time! - Perfect product right?!

Soap&Glory Glow All Out 

A bit of a sucker for the Soap&Glory makeup if I do say so myself they have such amazing products for every part of the face! so another favourite has to be the glow all out powder/blush. I use this as a blusher or sometimes as a highlighter depending on my mood/makeup look I am going for. It works amazing for both so it is very versatile which as you's should know by now I love! Its a lovely peachy, pink shade not too light but not too dark and it highlights really nicely. Just such a lovely product to have and yet again the packaging is a winner!

I have just realized I have not included any lip product favourites in this post or my high end favourites too. I guess there is no lip products that are totally winning me over at the moment! I love all of these products and really recommend them!

What are your drugstore favourites?

Monday, 25 August 2014

Soap&Glory Brow Archery Review

Soap&Glory Brow Archery Review
Soap&Glory Brow Archery Review
I have lusted and lusted over this eyebrow pen for months but every time I go into a Boots store to purchase it they never have any in stock! until recently I hit lucky I wondered in the store with my mam just merely having a browse until I saw one of these left in my shade (the lightest one). I figured my mother is a lucky star considering everytime I go in here alone or with someone else it is never in stock!

I have to fill my eyebrows in because if I don't I will look bald because they are just too fair. I usually use Benefit browzing to fill my brows in but I've been finding this a little too filling and dark - even though I use the lightest shade. So I was hoping that this brow pen would be a lot lighter and suit my skintone a lot more. Which it did.

I started playing around with this pen when I got home that evening, you do have to rub a lot harder when you first use the crayon because it comes out very light at first but, once you've mastered that you are good to go! I tend to use the felt tip to draw out the shape I want my brows to be firstly. Sort of like an outline. I then go ahead with the crayon side and fill them all in.

I maybe should have included an image of my brows with the Benefit browzing and this to see the difference its made. But, I can definitely see a difference they are 100% a lot more natural and lighter. This has been an everyday staple in my makeup routine now! I do love my browzing compact but I think that is more for a thicker, darker shaped brow. Its summer and I like my brows to be light and simple so this is perfect to use!


Easy to use
Brows look natural and light
Handy to have in your makeup
Lasts a long time
Appealing packaging


Hard to get ahold of
Have to press on a bit at first

Overall, I am loving this brow product and will continue to use this everyday! I don't want to put my browzing palette aside because of its price but, for the mean time this is perfect for me and it gives an amazing natural finish!

Have you tried S&G archery?

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Daytrip To Corbridge

Daytrip To Corbridge
Daytrip To Corbridge
Daytrip To Corbridge
Daytrip To Corbridge
Daytrip To Corbridge
Daytrip To Corbridge
Daytrip To Corbridge
I went up to Corbridge a few days ago with my dad originally to check out the amazing carboot sale fair (here) where I found some fabulous pieces! Afterwards we ended up checking out Corbridge's little village and stopped to grab something to eat too. I saw some amazing quirky sites, buildings so me being the typical blogger I took some photos of what stood out to me!

So once we got parked up we wondered around the lovely village until we came across a little, cute tea room. The good thing about Corbridge is there are several dainty, little tea rooms for eating so you are spoilt for choice! Once we found one we sat down and started deciding what we were going to have! This little tea room was very quirky with its chalkboards and cake displays everything was very cute! it felt like a little house because of the layout with the stairs and the single toilet etc.

 I ordered the tuna and cheese panini melt and you got a side of salad with that, for drink I had green tea with citrus. Which all went down a treat! I did almost order the chai tea latte as I have always wanted to try this (its even on my bucket list!) but, I gave it a miss for this trip.

Once we finished our lovely little lunch we started to take a little walk around the village and window browse some of the shops. I came across so many lovely dainty shops with little trinklets, sweets, books etc! We also went into a cute little bakery to pick up some scones and bread, I was the girl in the background just taken photos of the macaroons. I love macaroons but I wouldn't pay the price for some of them.

Once we finished checking out the village we decided to make our way back home. I had such a fun day out overall it went really well came across some goodies at the car boot fair too!

I think next week we are going to Alnwick!

Friday, 22 August 2014

High End Favourites

High End Favourites
I decided to talk about some of my high end beauty products favourites that I would repurchase again and again and would recommend to others.

