Thursday, 28 May 2015

5 Ways To Become A Morning Person

5 Ways To Become A Morning Person
If you are one of those people who doesn't know what 7am looks like, has a fight with the alarm clock every morning and says '5 more minutes' but resorts to an hour and a half later, then listen up! The mornings can be such a nightmare for getting motivated and productive which can sometimes reflect on your whole day. A couple of months back I was one of those people who worked till 2am on my uni project and had to drag myself out of bed early in the morning to go to uni and believe me it killed me.

Recently I have given myself a little bit of a routine on ways to become more motivated in the morning to the point where I actually get things done before 10am. It is possible! And this is coming from someone who loves their sleep a lot. So here are some simple tips that I have been doing frequently to become a productive morning person.  

1.) Get A Routine: A Routine, really? I know this can sound a little boring and stressful but it can really impact on tomorrow morning. I was never able to shift working till 2am for a good fortnight but, I do think having an early night has a better reflection on the day ahead. Also eating and drinking at specific times helps too, I noticed on days where I was so busy I forgot what food was I would get tired quicker, get headaches and it did reflect not only the rest of the day but the morning after. I would also say get into a routine of stop working an hour before you go to bed, maybe relax watch a film as if you work right until you go to sleep your brain maybe still thinking about it which makes it harder to relax and can sometimes take longer to sleep or resort in having a rough night sleep.

2.) Plan Your Tomorrow: Following from 1.) planning your tomorrow can really change your attitude. I found planning what I was going to wear, have my makeup out ready to apply and write lists on what needed to be done all had a huge impact on my next day. I felt productive and positive about my next day and when it came to waking up I was eager to get up and go because everything was prepared for me to get on with. I think not planning your next day can leave your brain feeling overwhelmed and untidy so when that wonderful buzz of your alarm clock goes off you just want the day over with because your brain doesn't feel prepared. Tidy your brain it does wonder!

3.) Smart Move: When it hits 7am and the annoying buzz goes off on your alarm it can be so easy to hit the snooze button and sleep '5 more minutes' and be running around like a headless chicken 2 hours later with inside out underwear on. I think we've all been guilty of doing this but, why not outsmart this? We keep our alarm clocks on our bedside tables because it is simple enough to reach and turn off. But why not put your alarm clock across the other side of your room? Therefore when it goes off you have to get up to stop it from drilling a hole into your brain. By the time you're out of bed and turning the alarm off you are up on your feet and awake!

4.) Making The Morning Bearable: I'm not going to sit here and say have a healthy breakfast and have a workout because we all have heard these things before. What I mean by making the morning bearable is if you are one of those people who absolutely hate the mornings and sometimes gets a little grumpy if you've had lack of sleep then these things might make it a bit bearable. Instead of having annoying buzzers go off at 7am why not set your phone alarm to a positive song - a Disney song perhaps? Something that has good connotations about it that instantly makes you happy and motivated. I used to own an alarm clock jukebox that played songs from the film Grease and looking back it was helpful. Other things to make the morning bearable is to change things up maybe today's the day you finally try that new eyeshadow palette you've forgotten about? Or maybe have one of your favourite breakfasts, bacon sandwich, anyone? These simple but effortless things can make your morning a bit more bearable. 

5.) The 5 Minute Later Solution: Been awake for 5 minutes and still can't wake yourself up but have progressed from that and are now fallen asleep on the toilet? One of the first things I do once I've gotten out of bed is I make it, this stops any temptation to go back into bed and also clears my mind a bit as one job is straight away done. I then splash my face with cold water I'm not going to lie this is something I hate doing but it does wake me up by a lot I just grin and bare it. If I am still tired after this I will go ahead with cleansing or applying a facial wash with strong scents to wake me up more. By this point I am usually wide awake and ready for my morning!

...if you are not wide awake by all of these points then coffee is your best friend!

Any tips you have on becoming a morning person??

