Thursday, 30 October 2014

My Pamper Essentials

My Pamper Essentials
 When deadlines get piled on top of you or you've had a bad day at work or even just because you fancy treating yourself, pamper evenings are something that can cheer me up and take my mind off whatever it is that worried me. I love pamper evenings they almost always 99% of the time make me feel relaxed/stress free and a lot better than I felt beforehand. I usually have pamper evenings a lot more through winter because 1. Colder days of course mean longer baths. 2. Uni deadlines get chaotic. 3. My face goes through some winter/dry changes! Since the colder months are now upon us I decided now was the perfect time to share with you some of the pamper essentials I use when I am wanting to relax and feel stress free!

Tea lights or Candles
No matter what the reason is for needing a pamper session candles are always on the agenda. Candles can really bring a room to exactly how you want it to be in my case relaxing and soothing. As we know the darker nights are getting nearer and nearer so by 5/6pm we are seeing the night sky! Which alternatively means dim the lights and light half a dozen candles around your bathtub! This is always a relaxing, pleasant thing to do to start a pamper evening!

Bath Bombs or Bubble Bars
Another major essential when having a hot bath is to have something going on in it like bubbles or a bath bomb fizzing away! One of my favorites I like to use is LUSH Twilight bath ballistic this goes from pink, to blue then creates a purple midnight sky colour to my bath! Also near Christmas I tend to use a lot more bubbly products and create a Santa beard...childish I know.

Face Masks
Some of the time when I want a pamper evening it is down to feeling a little dull about my skin. So I sometimes like to kick back in the bath and have a face mask on I have heard face masks are bad to use in the bath. But, I haven't seen the bad side to things so I still continue using them! Some of my favorites are from the brand Origins or LUSH and whenever my face is feeling dull these masks always brighten up my face by reducing any access oils, redness, blemishes etc! These always cheer my mood up and my face.

Books and Snacks
If I am going all out with a pamper evening I like to chill in the bath for a good half an hour or maybe a sneaky hour! With a face or hair mask on to pass the time by, but whilst I am waiting until I can take the masks off I like to read a book on my Kindle. I have currently been reading Beautiful Disaster again for the 50th time whilst relaxing back. I also sometimes like to splash out excuse the pun with some chocolate. Here I have one of my favorite chocolate brands Green&Blacks I always buy the small size because I won't feel guilty for eating it all! 

After the bath essentials
Once I have washed my face mask or whatever it is off I get out, get dry then apply a body butter to my skin. The Soap&Glory sugar crush body butter is my all time favorite body butters. It smells delicious and who doesn't want to smell delicious after a rough day?! Once I am moisturized and in my pyjamas I put the kettle on and make either a green tea or if I am feeling incredibly naughty a hot chocolate with cream! I then go onto sometimes painting my nails and watch a film usually a Disney movie or Harry Potter. I do anything enjoyable that allows me to relax and take my mind off!

What are your pamper essentials?  

Monday, 27 October 2014

Current Favourites

The leaves are turning crispy brown, long days are getting shorter and more beauty essentials are being swapped and changed. Autumn is officially among us! Whenever the weather starts to change my beauty regime tends to follow suit which results in buying and trying. I am always on the lookout for products that will brighten my skin up and keep it in shape throughout all seasons, so with that being said here are a few favourites I have been using through the autumnal season so far!

Catastrophic Cosmetic Face Mask - LUSH (review)
LUSH face masks are a must all year round but as the season gets chillier I tend to try out a lot more! Having read lots and lots of amazing reviews on this face mask I decided to give it a try. This mask is incredible for keeping your skin looking healthy and moisturized which is something I need in winter! Oh it also smells like palma violet sweets which makes you want to eat your whole face. Definitely recommend trying this out for those chilly evenings where your face needs a little kick of hydration!

