Monday, 29 September 2014

A Mini Lush Haul

A Mini Lush Haul
Since the crispy leaves are starting to fall from trees and shops are stocking up on their thick, knitted jumpers it seems only right to say that Autumn is officially upon us - which is exciting! Whenever the weather starts to get even the slightest bit cold that is my queue to start raiding LUSH for their gorgeous bath ballistics and face masks. Having already saw a sneak peek into what this Autumn/winter stock is at LUSH I am already keen and excited so, I couldn't wait another few weeks I just had to have a little browse and treat myself now! - it has been a long time coming.

It has been awhile since I have been able to treat myself to any bath products so I couldn't help myself when I saw how pretty the display of colorful bath ballistics were. I held back a bit (waiting on the new stock) but I did purchase two of my all time favorite bath ballistics Twilight and Granny takes a dip. I am sure you's have all heard or saw these two pretty bombs before their scent is incredibly relaxing and sweet so if you like sweet scents you may like these. I have struggled not to use these but now I can because I have wrote this post finally that makes me excited for my bath tonight! These are definitely my favorite comforts for pamper evenings or stressful days because of their pretty designs and colour!

I have tried 3 or 4 LUSH face masks in the past so I really wanted to treat myself to a new one that I have not tried. I went for Catastrophe cosmetic face mask purely because I have heard so many amazing compliments on this and it contains blueberries. Which makes a change to garlic like my last LUSH mask. I have already used this once and goodness it is incredible! I will do a full review on this when I get the chance. It supposedly smells like blueberries but I found it smelt a lot like palma violet sweets so it definitely has a relaxing, pleasant scent to it.  

Last thing I purchased was the Fair Trade foot lotion this is something unusual for me to purchase but basically after I go running or when I wear my shoes for a long period of time they start to hurt or get a little hot. My mam uses this foot cream so I know what is expected from it and that is it cools and soothes your feet. Kind of like a foot massage cream! It smells very minty, refreshing and you keep it in the fridge just like the face masks. I apply a bit of this just before bed and let it dry in overnight. It definitely cools your feet down after a long day and my feet feel incredibly soft and back to normal the next morning. Worth asking for a sample if you are on the move a lot or get sore, hot feet!

And that is all the things I picked up from LUSH I am glad I only bought a few things because I can sometimes get carried away in that store. Which no doubt you will see over the next few months!

What is your favourite LUSH product?

Sunday, 28 September 2014

An Afternoon at Warkworth

An Afternoon at Warkworth
 This was a spontaneous trip that was 'to be continued' from my morning trip to Amble, we decided to spend the afternoon at Warkworth which was a short drive from Amble. Originally we wanted to visit the castle that you were able to see from the seafront of Amble but that lead onto doing other things like shopping and window browsing around the little street!

I think I had my Harry Potter head on when I saw this castle, even though I am aware Harry Potter was not filmed here it did influence me to watch Harry Potter when I got home! If you like architecture and historic buildings then definitely come up to Warkworth. My dad is really big with history so he was dishing the dirt on this castle to me which was quite interesting. Stuff like this really fascinates me I think I mentioned this in my Edinburgh blog post here too when visiting the castle. After we had a good look at the castle we decided to head back down the street and check out a few shops.

Places like this are great for finding those unique home-ware bits from random little shops that are only in one small area. We had a wonder through various shops one being a more of a travel gift shop where we were surrounded by chutneys and jams. Yummy! Once we finished having a look at a couple of shops we decided to cut though a little lane and look at the river.

We saw a couple of very pretty, big cottages/homes where we were yet again imagining living in one of those. It must be a nice site to open your window and see a river with lots of swans and herons, a bit peaceful. One thing that really stood out to me was this lovely, little couple who were sat on a bench for ages talking and watching the view. This was lovely, I don't know why I took a photo of it but things like that really make me smile and make me want to live like that when I am at that age.

After taken numerous photos and taken in lots of views we decided to make our way back home. Warkworth is a lovely little place to go to if you want to visit a bit of architectural history! it is quite a small area but its incredible beautiful to visit.  