Naked 3 palette
I think this is pretty much most bloggers favourite eyeshadow palette it has been mentioned and hyped about so so much! I think personally this is a favourite of mine not just for the amazing pigmentation in shades and product but, because I got this for almost half price *if I remember correctly* off Cohorted website. I definitely recommend everyone to try one of the Naked palettes out because they are perfect for both day and night plus, they have amazing colours for every outfit! write it on your Christmas lists!

NARS 'orgasm' blush
 Again another Cohort purchase so didn't pay the full price of this which is always a winner! I absolutely love this blusher it gets used every single day day or night. I have kind of neglected my other blushers 'woops' because I enjoy using this one so much. It just suits my skintone really well and looks very healthy on the cheeks. Really worth the price.

Benefit the bronze of champions kit
This was probably my last big splurge on a makeup product, I got this back just before I finished uni as my 'reward for finishing second year' any excuse really. I am really happy I purchased this it is definitely a no regret kind of pay. You get all of the amazing products such as Hoola bronzer, Waats up highlighter and the They're Real mascara. You also get two eyeshadows and a lipgloss too. Incredibly useful and handy to have in your makeup, it is also really useful to buy if you are wanting to try out a few of these products it saves you spending double the price for bigger sizes.

Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation
Not that I have used foundation over the summer but, when I have used it its never let me down. I can't really fault this product - if you are more on the dry skin side I wouldn't recommend this as the foundation picks up those areas quite noticeably. It has amazing coverage which is buildable that is always amazing, you only need a tiny amount of this too! It is very long lasting and looks nice and healthy. Perfect foundation I have not came across any others that can compete.

Benefit They're real mascara
I have tried numerous mascaras and none has been as amazing as this one to me. It all depends what you are looking for in a mascara but for me I am looking for length and volume. This mascara is amazing for lengthening those lashes without the clumps or smudges of makeup! I admit there are some really amazing drugstore mascaras but I always end up returning back to using this one.

What are your high end favourites?

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Is Blogging a Fairytale?

If blogging is a fairytale or some sort of fantasy than I missed the memo because I did not receive my talking unicorn or magic carpet in the post. Recently I have came across a couple of statements from different social medias insinuating blogging is either a fairytale or not a real career path. Words such as: 'fantasy', 'unrealistic' or 'not real' have been thrown around in different areas so I got the notion that outsiders look at blogging as a comical community that are living in a dream. These statements really influenced me to blog about this fairytale/unrealistic notion but, as I type I am unsure what I am even going to talk about but here goes something or nothing...

Not everything is for everyone
Lets face it most of us would love a full time career in blogging I know it has crossed my mind a few times but, that doesn't make it a fairytale ending for all of us or means we have sleepless nights thinking of this. Not everyone will be excuse the expression 'hunky dory' over blogging because its not for everyone and it will be the same situations for other hobbies, jobs etc it isn't for everyone. I know I wouldn't want to spend my free time playing football but I'm not going to judge the people who do by saying its a fantasy/unrealistic career. The more I think about this the more I feel like certain outsiders disagree with blogging - the reason why this is I am unsure but, what do I say to that? let them and continue.  

Put it together and what have you got..
Every blogger has a different reason to write what they do whether its fashion, beauty, life, photography, inspiration whatever it is we all have a story to tell. I started blogging because I was for years watching beauty and fashion bloggers/Youtubers and always wanted to start something of my own where I write reviews or post what I get up to. I did it for myself not for fame or money I just wanted to document things I've been doing and review things I enjoy or don't. These sort of posts become useful to others especially reviews as they are really useful to read before spending that money on something that doesn't work for you. Reality is, probably most people in the world find reviews useful even if its reviews for hotels or food we find it useful.

An unrealistic career

If blogging isn't realistic than I must just be imagining the past year and it must really be a fairytale. The notion that blogging isn't a 'real career' is bizarre and quite frankly mistaken, some bloggers started blogging because they want a career path in it. I disagree with the statement that its unrealistic because you see bloggers splattered all over magazines for their inspirational beauty, fashion styles. I think people outside of the box of the blogging world presume its just sitting infront of a screen in your pajamas writing what you love/hate but, its a lot more to it then that and its different for everyone. If my goal in life wasn't to graduate and work in the design industry I would possibly love a career in blogging because its never ending and always interesting!