Polka Perfume - Primark
I have seen Primark release full bottled perfume of there own brand a couple of months back but only recently did I discover these roll-on size for your handbag. I fell in love with this scent it smells a lot like a dupe to Lady Million/Marc Jacobs, very woody, floral scented. This has been great to throw in my bag to touch up throughout the day and for £2 you cannot go wrong. Primark always keep impressing me.

Naked 2 Basics - Urban Decay
Purchased this amazing treat off Cohorted website a few weeks ago for the incredible price of £15 bargain or what? I was super excited to try this out. I've been wearing this palette for daytime and evening wear - most daytime though. It is amazing, lasts all day long without fail and always creates natural looks. This will be coming with me when I go to London in December as it provides hardly no space at all.

Vaseline Rosy and Cocoa Butter (review)
Vaseline have recently brought out a new design for there packaging which looks very classy and vintage to me. I binned my old tins and purchased these new ones because I just could not leave without them. I've got one of these on my bed side table and the other is in my handbag - they're just very lovely designed and it has made me relive childhood as I used to always use Vaseline growing up!

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
 This is almost a recent rediscovery product because ages ago I reviewed this primer and if I am honest it was pretty negative. However I received this product in My Little Box and decided to give it another chance. Turns out my skin adapted to it a lot better this time around and I have been using this every day. It keeps my makeup looking healthy and fresh throughout the day and stops me getting as oily quick - I misjudged!

What have you been loving recently??

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Festive Lipsticks | Makeup Revolution

Hi lovelies! So I am sure by now most of yous will have heard of the wonderful, easy on the pocket brand Makeup Revolution by now! If you haven't then you are missing out and must get onto their website after you have read this post of course! Makeup Revolution has recently just released there atomic lipstick collection in all of these mind blowing but practical colours. I now can say I own a green and brown lipstick which are perfect for Halloween and other festive occasions that are upcoming!

These perfect, autumnal lipsticks are at a staggering price of £1 each! Which is definitely an investment worth checking out that won't break the bank, especially if you are planning on getting dressed up this Halloween or are in need of a different shade! I will give a little breakdown on what each lipstick is.

The Make it Right lipstick is a very dramatic and intense dark purple. This is definitely worth having if you want incredibly dark purple lips with a tiny amount of shimmer. I love wearing this at the moment even more than my Revlon kissable balm stains!

The Make Me Magnificent is a lot lighter shade of purple but only this time it has a lot more shimmer than Make it Right. I love this lipstick! I wasn't so sure at first but once applied onto your lips you definitely see a lot more pink tones rather than jet purple.

Make me Tonight has a more of a creamy consistency which I prefer especially in winter. I was a little sceptical trying a brown lipstick but I think with a tiny coat of purple over it can really give a more plummy look!

Ruby is of course by the name is a creamy, bright red tone. This is incredibly pigmented! I only applied a tiny amount of this onto my bottom lip and rubbed both lips together. If you want the Cruella Devil or Maleficent look then definitely get this! 

Serpent is a dark, sea green sort of shade with a tiny hint of shimmer. If you are going for the classical old school witch look this Halloween then this might be worth purchasing! This lip shade is probably not my go to for an everyday look! 

Overall all 5 of these lipsticks are incredible not one of them felt dry or what a £1 lipstick would usually feel like. Seriously these were really smooth and pigmented that lasted a long period of time throughout the day. Some of these shades are perfect for a Halloween look too!

*PR Sample/gift.

What is your favourite shade of lipstick?? 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Autumnal Scents

Autumnal Scents
Autumn is here! which means days are getting shorter, leaves are going crispy, purple lip shades are out and lots of candles will be burning - in my case anyways. Whenever the evenings get darker earlier I get too excited and always stock up on candles. Last year I went super crazy with a Yankee Candle haul here which always makes me happy to look back on. So I decided to create another one but with Autumnal scents! p.s I am not great with scent describing!

 I have finally got my hands on a wax/oil/tart burner so I was able to purchase a Yankee tart oh the excitement. I only bought one tart because they surprisingly last a very long time to burn. This is in the flavour Wild Fig which is very lusciously rich and fruity so if you like scents that are like that then definitely give this a whiff! The colour is very autumnal right?