Thursday, 25 September 2014

A Few Favourites

A Few Favourites
Haven't been posting many favourites within the past few months purely because when summer kicks in I either just relax in the sun or go out on adventures too lazy or adventurous to even try new products. Over summer I have been rather boring with my makeup and skincare so nothing was worth showing in a favourites but since the weather is getting a bit on the nippy side I have been exploring a lot more! I decided to share a few favourites of mine.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Cleanser (here)
Cleansing gels get over looked a lot by people with oily skin - there has been discussions about whether it damages your skin or not but personally its helped mine. Basically this product has been a hero for reducing any access oil on my skin. My makeup lasts longer, I don't get shiny as quick and my face generally all round feels a lot healthier. If you have oily skin I would really check out this cleansing gel and don't be put off by it because of it being a gel formulation!

Toni&Guy Sea Salt Spray
Most of you's will know by now I refuse to use heat on my hair I used to rely on it a lot when I was younger but now I am completely heat-free. I know people associate texture and waves with the summer but, I really like texture even in the colder months it can totally revamp a pony tail by adding a bit of 'poof' to it. I discovered this spray at a car boot sale (50p bargain!) and use it every now and then to give my hair a lift. I vary between this and my VO5 textured spray but this is a little better. It gives texture without it looking sticky or as though you've glued your hair together. It is easy to apply to your hair and definitely gives you that 'texture sea salt' effect for a few hours.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer (here)
I love this stuff a little bit more than my Urban Decay primer potion it just blends in a lot nicer. Definitely keeps my eyeshadow locked on throughout the full day! I really recommend people try this out it is just as good as Urban Decay if not better. I really like how this primer uplifts my eyeshadow completely and remains that way for the full day.

TheBalm Cosmetics

Been digging out a few products I have had for awhile this being one of them, these are lip and cheek tints. I purely use it for my lips it just gives a lovely pigmented pink to them and lasts a fair amount of time. Doesn't last all day but does last quite awhile for a lip tint. I really like the packaging of this too super pretty and reminds me a lot of Benefit! - may need to try this as a cheek tint...

Benefit Watts Up Highlighter

I thought I was a powder highlight kinda girl but turns out I love the creamy formulation just as much if not better! I love this highlighter because you have more control with it as you simply rub it in the areas you want then blend it in. I blend it with my fingers you definitely see a bigger difference to what a powder highlight gives. I use this under my eyebrows just to brighten that area up and I am really impressed with the results it definitely highlights that area and makes my brows look a lot stronger and noticeable.

What have you been loving recently??

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A Mini Stationary Haul

A Mini Stationary Haul
Hello lovelies! I am about to start my third and final year of university very soon and of course whenever a new term is about to begin new stationary is a necessity to purchase. Since I am a design student the only essentials I really needed to purchase was not including boring a3 folders/portfolios is paper and sticky notes. I probably own way too much cute stationary already but the simplest, dainty pieces of new stationary can really start off your term with I right or am I a little too obsessed with stationary to be excited?!

All of this beautiful stationary was from Paperchase apart from the sticky notes. I always shop at Paperchase if I am wanting cute new stationary because they always have amazing, quirky pieces to stock up on! They create the simplest bits of stationary and totally revamp it into something exciting and worth using. I went a little crazy and ended up purchasing more than I needed...

The olive/emerald green book is actually plain paper because as a design student paper is essential for drawing mock ups, ideas, scribbles etc. How dainty and pretty is my lined notebook with the birds? I have quite a few notebooks with this sort of design on as it just appeals to me a lot! I always buy new notebooks for lectures, note taking or any sort of plan involving uni all goes in here.

Post it notes and a tiny plain paper notepad are my random bits of stationary that I find incredibly useful. A lot of the time in our course we jot down different ideas on one post it note and by the end our wall is covered with a variety of colourful ideas to choose from! really recommend you to try this if you are a design student. My cute, quirky notepad is where I jot down all my random ideas when I am on the train, travelling wherever I am if I come up with an idea that needs wrote down/drawn this is what I will use. I use this for blogging ideas on the go too! - feeling very organised!

