Monday, 30 March 2015

The LookFantasic Beauty Box

The LookFantasic Beauty Box
There is nothing more exciting than receiving a box every month filled fill lots of unknown products for you to try. For me subscription boxes are like Christmas as every month you receive bits and pieces you are unaware of!

LookFantastic are one of the largest cosmetic online stores in the UK that stock over 14,000 products from across all hair, makeup, skin care, nails, fragrance, organic the list is endless! Sometimes when I am after some makeup that pushes the boat out with the pennies I switch to LookFantastic as they stock products at a slightly lesser price than high street (+ free delivery and numerous discounts too!) What is not to love right?!

So when LookFantastic got in touch with me and asked if I would like to 'un-box' their Beauty Box I could hardly say no! The idea is every month you receive a new box for £15, packed with 6 miniature mystery beauty items. I love these sorts of boxes they are amazing for any beauty fanatics out their who are wanting to try something new. 

Inika Eye Pencil
I have recently been trialing out some products from this brand already so when I received this I was excited. These are natural, organic eyeliners that are brilliant for people with sensitive eyes. I am really excited to see what this eye pencil is like as a lot of pencils I own either smudge or leave my eyes feeling uncomfortable.

Korres Aloe & Soapwort Shampoo
It is very rare that I receive hair products in subscription boxes so when I came across this shampoo I was really excited as haircare is one of my favourites. This shampoo has great toning and regenerating properties. I am curious to try this shampoo out since it claims to not only tone but moisturize the scalp and hair. 

CB12 First Class Breath
I don't think I've ever been more intimidated by a product as much as this. The packaging doesn't appeal to me and even the name of the brand sounds very scientifically daunting. But, dental care has always been an important thing to me so I gave this a go pretty much straight away. It doesn't have the nicest of tastes but it definitely is powerful, long lasting and a shot of confidence to anyone who is weary of bad breathe.

Balance Me Hand & Body Wash
A two in one product is a lifesaver for packing to go away as they stop us from over packaging countless amounts of body products. The Balance Me hand & body wash features a feel-good aroma and skin-boosting blend to cleanse and rapidly re-hydrate dry, sensitive skin. This is to be used on wet skin then rinsed off afterwards. I definitely will be keeping this for when I go away overnight somewhere!

Bed Head Tigi Manipulator
I am not really a style with texture paste kind of girl I much prefer my texture sprays therefore this will be given to my mam or boyfriend. This can be used to spike, style or twist your hair which to me sounds more suitable for people with short hair. I do want to try this brand out one day so maybe one box in the future will contain something of use for me!

Forza 30 Day Multivitamins
This unique daily multivitamin has been designed exclusively for women. It provides 13 different vitamins and minerals to meet the needs of women who are maintaining a low calorie diet, avoiding certain food groups and taking part in increased physical activity. Not that I am dieting but I am joining the gym very soon to keep fit and basically have a better lifestyle so these maybe of some use to me. I have never tried dietary tablets before so I am a bit weary.

Overall I think this box is a lovely idea as it is filled with lots of unknown as well as popular brands to try out. Definitely worth the £15s and possibly one of the best beauty subscription boxes for beauty fanatics.
*PR Sample/gift.
Have you heard of LookFantastics Beauty Box??

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Dissertation Advice The Tutors Don't Tell You

Dissertation Advice The Tutors Don't Tell You
Dissertations always feel like a scary piece of work that near enough most university students will have to do in their final year. Some of you are probably starting to plan your dissertations now, writing proposals for next term, starting to write it or even finished. I thought now was the perfect time to do a blog post on some of my own personal advice and tips that I learnt when I wrote my own dissertation last semester. Some of these you may already know but they could be that reassurance or comfort that you need to keep you motivated as believe me I've been there and I wish at times there was a post like this to reassure me at the time. I hope these help and good luck to you all!

1. Set yourself goals: Setting yourself daily goals on what you want to write about or how many words you want to achieve is definitely something to consider. Dissertation's can get overwhelming at times especially if like me you constantly changed your topic so you were always trying to settle on something new to write about. The night before I was going to write some of my dissertation I would bullet point all the things I wanted to write about for the next day and it wasn't hundreds of bullet points either. The earlier you start it the longer you have which automatically means you won't need to be writing 2000 words a day essentially. I was setting myself 500 words a day that to me felt like enough to be able to handle. Of course some days I wrote under and some I wrote more but it just depended on how far I got. But given yourself goals every-time you write your dissertation is essential as it keeps you organised and you shouldn't feel like you need to tackle 8000 words in one go like a lot of students end up doing surprisingly.