Everyone seems to love the Yankee candle in Salted Caramel so I decided to order a sample. Surprise surprise I hate it. Seriously it is overpowering with sweetness, burnt sugar and vanilla caramel. Now don't get me wrong I absolutely love the taste of salted caramel but this was too strong for me and even gave me a headache. It is currently locked in a drawer because it is too strong to even have out on display. But if you like strong, sweet scents you may possibly like this. Definitely a great candle for given strong scents.

Blissful Autumn is in my opinion autumn in a candle! It just smells exactly like autumn: fruit breezes, woody all them sort of scents. I think this is my favourite out of them all because it definitely has that autumn flavour to me in anyways. It is quite relaxing too, something I would burn whilst sat in bed drinking a cuppa and reading a cosy book!

Last Yankee candle I purchased was Lake Sunset which out of them all got me the most curious. This smells very musky but according to Yankee website this is "the serene beauty of the sun's golden ray as they dip into still blue waters, calling to mind the musky descent or nightfall" It seems like a very relaxing scent that maybe my insomnia candle for those stressful, sleepless nights.

What are your favourite Yankee candles??

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Polka Perfume By Primark

Polka Perfume By Primark
Perfumes are great little inventions to keep you smelling beautiful and fresh. They are even more amazing when a miniature sized roll-on or spray bottle is released for us ladies to throw in our handbags for little touch ups! When wondering around Primark I stumbled across a cute, little range of Primarks own brand of perfumes. Now you can slap my hand and call me silly because I assumed these perfumes would not be to my taste or would possibly smell a little cheap given the prices: £6 for a bottle or £2 for a roll-on. But, I did a little bit experimenting with smelling each perfume and to my surprise I fell in love with Polka.

This was a revelation to me and what was even more of a shock is my own mother also loved the scent and has ended up returning home with two different roll-ons! These are incredible for throwing in your handbag's and for the small price of £2 you cannot go wrong. Me and my mam both think this smells a lot like a dupe to the Lady Million or a tiny bit of Marc Jacobs so if you like fresh, woody, floral scents definitely check Polka out next time you are in your local Primark. 

I have been wearing this just for general on the go days to uni or quick nips out to town. I have received a few compliments so you could definitely pretend to be wearing Lady Million and nobody would suspect a thing! Definitely a great size that takes up no room and lasts a little while. Obviously with it being a Eau de Toilette it won't last you all day but for the size you can always top it up throughout the day! 

They do numerous other scents too so you have plenty to choose from! The full sized versions of these perfumes are very dainty - one even looked a lot like Daisy by Marc Jacobs with the cute little flower as the lid. Definitely check these out.

Overall I think these make incredible little handbag essentials or even little gifts to someone in a Christmas box?! I am really impressed with Primarks range of perfume and I am flabbergasted that I would love a perfume as much as this for a small £2!

Have you tried Primarks perfume brand??

Thursday, 16 October 2014

My Little Box by DVF

My Little Box by DVF
Since I was unbelievably flabbergasted with last month's My Little Parisienne box I decided to keep my subscription going because quite frankly I was so impressed with the quality of the box I just had to have a few more lovely treats! I will probably unsubscribe after Christmas because I like trying other boxes but in the mean time this is the best I've came across so far! 

This month's My Little Box teamed up with the wonderful Diane von Furstenberg who is for those who do not know a very stylish fashion designer who is all glitz and glamour so she knows what pieces go with what! Once I opened my box and undid the beautiful bow I was happy to come across another little greetings card since last month's card holds a place in my picture frame. This time the quote reads "be the woman you want to be" - Diane, which is a beautiful quote and would make a lovely little note on the back to someone who is in need of cheering up! I am really enjoying receiving these greetings cards as they always come in handy.

Behind the greetings card was a cute, little magazine filled with lots & lots of interviews or some nifty tips and tricks that us girls must know! Within the magazine popped out a beautiful, dainty red lip pin/badge. Which is supposed to represent a kiss from Diane that "embodies confidence". When I first saw this I thought this would look very cute on a handbag or a simple coloured coat. Nice little piece to have!

