Sunday, 30 November 2014

A Bunch Of Mascara Reviews

When looking at my forever growing list of things I would like to blog about it came to my attention that I have wanted to review a couple of mascaras. So I decided to put two and two together and create an all in one post of a bunch of mascara reviews! - You's can thank me later! I have been experimenting with a lot of mascaras recently because 1. My They're Real by Benefit has completely flaked away. 2. I needed a change in mascaras. So it was the perfect time to try out some new mascaras I've had lying around.

Soap & Glory Thick and Fast
 I had real high expectations of this mascara and it sort of let me down. It gives you volume, I found this really quick and easy to apply, it is definitely an eye waking-er, buildable and inexpensive - great right?! wrong. I mean yes it does everything I look for in mascaras but the down side is after a short few hours this mascara left me with smudges under my eyes or a typical saying 'panda eyes'. It also had a very unusual smell to it yes I smell my mascaras but the smell was a little off putting. I do like to use this mascara every now and then if I am not out all day and just want something to open my eyes but, I won't use this on long days because mascara's that smudge aren't a winner for me unfortunately.

Makeup Revolution The Viper*
Love the name of this product it definitely has a 'bite' to it. This mascara adds great volume, doesn't clump any your lashes and separates them all evenly which is brilliant. However again I found this mascara smudged but only this time it smudged within 2-3 hours so I definitely think you get your moneys worth of £3 on this mascara. It is great for volume and separation it is just a shame it smudges! I also found it a lot more harder to apply than what the S&G one did. I will probably use this again on those short trips out because I do love how it separates my lashes! But, I hate those panda eyes.

My Little Beauty Mascara
This mascara I received in my Little 'cosy' box post is here and call me judgmental but out of all 3 of these mascaras I doubted this one the most. I thought since it wasn't a drugstore or a high end mascara that this might not do anything amazing. Oh how wrong was I! This mascara is actually incredible! I am yet to discover any panda eyes with this so if I do I will update you's but, regarding volume this was great. Easy to apply to my lashes, very pigmented so you don't need two or three coats, separates all lashes out nicely and the packaging is cute. I could just cuddle this product and tell it how sorry I am for misjudging it.

I think in the future if I have a few of the same application products I will do another one of these posts instead of individual ones!

Have you tried any of these mascaras??

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Festive Primark Haul

Festive Primark Haul
It feels like forever ago the last time I had posted a Primark haul which is not like me at all! But you know life sometimes gets too busy to even have a impulse shop in Primark unfortunately. However I decided to take a bit of a break from uni work and went off to do a bit of Christmas shopping which resorted to buying things for myself, woops. It has been awhile since I've splurged in Primark so this was necessary in my defense, plus they are always fun to blog about!

I love how Primark now have their wintry boots, jumpers, coats etc in stock! If there is one thing I love about this store it's there cosy, knitted jumpers. I love how they now have a range of loungy jumpers with cute animals on the front: Bambi, owls, cats etc so I couldn't resist picking up a cream cat jumper to lounge around in. I'll be honest it is a little bit irritating to wear so definitely give it a wash or maybe wear a top underneath it, but it is super warm and cute. I believe this was £14 which did hurt to spend for a Primark jumper.

In winter I always stock up on cute Christmas candles or candle holders and 9 times out of 10 they are from Primark. I picked up these cute candle holders which I thought were too nice not to have. The Santa's head is obviously for Christmas decorations and since I prefer burning tea-lights I thought this would be cute to burn them in. The other candle/candle holder was too stunning to not have, it is beautiful and I will definitely be keeping the glass when I am finished.

I was with a friend when I splurged on the mint green throw and knitted cushion so I blame her mostly for this! We both ended up buying throws and cushions. The throw is so so so soft and cosy! I always wrap myself around in it when I am doing work or just chilling. I have even been using it for a couple of blog posts weirdly enough. The cushion is also very wintry and decorative for this time of year, plus very comfy!

Sticking with the festive, decorative homeware I also picked up some LED lights, I originally was looking for the colourful ones to decorate my mini Christmas tree with but I came across these reindeer ones instead which I couldn't say no to. They are currently wrapped around my TV stand and they look so cosy especially when you are sat watching something with a cuppa! 

Lastly I purchased a dress which I plan to wear for my birthday and sometime over Christmas as it is too good to only wear for once occasion! It is this beautiful nude dress that flows out a little at the bottom but has this stunning neckline detail which is really flattering. I love this dress and I cannot wait to wear it!

What have you been loving from Primark lately??

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Makeup Revolution: Iconic Dreams Eyeshadow Palette

Back today with yet another Makeup Revolution* product review only this time it is their latest eyeshadow palette called 'iconic dreams' and for the small price of £4 this products name definitely is a dream! - A dream come true. I think I am starting to quickly fall in love with this brand more and more. 

I am a neutral girl when it comes to eyes in the sense I like pinks, nudes, purples etc all the suited neutral tones that I can wear on a daily basis. So when I opened this palette up and saw how many amazing neutral, day-to-day makeup looks I could create I was over the moon! Even the darkest shades were appealing to me which is a rare occasion because a lot of my eyeshadow palettes darkest shades are jet black and 99% of the time they get unused. So I can guarantee all of these shades will be getting put to use which is great!