2. Breaks are allowed: It is so easy to be sat at your computer with square eyes, your fourth cup of coffee in your hand and bum prints in your chair to even consider breaks. But breaks are allowed and sometimes I struggled with this too, I would get so stuck into my dissertation that I'd be sat at my desk for a solid 4 or 5 hours and start to think words like 'distinctive' looked wrong, this was a clear sign I needed a break. I don't mean wonder onto Twitter for half an hour I mean actually getting off your bum and get some air or meet up with friends, do something that will stop you getting stressed as easy. Your dissertation is an important piece of work but it isn't that important to overrule your whole life. A lot of the time I would write some of my dissertation during the day then see my boyfriend then go back to it if I hadn't finished what needed wrote and that always helped me keep focused for longer.

3. It is do-able: This one is cliche really but we all think it. The amount of times I found myself almost in tears with worry over not having enough to write about or not being able to finish it in time was ridiculous. If you choose a thorough topic that your tutor has agreed with then you shouldn't worry about not having enough to write about. I was picking up a lot of my next paragraph topics from the previous paragraph I wrote and that is how my dissertation started to get a better structure. If you feel like you are stuck in a rut or repeating yourself then try and do number 2 and come back to it later.

4. Have a positive attitude: Get passionate about what you write about really sink your teeth into it you chose the topic for a reason so that should reflect on your attitude. I really enjoyed writing my dissertation because of the topic I chose I made it into what I wanted it to be. Even just writing my actual dissertation I had a positive mind (once I started writing) I was instead of thinking 'ugh I have 5000 words left to write' I was mostly thinking 'ooo 5000 more to go!' have that attitude and you won't get bored or constantly obsessed over counting down how many words you've wrote. 

5. Plan as you go: Some people prefer structuring or planning their dissertation right at the beginning and sticking to that (and that's fine) but I planned as I wrote. Like I wrote in No.2 I was writing bullet points every evening beforehand so I had goals to achieve the next day. I don't think my dissertation would have been as interesting if I planned it all and stuck to that plan from the beginning. I plan as I go this is how I work, it isn't for everyone but it kept my brain fresh. My plan at the beginning wasn't how my dissertation ended up as a lot of the things I wanted to write about didn't happen because I found other significant bits along the way. I think a lot of tutors expect you to stick to your proposal and work from that but having that bit of paper to work from didn't work for me.

6. It's your work nobody else's: It's true it is your work and you should be able to write and do it when you want to. I know this may come across like I have a lazy attitude but what I am trying to say is if your friend is 3000 more words ahead of you don't let that push you into thinking 'Crap I have to catch up' write it in your own time. It took me ages to get into my dissertation as I was changing my topic so many times and I only started writing it in November (got set in October) and by that time everyone had near enough got there first paragraphs wrote. A lot of students in second year write a dissertation proposal which I felt as though I was being pushed to pick something a lot quicker than I planned. I ended up writing something completely different to my proposal so don't think you have to stick to that just because your tutor says you wrote it in your proposal as numerous amounts of students end up changing it and feel happier about it.  

Those are my top tips and advice on tackling your dissertation I hope they helped in someway! These are things I did myself and I ended up starting mine mid November and completing it over the Christmas holidays and came out with a 2:1 so it is do-able and you should always remember you are supposed to some how enjoy it (as difficult as it can be!) and not treat it as a question you'd get set at school that you'll complete the night before.

Good luck!

Do you have any tips/advice for anyone reading this post?? 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Diamonds Aren't Always A Girls Best Friend

JewelStreet Keep me collection
JewelStreet Keep me collection
JewelStreet Keep me collection
JewelStreet Keep me collection
If there is one thing I love spending countless amounts of money on it has got to be jewellery. I rarely seem to blog about jewellery which is a shame because it is up there with my love for buying makeup too. So when Jewelstreet* got in contact with me asking if I would like to choose a piece of jewellery of my choice and write a little bit about it I could hardly say no once I was lusting over their range. Jewellery is one of those delicate things that really brings a smile to mine (and numerous other peoples) faces, you can never go wrong with treating that special person in your life with a bit of jewellery it has so many values to it. 