Once I finished unraveling everything within the bow behind was a enveloped shaped box and within this was a leopard print scarf which you can definitely tell is Furstenbergs style! I will be honest when I first took a glimpse at this I wasn't entirely keen on the colour or texture as I like big, thick knitted scarves. However, that being said on the envelope itself on the inside was a guide on different ways to style this scarf: head, bag, neck etc which was a lovely thing to see as I sometimes forget these ways to style!

My Little Box always saves the best till last as right at the bottom of my box was another cute, dainty pouch full of amazing beauty treats! The first thing I pulled out was a Keratase Lacque Noire hairspray which is incredibly useful considering I am scraping through my last ends with Tresemme hairspray! Anyway's I am very curious about what make's this hairspray special to be in this month's box so I can't wait to test this out on my waves! The next product I pulled out was from My Little box brand again only this time it is a micellar water which I was super excited to find as I love micellar waters! They are the only products that removes my makeup without my face breaking out so I cannot wait to test this out. Lastly I received a L'Occitane hand cream in vanilla which is always a nice scent. Great time to be sending out hand creams since the weather is getting fairly cold! The size of this is amazing for throwing in your handbags so that is where mine will be going!

Overall I am really happy with the quality and effort in this month's My Little Box! A lot of thought went into this again and some amazing items chosen by Diane that will come in handy during winter which I cannot wait to try. I definitely think this box is worth checking out because not only do you receive some amazing beauty products, you receive lifestyle and fashion bits too! 

Are you in love with this box too??

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Vintage Vaseline & Nifty Tips

Vintage Vaseline & Nifty Tips
Vaseline has been one of those major staples every woman has had in their lives whether it is in makeup collections, handbags, bed side tables whatever it is we have all had one somewhere in our lives. Vaseline has always had a place in my makeup drawer because it is one of those products that can get used for multiple things and most of you will know by now I love products that have more than one purpose. Clever little inventions!

When wondering around in Boot's purely just for another moisturizer I spotted these newly designed packaging's for Vaseline which of course sucked me into buying. I binned my extremely old, ratty Vaseline tins and decided to update them for these vintage looking ones! The Rosy lips has a place in my handbag as I do like how it gives you a bit of colour and the cocoa butter is on my bed side table. Because let's face it these new designs look a lot more appealing than they did before. It looks more feminine and a little classy with a touch of a vintage side because of the bold prints. I think Vaseline definitely did well in updating their market with these new designs, a lot more people are going to want to purchase these because of how pretty they will look.

I decided to include some ways you can use Vaseline other than for chapped lips just to spice this post up a little! These are a few I have used in the past or some I find most useful.

1. For dry chapped lips
2. To stop hair dye from going on your skin apply a bit of this around your hair line within your face before dying your hair.
3. Before putting shoes on to stop them from hurting NOT TOO MUCH THOUGH!
4. Little coat of this on your lashes to let them grow 
5. Put it on areas you get dry: feet, elbows, knees etc
6. Apply a bit of this on your wrists before applying perfume - meant to last longer
7. Great for those disastrous days where your ring is stuck on your finger!
8. Tames bad eyebrow days!
9. Apply tiny bits to end of the hair to maintain split ends
10. When you have a dry nose off colds etc apply a tiny bit of this to it
11. Apply to your cuticles to keep them in good shape/moisture!

Of course if you Google 'ways to use Vaseline' you will come across tonnes of articles for more ways to use it. These are just ways I find quite useful so it is worth chucking one in your handbag and definitely worth buying an updated one just because of the pretty packaging!

What do you think of Vaselines new look?