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Mr Candle Review

Mr Candle Review
You are all probably wondering why has Katie got a photograph of a candle followed by a photograph of a ring on her finger has she gone mad? Well, no I haven't gone mad (yet) but I have gone speechless over this amazing idea of a candle. This isn't any ordinary candle in a jar you can purchase everywhere, no this is a candle that hidden inside each one is a ring worth between £10-£500. I now don't feel like I am burning my money!

Mr Candle is a British based company that creates eco-friendly, wonderful scented candles. As they are eco-friendly they will burn for longer! I received the Vintage Rose scent which smells exactly like a garden filled with freshly planted flowers. It is the perfect candle for this time of year and it leaves my room smelling like a garden. An unusual scent for a bedroom but it works.

You are to let the candle burn for between 2-4 hours to give it time to melt down to where the ring is placed. Once you are able to pull out the tin foil inside of this is a pretty little silver ring. The ring I received is stunning but unfortunately doesn't fit my tiny little fingers which is a shame.

The candle definitely burns for hours and the smell is incredible but I found after my third or fourth time at burning the candle because of where the two wickers were placed the wax had covered over the wicks and created a bit of a deep hole in the centre of the candle. Therefore every time I burnt the candle the wicks would go out fairly quickly once the wax started to melt, which is kind of annoying but I am sure I will think of something to get the candle finished!

I personally think these candles are lovely gifts to give to your loved one or even to a friend. They are reasonably priced and I do think you get your amounts of money worth from them.

*PR Sample/gift.
Have you tried Mr Candle before??

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Money Saving Multipurpose Products

Money Saving Multipurpose Products
I think most of you will know by now that products that have a multipurpose to them are always a winner for me. Sometimes you can come across a product that was essentially for your lips but you end up using as a blusher and that's what I love about beauty because for me that saves you the pennies! 

So I decided to share with you all some of my favourite beauty products that have more than one purpose to it and could save you some money.

I think I speak for most girls on this case that Sudocream has a place in all of our medicine cabinets. When I was a teenager (which sounds scary saying now that I am 21) I used to get a lot of teenage hormones, therefore, my skin would break out. Sudocream was (and still is) always good for calming down any spots. I don't use Sudocream for my skin much now but I do use this for any sunburns I get and it cools them down instantly! This is also great for minor burns, wounds and a bunch of other things so this is a definite to have in your cupboards for those emergencies! - total money saver.

Re-Gen Cream is a product I don't think many people have heard of it is basically a cream based dupe to Bio Oil. So if it daunts you to use an oil to get rid of scars then maybe try this - plus it is a heck of a lot cheaper too. I like to dab a bit of this over any marks on my face that spots have left. It does work but of course like Bio Oil it takes longer than an overnight process. This is also great for any stretch marks, wrinkled skin, dry skin and blemishes.

This isn't a favourite product of mine but I would definitely count it as one of my favourite products for saving money and that is the Benefit Dandelion powder. When I got this I had only thought that this was a blusher but, a lot of people tell me this is a powder too. Now I think if I used this as a powder I might look a little pink but if you have incredibly pale skin this would be perfect as it is a very light shaded blush. I sometimes use this as a blusher and I do like how healthy and natural it looks.

TheBalm Cosmetics is just one of many tints that I find amazing, I love tints because they are 99% of the time usable for lips or cheeks. I use this mostly for lips but I have tried it for cheeks and I love the results. I think this is a perfect product to have if you want to match your lips with your cheeks.

Saving the best till last and that is the S&G solar powder this product is a holy grail for me. I think if you are on the hunt for a contour, bronzer and a highlighter I definitely recommend this as it is an all in one product. You will be saving yourself so much money. I use this every day for adding a bit of definition to my cheeks and this is the easiest product I've used by far for blending. I just love everything about this product and it saves a lot of space when it comes to travelling!

What are your favourite money-saving products?? 


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