Monday, 29 June 2015

The Perfect Holiday Eyeshadow Palette

The Perfect Holiday Eyeshadow Palette
The Perfect Holiday Eyeshadow Palette
I was at the point in life where I said to myself 'you have every eyeshadow shade there is you don't need any more' until the postman knocks on my door with an unexpected delivery from Makeup Revolution and changed my mind. This is Makeup Revolutions latest eyeshadow palette called Affirmation which has a total of 32, I repeat 32 eyeshadows!

You are able to snap up this goodie here for £8.00

This palette has a variety of shades; neutrals, roses, coppers, chocolates, purples and smokes, plenty of shades to experiment with. I definitely think this is a one to be taking on holiday with you rather than carrying 3 or 4 different palettes you have every colour you could possibly need, plus a giant mirror which is always handy! I have been using this palette a lot recently for daytime and the consistency is really good quality you wouldn't think this palette was worth £8.00.

I have been experimenting with my new toy for a couple of weeks and a few shades I have used are; positive for a bit of a highlight on my brow bone, Forward or Vouch for my lid and Confidence or Rely on my outer crease depending on the occasion. I have lots more to play around with that I can't wait to try out! I may do a summer makeup routine sometime in the future with this palette as it has the right shades to be used for summer!

Overall I think this palette will be perfect for taking with you on holiday as you have all the shades you could possibly need! The quality is amazing and even for people starting out with makeup this would be an amazing bargain to snatch up.
*PR Sample/gift.

Have you tried this palette yet??

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Motivational Tips On Joining Gym

Motivational Tips On Joining Gym
I am one of those people that when winter strikes I go into snuggle on the sofa with a hot chocolate and a good film mode. Once the longer days, more sunshine and even warmth kicks in I have the sudden urge to ditch the blankets and go outside for some exercise. I am introducing something new to not only myself but to my blog too and that is the gym. I thought to write a post on my experience so far and some tips on having the motivation to go or how to handle the first week.

My Experience: Joining a gym was something I wanted to do as soon as New Year arrived as I wanted to get toned but, because of uni projects I never had the time until now. Even after I joined I put off going with my boyfriend for a good 2 weeks but, finally I had found the motivation to go and so far so good. It's a bit like everything really the first day is always the worst and the most clueless. I had my induction, got familiar with the machines and just tried experimenting really. I did feel a bit out of my comfort zone at first and I found it easier having my boyfriend around if I needed any help or spotted. I have been going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week which is a good balance of days to go and I have also given myself a routine too for each day I go. So far I am enjoying it but I am sure sometime soon I will have those days of passing me the pizza I don't want to exercise.

Motivational Tips -

1.) Find a gym buddy: This doesn't have to be for every time you go but if you have that option I do think having a friend or partner to go with you makes the first few times a lot easier. My boyfriend and I go together all the time we don't have to be doing the same things but when we are it makes it a lot more entertaining and they are good for motivation too.

2.) Get a routine: Okay I know you are all probably rolling your eyes at this one but I have to be honest they do make you a lot more motivated to go. On my first day I didn't have a specific routine so I just tried anything but, once I got a routine I found it a lot easier, more organised and motivated to get on with it. I also like to change my routine to keep things a bit more interesting. For example, Thursday is leg day, therefore, I use machines for my legs and give myself 4 or 5 sets per machine. It sounds boring but having a routine does make you a lot more eager to go.

3.) Buy new gear: Buying new gym wear is definitely a motivational boost because all you want to do is have the excuse to wear your new pink Nike trainers. Good places for gym wear that isn't pricey are MyProtein, H&M or Primark all are really decent quality too.

4.) Download some new music: One of the first things I done before I went to the gym was download a load of songs I wanted, created a gym playlist and filled it with lots of motivational music to get me through my routine. This helps make working out fly over and you zone out of the noise around you.

