Thursday, 29 January 2015

Soap&Glory | My Top 6

Soap&Glory | My Top 6
Soap&Glory | My Top 6
If someone was to ask me what is my favourite drugstore makeup brand I think 100%, unquestionably my answer would be Soap & Glory. Their range has really really really (drama is needed!) impressed me over the last year and a half now. I've wanted to create 'my top 5 S&G makeup products' for awhile but as you can tell I clearly couldn't narrow it to 5 so I have to make do with 6 products - which even then was a challenge. I cannot think of one makeup item that has disappointed me from Soap & Glory's makeup range which of course is why they have become my favourite drugstore brand - here are my top 6 makeup products!

S&G Thick and Fast Mascara | I have tossed and turned over this mascara, some days I love it some days I hate it. It gives you volume, I found it really quick and easy to apply, it is definitely an eye waking-er, buildable and inexpensive - great right?! The only downside to this mascara is if you are wearing this for say 5-7 hours you may receive the classic panda eye which isn't great. This is one of my top 6 products because I think the results are incredible therefore I like to use this if I am only going to wear mascara for half a day that way I won't get panda eyes!

S&G Solar Powder | I am so glad I picked this up because I have ditched all my other bronzers, contour palettes as this does everything. I think this adds great shape and dimension to my face without it looking too dark, it is so easy to blend in to how you want it and it adds the tiniest amount of highlight too. What more could you ask for? I am obsessed with this solar powder (even though it is a bronzer) I cannot fault it one bit. If you are looking for something that is simple and easy to use for framing your face definitely try this.

S&G Brow Archery | When people ask me what my favourite drugstore product is this is what pops to my brain. At one stage I wasn't fussed about eyebrows until I got this, this changed my opinion completely. It is the quickest, easiest and time-savored product I have ever tried. If you are in a rush and can't be dealing with spending 10 to 15 minutes on your brows definitely try this, I get my brows filled in within 2-3 minutes using this pen. I got mine in the lightest shade and it is the only eyebrow product that suits my skin.

S&G Kick Ass Concealer | This is my latest edition to my S&G makeup family and so far I am impressed. This concealer can be a little deceiving with the shades I picked up the lightest shade and I felt as though it didn't match my skin but, once blended in it matches really well. I think this 3 step kit is great for under my eyes especially the eye brightening concealer I think this really wakes my eyes up. I love this concealer it gives great coverage over any imperfections, dark circles and is easy to blend in.

S&G Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks | These will always be a favourite of mine as I love any sort of stain, gloss sticks that come in this applicator. I find I have more control and they are easy to touch up throughout the day. These are so moisturizing as well as flattering on the lips. I like to wear these when I can't be bothered for lipstick but want that glossy lip colour that lasts. I think these are so easy to apply sometimes I don't even need a mirror because they work that well.

S&G Love At First Blush | This is so pretty that I just had to add on my Christmas list! I love mosaic type blushers as I always find you get a lot more than just the one thing. What I mean is this gives great colours as well as shimmery highlights too and that to me is like a multi-purpose product. I guess you could use some of these shades as eyeshadows if you wanted. I have been using this a lot on a daily basis you do need to build it a little to get the colour shade you want but the results are lovely. I am a big fan of shimmer (but not too much) and this gives the right amount and leaves my cheeks looking glowy and healthy.

These are my top 6 makeup products from Soap&Glory I definitely could of included a couple of more in this post but these are the ones I use quite frequently. Pretty much most of my everyday makeup is by Soap&Glory which proves itself that it is a favourite.

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What is your favourite S&G makeup product??

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

La Roche-Posay | Serozinc

La Roche-Posay | Serozinc
All the beauty fanatics out there seem to be going on about the new launch product from La Roche-Posay recently so I was really grateful that La Roche-Posay contacted me to try this out. Having gotten on with almost everything from this range and currently use the oily to combination cleansing range in my every day routine, I was really intrigued and excited to try this product. In a lot less fancy way to describe this is: a toning mist as a spray which is interesting and less work for me I guess!

I am one of those people who have to use a toner on my face after I cleanse it. I know some say toners don't work or they have no real purpose but, my skin just wouldn't feel complete without one and if I am being honest here this toner definitely will change a lot of people's opinion on the 'toners don't work'.  

When I first received this I was a little confused by how to use this and for awhile I hadn't been using it correctly - well at least I think I wasn't. At first I would cleanse, then tone (with my current toner at the time) and then spray this on my face afterwards and this was my routine for over a week or so. I had read a bloggers review on this product a few weeks ago and she explained how she used this as her toner after she would cleanse. So I decided to remove my current toner and replace it with this. I think this is the correct way to use this, but I must admit the whole double tone routine I had going on definitely worked on my skin still. I just had to clear that up on how to use this and what it is because it can be a little confusing.