Friday, 10 October 2014

Cat Hampurr

cat hampurr
I have come across loads and loads of different types of quirky subscription boxes but never had I heard of a subscription box for your pet cat. CatHampurr* is a subscription box which is mind blowing but a puurfect idea? So curiosity got the better of me and I decided I must try one of these boxes out - obviously meaning my cat eats the goods not me...You receive plenty of treats for your pet cat including a little toy which for some reason my cat preferred the box as the toy not the prawn. Definitely a lovely little box to get your pet to try new brands out!
Thrive | Complete food | Chicken | x2 75g
My cat loves chicken it is probably her favourite meat of all times as she is always getting bits off our Sunday dinner! So I knew she would warm up to these. However, she didn't she completely didn't eat them which is a shame so unfortunately she ended up wasting both! 
Lily's Kitchen | Organic Complete wet food | Lamb/chicken
My cat loved these! There was plenty within the pots and she kept coming back to finish it off. I think she preferred the chicken one more to the lamb as she demolished that off fairly fast. I do like the cute little packaging to these cat foods! Never thought I would hear myself say that!
Thrive | premium plus dry food | Salmon & herring/chicken
My cat isn't a lover for fishy foods and since she didn't eat the Thrive cat food I had the tiniest feeling she wouldn't eat these too. However she did she absolutely loved these treats! She has demolished a whole box of them already so we maybe purchasing more of these in the future.
Catnip Prawn toy | Natures menu treats salmon & trout
My cat was straight into the box the second I opened it and rolling around over this prawn toy so surprise surprise she liked it. My cat loves catnip so I had no doubt she would love this. However because the toy was stored in the box she preferred the box at first and decided to roll around in the box. Cats are unusual species. The treats she did enjoy we fed her them the first day we received this box and I do believe there is currently none left so that went down a treat! Excuse the pun.

That is everything I received in my Cat Hampurr which I do believe was the August subscription box. I love the idea of this box and I definitely recommend you check out their website or blog to find out what some other lovely cats received! For £6 a month you seriously cannot go wrong. Plus if you are interested in this delightful box I have a discount code: KatiesWOB which will give you a little bit off your box! I love this box and will definitely be considering it again maybe near Christmas!

*PR Sample/gift.

What do you think of Cat Hampurr?

Thursday, 9 October 2014

A Primark Haul

Since receiving my student loan a few weeks ago I have been in and out of Primark countless times picking up random pieces that lets face it I don't really need. But, I don't even remember the last time I was in Primark shopping! so let's just agree to disagree that this was an impulse/well needed shop. Surprisingly I didn't purchase any clothing items but I did somehow purchase a variety of other random things that were just too cute to leave!

 Bambi pyjama bottoms & blue cosy slippers £8/£2
You can imagine my envy when I saw numerous bloggers Instagram there Disney pyjama bottoms from Primark and I was unable to purchase any until student loan day! Of course when that day arrived hallelujah! I was straight at the pyjama section of Primark for these Bambi bottoms! These are the most comfiest bottoms ever and are well suited if you don't like bottoms that can easily roll up your legs during the night. 
Of course since the weather is getting a bit colder slippers are essential. I picked up these blue spotted print slippers just to lounge around the house in, and obviously these are very comfortable and snug!

 Macaroon travel bag & Brown cut out shoes £2/£12
Wanted this macaroon bag for absolutely ages but nowhere had it in stock until I cornered it at one of the tills! good eye spotting Katie. I love this it is incredibly pretty and cute - I originally picked this up for my makeup but, I gave it some thought and realized it might make a cute little pencil case.  I don't think I have ever spent so much time on being indecisive over a pair of shoes. I was constantly picking them up then down tried them on plenty of times! UNTIL I finally decided I needed them in my life. These are very quirky and not something I typically go for but I love cut outs any shoe with a cut out I will lean towards. I have worn these a few times and they are super comfortable and can really bring an outfit together.

Candle holders & coconut and vanilla tealights £1.50/£2.
Whenever we get even the slightest bit of cold I go crazy over stocking up or more like gathering a collection of candles. I needed a few tealight holders anyway's so I could burn more so these were the two I picked up. These are very cute and will definitely be getting used! The half a bird cage would make a nice ornament as a plus.
Coconut is one of my all time favourite scents so I wanted to grab one of Primarks massive packs of tea lights just so I could light lots of them in my room and have my place smell of coconut!