I used to love having big fluffy pens when I was a child so when I saw this pink one with an owl on top I just had to pick it up because..well I get bored of plain black pens for writing stuff down it will brighten up my work!

Do you love stationary as much as me??

Sunday, 21 September 2014

A Morning to Amble

 Myself, my dad and his partner decided to go on a morning adventure drive up at Amble to have a little snoop at some of the pretty, dainty shops and take a walk along the sea front with the dog. The weather wasn't looking too bad today so I figured it would be a great day to blog my little outing and make the most of the rest of my time off from uni.

When we finally got parked up I was very anxious to get out the car and have a wonder on the seafront because I love the coast everything about it has so many happy memories! At the time we had went along the coast we saw several boats coming in with lobsters, crabs, fish etc in boxes so it seemed as though the fisherman had a successful trip! It was a little bit chilly walking along the pier you can definitely feel the 'winter is coming' line from Game Of Thrones. As we went further along I was able to see some lovely views from behind one being the Warkworth castle which stands out a lot.

After we had walked the dog along the seafront and took in all the beach fresh air we decided to have a little wonder up in the village and grab something to eat. I came across so many lovely petite tea rooms, I think I am becoming a little obsessed with pretty tea rooms because that is one of the things I look out for on these adventures. This one was incredibly pretty with the coastal ornaments and dainty milk bottles filled with flowers - which I want to recreate myself! 

Since the village was a bit small a lot of the tea rooms were quite full or didn't have enough seats outside so instead we decided to grab a takeout panini, mine was chicken, bacon and cheese which was yummy and ate it back in the car. We decided since we had the rest of the afternoon to do things before I went back home to drive to Warkworth too, so look out for that post soon!

Amble is a lovely place to visit it is perfect for walking your pets down the seafront or just to get some fresh air, it is also good for finding cute, unique homeware and visiting lots of quirky tea rooms!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

5 Eye Products You Must Have

 What an eyeful right?! Excuse the ridiculous pun I have to! When it comes to applying makeup eye products play a significant role in my everyday routine. Without any sort of eye product my face would feel pretty much on the naked side of things and not fully complete! I have not included any brow products in this post because I think I have talked enough about how much I love my Soap&Glory brow archery pen so with that being said these are pretty much other eye staples in my everyday kit that I believe everyone should have in their own!
5 Eye Products You Must Have
Too Faced Primer
I feel as though this product tends to get over looked because everyone instantly snaps up for the Urban Decay primer potion but, having tried both I can say this primer should be just as much up there with UD. It blends in super quick and nicely then sets your eye shadows perfectly in place for the rest of the day! What I like about this primer is it somehow brightens up my eyelids just that tiny bit extra than it would without using it. I love this primer probably just as much as my Urban Decay one only this one blends in a lot faster and smoother.

SoapGlory Supercat Liner
Coming from someone who is absolutely useless when it comes to applying eyeliner I have to admit the Supercat liner has been the best I have used for applying thin, black liner on the top eyelid. I could always master the bottom line with ease but the top was always a challenge for me until I tried this one. It is pretty much a felt tip liner but it goes on so easily and rubs away easy too if you make any mistakes (like myself!). It lasts all day without a single smudge! Definitely love this eyeliner probably the best I have used.

Benefit They're Real Mascara
This has always been a reoccurring favourite of mine even when I change my mascara up I somehow always manage to return to my trust worthy They're Real. It has never failed me in any ways, it literally does everything I expect from a mascara which is: length, little bit of volume and no smudge throughout the day. I am much more bothered about having panda eyes by the end of the day than volume in a mascara so the fact this does all really impresses me, well worth the price.

Too Faced Natural Palette
This is the most prettiest, appealing eyeshadow palette I have ever came across. I know everyone including myself loves (yet again) the Urban Decay range (Naked palettes) But, I wanted to talk about another huge favourite of mine. Too Faced are slowly starting to appear in my Bloglovin feed a lot more which makes me happy because it is one of my favourite brands! This eyeshadow palette is great you are spoilt for choice especially if you love pretty, shimmery shades. This palette is perfect for both day and night or even both they are that pigmented to work for both and last the whole day. Its just the perfect neutral palette and is just as good as the Naked palettes if not better.