The Keep Me Jewellery collection is a type of unique jewellery I have never heard of before. I must admit it caught my eye within seconds after wondering over Jewelstreet's website, I instantly fell in love. All jewellery is unique but I have never come across rings that are displayed on plastic animals before. They sell a variety of different types of silver rings each with different designs on all kinds of animals. Out of their collection the Chinstrap Penguin with a sterling silver bow ring was the one I knew I'd wear mostly as it has that tiny little bit of detail that looks stunning.

Waiting anxiously for the postman to deliver my ring it finally arrived and as soon as I unravelled the ring out of its lovely packaging it was on my finger for the rest of the day. The ring was packaged so lovely and delicately! Not only was it displayed on the plastic penguin but that was wrapped in a cute drawstring bag which was in a box. All of which let the ring feel more special and exciting to open.

I imagine the collection is called 'Keep Me Jewellery' because everything is keep worthy. I do like how the rings are sold around an animal's neck I think that itself is distinctive and smart. My penguin is currently displayed on my dressing table alongside my other bits of jewellery. It's something different that adds a touch to keep rather than have the ring sent in a typical box that nobody can see until opened.

The ring fits perfectly on my second finger I also think it catches a lot more attention than it would on my middle finger. It goes with anything and flatters everything I wear - it has been worn as a casual and a formal accessory. You don't always need to buy diamonds to make something look special and flattering I don't think.

This is definitely a great collection to look at if you are after something special and unique to buy someone to have out on display or even to treat yourself! I think these make great gifts for all ages of females - even the younger generation would appreciate this range. I can see this ring lasting me quite a few years. 
*PR Sample/gift.
Have you heard of Keep Me Jewellery??

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Aussie Haircare Reviews

Aussie Haircare Reviews
Aussie is the hair care range I tend to use on a daily basis for when it comes to treating my hair or washing it and it has been like that for a good year or so now. Some of you may even remember my badly photographed Aussie best&worst post here which sometimes creeps up in my popular posts. Some of it has changed a lot since then and some of the products I do still use to this day which just goes to show how much I love this brand. I rarely blog about hair care much which is something I would like to get into more so I decided to review a few Aussie products I use on a daily basis.

Aussie Beach Mate Shampoo - This is one of my newest Aussie products to add to my products I have tried. Aussie always have offers on so when I spotted the 3 for £10 offer I decided to pick this beach shampoo up since we are starting to edge our way slowly into spring and summer. I love beachy hair regardless what time of the year it is but my hair has started to feel a bit flimsy and dull so I was excited to give this a go. It smells lovely like their entire range does and it leaves my hair feeling lovely and soft. I am yet to see any of the 'beachy' results as of yet but when I do I shall let you know!

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Winter Remedy - I spotted this just before Christmas last year and got really excited as I think it is one of their limited editions. I recommend any of Aussie's 3 minute treatments as they do wonders on your hair! I tend to use these when I don't want to sit for 15/20 minutes with hair masks on but I am in need of a quick deep treatment. These always sort my hair out and leave it feeling silky soft and healthy again.

Aussie Miracle Recharge Conditioning Spray - Sometimes after I've washed my hair it can still feel really dry or frizzy so I like to spray some of this conditioning spray all over my wet hair to give it that extra bit of condition that it needs. I love sprays that moisturize your hair it just saves the hassle of having to wash your hands afterwards! This has become one of my favourite products from their range as it always leaves my hair feeling conditioned.

Aussie Anti Frizz Conditioning Milk - This is a bit similar to the conditioning spray only you pump a few onto your hands then rub it into the ends of your hair. With the spray I go all over my hair with whereas this I only use on my ends. I use this when I have any frizzy or split ends occurring after I've showered this just keeps my ends a lot healthier and stops my hair from getting tatty as easily.

Aussie Colour And Shine Serum - If you read my Aussie best and worst post you will see that I cringe worthily posted a negative review on this using a sad face emoji at the end 'face palm'. But I hate wasting products so instead of throwing this away or given it to my mam I decided to give it another try and turns out I really like it. I only use a tiny amount of this on the ends of my hair this just adds a bit of shine and brightens my ombre up a little as sometimes it can start to look a little dull.