What have you been loving in Primark??

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

LUSH: Battle Of The Face Masks

LUSH: Battle Of The Face Masks
LUSH: Battle Of The Face Masks
 Having tried numerous LUSH face masks in the past I thought I now have a fair amount of knowledge to write a post on what face masks do what and maybe help out what one is best suited for your skin type too. I have oily to imperfected skin thanks to my Dad! It is not all bad I guess because I won't get wrinkles as fast! But, it comes with a price and that price is buying numerous face masks to treat any imperfections or oiliness!

Catastrophe Cosmetic
This is a recent face mask I've tried so my knowledge on this will be up to date whereas my others will be based upon previous posts! So far this mask has been amazing for reducing any redness or dry skin even though I am oily skinned I still get dry patches off products. I did find it a little hard to remove from my face and it took longer time to apply which is probably my own fault because I tipped all the liquid out of the pot - DON'T DO THIS. Other than that it has been great! This smells like Palma Violet sweets so it is a very pleasant scent to have on the skin and it comes out in a blue consistency! Once washed off my face it already feels incredibly soft as though I have drunk a gallon of water typical comparison to say but it did! I didn't notice any results regarding my imperfections straight away but you do start to see a slow result the more you use it, my redness was reduced the next morning and my face looked a lot healthier! - I am still waiting for some results regarding my oily skin.

Love Lettuce (full review)
Out of all the face masks I have tried from LUSH this one is my favorite purely because it has an exfoliating texture to it which is great for oily skin! This did everything I expected a face mask to do: reduce redness, access oil, any blemishes and moisturized don't ask for much do I?. BUT, that is not the best news...I was able to see fast results within the first use which is incredible and tells me a lot about the mask. My face looked and felt a lot healthier within the first use and when I did use this it smelt pleasant and sat nicely on my skin. This mask is the easiest to wash off probably because it has the exfoliating formulation. I definitely recommend this face mask if you have oily to spot prone skin. Holy grail? I think so.

Cosmetic Warrior (full review)
I think from personal preferences this mask was the one I found smelt the worst. The other two smelt pleasant and refreshing this has abstract of garlic in which is probably the reason for the scent - despite the scent it's pretty good! This face mask has tea tree oil in which again is supposedly good for breakouts but, me and tea tree don't see eye to eye at times. I never experience much results from tea tree products but I definitely did with this face mask. Very similar to Love Cosmetics in the sense I saw fast results however I found this face mask only focuses on reducing any redness and adding a healthier fix. I don't recall seeing many results regarding my oiliness but it definitely reduced any redness I had, so if you get a lot of blotchy, red skin this could be a shot to try! 

Hopefully these personal thoughts have helped you decide which face mask might be best for you to try! I love LUSH face masks I have not used one that has let me down. I still want to try the chocolate/cupcake face mask sometime soon so I may update this post in the future!

What is your favorite LUSH face mask?

Sunday, 5 October 2014

My Little Parisienne Box

My Little Parisienne Box
Now who wouldn't love the element of surprise every month within a subscription box?! There seems to be hundreds and thousands of subscription boxes out there nowadays I even recently discovered a box for cats! Having already subscribed to several beauty boxes in the past (Birchbox & Glossybox) I decided it was about time to subscribe to something new. My Little box I do believe are a recent UK launch that sends out dainty little bits and bobs every month with quirky little names like 'My Little Parisienne box'...cute right?

This month's box is full of lots of Paris chic goodies and just from the name 'Parisienne' I was already really excited to discover what beautiful trinkets I received. Everything from inside and out is wonderfully designed! I love how sweet and personal everything feels just through the packaging. It definitely is very cute and chic! When first opening the box of wonderfulness everything on the inside is nice and neatly packaged. My Little box is already pleasing me through just the simplicity of designs! Said the designer..