5.) Have an aim: Don't just join the gym because everybody else has, join the gym because you want to and have a reason why. Everybody has different reasons for joining the gym mine was to tone up and just feel healthier about myself. If you join the gym with a goal put a post it note on your wardrobe and remind yourself why you have joined or are wanting to it may just be that little light switch in your brain to make you go. 

6.) Think of the outcomes: If you are lost as to why you joined in the first place or just don't have the motivation to go but know you need to then think about the outcomes. Some people have images on their phones or walls on what they want to look like, some have that dress they love in a smaller size their aim to fit into it and others write or even think about what their reasons are for joining. When you are lost and feeling unmotivated take a step back and think about why you joined in the first place and what you want to look like. 

Those are some tips I find most useful for motivation to join or go to the gym. I hope they helped any of you who are in those positions! 

What are your motivational tips on joining the gym??

Sunday, 21 June 2015

La Roche-Posay Makeup Remover Gel

La Roche-Posay Makeup Remover Gel
After those long, tough days the last thing anyone wants to do is spend 10-15 minutes taking their makeup off properly. Wouldn't it just be wonderful if you could have your makeup removed properly without the whole cleanse, tone routine? Well look no more the fairy godmother has granted us with this amazing makeup remover micellar water gel by one of my favourite brands La Roche-Posay. This is a girl's best friend for wanting makeup removed quick!

This gentle cleansing gel is suitable for normal to combination skin that not only removes your makeup in a blink of the eye but cleanses your skin too, saving you the time and hassle afterwards. You simply apply this onto wet skin and let the micellar gel do the magic trick! This product is alcohol, soap and colour free which means it is remarkably gentle on the skin and perfect for anyone with sensitivity.

The gel glided on my skin so smoothly and the more I was rubbing it in the more I was able to feel it cleansing. Makeup was coming off so easily on both my eyes and my face which did surprise me as I thought the eyes would be difficult. I can see why this is suitable for sensitive skin as it doesn't feel irritable or have that perfume scent to it like some makeup removers do, it is almost like a watery gel.

I think it took me around 5 minutes to remove all traces of makeup which is incredible as it usually takes 15 minutes to remove makeup with other products. My skin feels completely fresh and cleansed once I've used this product which is amazing because some product leaves my skin feeling dry. 

Overall I think is the product is brilliant for saving time and effort removing makeup but also gives you that healthy, cleansed feel afterwards. For anyone with no time on their hands or who dislikes spending time removing makeup, this is perfect and will quickly become your new best friend.

You are able to find this at Escentual* which also have a 1/3 off french pharmacy this month!

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*PR Sample/gift.

Have you tried this out yet??

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Makeup Revolution: My Top 5

Makeup Revolution: My Top 5
Makeup Revolution is the brand that has got all of us beauty bloggers ranting and raving about. It has completely taken the market by storm! Whenever I go through my Bloglovin feeds I almost always come across someone talking about a product by this brand. I have been posting several reviews on individual products in the past and now have a good enough collection to post my top 5 product from this brand. I thought this might be a good idea for people who may be want to add something quickly to their Christmas lists or even for people wanting to try this brand out but are not sure where to begin. So here are my top 5 and my reasons why!

Makeup Revolution Iconic Dreams Eyeshadow Palette
For anyone who wants to try an affordable, variety of shades eyeshadow palette look no further. This gorgeous palette is at a staggering price of £4! How incredible is that?! I use this palette quite frequently and must admit for the price it is the eyeshadows are really pigmented. You can create so many amazing looks with this palette and not have to worry about your eyeshadow coming off throughout the day (as long as you prime them!). I still can't get over how stunning the palette is you definitely have lots of shades to create some wintry looks!

Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick - Ruby
This lipstick was I think the first product I ever tried from this brand and me still to this day think it is a great lipstick for this time of year. This lipstick costs just £1 like that is insane! For the price I honestly imagined this lipstick to be a little bit rubbish, maybe give's a bit of colour but rubs off after awhile. NO. This is again very pigmented and lasts a very long time I only ever apply a tiny amount of this onto my bottom lip then rub both lips together because it is such a pigmented product. These lipsticks are very creamy as well which again is amazing for winter! Definitely, a lipstick to have if you want the Cruella Devil look!