Now down to the nitty gritty...this product has done wonders for my oiliness and any imperfections. I have recently mentioned that I've been using the S&G cleansing brush here which has also helped with my skin. You close your eyes and spray this all over your after you've cleansed and dried your face then leave it to set for a minute or 2. After the couple of minutes are up you then pat your face with a towel to remove any parts that have not absorbed into your skin. It is very refreshing on the skin especially on those mornings where you need a wake up blast. Personally this saves so much time and effort. I used to apply my previous toners with a cotton pad and wipe any access makeup or dirt whereas with this it is a simple spray then go. To me this seems to be more of a treatment rather than a toner even though it is for toning if that makes sense.

Some toners can feel quite drying on the skin, this one seems to add moisture rather than remove it which is great. I have noticed the difference in my skin any access oil has been completely removed, it seems ages ago that I had to top up my powder or I was shining when wearing any makeup, so this has definitely helped with those areas. I have also noticed that any red areas or those pesky spots were reduced by a massive amount. Even my boyfriend had commented on how clear my skin was looking and I genuinely believe it is down to this product as well as using my cleansing brush. Total miracle worker.

Amazing product. Highly recommend it if you have oily to spot prone skin as this has done wonders for mine. I am definitely going to continue to use this in my skincare routine as without it my skin doesn't feel complete. I never thought a toning product could do such amazing things to my skin. This definitely proves that toners do nothing.
*PR Sample/gift.

Have you tried this product yet??

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Haul | Bits & Bobs

Haul | Bits & Bobs
Haul | Bits & Bobs
Haul | Bits & Bobs
Haul | Bits & Bobs
I haven't been on a shopping spree in my town since the end of last year - can I get a round of an applause please?! So I ended up wondering helplessly in a few various shops last weekend and to no surprise I had came home with what can only be described as 'bits & bobs'. Therefore I plonked all of my excitingly, new items in a corner ready to be hauled! 

If you don't follow Primark on Instagram I advice you not to if you are like me and cave at the site of anything pretty. Primark have been uploading images of their new stock to Instagram recently and it has been driving me crazy. I did manage to relieve these urges when I finally came across them on my spree. I have had my eye on the Harry Potter pyjama set for a few weeks now so when I spotted them I didn't even think twice to get them. Any Harry Potter geek out there you need these!

When wondering around near the beauty section I had came across Primarks own range of makeup - why did nobody tell me they had a range!? When did this happen?! I picked up a couple of lip liners for £1.50 and an eyeshadow palette for £2.50. Can't go wrong. I will see how I get on with these and post a review sometime in the future. I was impressed by their Polka perfume roll on few months ago so I have confidence in their makeup range too.

I made a couple of splurges on interesting, quirky books recently from Waterstones and Amazon. I was always a fan of the Wreck this journal as a teenager and recently I've noticed numerous people I follow on Instagram (again typical) have been using this book called 'one line a day' which basically is a mini diary where you jot down one memory of that day for 5 years. It really appealed to me and so far I've been doing it every day let's see if this keeps up. The book itself is beautiful: blue cover with gold lining - definitely a one for display and not to hide away!

 I had also splurged on the '712 more things to draw' book which I had came across in Waterstones. Basically you draw whatever the book asks you to draw for example a milkshake or a dinosaur. I love drawing and I think this book is great for people who love creative things or who want to get better at drawing.
The last little book I picked up was a notebook a 'stuff to do' then in brackets 'if I feel like it', these sort of books make me giggle which is why I picked it up in Waterstones. I have a bit of an obsession with cute stationary and writing down endless lists so this was perfect for me.

I picked up the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer in Boots baring in mind I only went in for the boring essentials: deodorant, cotton pads bla bla. Yet somehow left with this concealer typical me. I am so excited to try this having heard so many great things about it. It is a 3 step system: eye brightening, concealer and a setting powder - can't wait to see if it is good!

What have you been buying recently??

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

My Secret Weapon | Soap&Glory Cleansing Brush

My Secret Weapon | Soap&Glory Cleansing Brush
My Secret Weapon | Soap&Glory Cleansing Brush
We all know Harry Potter has his magic wand, Batman has his pal Robin and Jedi's have their trustworthy lightsabers. But when it comes to choosing my own secret weapon it's just got to be the Soap&Glory a brush with greatness face brush. Clarisonic? £100? Pfft. This little beauty is at a staggering £6.50! It may not be an electronic facial but it definitely has similar results to what those expensive electronic devices do. Want to know how it has become my secret weapon to fight off bad skin? Keep reading...