Now, onto the exciting bits and pieces on what I have received! Firstly I was greeted with a cute, little illustrated greetings card of the Eiffel Tower. This was very welcoming and would look lovely in a picture frame hung around my room somewhere as it is too cutely illustrated to put away! Behind the greetings card I discovered an adorable, dainty notebook and stickers which all have similar little illustrated designs on as the packaging. You can never have enough notebooks right?! and stickers are even more exciting to decorate with says the crazy stationary lady. I love how the notebook is plain paper rather than lined which is more suitable to me being a design student.

Already very enthusiastic and excited with my dainty bits of stationary I move on to discover a gorgeous, little bag covered in bows! Could this box get anymore adorable?! Inside the little bag is 3 beauty items. The Laura Mercier 30ml foundation primer (around £18) is an amazing product to receive I do love primers so I am excited to try this out - great size in product too! A My Little Beauty Stylo Lumiere (worth £11) really excites me since I love brightening my face, touch ups anything involving given my face a boost throughout the day! Very cute packaging as well. The last beauty trinket I received was a 10ml of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse multi-purpose dry oil (worth around £2.80). This product intrigues me a lot I have not heard of a dry oil for multi purposes before so I will let you's know what I think of this.

  Last little piece of My Little Parisienne I received was a laptop case which is absolutely adorable but unfortunately I have the biggest laptop on the world literally. So I will have to find some other use for this as yet again it is too cute to store away somewhere without a use.

Overly using the words "adorable" or "cute" pretty much sums up how much I love the idea of this subscription box. A lot of thought and effort goes into every single piece of this box and I love how this isn't just beauty associated and you receive other miscellaneous useful products too! I will be continuing my monthly £11 subscription for this beautiful box and really looking forward to next month's!

Are you in love with this box too??

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Benefit Stocking Fillers

Benefit Stocking Fillers
Benefit Stocking Fillers
 All of you Benefit makeup lovers listen up!
Certain Boot's stores are excitingly starting to release their Christmas gift sets. I was merely wondering into my nearest store to pick up essentials until I came across a stall with lots of jars full of Benefit sample sized makeup items next to a cute little pink stocking! - Which I presume you stock the products inside of to make a dainty stocking filler! These jars included: primer, mascara, lip/cheek tints, lip gloss and other amazing goodies we have all heard of. My first thoughts were these will be expensive I bet...Until I looked to find a little 4 for £15 sign peeking out on the jars. Of course I instantly grabbed 4 of my favourite items rushing to the tills! And obviously I wanted to share this little amazing offer to all of you makeup fanatics! You's can thank me later!

Like I just mentioned these jars contain a variety of makeup goodies we have all heard of or tried from magazine freebies in the past. 4 for £15 on Benefit products is a wonderful offer that will be making lots of makeup lovers very happy! What is even more lovely/cute/wonderful is you receive a free pink stocking to use to fill up full of Benefit products! These are incredible little trinkets to put with someone's Christmas presents I know I would love to receive this. They come in decent sample sizes which I think is probably a better bargain offer especially if you know someone who wants to try one of these products out but doesn't want to pay for the full sized item to maybe not like it and end up wasting money. Benefit has really thought this little gift idea through!

I count Benefit as a high end drugstore product if that make's any sense. The 4 Benefit products I chosen to fill my pink stocking filler with were Bad Gal mascara, Boi-ing eye cream, Dandelion lip gloss and High beam highlighter. Two of these products I am given away to my mam hope you're not reading this mam if you are look away! The Boi-ing eye cream and High beam highlighter I am either keeping for myself as a Christmas treat to myself naughty me or given them to someone else who may want to try them. I am yet to decide!

I think this offer is incredible and I know for sure a lot of makeup fanatics would love to receive some of these as Christmas stocking fillers or even buying these for yourself as a little Christmas treat would make someone happy. Definitely grab some of these when you see them in store as I'd imagine they will sell fast with it being a high end/well known makeup brand.

Anyone going to Boots for these after reading this post??


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