Makeup Revolution Blush Stick - Matte Dream
This product took me by surprise because I never imagined I would have a cream blusher as a favourite as I much prefer powdery blushers. However, I think these are the easiest blushers ever for blending on your cheeks. I don't use my blush brush when blending in I use a base brush (Expert face brush) just because with cream blushers they need a bit more control and pressure to blend out. Again this product is a shocking £5 which is a big difference compared to some blush sticks from drugstores. I love everything about this stick the colour is amazing very natural and pretty!

Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Blush & Bronze Palette
I think this palette deserves a round of applause for being so beautiful! I think out of all my top 5 this one is my favourite for presentation. Having um'd and ah'd on for ages about trying this out and ruining how lovely it is I finally decided to try and oh boy it is amazing. I don't use this as often as I'd like to but I think if you are after a palette with a lot of shimmer and highlight this is for you. You have a bit of everything in this palette bronze, highlight, blush and I would even say some shades are suitable for eyeshadows as well. For £6 I think everyone needs this! The products are very pigmented again so watch you don't look like Edward Cullen but the results are amazing.

Makeup Revolution Blushing Heart - Candy Queen
Saving the best till last as this blusher is what I have been using every day since I have received it. I have been obsessed with these hearts, they are very similar to the Too Faced hearts as well but obviously a heck of a lot cheaper. These are £5 I say these because I own quite a few of them! They are amazingly pigmented just like everything else is. But what really impressed me with this was the healthy look it gives all mixed together, I really could not recommend this enough. If you like a bit of colour on your cheeks that is mixed definitely try this!

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What are your favourite products from this brand??

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Battle Of The Benefit Mascaras

Battle Of The Benefit Mascaras
One thing us beauty fanatics can really appreciate is when higher end brands release pretty, handbag material samples of products that are saving us an arm and a leg. Benefit is one of those brands that always launch makeup samples and a lot of these are available in Elle magazines. I have managed to accumulate and try all of the Benefit mascaras out down to their inexpensive samples! 

But which mascara would I purchase again and again and again?

Bad Gal: This was the first mascara I had tried from Benefit and I shockingly didn't like it whatsoever, Sorry Bad Gal fans. If you have read my blog for a while you will know the dreadful panda eyes is an instant turn off for an eye product for me. This mascara, unfortunately, left me looking like I belonged in a zoo, it wasn't a good look. It did add volume and it did lengthen my lashes to an extent but nothing that a cheaper brand couldn't have done. I also found this clumped my lashes together a lot too which isn't great for a £15-£17 mascara. I am unsure if the larger applicator would make the difference but for me, this product was a no-no.

They're Real: I have a good 3 or 4 They're Real mascaras in my makeup drawer which speaks for itself really. I fell in love with this mascara from the moment I first applied it to my lashes. It adds such a great deal of volume without making your lashes look too long, it also is buildable but one coat always does the trick for me! No panda eyes either which great! - no need to worry about my eyes by 5pm. It doesn't clump and it gets all the lashes perfectly! I definitely think this one is worth the money and it most certainly deserves to be the no.1 best seller.

Roller Lash: This is the latest mascara to my collection and I've loved and hated it. When I first got it I didn't think much of it and I didn't understand the hype around it. It didn't really do anything to my lashes that were amazing so I stopped using it for a few weeks. I then tried to give it a go again and oh my goodness I can understand why everyone loves it! The wand has a curve to it that makes it easier to get those corner areas that straight wands don't get as easily. Benefit recommend you use this then go over with the They're Real for sexy drama but I am yet to try this as I think this mascara alone gives me all the drama I need! If you are currently hating this mascara give it another try!

So there it is my reviews on all the Benefit mascaras I personally would purchase both the They're Real and Roller Lash over and over again. Unfortunately, I wouldn't repurchase the Bad Gal mascara as it just wasn't for me but who knows I may return to it like I did with Roller Lash!