 This little magic brush has been in my skincare routine for the past 2/3 weeks now and it only took maybe the second or third time using this for it to become a favourite. I have always wanted to try the Clarisonic or any other electronic beauty facial device for quite a few years now but, the price is extortionate and I would much rather spend a spare £100 on a variety of beauty bits than just one. I spotted this face brush in Boots down where all the normal hair brushes are stacked bit strange. But the second I saw this I quickly popped it into my basket and blissfully wondered away.

I have been using this face brush to exfoliate in my cleanser or any facial washes depending on what one I use. This brush is incredible. I've never ever ever ever (here comes the drama) loved such a simple product as much as this - maybe that is because I was one of the few who's never tried a face brush or has had a facial. I am oily skinned so exfoliating is essential for keeping away the access oil or any clogs in pores. I have always been a fan of an exfoliating wash but a brush is 10x better. 

I have been using this as part of my everyday skincare routine so whenever I apply cleanser to my face I use this brush to exfoliate it in (the pink rubbery side) then massage it off (with the white brush side). I used to wash in my cleanser with my hands for a minute or so and the results were there but not as noticeable as to what this brush has created. The results are noticeable straight away this has toned down any redness, any spots and any access oils. I genuinely believe this has been one of the few products that have saved my skin lately. Not only has it helped fight off those areas it has moisturized my skin and definitely gave it that 'healthy glow' we all look for.

Overall this has really helped improve the look of my skin I can totally understand why people would pay £70-£100 for an electronic face device. This product may not be one of those but the results are incredibly similar to what an electronic device would do regarding skincare. I highly recommend this to people with oily skin or who have maybe considered purchasing an electronic device maybe see if this works for you first that way you won't be wasting much money.

I love this. This is definitely my secret weapon.

Have you tried this face brush??   

Monday, 19 January 2015

My Little Energy Box

My Little Energy Box
I sometimes wonder whether or not My Little Box can read my mind regarding what the theme of the box is, scary. This month's box is coincidentally called 'my little energy box' which contains a bunch of products to help get you motivated and back on your feet after the Christmas holidays. Let's face is those extra sweet mince pies and tub of Quality Streets over the Christmas unfortunately have a cost at the end. Now I may not have gained any weight over the Christmas (luckily!) but, getting myself out of that 'it is too cold to go running' phase becomes a challenge once Christmas has just passed. This box I think will help me get back on my feet and aid me away from those sweet mince pies for another 11 months, I hope.

Once I opened my box I was greeted with another one of My Little Box's greetings cards. This quote reads "Happy new year, happy new dreams, happy new days, happy new desires, happy new energy, happy 2015" which I think is such a lovely quote that fits in well with the motivational, positive vibe. As I've said numerous times before these cards would make lovely little notes to someone who is having a bit of an off day or look lovely presented in a photo frame on the wall. I like to use these cards as a bit of inspiration for when I am in need of it!

Behind the greetings card was another cute, little magazine filled with lots of inspirational, positive quotes to help keep you motivated. As well as some hairstyles, beautiful photography, lots & lots of tips, snippets of interviews and the best I've seen so far is a schedule of workout challenges to last the whole month, this I think is brilliant to cut out and pin on your wall to get into a fitness routine (definitely going to be doing this!). I always throw these magazines in my handbag because they are just full of amazing bits I enjoy to read and learn about!

Sticking with the theme of energy and motivation My Little Box included a monthly calender which is filled with illustrated images, motivational quotes and even a little bit of Sudoku to play - cute right?! I've already popped this up on my cupboard door and been jotting down things to keep me organised. I don't think I would use this to fill in what days I will be running or hitting the gym but I will be using this to keep on top of life. Lovely little calender to have on display!

 Behind the cute, little calender was a mini gym bag which reads "good energy is contagious" again another inspirational quote to keep you motivated. I definitely think I will be using this bag when I register to the gym over the next few weeks, this will be perfect to chuck in some extra clothes and whatnot.

Once I finished unravelling everything within the bow tucked right at the bottom was the beauty products hidden within another dainty drawstring bag. The first beauty product I pulled out was a Nails Inc nail varnish in the shade tarte red, £11. I am not much of a lover for nail varnish if am honest, it is rare that I will purchase them. But this colour is really festive and fits in with the time of year so maybe I will give it a try.
The next product I received was Talika's photo-hydra day cream worth £43.50 for 50ml. This I believe is a moisturizer that adds hydration and a glow too, for the price I am definitely going to give this a go. I think this could be a good skin 'pick me up' especially if you are run low or are in need of a touch up. 
The last product I received was from the My Little Box's own beauty range which is an energizing mist worth £7.50. I love receiving some of My Little Box's own range because so far everything I have received I have loved using. This energizing mist definitely fits in with the theme of the box of energy. I think this would be great to use on those mornings where you just cannot be bothered or after you have been exercising this might be a nice little touch up to keep your skin refreshed.