When you wish upon a star

Blogging means something different to all of us but I don't think any of us wishes its a fantasy, fairytale where we are all whisked away by a prince charming and live happily ever after. For me it is (like my basics part of my blog says) a little area where I can blog and chat about all the beauty/fashion related things I enjoy where I don't annoy my friends but I share with all you blogging fanatics! So for outsiders to presume we are living in a fairytale world just tells me a lot on what they know/don't know about this community. 

Their is probably a lot more I could say on this post but the main thing I wanted to talk about was what these statements actually mean to bloggers like myself. It doesn't mean I am living a perfect lifestyle because believe me I don't and it definitely doesn't mean I make wishes every night to have a fairytale ending. If outsiders want to disagree on what blogging is all about then let them it isn't for everyone and not everyone knows the ins and outs to it. If bloggers want a career into this industry the outsiders need to mind their own business and stick to what they know.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Samples I Have Tried

Samples I Have Tried
So recently I mentioned in my summer spending ban post here that I was rummaging around in my drawers to use up some samples instead of going out and purchasing new products. So I decided to blog every now and then maybe 4 or 5 sample products I've used and review them rather than use one and forget blogging about it - which is something I tend to do when it comes to sample products. So these are the 4 sample products I have been using recently...

Balance Me Eye Cream
I am a sucker for a good eye cream so when I got this in my Birchbox last month I put my Origins eye cream aside and started using this one. Haven't noticed much of a difference I mean yes it hydrates and keeps the bags away a little but other then that I don't think it is as good as my Origins ginzing eye cream as that tends to do all the jobs for me, including reducing puffiness and tiredness. This does have a pleasant scent to it mind.

Moroccan Oil
I purchase the sample size of this every time my old one is about to run out. I use this maybe twice a week after washing my hair and it is just the perfect hair oil for me. Is a bit expensive but worth the money! I always find the sample size is a lot better to purchase because 1. its cheaper and 2. it lasts a long time still. So definitely value for money! This makes my hair very soft and adds a little bit of shine to it which is always good with ombre hair!

Benefit Rosie Tint
This one is an oldie of mine been stuck at the bottom of my blusher collection abandoned and forgotten about. Poor guy. Anyways I have been using this a few times in the summer and it just gives you the perfect pink cheeks. It is a bit fiddly as I am not a lover of liquid formulated blushers but once you get the adjust of that its really simple to apply and it looks very natural on the cheeks.

Laura Mercier Body Butter
I had a love/hate relationship with this product oddly enough. Its odd because I thought I would love Laura Mercier products but this body butter didn't do it for me as much. Purely because of the strong, rich scent it has - I found it too strong and it lingered too even after washing my hands, the smell gave me a massive headache and sickly feeling. Which has never happened to me before not that I can think of anyways. Other than the overly rich scent the formula itself is very moisturizing and adds a touch of radiance I thought anyways.

What samples have you been trying out? 

Monday, 18 August 2014

Corbridge Fair

Don't you just love last minute arrangements to go somewhere? well this was one of those moments. When my Dad phoned me up one morning to ask if I fancied going to a car boot sale fair down in Corbridge I jumped up and down 'metaphorically' and said yes. I was so excited to go to this fair because 1. I have never been to a car boot sale in a very long time. 2. I was excited to find some antique/vintage goodies! So I decided to blog what amazing random things I came across!

When we arrived there the weather was near enough perfect not too hot or cold - it was a little windy though my hair was really frustrating me but, I was too busy letting my eyes wonder from car boot to the next to even care about my wind swept hair. Their was so many amazing car boot sales and some amazing goodies stashed away beyond it! The day started very well because just on the first car boot we looked at I found a brown, leather satchel for £1. Of course I had to pick that up because I love satchels especially ones that are vintage. What a good start that was!

If I had my own place I can guarantee I would collect tea cups I just love taken photos and admiring them..bit unusual to collect but I really love how dainty they all are! we walked by numerous car boots that were selling some tea sets but I didn't let my curiosity get the better of me! Their was also lots of retro gadgets being sold such as cameras, videos, game consoles everything! I even came across a Playstation 1 now those were the good days! I didn't purchase any of the retro gadgets but I had to take some photos of them because these sort of things bring back childhood memories so they are happy photos!