All of these products help keep my hair feeling healthy, soft and smelling great too. I cannot fault this brand they always have me wanting to try more. I know they now sell shower gels and dry shampoo too which I would love to try sometime soon!

Have you tried Aussie products before??  

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Beauty Favourites

Beauty Favourites
There hasn't been a lot of beauty things out there that have really wow'd me recently mostly due to the fact I haven't been shopping for quite awhile now sad sad times. Therefore a lot of my favourites here are products I've had for awhile or have been sent out to me. So today I decided to share with you all some of the beauty bits I am currently loving.

Cafe De Bain Coconut Macaroon Shower Cream
What's not to love about this product? It looks appealing, has an amazing flavour and does the job! I spotted this shower cream in Superdrug awhile back and haven't been able to bring myself to use it until recently. I love macaroons and the smell of coconut so combining these into a shower cream makes me very happy and excited. This smells so delicious and since it is a cream and not a gel the formula doesn't slide out of my hands like a shower gel would therefore nothing gets wasted. I love everything about this flavour so I must pick up some more!

Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray
I got this product a good year ago now it was in one of the Elle magazines I think but only recently have I decided to start using it. This product helps bring my hair to life, there is nothing more annoying than having flat, no-volume hair (especially if curled). I like to spray this maybe midway down my hair and just scrunch a little. It is a gluey hairspray therefore I avoid using this on my roots. I just think this helps add a bit of volume to my hair and gives it a little bit of a boost for a couple of hours.

Origins Ginzing Moisturizer
I got this moisturizer in a set at Christmas and only for the past month have I decided to trial it out. I love the brand Origins it always helps sort my skin out but when it comes to moisturizers I tend to fade away from it. I don't think I would pay the price for this moisturizer alone but I can totally understand why it is an expensive product. This has done wonders for my oily skin. It smells lovely for starters very sweet and fruity which is always pleasant to be putting on my skin in the mornings and evenings. I just find when I use this moisturizer my makeup stays in place for a lot longer time and I have noticed I am rarely having to touch up throughout the day. I will be devastated on the day this product runs out.

NARS Descanso Satin  Lip Pencil
I go through stages of wearing a bright red or purple, to a subtle pink, to a nude lip and that is kind of how the process always goes from dark to light. At the moment I have been wearing this lip pencil everyday for a good few weeks now. It goes on so nicely and lasts such a long time, I can see why these are so highly rated because they are incredibly pigmented which means they will be in my makeup drawer for quite sometime. Definitely try this out if you like a bit of a orange toned nude shade, perfect for spring and summer, I would say this colour suits anybody.

The Claudia Louch Clinic Lashware Mascara
This was sent out to me a few weeks ago and I've been using this as a sort of 'mascara primer' in some ways. This mascara is brilliant for separating out all of my lashes, it doesn't give much volume if that is what you look for but it definitely has a more 'natural' look about it. I like to apply this on my lashes to separate them all out, I then apply my Benefit They're real then go over again using this mascara for my bottom lashes. It doesn't smudge or give me panda eyes which as you know is one thing I look for in mascaras!

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Palette*
There is nothing more exhilarating for a beauty fanatic to come across a dupe product that will be saving you an arm and a leg. This eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution is very similar to the pricey Lorac Pro. This matte finish packaging has a more 'classy' look compared to most of Makeup Revolutions palettes which made me even more excited to try it out. This palette has 8 mattes and 8 shimmer eyeshadows and as you know by now I much prefer a shimmer to the mattes. However I find myself using a mixture of both from this palette. The colours go on so nicely and with an eye primer last me all day long - for £6.99 can't go wrong! 

What are you currently loving??

Sunday, 15 March 2015

My Little Superbox

My Little Superbox
As always once my dispatch email was sent out I was impatiently waiting for my postman to deliver this month's My Little Box. Even though the postman kept me in suspense for a good 3 days after the dispatch email (damn him!) I was thrilled to see it arrive sharpish on Friday morning. Now I am not at all superstitious but this box arrived on Friday 13th so I was sceptical about what was inside. If I'm being honest this box didn't excite me as much as previous ones did - silly Friday 13th raining on my box.