I have been using this palette almost everyday when I wear makeup now and it has completely knocked off my Urban Decay Naked 2 basics palette off the shelf for the time being. I like how structured this palette is and how all the shimmers are in the middle and the matte shades are on the outsides. I have been mixing up a few of these shades and I have to be honest the mattes are really good quality they last all day (with eye primer of course!) and blend on so nicely and easy. However, the shimmers or at least the lighter shades of shimmer need a few more coats. I did have to dip my brush in the fourth one along a few more times to achieve the look but, once set it stayed in place all day.

I think this palette would be great for this time of the year especially the purples and greens. Definitely feeling the winter/autumnal vibe from these shades so this would be great for Christmas period!

There isn't a lot more to speak of on this palette other than you need it in your life if you are like me and prefer a lot more neutral shades. Really great quality for the shockingly small price of £4, £4!

*PR Sample/gift.
Have you tried this palette out??

Friday, 21 November 2014

My Little Cosy Box

My Little Cosy Box has finally arrived first thing this morning which was a lovely surprise to start my day off. I have been waiting impatiently for this box to arrive for a week or so now, I was beginning to think they forgot all about me but luckily they didn't!
It is getting closer and closer to Christmas - just over a month now I believe so subscription boxes are starting to get more wintry/festive and My Little Box is no exception.

This month's box is themed 'My Little Cosy Box' which really excited me as let's face it winter is all about the excessively long bubble baths and extra 10 minutes or in my case half an hour in bed. So I was quite excited to see what goodies I received fitting in with being cosy. Once I opened my box a bit too excitedly like a kid on Christmas day I was welcomed with another one of My Little Boxes greetings card. This quote reads "My favourite pasttime is to let time go by, to have time, to take my time, to waste time, to live out of time" - Francoise Sagan, which is a lovely quote and would make a lovely little note on the back to someone who is having a bad day. These cards are always handy!

Behind the greetings card was another cute, little magazine filled with lots & lots of tips, recipes, interviews and some beautiful cosy photography shoots. Always a nice magazine to throw in your handbag for on the go!

Once I finished unravelling everything within the bow the first goodie I had came across was an incredibly cute cushion that you microwave to create a warm, cosy cushion! I actually own a eye mask with the same idea and they are incredibly snuggly for winter or if you can't get to sleep! So this will definitely be getting used a lot in winter it is such a nice idea! On the topic of warm and winter also packed in this box was the cutest, little espresso mug which reads "how is your day gonna be?" and the answer is smartly at the bottom of your cup. So in order to get your answer you finish the drink to find the word "happy" scribbled right at the bottom quirky right? or am I just easily amused. On the other side of the mug is a cute illustrated drawing of a girl drinking coffee. Not that I like coffee but I do love this cup so I will find one way to use it! Definitely fitting in with the theme 'cosy'.

My Little Boxes always save the best till last as yet again right at the bottom of my box was another cute, dainty drawstring bag full of amazing beauty treats! The first thing I pulled out was a Yves Rocher eyeshadow in the shade 'brun cafe mat' which is a beautiful chocolate brown almost black shade. This is a nice eyeshadow but it is rare I use colours this dark so I will have to experiment sometime! The next product I received was a mascara by My Little Box beauty themselves, I do love how they include little pieces of their own every month! This mascara looks amazing so I can't wait to try it. And last but not least was a black eyeliner by Arcancil Paris, I've never heard of this brand before but I will be given it a try! All of these goodies would create very dramatic, dark makeup so they are very fitting with the time of year.

Overall I am really happy with the quality and effort been put into this months box! A lot of thought went into this again and some amazing items to use such as the cushion and cute mug! All very fitting in with winter and being cosy. I definitely think this box is worth checking out because not only do you receive some amazing beauty products, you receive some life and fashion bits too! 

Are you subscribed to this box??

Monday, 17 November 2014

Makeup Revolution Cover & Conceal and Blush & Contour Palettes

Makeup Revolution* is quickly becoming a favourite brand of mine for numerous reasons. It is really affordable and the quality in products is amazing. I decided to combine both of these palettes into one post because you's will be seeing a heck of a lot more posts regarding this brand so keep your eyes pealed!

The blush & contour palette in sugar and spice comes with 8 beautiful shades with a mixture of matte and shimmery finishes. This is definitely a great palette to have in your collection if you are a big fan of pinks because there is such a selection to choose from of different tones. In my opinion the quality of all of these shades are astonishingly pigmented and I mean really pigmented. You only need the tiniest amount onto your blush brush then blend, I'm serious I made the mistake of swirling my brush into one and it was a nightmare to rub in. So quality wise these will definitely be lasting you a very long time. 