On one of the car boots I came across a little box full of different bits of makeup so the typical beauty blogger that I am I delved into the box of amazing-ness until I came across the Urban Decay setting spray. Holy moly. The second I picked it up and saw it was only £1 I was stunned. It was completely full too so straight away I give the woman the pound and wondered off very happy. But, it got better I came across another car boot that had some beauty products so I again delved into the box and came across Toni&Guy sea salt spray! I was actually going to purchase this once I got payed so to see this at 50p and still full I couldn't say no, this saves me the extra pounds. 

Now I am a sucker for anything involving elephants so I did keep my eyes peeled for some elephant trinkets - I saw some amazing ornaments which I didn't buy, I probably would if I had my own place though, My dad however did buy one elephant ornament which was really pretty! I did however come across an antique clock which I thought was a really nice sized item to have on my bed side table. I have always wanted a vintage clock so I snapped this bargain up for £1 again!

I had such a fun day out at the fair that I want to go to more! these sort of antique/vintage fairs are one of my favourite things to come to because I enjoy purchasing things that have been pasted down or have a story to tell. Once we looked into every single car boot sale (And I mean every single one) we decided to wonder through the little village and grab something to eat. I did take some photos of the town too so that will be in another post soon!

What has been your best market/carboot bargain?

Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Summer Spending Ban

How To Budget Your Money
For those who don't already know I am a student which means when the summer arrives it becomes a bit of a stretch to keep all of your last student loan back until the end of September. Now, I would go look for a job but I am wanting to put 100% focus into my last year of university which is why I took this summer as my last 'chilled out' before things get serious. Anyways relating to this post I haven't been spending much money this summer so I haven't been buying much beauty or fashion items unless they are an essential. I decided to share an update on how I am getting on with my summer spending ban and maybe this could be useful to any of you shopaholics!

Bank card stays at home
I refuse to carry my bank card when I go out with me unless I have no cash on me at all. If I know I have money on me I will most likely want to impulse buy so this is my no1 essential tip! If you have no will power to not bring your card with you I sometimes give it to my mam to keep for me, not even joking. It works though!

Out with the new and in with the old
Since I am missing out on all of the amazing new products being released 'cough They're Real Liner cough' I have been digging out some of my oldies but goody makeup or beauty products. One product in particular has been my Soap&Glory mother pucker gloss sticks they are brilliant for summer! I have also been digging out some of my Birchbox samples and using them instead of splurging on new stuff - this has really helped me keep my hands away from shelves in shops!

Bargain hunts
The only time I've really impulse purchased has been when I've went to markets. I have been to a few markets around my hometown and both times I've picked up bits and pieces. The great thing about it is how inexpensive everything is! I did a post here on one of my market finds where I only spend a little amount of money. I've came across a vintage watch and a leather satchel those were my favourite bargain hunts! Markets are really great though because they are incredibly inexpensive.

Only buy the needs
I have obviously splurged here and there but not as much as I have done in the past. The odd necklace or piece of clothing but nothing too drastic as you can tell with the no hauls I've done! The only time I've spent money has been on essential things like stocking up on moisturizers or foundation. My foundation isn't cheap either so money does add up in the end.

Avoid shops/hauls
This has been my hardest challenge yet because I love reading peoples hauls or reviews on new products. But basically I've set myself a challenge to not read those posts just in case I get badly influenced to go shopping! I've also kept my distance from the town. Spent a lot of my summer keeping active, going on walks or little day trips away places - I have rarely been in my home town to even want to look in shops so this has helped.

It has been a challenge at times but it has done me good in the long run so I am glad I stuck at doing all of these because I have now not been properly shopping in months, it sounds so depressing but I am glad I haven't caved as much. Keeping away from the shops and not taken my bank card out with me have been the biggest help for me!

How would you handle a spending ban?

Thursday, 14 August 2014

August Birchbox

August Birchbox
August Birchbox
Since the June and July Birchboxe's I received didn't blow me away as much as usual I was really hesitant about continuing my Birchbox subscription. I decided to see what I would receive in my August Birchbox and decide from then whether or not to cancel my subscription. Thankfully this months box really impressed me so I will be continuing my subscription with Birchbox, yay! Now onto the most important thing and that is what I received and my thoughts!

What a mouthful to type out! this product really grabbed my attention because it is an exfoliating face wash. I love exfoliators so as you can imagine I have already tried this and first thoughts: I would say it definitely makes your face feel renewed. Can't wait to see more results its very pleasant on the skin!