Once I opened up my box I wasn't welcomed with one of My Little Box's greetings cards as I usually am which was disappointing as I love reading and putting to use my little inspiration cards. Instead of the lovely greetings cards I received some 'superstickers' which will be perfect to brighten up a notebook or even just a to do list. Not overly fond of those but stickers always come in handy!

Behind the stickers was another nifty, little magazine that is always filled with lots of inspiration, interviews, advice, photography, tips, tutorials and even some positive quotes to keep you happy and motivated. I always love receiving these magazines I am starting to gather quite a collection, they are so perfect for throwing in your handbag to read on the go. I tend to read these on the train and always look back on them every now and then because I always come across some helpful tips.

This month's box is a little different as I received a little bit of fashion a t-shirt to be precise. This t-shirt reads 'I believe I can fly' and from Instagram nebbiness I have discovered that some other subscribers have received ones that read 'we can be heroes' or 'somewhere over the rainbow'. These t-shirts are supposed to give you the 'feel good vibe' through the use in type. I do like the rolled up sleeves and the colour of this t-shirt it will be perfect for throwing on to laze around the house.

Once I finished unraveling everything in boxes, bows and whatnot I finally got to the bottom of my box and opened up my dainty drawstring bag that is filled with several beauty products. The first product I pulled out was from My Little Beauty which is basically My Little Box's own beauty range. The product I received this month was a Pencil Bluff that is a double lip & cheek pencil. This is the perfect peachy shade for heading into spring and summer! 

The second product I had come across was a Hand and Nail cream by Caudalie. Hand creams will always be of use to me regardless what time of the year it is so this cute, miniature size will certainly be joining My Little magazine in my handbag. 
The last product I received was Luminous Perfecting Conditioner By Kerastase which I think is the French term for Loreal. I was probably most happy to receive this because it is very rare that I receive a hair treatment. This product you apply to wet, washed hair and massage it through the ends, leave for 2 minutes, rinse then POW!This claims to leave your hair tangle free so I am excited to try it out.

Overall I have to say I wasn't as impressed as I normally am, I felt as though this month they have missed a couple of bits out compared to normal. I am not really understanding the whole theme 'superbox' to be honest. All of these things will be put to good use as always! But the Friday 13th rain on my box parade hasn't stopped me from looking forward to next month's box.

Have you subscribed to this box yet??

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Self Tanning Routine

Self Tanning Routine
I've never really been a massive fan of false tans if I'm honest. Whenever I wanted to add a bit of colour to my body I opted for a gradual tanning lotion that you'd apply every evening that gradually started to give you a nice healthy glow (without the orange hands or biscuit scent). But when St Moriz* got in contact with me asking to try out their tanning lotion I thought why not give it a try and see what I make of it. I've always been very curious about these instant tans but a little nervous in case I looked like a giant wotsit.

I've been using this false tan for a few weeks (only on my legs) it has now took a rightful place in my self tanning routine so I thought now is the perfect time to blog what I use and why!

Step 1.
Obviously the first thing I do if I want to achieve the best self tan look I can is have a shower/bath and shave my legs. Freshly, smooth legs lets the tan glide on a lot smoother and avoids any orange patches so shaving my legs is an essential for this routine.

Step 2.
I then move on to exfoliating my legs this step I would say is the most important if you want smooth tanned legs. I use the Soap&Glory sugar crush because 1. it smells delicious and 2. it's not harsh or gritty like some. Exfoliating the legs gets rid of any dead cells and any dry patches that the false tan will 99% of the time pick up and give you a giant orange patch. The knee caps and ankles are one of the worst places for this to happen!

Step 3.
Once I've exfoliated my legs I go ahead and give them a bit of moisture so I take my Soap&Glory sugar crush body wash and rub it all over my legs to give them the moisture they need after they've been exfoliated. Not sure if this is essential but I always do this just to make sure my legs are super smooth and moisturized.

Step 4.
Once I've shaved, exfoliated and washed my legs I then let them air dry and once they are completely dry I go ahead and grab my tanning mit and apply St Moriz.

How I got on with St Moriz
The first time I used this tan after my routine above my legs didn't go the way I wanted them to. They looked too dark, streaky in areas and had that biscuit-y scent so this didn't go well first time I tried it. But, I kept trying and trying till they eventually started to look better. I think it depends on how much you apply and if you have blended it in properly everywhere - which I obviously didn't at first. I really like how this looks on my legs, they look healthy and natural which is obviously what you want them to look like. I will start to use this on the rest of my body one day (maybe when I plan to stay in - just incase!).