I think the first two shades on the top row are great for contouring especially the second one as I felt like you were getting a highlight as well as a bronze/contour finish which is always great! The two on the end of both rows are very shimmery and pigmented they remind me a lot of Hourglass blushers with the mosaic, colourful style. The pinky toned blushers are incredibly soft and easy to blend in which are all great for both day and evening wear. Such an amazing quality palette for £6 definitely worth adding to your Christmas lists!  

The cover & conceal palette is definitely a good starting kit for anyone who isn't sure on there shade or even for professional makeup artists this would be a great kit to maybe do some looks for makeup on a budget. This palette does the job it covers over any imperfections but, not to a high standard. So if concealer is huge deal to you where you need that decent extra coverage I wouldn't try this. I use this a lot on days where my face is content (not spotty, dull etc) but, on days where my face maybe breaking out this doesn't cover very well.

However I do like how light weight this feels on my skin when I do use this, it blends in so nicely and creamy and never looks cakey. Probably one of the easiest concealers I've tried for blending in. If you like light weight, easy to blend concealers this is worth trying but if you sometimes prefer a bit more coverage this might not work for you. 

Overall I am so impressed with the quality of both these palettes and how inexpensive they both are only £6, £6!! What an amazing bargain definitely get writing these on your Christmas lists!

*PR Sample/gift.
What are your favourite Makeup Revolution products?? 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

No.7 Highlighter Review

Today's post I decided to share with you all an everyday staple item in my makeup routine that I am currently, overly addicted to using. When wondering in Boots I walked straight past this thinking it was a blush stick like the rest of the No.7 range next to it - until I looked closely and realized it was a highlighter, who'd of thought it?! Having um'd and ah'd for a good 5 minutes whether I needed yet another highlighter in my collection I finally decided to give it a try!

I think it took around a day or 2 for me to be completely in love with this product. I tend to find cream based highlighters work a lot better than powdery ones do, which seems a little odd to me as I prefer powdery blushers to cream ones. Creamy highlighters always feel and appear to be more noticeable without looking like Edward Cullen, you are able to blend it in to your own satisfaction a lot more and you have more control than to what powdery ones do. Powdery highlighters are great for brow bones but sometimes I find they go a little too crazy when swept across my cheek bones. 

Back to regarding the product judging on the packaging itself I was already loving this. I like the idea of a highlighter in a formulation of a lipstick/blush stick just like Benefit Watts up highlighter stick! I think these sort of package designs will last a lot longer than what a palette would. I love the colours used on the packaging everything looks very luxurious and high end! The highlighting stick itself is fairly chunky which you can guarantee will last me a very long time! hallelujah! 

The consistency of the highlighting is incredible and could almost be classed as a high end product judging on the results. I dab my finger onto the product then apply this on my cheek bones, down my nose and brow bone then blend it all in with any sort of small brush. The results are amazing on my cheeks and nose you can really notice a difference when standing in the light, it looks incredibly healthy and natural! This product blends in so well and has a good few hours of use before needing to reapply. My brow bones unfortunately didn't look like I had any product on at all so I use my trustworthy Watts up by benefit for that area.  


Appealing packaging
Will last a very long time
Looks healthy and radiant
Blends in well


A bit pricey for a drugstore highlighter
Didn't do anything for brow bone
Too much can rub makeup away

Apart from the brow bone situation I love this product and will be continuing to use this in my everyday makeup routine. I would definitely recommend trying this if you prefer creamy highlighters and are after a buildable product to work with!

Do you like the sound of this product??

Monday, 3 November 2014

A Misinterpreted Product

Allow me to expand on the title some of you may or may not remember me review the Laura Mercier foundation primer* around the start of the year. This post was lets face it in a few words: a shocking, downbeat review. I did not get on with this product at all read the post yourselves! My skin broke out, oiliness gradually got worse and my face didn't look healthy whatsoever. Which was a real shame considering I have read so many amazing reviews on this product. However in a nutshell I misinterpreted this product and here is how...

I received this Laura Mercier foundation primer in one of My Little boxes couple of weeks back. If you read my review of this box I never mentioned how I've previously got on with this product purely because I wanted to give this another chance. So that is what I've done. I have been applying this primer onto my skin almost every day now before I apply my makeup. It blends in a lot different to what my Witch Hazel primer does - almost a gel like consistency which I found took longer time to dry into my skin.

Besides it taken a little while longer to fully sit into my skin this primer looked really great on my skin. I would have this on from 8-5 most days and obviously my makeup needs touching up throughout that time but when wearing this primer I didn't need to touch up as quick or as often. My makeup stayed in place throughout the day and the best part was my face looked healthier which is a total differentiation to my last review.

I have not discovered any breakouts just yet and regarding my oily skin this has been helping it rather than making it worse. I am just going to presume my bad review on this product was down to other products I used. My skincare and makeup has changed since February so products I used back then could have been what mirrored my negative review. Apologies Laura Mercier this was a total misinterpretation!

Overall I am so happy my skin has finally learnt to love and enjoy this primer. There really is nothing better than knowing you don't need to worry as much about needing to touch up or if your face looks a bit dull throughout the day. Definitely will be continuing to use this! I still love my Witch Hazel primer though...that will never change.

What is your favourite primer?


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