Rimmel Scandeleyes Nude Liner
I cannot explain how much I love this eye liner it is the most amazing creation for wanting brighter looking eyes. Even on those days where your eyes look tired or poorly this little product can totally revamp your whole face. I love using this to brighten up my tear line and it definitely does the trick. It blends on so nicely and looks very appealing on the just makes everything brighten up. The only issue I did have with this was it didn't last very long on my lid but that might be a fault of my own and not the product.

What are your favourite eye products?

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Students On A Budget Tips

Students On A Budget Tips
Being a student is hard I know this having struggled myself over the past few months of the remains of the summer. Impatiently counting down the weeks until I receive my next student loan. Since some of us are heading off into college or university I decided to share some secrets on how to save money whilst being a student, some of these are pretty obvious but there are a few glorious discoveries I have thought were pretty nifty to share with all you shopaholics!

Number 1 Rule

This is a hard one because I know once we all get our loans a lot of us are going to be heading off to freshers, the night life and spending our money on new things - a lot of impulses will be made! In my case I will want to spend all my money on makeup, clothes, new furniture...the list is endless but I am limiting myself this time. A good tip I always find useful is not bringing your bank card out with you - Believe me I know this is really hard but not having it stops you impulse buying and limits your money a lot more so this is my number 1 tip! 

Budget Your Money In The First Term

I know what it is like to see all of that money in your bank and wanting to spend it on anything and everything all at once. Believe me I've been crazy a few times myself! If you are heading off to student accommodations or even attending fresher events it is important to try your best to budget your money. Only take say £20 out on one evening and maybe the next evening take £15, always limit on your spending because we all get carried away thinking we are millionaires then a few weeks later BOOM we are down most of our loans and having to live on super noodles and borrowing money off people. So always try and budget your money especially in the first term.

Use the Internet

There are thousands of amazing websites that are saving you money/discounts instead of buying something in store that costs you £80. A few websites that I think are quite useful are VIPWardrobe - this is amazing you rent out an outfit and send it back once you have wore it this saves you loads of money and has some lovely dresses for occasions. Other websites that I find save you a bit of money are Cohorted - the price drops the more people buy the product an amazing bargain hunter! Everythings5pounds - this is always a hit and miss but sometimes there are some nice clothing pieces if you keep your eyes pealed. Also take advantage of your student discounts it is there for a reason! I always forget that certain shops online or in town accept discounts, you save yourself a bit of money!

Jot it Down

This one is most boring and easily forgetful (in my opinion!) it is keeping a notepad or jotting down in your phone how much you have spent. Similar to budgeting your money only you are keeping an eye on how much you are spending. This is something I try to do (emphasis on the try!) It is a little boring and can take the fun out of spending money but, it helps you out in the long run and you find that the more you budget the longer it lasts so the more fun you can have with it in the long run.

A Turn For The Worst

  If things get that out of hand where you are unable to pay your months rent or buy your parents Christmas presents than these are some other things you could bare in mind. Buy none branded food - none brands often have a cheaper cost therefore it is worth baring in mind if you pay for your own food to maybe swap your Heinz beans for Asda's own brand. Sell stuff - this is definitely a turn for the worst if you are desperate for money like I have been this summer then sell bits of clothing, technology anything that you don't need and use websites like Facebook cheap page, Depop, Ebay, Gumtree all of these websites are what I have been selling my pieces on. Pre drink - Even though I live at home in the past when I have been out I rely a lot on pre drinking rather than spend a fortune in bars, it does save you the pennies and you can still get involved too!

That is my money saving tips for students I hope they were sort of useful if not a little bit of a fresh recap for us all. I hope you's all enjoy your experiences at university or college whatever it is you are doing!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A World Without Blogging

Mid way through typing out my 'blogging is a fairytale' post I came up with this idea of imagining a world without blogging because lets face it a world without blogging kind of effects not just the insiders but the outsiders too, so I really wanted to get into another deep, meaningful discussion post. So grab your cups of teas and get ready for another ramble!