Overall I am really happy with the quality and the effort put into this first month's box of 2015. I think it is the perfect timing to be sending out motivational quotes and cute pieces to help keep people motivated as lets face it exercise can be a little tedious without some pretty bits. I definitely think this box is worth checking out because you always receive a bit of everything from beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Never gets boring!


Are you in love with this box yet??

Sunday, 18 January 2015

NARS | Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret

NARS | Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret
There is nothing more thrillingly exciting to a beauty blogger than discovering a pretty, little bargain especially from the higher end brands, yes I mean you NARS lip pencils! Whenever you come across an amazing bargain it literally feels like you are on cloud nine sipping tea. When writing my Christmas list down to Santa last year I did a little bit of hunting on Space UK website, as you do. I was on the verge of caving in and to just ask for a pastel pink Fujifilm Instax mini. Until, my eyes darted towards this little bargain of 5 NARS lip pencils (baring in mind one full size costs £18), this set was £32. Bargain. Who needs a pretty camera for memories anyways?! 

When I received these on Christmas day the excitement was too much, comparison as to what a kid is like when they receive a latest toy. This NARS digital world lip pencil coffret set (mouthful to type!) includes 5 different shades: Torres Del Paine, Descanso, Yu, Lberico and Cruella. The first 3 shades are satin finishes and the last 2 are matte velvets, which is great as I love variety! 

These are incredible for long last wear especially Cruella and Yu I thought the pigmentation was amazing. You know those dark lipsticks/pencils that tend to wear off after an hour or two but leave a lighter shade? For example you wear a dark purple lipstick and an hour later your lips mistakenly look pink or red?! Anyways, these do not do that the colour stays put and doesn't wear off as quick. I found myself only topping up once throughout the day so these lip pencils are incredible for long lasting.

These are also really easy for applying, I would describe them as a 'little goes a long way' (especially the darker tones). The consistency is great too they don't smudge off or feel drying on the lips either which is great because the weather in the UK is dreadfully cold therefore keeping those lips moisturized is essential. Plus I like knowing I don't have to worry about adding any lip balm throughout the day.

For all of you busy bee's who are wanting a quick review here are my pros/cons:

Great value for money
Long lasting
Pigmentation is amazing
Easy to apply
Add a little moisture
A shade for every occasion
Appealing packaging

Out of stock a lot
Require a sharpener

Overall, I am really happy I came across these and was able to receive them before they went out of stock as it seems as though a lot of other bloggers have snapped this little bargain up too. My favourite shades are definitely Cruella and Descanso so I know I would purchase the full sized pencil in the future.

Have you tried this set??

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

My Current Beauty Favourites

My Current Beauty Favourites
My Current Beauty Favourites
Gosh I can't even remember the last time I posted my current favourites it has been that long. December was an exciting month for me not only was it Christmas but I turned 21 on near the beginning of the month too. So that meant lots of presents and purchases to play around with! (Which is every beauty bloggers dream right?!). To be honest I could of included a lot more favourites because there has been so many amazing products I have tried recently but, I limited myself and chose the products that stood out for me the most and these are the ones. So grab your cups of teas and read on if you want to see what I've been loving recently!

Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash | I picked this up down London for my 21st (haul is here) which was a spontaneous purchase I must say (or an impulse buy if we want to be honest here). Body Shop never really appealed to me as a brand for skincare I never really thought to try their range out but, I bit the bullet and was feeling 'spontaneous' and this is the product I was recommended to try. I have been using this facial wash every morning or evening depending on what I fancy and so far I have saw such an improvement! First off because it is a seaweed wash my face always looks and feels so refreshed - which is definitely something I need to wake me up on those tiring slow mornings! (don't you just hate those days?). I have noticed numerous results from this product it has reduced: access oils by a mile, any redness or inflamed areas and any spots I've previously had. It's like magic in a tub.

Soap & Glory A Brush With Greatness | The name of this product says it all for me to be honest. This has only been a part of my routine for 2 weeks now and already I am obsessed with it and recommending it to everyone. I will do a review on this sometime soon but regarding as to why it is a favourite is because it has improved the feel and appearance of my skin. An exfoliating face brush has always appealed to me but the price is extortionate and I would much rather spend £70 on a variety of beauty products than just one (maybe one day!). This little brush may not be electric but it costs £6 and so far I am seeing amazing results. I like to brush my cleanser in using both sides of this starting with the pink rubbery side. My skin just looks and feels healthy and one thing I have noticed is my makeup isn't shining as quick and I think this has a lot to do with using this brush.