I can see why everyone loves this false tan as once you've mastered to get it right the results are really impressive. I'd love to try the tanning mist sometime too as I can imagine this would get the job done a lot quicker!
*PR Sample/gift.

Have you tried this false tan before?? 

Sunday, 8 March 2015

S&G Kick Ass Concealer | Does It Kick Ass?

S&G Kick Ass Concealer | Does It Kick Ass?
S&G Kick Ass Concealer | Does It Kick Ass?
It is very rare that I will splurge out on a new concealer because I seem to have everything I need from the Collection lasting perfection concealer. But I was feeling randomly adventurous last time I went into Boots (in my defense of course) so I ended up splurging out on the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer. Soap & Glory have never let me down when it comes to their makeup range, everything I have ever received has been amazing so this concealer intrigued me a lot - the whole idea of a 3 step system to conceal your face got my little beauty brain curious!

This compact contains an eye brightening concealer, face concealer and a sealing powder that are labelled from step 1 to 3. I am yet to use the sealing powder because I am not entirely sure whether my face needs these extra layers of makeup - I use powder to set my makeup anyways. But, I do use the eye brightening and face concealer regularly therefore I am able to give you curious readers my personal opinion on those!

I'll be honest when I first applied both of these products I felt as though they were a little thickening on my skin and the colour didn't seem to match up even though I picked up the lightest shade. But once blended in with my Real Techniques setting brush the shade matched into my skin which is odd.

I would say this has medium coverage as it is great for covering those dreadful under the eye dark circles I tend to get after a long late night of uni work which is great as I now don't look like a zombie the next morning. I think the eye brightening concealer does wonders for brightening under my eyes as well as making them look a lot more highlighted and healthy.

Another thing we all dread from time to time is any imperfections: spots, scars, redness etc etc! Yes those dreading areas can sometimes be a challenge to cover especially the 'newly' spots. Like I mentioned before the Collection concealer covered every imperfection for me and from what I've used of this so far I believe it does exactly the same. It is just a little bit more playful as it isn't in a tube applicator. But the results are long lasting and cover any imperfection really well.

So far I have ditched my Collection concealer and I have found myself a new, trustworthy buddy that helps cover any imperfections! So once again Soap & Glory have not let me down with their makeup.

The overall answer does this concealer kick ass? yes.

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Have you tried this concealer yet??

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Random Favourites

Random Favourites
One of my all time favourite blog posts to read are random favourites I just love finding out what people have enjoyed recently that isn't necessarily beauty related. When wondering around my room collecting all of my current beauty favourites it came to my attention that I have more random favourites recently than beauty. So I decided to dedicate a whole blog post full of all the random bits I've been loving.

Sali Hughes Pretty Honest Book
I have been eyeing up this book for months now and having an Instagram account didn't really help things as everyone has been taken countless amounts of photos of this beautiful book. So far I am really enjoying it and I have been picking up so many useful tips that I didn't even know existed! Sali is so genuine in her book not one part of this book comes across as fake or dishonest her personality really comes through which makes it a lot more relatable in some areas. Definitely a book to be having out on display and buying if you enjoy reading beauty related things.

Accessorize Clock Bag
I received this clock bag on my birthday last year and haven't been able to put it down since. This is such a staple, novelty bag that can really bring an outfit together, I always use this bag on nice occasions out and I must admit this little beauty gets a few heads turning. I have received so many lovely compliments about this bag from friends, family and even random people for instance (cleaner in Tesco believes this bag was worth over a £100 - jackpot!). I have spotted a milk carton bag from Accessorize that I currently need as well, I must keep my novelty bag obsession going!

Paperchase Postcards
Postcards don't necessarily have to be stamped and delivered to someone miles away from you. In fact recently I've enjoyed buying postcards for myself and having them dotted all around my room as a bit of cheap home decoration. These are a couple of postcards I have displayed on my cupboard door for a bit of inspiration. Sometimes when days are gloomy and disappointing simple things like an inspiring quote can make a little difference. I think these are so cheap and cheerful for brightening up your room and adding a bit of colour to your walls.