The obvious
Calling this the obvious because I probably speak on behalf of most of the bloggers out there that the first thought you imagine when you think of a world without blogging is nowhere to vent or nobody to talk to about beauty/fashion things and having to bore all your friends and family with these interests! Well this was my first thought anyways. A world without blogging means no connections to people within this area discussing our interests! it means there is nowhere to become friends with others who have similar interest to you or able to attend any events!

The second sort of obvious
The second thing that springs to mind is keeping up to date on trends, new launches, styles etc. This is probably another serious problem. Without this I can guarantee my skin, hair and body care would be all wrong! Especially skincare as that is forever being updated. Without blogging I don't think I'd know as much knowledge as I do now about taken care of my skin or what style goes with what or even some of the nifty tips and tricks I have picked up along the way! So without blogging I can assume my makeup and skincare wouldn't be as maintained as it is now.

Thinking outside the box, literally
I have written a few things that are obviously coming from a bloggers perspective but I am trying to put myself a year before now when I wasn't blogging and see what it is like. For an outsider this is also effective because even though you are not blogging you are still finding blogs/websites useful for advice, opinions, reviews all that sort of stuff so it doesn't have to be beauty or fashion inspirations it could be recipes, places to eat, personal problems, reviews the lists endless. I remember a few years ago coming across a blogger who posted a lot of DIY and I found it incredibly useful even when I was younger so without blogging for all ages does affect everyone because if there is no recipes then the is no cake - if you catch my drift!

Let's get personal
For me a world without blogging would mean not meeting and becoming good friends with other bloggers, it would also mean not having some 'stress-uni is too much evenings' in blogging chats. I love those chats! I have made some lovely friends through having a blog and some of these I would class as adding to my Christmas card list friends - that is some serious friendship right there. 

Nowhere to turn

I think for insiders and outsiders a world without blogging is affecting all of us in different ways, shapes or forms. What I mean by that is 99% of us all have scrolled onto Google to find out 'why my face is breaking out' or 'healthy food recipes' or 'DIY rooms' whatever it is we have all researched something that we are in need of some help. I have gone onto Google thousands of times for numerous answers and a fair amount of times I have came across a blog post for my answer. Blog posts give legit, personal, detailed answers to what you are searching for most of the time - they are a lot more beneficial than what a short and sweet no image reviews on Boots website are. So to round this ramble paragraph up without these useful blogs we are stuck with resources like Wikipedia or snippet reviews on websites for our answers so I think blogging needs a lot more credit than what it gets given as it has probably helped numerous amounts of people in the past.

Think those are my most significant, sticking out of my brain thoughts on what it would be like to live in a world without blogging. It is a scary thought to think of if you take a step back and really get your brain ticking on this subject! but just to get you's back into reality blogging is still well and truly up and running, thankfully!

What are your first thoughts to this topic??

Monday, 8 September 2014

Day Trip To Edinburgh

Day Trip To Edinburgh
Day Trip To Edinburgh
My boyfriend and I decided to take a trip up to Edinburgh for the day mainly to visit the zoo and castle but, we managed to get quite a lot done in a small space of time and of course, I blogged my day trip! We wanted to get a good day worth of Edinburgh so we hopped on the train for 6.30am and returned home at 6.30pm given us a solid day to admire and site see some of the grand architecture!

Once we got out of the station we were overpowered with grand, magnificent towers and buildings from every angle. The first place we visited was Calton Hill which once climbed up on you can see some incredible, mesmerizing views of the city. Of course, the photos look a little dull at the start but baring in mind we were up in Edinburgh in the early morning, still was a lovely view. Once we spent some time up Calton Hill we decided to get the bus to Edinburgh zoo, one thing that I found a little irritating was how you needed the exact right amount of change to get on the bus. Whereas at home you were able to pay with five-pound notes and receive change so this was a little unusual to Newcastle.