My Little Box Rouge Lipstick | I got this in last month's My Little Box I am subscribed to, the post is here if you want to see more. I was straight away emoji heart eyeing the packaging of this product it is rare I come across a cardboard packaged lipstick and love it this much. The shade is amazing I like to wear this on days I fancy a pink lip but not too drastic. This gives just the right amount of colour without it being in your face and it lasts such a long time too. I wouldn't say it was a matte lipstick because it has more of a shimmer feel to it so it is nice a moisturizing. I am obsessed with this lipstick it is such a site for sore eyes!

Beautiology Gingerbread Body Wash | If there is one thing better than Christmas then it is smelling like a gingerbread factory. Every Christmas I receive a bunch of shower and bath stuff and this year a popular one I received was by Beautiology in gingerbread. I absolutely love this it makes me happy because everytime I use this it reminds me of Christmas. If you like cinnamon, baked, gingery scents then try and grab this if you can! I just love smelling like gingerbread for some strange reason...

Body Shop Seaweed Day Cream | For Christmas I had asked for a Body Shop set since I was really liking the facial wash I had got for my birthday. In this set I received there cleanser, toner, day & night cream. I have only tried the day cream and so far I am really liking it. I get a little bored of moisturizers if am honest they are probably one of my least favourite things to purchase but, with that been said I really like this! I think this tones down any access oils on my skin and it blends in really nicely not sticky like some matte moisturizers do. Plus the little tub is cute!

That is all of my current favourites that stand out the most my none beauty favourites will be up sometime soon!

What are your favourites??

Monday, 12 January 2015

Top 5 | Spot Treatments That Work

Top 5 | Spot Treatments That Work
Whether it's one gigantic under the skin spot that lasts weeks and weeks or a pesky little breakout that has erupted out of nowhere - yes the drama is necessary. I think I speak for most people when I say they can be a right pain in the bum for getting rid of. I've had quite the experience when it comes to spots or 'imperfections' if we want to tidy it up a little. So with that been said I decided to create a post on my top 5 spot treatments that have worked for me over the years as well as give you's a little summary on my skin and how I dealt with having teenage breakouts.   

In my late teenage years (15-19) I was one of the un/fortunate girls that was faced with spots on a regular basis (hormones and whatnot). I wouldn't describe my skin as having acne or something that needed professional attention but, I did get teenage/hormonal spots which as a newby to it I wasn't sure how to deal with it so, I was willing to try anything - which has its pros & cons

It's unfortunate to have had teenage breakouts because it meant keeping my skin locked away aka trustworthy makeup and not having the confidence to go bare faced outside my house for quite sometime. It's fortunate that I did get breakouts though because it has taught me so much about my skin as well as dealing with, tips and other things involving breakouts. I still get breakouts even at the age of 21 which is something I've learnt to deal with as in my eyes the more you think about them the worse they will seem. These 5 products have helped me get near to spot-free skin over the years and have helped me in my darkest days!

Skinetica* | Okay this isn't my no.1 go to product whenever I get a breakout but it is a product I would consider if you suffer with any sort of redness or pesky spots. I have used this in the past on my face and regarding any breakouts (that are not under the skin) this product slowly dries them out after a couple of days. But whenever I get any redness on my face or even blotches of redness elsewhere this product gets rid of this within one use which to me is brilliant. The down side to this product is its scent, it does smell incredibly strong and not nice but I do believe products that smell or look terrible tend to do the best trick.

Origins Super Spot Remover | This is an oldie but goodie that has lasted me a good few years now which sounds grouse but it just goes to show a little goes a long way. I go through fazes with this product some months I will use it and some I won't mostly because this tiny miracle worker costs money! I dab the tiniest amount of this onto any nasty spots that have appeared (don't cake your face in this!) this product isn't designed to get rid of everything it is designed to help reduce and remove any spot that is bothersome. I have made the mistake in covering my whole forehead in this once and the results weren't great so only focus on the one spot per application. The results are amazing you do see them fairly quickly, at one stage I could apply this in the morning and by the evening a spot is reduced is size. Total miracle worker. If you do get the odd spots here and there definitely try this!

Help Clear Skin* | This is an unusual one for me because I've never tried a treatment that is a powder you take with food/drink. However this is incredible. I'll get the negative out there first and say yes this tastes grouse if not mixed in well (you can drink this with any drink hot or cold until dissolved) which takes away the taste or even mix it in with foods. I usually fill my milk bottle up with water (250ml) every morning or evening and down this through a straw. The results are amazing I was noticing changes by one day - my skin was feeling a lot calmer and any spots that I did have were reducing fairly quickly. For it being a powdery substance the results are really impressive, you take one of these sachets everyday for a month or so. I would recommend these if you are bored or want to try something a little different to a cream I think these are well worth the money. There website is here for anyone who wants to read how others got on, which I found interesting.