This again caught my attention because of its deep blue colour of the gel I found this quite appealing. I love shower gels so this will definitely be getting used.

Having received something from this brand in the past I was quite excited to try another product. However, I rarely use styling or drying products on my hair so I don't know when this will be getting used. I guess I could always spritz it onto my damp hair and leave it as that.

Never tried a CC cream before so I am unsure what to expect but Superscoop claims to even out skin tones and fine lines so I will give this a go sometime and see what it does as its got me curious.

 I was very happy to receive a makeup product again this month especially an eyeshadow with a colour I will be using most likely in my crease. The packaging is very appealing as well so I am excited to try this out!

This I found quite interesting to see in a beauty box, I received a snippet of The Proposal novel which has never happened before. I am quite happy to see something extra that is perfect for throwing in your bag so I can't wait to read this!

Overall, I am really happy with this months Birchbox especially happy to see an exfoliating wash and a makeup product but, I am really loving the makeup bag my products came in its very useful to carry!

What do you think of this months Birchbox?

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Road Trip to Morpeth

 Today happened to be my Dads birthday so we decided to spend a few hours of the afternoon driving up to Morpeth for a little adventurous walk. I figured why not blog about what we got up to and take a few snapshots of some of the appealing things I saw on my journey! 

First off once we got parked up we decided to walk the dog through the park. The park was unbelievably noisy and full of kids but that didn't stop the scenery looking beautiful and summery! If the park wasn't surrounded by kids I probably would have got a lot more photos of the scenery because it was really lovely to see. We were walking close to the stream so we were able to see numerous numbers of ducks, herons etc. Further along the river on the other side we saw a couple of really astonishing, gorgeous houses! at this point we were all imagining living in those houses..I can dream I guess!

Once we crossed back over the bridge we took a little wonder past some more lovely houses then wondered into the central town. This is where I got camera crazy over all of the lovely art deco and typographic buildings. If you's have been reading my lifestyle posts for awhile now you will know I love typography so this area was right up my street. We walked past numerous 'shabby chic' shops which made me realize I wanted to make another trip here in the future but take a bit of money with me so I can have a wonder in some of the shops! There was a cute little tea shop that really grabbed my attention so next time I come back I will be going in!

Once we wondered through the town we decided to stop for a drink/ice cream before heading back home. Of course my lifestyle posts never seem to be finished without an ice cream photo so here is another amazing one! On our way back we decided to take a pass through Belsay and admired some of the little villages.

I really enjoyed this little trip out for a few hours and I am hoping we go on a few more before I go back to uni!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Bleach London Hair Crayon Review

Bleach London Hair Crayon Review
Bleach London Hair Crayon Review
Bleach London Hair Crayon Review
A couple of weeks back when I was grabbing my essentials in Boots I came across the Bleach London hair crayons for around £4 so I thought..I've always wanted to dye/colour the ends of my hair in a pastel pink so why not try these crayons and see if I like them! They have a variety of colours too so I will definitely be grabbing some more next time!

When I finally got around to applying it I placed the ends of my hair on a towel on a hard surface where I was able to put pressure on. I took the crayon and just started 'colouring' the ends until it was near enough the way I wanted. The bad side about doing this was how fast the crayon got blunt so it was a constant every 2 minutes of sharpening involved. 

It is a little time consuming and it does take a lot of patience especially with resharpening the crayon. I realized my patience was running out when my crayon was half way used already! (the disadvantages of long hair!) You can sort of see some of the results it left my hair in the photo above - unsure why the light has made one photo look darker than the other. I didn't colour all of my ends because by this point my sharpener broken! which was really frustrating.

In terms of long lasting I have noticed this colour still in my hair after the odd hair wash so they do stay in like the box says it does. However, I found after a day of this in my hair the ends felt very dry and tatty so I don't like leaving it on my ends for longer than a day. These are perfect for festivals or holidays away because of them being inexpensive 

Variety of colours
Nice outcomes
Perfect for festivals
Easy-ish to apply
Last a few washes
Get your moneys worth

Constantly resharpening
Sharpener breaks easy
Takes a lot of time/patience
Creates a bit of a mess

Overall, I am glad I tried one of these out because even though I didn't manage to finish my ends off I still liked the results it gave! it made my ombre look a lot more appealing. Apart from the constant resharpening and the sharperner actually breaking I am satisfied with the results and will probably repurchase another.