When we got our tickets and our map we started making our excited, childlike selves around the zoo starting with the meerkats. I have created a post just on Edinburgh zoo (be up soon!) if you want to see some of the animals we came across. I think my favourite has to be the tiger only because when we stopped to take photos he let out this massive growl that made us all jump. I also really liked the penguins especially their cute little waddle and the way they go to sleep is quite amusing. I forgot how huge the zoo was so by the time we made it right to the top of the map our feet were shattered and we were starting to get a little hungry. After spending a good 2/3 hours in the zoo we decided to take a little peak in the gift shop before we made our way back into the city.

Eventually, after spending a good half an hour deciding we finally went to the Hard Rock Cafe for something to eat. I was really excited to try this place as I had heard so many amazing things about the food. You definitely see/feel the 'rock' side of things in this cafe with the guitars all across the walls and the music blasting. We both ordered a classic burger with crispy fries that came in a cute little pot. Unfortunately, we weren't blown away with the food and for the price, we paid we didn't think it was worth it. The chips were amazing but the burger itself to me tasted very much like a Mcdonalds hamburger. The good thing that happened was we ended up not being charged for the chips so that was a lucky hunch!

After dinner, we decided to burn off that burger with a walk up to Edinburgh castle. On the way to the castle, we popped into the national museum and looked at some of the amazing paintings/canvas. I love museums or any sort of gallery involving art and history I just get fascinated with what influenced the artists and why etc. After walking up massive hills that had our chests going crazy we finally made it to the eye-catching castle. I love how this castle isn't on the flat ground and you are able to see the natural wear and tear of the cliff eroding. I also really liked how traditional and historic it all looked too with the grand entrances and canons popping out building walls.

We decided to spend the rest of the time by wondering around in unknown areas to see where it took us. First off we landed in a little market and of course, if you have read my previous lifestyle posts you are will know I love a good rummage in markets. We took a walk up some narrow streets with cute, dainty shops such as the bookshop photograph I took. We somehow ended up wandering through one of the university campuses which eventually somehow led us to some mountains which I believe was in Holyrood Park. I would have loved to have climbed up the mountains if I had longer time!

I had such an amazing day at Edinburgh we do wish we stayed overnight so we had time to visit some other areas too. Definitely will be returning. I was shocked as to how much we got done in just one day the zoo, Calton Hill, the castle, shopping, museums and Holyrood Park. Edinburgh really is an amazing place to visit if you love site seeing and knowing about historic artefacts. As I type this now I can tell you that trip paid off as I have been walking around like one of those penguins at the zoo my feet hurt that much! Was all worth it though especially going to the zoo.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Benefit Dandelion Blusher Review

Benefit Dandelion Blusher Review
Benefit Dandelion Blusher Review
For those familiar to Orange is the new black you's might find the name of this Benefit product 'dandelion' a little bit amusing like I did. Anyways, I noticed recently after last months Birchbox here that I had enough Birchbox points to purchase a product over £20. So I decided to try another Benefit product out this being the powder/blusher.

I only payed £3 for this little gem and the other £20 was used with my points, but was the £3 worth it? I am not entirely convinced. I am still unsure what this product actually is, is it a face powder or a blusher? I am really unsure. I can only give you my review on what I have been using it for and that is a blush.

The packaging is incredibly pretty, probably the nicest Benefit one I own so far. I like how compact everything is and how it came with a little brush which I find really beneficial! which is odd because I never really use brushes that come with products it is very rare. I also like how it comes with a little mirror so its handy to carry around to touch up with.

Now onto the most important part how I got on with the product itself. I am really unsure what this is I have heard its a face powder but to be honest if I swept this across my face I'd look like the pink panther so I guess it depends on your skintype. I am quite fair so I settled with this being a perfect blusher. I tend to mix this blusher with my NARS orgasm one because its just too light on my skin. It does look lovely swept over NARS blush it almost highlights the area which is great!

I am totally blown away by this product though, its actually been sat at the back of my drawer 'forgotten' about recently. It isn't my to go to product unfortunately. I may need to research how people wear this product because it seems a shame to keep such an amazing packaged product locked at the back of my drawer!


Appealing packaging
Pretty colour
Very compact

Confusing on what it actually is
Not sure its worth the money

I think I will have to research into how people wear this product and maybe give it another try! I don't want to see this locked in a drawer unwanted.

Have you tried this product out?


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