Duac Once Daily Gel | I'll be honest, 4 or 5 years ago I was feeling really down about my skin so I decided to see a doctor to try and get something strong to kick those spots away. I was subscribed to this gel called Duac which you keep in your fridge (kind of like a LUSH face mask). Even though I don't get as many spots as I did as a teen I still like to use this to keep my skin at bay. Every evening just before sleep I apply this all over my skin on any redness or blemishes and by morning my skin looks and feels a lot clearer. I think this product is good for everything really, I've had experiences where this has shifted those painful under the skin spots, any pesky random breakouts or any areas with redness. This product has helped reduce all of these which is why I still continue to use this regularly. I know a lot of people think going to the doctors is when your skin is in a serious need of but, I don't agree. My skin probably doesn't need this as much as it used to but I like to know I have it.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo | This like the Origins spot remover is an oldie but goodie. I probably use this the most out of all 5 because I treat this as a moisturizer sometimes too. For me personally this product is a hit and miss, some days it works some it doesn't, which is a little weird but that's how it works for me. When I used this for the very first time the results were impressive and very similar to the Duac cream it reduced everything but the results were quicker! My skin has adapted to this product which means some days it works some not so much but, on the days it does work the results are really good for reducing the spots. I find this works great on any redness or scars I get from spots so on days I am not wearing makeup I like to apply this all over those areas and by teatime my skin looks better!

Those are my top 5 go to products for any breakouts, redness or scars. If you would like me to maybe write a post on tips or how to deal with them from my experience let me know and I will!

What is your favourite treatment for fighting blemishes??

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Ted Baker Fragrant Fancies

Ted Baker Fragrant Fancies
Ted Baker Fragrant Fancies
Hi lovelies hope you are all having a fabulous New Year so far, today I wanted to share with you all a little secret (not really but lets pretend!) that I recently discovered when guiltily browsing online. Okay, first things first if you get the emoji 'heart eyes' over anything rose gold, pastel coloured, dainty and dressing table displayable then (you have good taste) but you should also consider owning these! 

Ted Baker over the Christmas released these (among several other lovely products) fragrant fancies - which I recently discovered were reduced half price! Santa Claus aka my mam so kindly got me this set for Christmas which I was super excited to receive having circled this in the Boots magazine months before - fingers crossed that I would receive them. I annually receive a Ted Baker set every Christmas but 2014's range in Boots is the best so far for design and packaging in my opinion.

Can we all just take a moment (or two) and appreciate how beautifully designed this Ted Baker set is. I am obsessed with these perfume bottles they are so dainty and eye catching. Rose gold designs, pastel colours, packaging designed into a house what is not to look twice at seriously?! It has came to my attention that these beautiful perfumes are currently at half price (£6) online which is a bargain! Four miniature sized perfume bottles for £6 from Ted Baker is definitely something you want to get your hands on as Ted Baker as I am sure you are all aware can be a tad pricey.

This stunning selection of four seasoned Ted Baker fragrant fancies smell lovely and look beautiful on your dressing tables! I think these will also make great handbag staples to keep you smelling fresh all day long. Regarding the scent I can't really comment on 3 of them because I am keeping those for the appropriate seasons of course! but, the winter bottle smells very (make way for the bad desciption!) musky, a little sweet and very mature but in a nice way not too overpowering. Definitely a one I would continue to use in the colder months rather than summer.

I would definitely recommend picking some of these up even as gifts to someone else or savor them for someone this Christmas coming because Boots always change the designs of Ted Baker sets every year and this lovely design we will shortly be saying farewell too!

Are you loving these fragrant fancies??

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

My 5 Beauty Resolutions | 2015

My 5 Beauty Resolutions | 2015
Hi lovelies happy New Year and hope you all had a nice Christmas - I know I have had way too many mince pies and alcohol over the break but that is a totally different post! I was hesitating for awhile about writing a New Year's resolution post because I never really make any I am much more of a 'do it when I want' kind of person, I never set myself goals just because it is a New Year. If there is something I want to do I will do it whenever I seem is best to. However I was inspired by a blogging chat on Twitter to create a 'beauty resolutions' post which if I remember correctly I created last year also the post is here - Which I did really well with so these are the beauty resolutions I am setting myself for 2015!

1. Use The Pretty, Special Makeup | Okay call me vain but there has been several times in the past I have purchased in/expensive products down to just being too darn pretty not to have 'cough cough' I am talking about you Charlotte Tilbury. I am terrible for purchasing these pretty products and then not using them because I don't want to ruin them - ridiculous I know. It gets to the point where I forget I even own some makeup items because I abandon them. So I've decided to stop being such a pansy and use those pretty, special products because there is just no point in buying makeup for it to be thrown at the back of my drawer.