Have you tried any of the Bleach London range?

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Apps I am Guilty of Downloading

Apps I am Guilty of DownloadingBit of a different type of post today but lately I have saw a lot of bloggers do random posts whether its 'best free apps', 'best motivation apps' or 'fitness apps' whenever I see something involving apps/phones I tend to always read the posts. So, I've decided to create one of my own - this being the 'apps I am guilty of downloading', their is quite a few I am guilty of having whether I have joined the band wagon or even payed for.

Amazon Kindle
Again like Netflix already have the actual purpose product (Kindle) but downloaded the app because my Kindle isn't always on me, its useful when my Kindles flat or when I am on the go but don't take my Kindle out with me. It is handy to have if you enjoy reading loads! - but the downside to having this is how quick and simple it is to still download books on. I get carried away more on this because of the recommendations!

When I first opened my Instagram account I didn't care as much as I do now for editing. I've downloaded numerous editing apps 'more than I care to admit to' but, this is my favourite. It not only is great for editing but it can collage your photos too - so who needs Squaredriod?! Anyways, the reason its guilty is because I have become a little ocd with some of my photo editing. I won't edit when I am out and about but, if I am at home or have a little bit of time I will spend some time editing. Wouldn't say that is something to be guilty of doing but it can be if I spend a long time editing - woops.

Kardashian Game
I joined the band wagon of this game last month I first thought this would be a little too young and a bit like 'Stardoll' but, its really not. At one stage I was hooked to this game to the point where I splurged £3.99 on some points just to finish a photoshoot 'face-palms'. I wouldn't do that again mind! 'impulse purchase right there!' Anyways I am not as addicted to it now as I was, Simon got a little too annoying to play this game as much. It is a fun game to try though! just don't get carried away with wanting points like I did!

Have to incorporate some beauty into this post somehow and Beautylish is one of many of the apps I am guilty for having. It's basically an app where you type in a product for example: Benefit bad gal mascara* and you can read a tonne of reviews on what people thought of it. This app is really handy especially on the go if you are in Boots and really unsure on a product to buy this is a good 'go to' app for quick reviews! - apologies if I have currently made you download this or encouraged you to shop more.

I have this app for a good 3 or 4 month now and I do find it incredibly useful to have. Myfitness pal is basically an app where you can keep track on what you eat and how many calories you are in-taking. It can get a little obsessive if you are really into watching your weight etc. I've even saw people remove this app because of how obsessive it can get. I don't use it that much but its good to find out whether something is high or low in fats etc! I don't think I have used this for a full day though purely because I don't have the time and I think if I did I would probably let the app be in control on what I can or can't eat which isn't what I am after.

That is my top apps that I am guilty for downloading. I probably could of included some more so maybe in the future I will do another post. I am probably most guilty on having the Kardashian app purely because I impulsed the £3.99 for some silly points. I would say no regrets but I cringe everytime I remember. never mind!

What are your apps you are guilty for downloading? 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Primark OOTD

Primark OOTD
Primark OOTD
Primark OOTD
Primark OOTD
Primark OOTD
Since the weather was quite warm and I was blogging anyways my little adventure out down to the fish quay/seaside - post is here, I thought it was a good idea to do an ootd post whilst I had my camera at hand too! Getting two posts done in one day is a successful day to me!

The weather may not look at all warm but it was and it eventually picked up as the day went on! I decided since I was going to the coast to wear something that was letting my legs get some colour but wasn't going to blow in the air with the wind so I decided to wear a little playsuit! This was incredibly comfy to wear and I never had to adjust myself or anything I would do if I was wearing a dress.

For weather purposes I decided to plait my hair again - if any of you's have medium/long length hair you's will know how frustrating it can be in the summer to wear down! This just kept everything out of my face. For accessories I just grabbed my white 'willy wonka' styled sunglasses to match what I was wearing. I also just brought a pastel pink/off white satchel sort of bag that was big enough to fit some suncream and my camera in. I don't really like carrying big bags in the summer for some reason.

I kept my jewelry at a minimum with a little anklet and an elephant necklace and completed my outfit off with my little white sandals which are my comfiest summer shoes I own for walking!

Surprisingly everything (apart from jewelry) is from Primark which really shocked me! what can I say I clearly love Primarks fashion at the moment!


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