Stuff To Do If I Feel Like It Notebook
I've mentioned this notebook a few times now but it really has been such an amazing, helpful product to carry around with me everywhere I go. I always have stuff to do and most of the times sometimes I tend to forget therefore carrying this tiny notebook around with me really helps. Plus what the notebook says on the front is relatable so...

Flamingo Candle 'Lemon & Lime Mojito'
No matter what time of the year it is candles will always be a staple in my bedroom. Flamingo Gifts* were so kind to ask me if I would like to try out a few of their products and I just couldn't say no to one of their wonderful candles. Everyone talks about these candles so I decided to pick up a peculiar one I've not heard anyone mention before. Lemon & Lime mojito flavour is definitely a fresh, spring, fruity scented candle that I would personally recommend as having in your bathroom or living room. These candles are amazing and definitely live up to expectations, I love how they are eco-friendly and organic that makes them more likable. I definitely want to be purchasing more of these candles - the jars are pretty handy to use too!

Tetley Immune Lemon & Honey Herbal Tea
As you should all know by now I am a bit of a health freak when it comes to herbal teas. My mam actually spotted these a couple of months ago (I presume they are new). Tetley isn't my favourite brand of tea I must admit but I was so curious about these immune teas on how they help the immune system and contain vitamin C. And oh my goodness me I cannot express enough how much I am obsessed with these immune teas, I was almost considering writing a full blog post on them (too much?). I have not been ill for over 2/3 months now and I 100% believe it is down to this tea. I don't know if it is all in my head or what but I used to get ill quite often and since drinking 2 cups of this tea a day I haven't. They taste really good too!

Other Favourites
A couple of other things I have currently been loving recently is Sia's album I absolutely love all of her songs shes so talented. I have also really been liking my new game app which is Sudoku I used to love playing Sudoku so this always kills some time on train journeys to uni. 

What random-y bits have you been enjoying recently??

Sunday, 1 March 2015

A Little Random Haul

A Little Random Haul
It feels like forever ago the last time I sat at my desk with a cuppa and typed out a blog post. I have been so caught up with my final project for uni that I've almost neglected my lovely little hobby of blogging, tut I know. I have given myself some time out to just get a couple of blog posts that I have been meaning to do. Today's post is simply a little random haul of bits and bobs I have collected over the last month or two.

I've been a little naughty recently because when I first got my student loan there was nothing on the shelves that I desperately needed in my life so I resorted to impulse spending. But come on everyone has to spend at least some of their student loan on something good, right? I have been eyeing up Sally Hughes Pretty Honest book for months now and I finally caved and purchased it. So far I am really enjoying it and picking up so many great tips that I didn't know - which is always brilliant. Definitely a book to have on your shelving unit or desk.

Postcards have been a big hit recently on the world of Instagram numerous people are buying them for inspirational purposes or a bit of room deco to brighten up desk areas. I spotted these lovely postcards in Paperchase a few weeks ago and they are now currently jotted all around my room. I love them they are so simple and some of them do have a bit of inspiration too which is always helpful.

Pauls Boutique I'll be honest never really appealed to me, I remember girls at school were obsessed with their handbags, personally I never liked them. However near the Zoella and other bloggers beauty range they now stock these Pauls Boutique makeup brushes which got me curious. I picked up the powder brush purely because my current powder brush is atrociously thick and dirty. I also picked up this pretty, chic shower gel that really caught my eye. I picked up the coconut macaroon flavour because coconut is my favourite scent. It smells delicious!  

Most people shop at Tesco for food right? Well not me apparently. I initially went in for some hair dye and some food for mine and my boyfriend's tea then somehow left with a candle and a new phone case. I have been looking for a new phone case for quite some time now so this wasn't a total impulse buy. It is so hard to come across a pretty case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 so when I saw this dogtooth black and white printed case I didn't think twice it was in my basket before I knew it. 

Never had Tesco down as the candle type but I was drawn into these candle designs straight away. Pink lemonade and peach is a spring/summery scent that smells incredible I absolutely love it. Definitely check of Tesco's candles!

Bit of a random mish mash haul again as no clothing seems to be appealing to me at the moment. We are at that inbetween winter/spring time of the year where I can never find anything. Hopefully my next haul in the future will include clothing!

What have you been buying recently??


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