2. Stick At My Routines | Over the Christmas I sort of gave up with my skincare I would take my makeup off and that would be it no cleanse or nothing. My skin started to react to this (nasty breakouts!) which was a sign that my skin needed more attention. I sometimes go through lazy stages with my skin because I get bored of sticking with my routine, (skincare routine will be up one day soon!) I have quite a decent morning/evening routine but like I said I get bored easily therefore I stop at times. I've told myself to stick at my routine otherwise my skin will just keep breaking out.

3. De-clutter The Clutter | Similar to number 1 I buy things and then forget I own them and this builds up more and more to the point where I have drawers full of products that have been used several times then replaced. It is sad products don't deserve to be abandoned or if I am being realistic here my money doesn't deserve to be wasted! (being a student is hard at times!). So I think it's about time I de-clutter all of the products from my drawer and start using them up rather than constantly buy more and more!

4. Change Routines Up | Total differentiation to number 2 I know but I am talking about hair here not skincare. When I was jotting down my 2014 favourites I realized I have not changed much of my hair care if anything I still religiously use the same products. Which isn't a bad thing but, as just mentioned I get bored easily when it comes to beauty. So I think I should maybe change my hair care routine up a little whether that is my products or my hairstyle itself because I am starting to get a little bored of it. Any ideas feel free to tell me some.

5. Stop Getting Bored Easily | This one makes me laugh because all I have went on about is being bored but yes I am setting myself a resolution not to get bored of products. Because if I get bored of products this happens: boredom = purchase new products = eventually get bored of new products. It is a forever circle. I don't get bored off everything I use of course but products I do get bored of over time is skin and haircare. So instead of wasting products by disregarding them in my drawers I have told myself to use these products up before I even consider purchasing something else. Seems an okay deal to myself right?

Whether I stick at these resolutions is a mystery that we will soon discover at the end of the year. I would like to think I can stick to these resolutions because a lot of them involve waste which isn't an option when it comes to beauty products but we shall soon see!

What are your beauty resolutions??

Sunday, 4 January 2015

5 Things I've Learnt | 2014

5 Things I've Learnt | 2014
2014 in a nutshell has been hunky-dory: I passed half of my degree, hit 2000 followers on BL and still have no sign of grey hairs due to stress! 2015 is among us now and this is essentially the most important year for me so far: hopefully graduate, land a job and just stand on my own two feet. I decided to create a post on everything I have learnt in 2014 personal, blogging etc that I thought was worth sharing to you all and worth looking back on myself when necessary! 

1. The Future Should Be ExcitingEver since I started third year these thoughts were constantly recurring: Where will I go after uni? Will anywhere want to hire me? Will I have to move away? The constant serious, scary questions have been thought of. Plans don't always work out and that's okay. I suck at telling myself to be excited about my next step once I finish uni but, it is scary, it is a step into the real world and it can sometimes be hard to get excited about where my journey will start! I've been telling myself the future should excite me for a few months now and I am starting to make that happen by enjoying what is left of uni and having a little plan on where I want to go once I finish, if it doesn't work out it's not the end of the world and there is plenty of opportunities for me out there I just have to keep telling myself this.

2. It's Okay To Stress OutOne thing I seem to always be great at is stressing out. I stress out and then I stress out more for letting myself get stressed, are you with me so far? Not far into my third year of uni I had a bit of a breakdown - and that's normal, if anything it shows I take things seriously. I got stressed over numerous things at the time which build-ed up a lot. I've always been a bit of a talker when I get stressed (which is a really good thing don't bottle it up!) so I was constantly winging to family, boyfriend, friends and even my tutor telling them absolutely anything that was getting me down. This was probably the worst state I have ever been in and I've took it as a positive because I know myself that stressing out is okay but sometimes it really isn't worth it. I've already been not stressing out as much so things are starting to look up I've started to write more lists, plan more and gave myself little routines on what to do if I get in stressful situations. Which have all helped on dealing with stress. + made my mam's water bill sky-high off tonnes of de-stressful baths!

3. Don't Be So Hard On Myself | This one follows on from no.2 I have always been a 'half a glass full' kind of person but when it comes to creativity, uni, blogging I sometimes doubt myself when I shouldn't. As previously mentioned I passed half of my degree last August and surprised myself at my results, this should be a wakeup call to say I can do it and that I am creative in what I produce at uni. But, at times I forget that I've passed half of my degree and still doubt myself. Same goes for blogging some days I feel confident some days I just want to throw my desktop away and it shouldn't be that way. I've only had my blog for just over a year now and already I've hit 2000 BL followers (which I am truly grateful for!) this should be a huge wakeup call and a reminder but at times I forget those reasons and continue to put pressure on myself. I think writing this post will be great for when I doubt myself again because I can look back and realize why I do what I do, how far I've got and not to be so hard on myself.