What is your favourite mascara??

Thursday, 11 June 2015

A Handbag Staple

Mini Sudocrem
When I was growing up my mum used to tell me to apply Sudocrem to any nasty spots to reduce the swelling and I am glad I listened. It is one of those multipurpose products that has a rightful place in my medicine cabinet as it always comes in handy for any little emergencies. Yes, your skin may be covered in white blobs of cream but the results are always quick and great. Sudocrem have recently launched their miniature size skin care cream suitable for on the go.

You are able to pick up this little bargain here* for £2.11

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream is aimed at helping maintain beautiful healthy skin as part of your daily skin routines. It is suitable for all ages and all skin types and works wonders on spot-prone skin having the ability to be used as a face mask, moisturiser and spot cream. It is an absolute steal!

This handy little tube has a rightful place tucked into my handbag and I must admit it has definitely been a life saver for on the go emergencies. I like using this as a thick moisturiser so when my hands, elbows or even knees are on the more dry side I use this. I have also used this if I am staying at my boyfriend's because it is already in my bag and if my skin decides to break out I just dab a bit of this over them. I also sometimes use this after the gym to avoid any redness and soreness from machines.

I am yet to try this as a face moisturiser or face mask I think those routines would be amazing for people with dry skin as the consistency is nice and thick. I am oily skinned and from experience in the past covering my whole face in Sudocrem wasn't a great solution as a teenager.

Overall I definitely think this is a one to get your hands on for your bags ladies! It is such a great little invention for those little emergencies on the go. Summer is on its way too which is perfect because any sunburns or redness I get I can apply this!  

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What are your Sudocrem tips??

Sunday, 7 June 2015

'That Time Of The Month' Pick Me Ups

'That Time Of The Month' Pick Me Ups
Bit of a different post to what I would usually write about but I am presuming most of the people who read my blog are girls so this sort of topic will be familiar to you, sorry boys. When it comes to that time of the month some of the time we get it rough and some of the things we experience is being stressed, moody, then happy, then moody, sensitive, irritability, bloating, spots, cramps, headaches...I could go on but you catch my drift. What we need when we get these annoying things is some 'me time' and to really treat ourselves to a relaxing evening to take our mind off of it.

1.) The Bath Cocktail: One of the best things to do when you feel down in the dumps is to have a bath cocktail filled with lots of goodies. Get some candles lit, bubbles overflowing everywhere and maybe even a bath bomb/fizz bar. When I am in the bath letting all the bad things dissolve away I like to stick on a face mask and sometimes even a hair mask then give my body a bit of a scrub with Soap&Glory's sugar crush body scrub. I also like to sit in the bath with my phone and watch something on Youtube, catch up on blogs or just browse social media sites to take my mind off things.

2.) The After The Bath Pamper: Once I am all dry I like to get into my most comfy pyjamas and socks to feel nice and snuggled, these are usually covered in Disney print not going to lie. I then sometimes go ahead and paint my nails, maybe moisturize my body and plait my hair so it is out of my face as I find when my hairs tied up I can properly relax same with when I remove my makeup. 

3.) The Little Treats: I will stick the kettle on for a nice cuppa whether that's a herbal tea or if I am feeling daring a hot chocolate. I also grab either some chocolate or if I don't want to be left feeling crap I've recently been eating chocolate coated rice cakes which are very light snacks but addictive. Other things I would recommend if you are really feeling down is some hot chocolate covered in marshmallows, Ben&Jerry's Phish Food or even some good old custard creams to dip into your tea. These are some of my favourites!

4.) The Entertainment: If I have had a really crap day and I can't bring myself to do work I will take a night off and do something to take my mind off it. Whether that's watching a good Disney film or Harry Potter (these are my go-to films). Maybe play a game preferably Sims or just on my Playstation. Or maybe even just listen to some music to relax whilst reading a book. Just something that will make me a bit happier and take my mind off the time of the month.

What is your 'time of the month' essentials??


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