4. Life Is Just Too Short | A little bit of a cliché one but as you get older you realize time goes by a lot quicker therefore it is very valuable (said the girl who procrastinates on Candy Crush instead of doing uni work). Last summer I spent a lot of my time ticking off things on my bucket list and doing general things I have always wanted to do: start running, meet bloggers, travel out more, try chai tea...the list is a mish mash. But the more I was doing the things I've wanted to do the more I was enjoying it and the more I wanted to continue to do this year. Life is definitely too short (deep moment get the violins!) therefore I am slowly going through my bucket list and making use of my time a lot more.  

5. Nobody Cares About What You Look Like | Okay this one sounds a little mean but it isn't meant to be. What I learnt/gained last year was a bit more confidence in my appearance; I have always been one of those people who wore makeup not out of fun but to cover my skin. This isn't a bad thing because it gave me the confidence to get my though my teen years but I realized relying on makeup to make me feel a bit confident wasn't the best option for my skin. Once I started running I went all naked (face wise!) and ran with nothing on my face at all - the first few times were a bit daunting as I was constantly feeling paranoid and a little out of my comfort zone but you realize nobody looks and if they do they honestly don't care if you have no makeup on - I'm not going to see them again so it shouldn't bother me. Letting my skin breathe when I go outside is an amazing feeling and from that I now feel confident enough to step out the door without wearing makeup all the time.

And that just about wraps up all the things I have learnt in 2014!

What have you learnt in 2014??

Thursday, 1 January 2015

My Drugstore Favourites | 2014

Hi lovelies happy new year! I've been so excited to grab all my 2014 favourites and take photos of them for a few weeks now! It turns out quite a lot of makeup has impressed me this year - enough to create two posts one drugstore, one high end. These are my drugstore favourites of 2014 the products that have really wow'd me and I would consider purchasing timelessly again and again!

Soap & Glory Solar Powder
I have owned this product for over half a year now and yet somehow never blogged about it! Shameful. This is my everyday staple when it comes to adding some colour, definition or shape to my face. It is by far the best product I have tried for blending out to fit to your satisfactory, I know myself sometimes on those days where I feel too pale bronzers can make my face look orange. Yet, this product always blends in naturally without looking like you've become a Ompa Lumpa. This is like a 3 in 1: Highlighter, bronzer and contour so if you are on the hunt for something that will add some colour and definition without looking drastically brown then definitely try this! Plus you are saving yourself a bit of money if you are wanting both a highlight and bronzer. Bargain multipurpose product we have here!

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Sticks
I received these last Christmas and never did I imagine to still be continuously using these to this day. I like to use these sticks on days where I am feeling effortless regarding my lips but want something to brighten them up. They are incredibly easy to apply and last a fair couple of hours, they are also really moisturizing too which is a bonus. I definitely think if you are looking for a product that isn't time consuming and adds a bit of colour - a sort of cliche 'your lips but better' then definitely try these. I always make sure I have one of these in my bag because for some reason when I am on the go I tend to forget about applying lipstick so these are a lot quicker but effective to carry around!

Makeup Revolution Iconic Dreams Palette
This is a latest favourite of mine but has quickly took a rightful place in my 2014 favourites. I know I've only been using this for a month or two but I am too impressed not to include this. I use this eyeshadow palette on a daily basis because it has all the shades I would use. This has been great for creating autumnal, wintry looks and I think it will be great for summer too. This palette costs £6 which is a bargain in itself considering how many shades you receive but, that isn't the best part. These are incredibly pigmented it is mind blowing - a lot of people have been comparing this to high end brands as well. These are so long lasting (with eye primer of course!), pigmentation stays in place for hours and easy to blend out. Highly recommend this eyeshadow palette.

Garnier BB cream
I blogged about this product back in July and since then I still occasionally use this on days where I feel my skin doesn't need foundation. This product is amazing for coverage I only need a small amount of this and I am good to go. It blends in super easy and looks really healthy, glowy on the skin even after hours later. On the topic of hours this bb cream is still kept in place after a good 6 hours or more, I honestly can't fault this at all: great coverage, long lasting what more could you want from a product!

Soap & Glory Brow Archery
Another Soap & Glory product here! At first I thought eyebrow palettes were the best thing until I came across this little beauty. Without this I would still be filling in my brows as we speak, this is the quickest, easiest product I have ever tried for filling, shaping brows. Before I used this I would take a good 10-15 minutes filling my brows in which is ridiculous but with this magic wand I can have my brows done within 5 minutes or less now. A total bibbidy bobbidy boo moment. This is super easy to use and gets your brows looking natural in no time. I also find the shade is great too, if you are like me and struggle to find brow shades that are suitable for really fair brows then this is worth trying. I love how natural and easy this product is. It is like a magic wand!

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What are your 2014 drugstore favourites??


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