Sunday, 24 April 2016

Forgotten Favourites

Forgotten Favourites
You know when you have a clear out and you come across your childhood Tamagotchi or Playstation One games, well I had one of those recently - but with beauty products. Since spring is pretty much here I recently reorganized my skincare and makeup drawers and to my surprise I discovered some old little treasures I forgot all about. Since then I have been using them a lot more often and rekindled my love for them. So today I wanted to share with you what my forgotten favourite beauty products are and what makes them a favourite.

La Roche-Posay Serozinc | When this first came out I was obsessed with using it, I thought it was the perfect product for lazy girls like myself. If you have oily/blemish prone skin and like to tone your face then definitely try this. Spraying your face with a toning water seems more effective than applying it to a cotton pad. You can definitely see results when you use this product and I love how refreshing it feels. I always use this when my skin looks dull and needs a bit of life put back into it. Plus it's a lot less effort spraying your face than it is with a usual toner!

Real Techniques Sponge | Again when this first came out I instantly added it to my basket and used it religiously for months. I rediscovered it and even though I don't like using it to blend in my foundation, I do use it for under my eyes. When I dab concealer under my eyes I find blending it with this sponge a lot more effective than a brush. I can really see the concealer working when I blend it in with this as my eyes instantly look awake and my dark circles are banished. It is crazy how effective a sponge can be for your makeup.

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush | As soon as I rediscovered this in my drawer it has instantly made its way into my everyday makeup routine. I absolutely love how this leaves my cheeks with a healthy glow and brightens up my whole face. With specs of highlight this blusher is perfect if you want a healthy glow.

L'Oreal Liquid Lipstick | When these first came around I was obsessed with the way they made my lips look and how easy they were to apply. I have been wearing this a lot recently and forgot how much I used to love them! Seriously they are incredible for adding colour intensity of a lipstick, shine of a gloss and softness of a balm. I highly recommend these, I might have to try the Revlon ones soon too.

Dove Derma Spa Roll-On| I am all for products that get jobs done quicker and this is definitely one of them. I like to roll this moisturizing lotion all over once I've got out the shower. It smells absolutely lovely and definitely has that 'spa-ness' feel to it that could be added to your pamper evenings. It absorbs into the skin very quickly and leaves me feeling super soft and ready for bed.

What products have you recently rediscovered??

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

10 Things We Are Too Lazy To Do

10 Things We Are Too Lazy To Do
Admit it you were just too lazy to clean those makeup brushes yesterday that have needed a good scrub for over a week now. We all have a list of things in our heads that we know we should get round to doing, but instead we use the 'I'll do it tomorrow' excuse repeatedly and they never get done. I have been telling myself for the past two weeks that I will make a opticians appointment tomorrow but I still haven't, oops.

Here is a list of things we are too lazy to do (hopefully you can relate!)

1.) Clean Makeup Brushes - How many days have you told yourself you'll wash them tomorrow but instead you keep using the three week unwashed makeup brushes. 

2.) Get Your Ends Trimmed - You know deep down your ends are looking dead but spending £20-£30 on food or makeup just seems more bank account friendly.

3.) Update CV - You go on your desktop to update your CV but 20 minutes later you find yourself watching funny cat videos on Youtube. Maybe tomorrow there's no rush to adult life.

4.) Throw Away Receipts - I like to store all of my receipts in my handbag so I look like I could be a cast member from Sex And The City, but secretly they are all Tesco receipts for chocolate chip cookies and smoothies.

5.) Workout At 6am - If I sleep an extra hour in bed I won't have dark circles or want to kill anyone, plus I can go after work to the gym where I will be waiting 5 minutes to use the squat rack and not get home until 7pm.

6.) Sharpen Makeup Pencils - You would rather have wooden splinters in your lips than even think about sharpening those lip liners.

7.) Clean Your Emails - You have over 2000 unread emails and subscription emails from places you've never even heard of. But you just don't have the time to go through 2000 emails.

8.) Click 'Next Episode' On Netflix - It'll automatically do it for me anyways because Netflix loves me and does what I say.

9.) Chuck Out Holey Clothing - Unless the hole is the size of a ball I am wearing these pink dinosaur socks. Till death do us part

10.) Get Up To Pee - If I get up to pee it will interrupt me from typing my blog post and make me loose my train of thought!

What things are you too lazy to do??

Sunday, 17 April 2016

My Top 3 Spot Treatments That Work

My Top 3 Spot Treatments That Work
There is nothing more irritating than waking up with a brand new spot on your face and knowing you've got to show it off to the world behind your bedroom door. Growing up I used to suffer with bad skin, even at the age of 21 22 I still get little breakouts especially before 'TOM'. I have tried my fair share of spot treatments over the years from drugstore, high end, natural and even prescriptions from the doctors. I would say my skin is in a really good place now touch wood since I have cut out a lot of products from my skincare diet.

These 3 treatments are what I reach out for now to get rid of pesky spots and swear by.

I do sometimes think it is worth spending that little bit extra on skincare treatments if you are able to as from my own experience they do work quicker. The Origins Spot Remover has always been in my emergency drawer for whenever I wake up with a spot but know I haven't got a lot of time to pay attention to it. I will wake up, wash my face and then dab the smallest amount of this gel onto the spot and then go ahead with my moisturizer and makeup. This little treatment is good for those pesky spots that stick out and sometimes form a whitehead. I find the Origins Spot Remover helps reduce the redness and size of the spot so by the time I come home it won't be as inflamed.

If I wake up with a really inflamed area on my face or a couple of spots in one area I will apply The La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo and let it sink into my skin for half an hour or so then get on with the rest of my face. I do think this works best alone without applying any other creams over it or if you are having a day at home you see quicker results than you would with makeup on. This really helps dry out those spots and reduce any redness they may have caused. I do also think this is good for those under the skin spots too but those take a bit more time to disappear.

If I can feel a spot forming just before I go to bed I will then take this opportunity to spend a bit more time with my skin. Once I have prepped my skin before bed I will then go ahead and apply my Acnecide Gel which was prescribed from the doctor to take with tablets that I will talk about in another blog post. You can get this gel in Boots and Superdrug too though. This gel is a little bit stronger than the other two treatments which is why it is good to use it before you go to sleep. I will use this gel on any spots I already have, ones that are appearing and even just on areas that are a bit red. I religiously use this every night even if I don't have any spots because I know it will help reduce any signs of them. This lotion is amazing for getting rid of all kinds of spots and redness, which is why I believe this treatment in particular has had the biggest effect on my skin.

What spot treatments do you swear by??

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Top 3 Highlighters

Top 3 Highlighters
What is that bright, shiny ball of light I see in the sky lately? Oh yeah it's the sun. Since we are starting to see a bit more sunshine I decided now was the perfect time for me to share what my favourite highlighters are that I tend to reach for achieving a healthy glow.

YSL Touch Eclat | Once my foundation is applied I like to draw a triangle under my eyes using this and then blend it out with my Real Techniques Sponge. This is definitely my favourite highlighter for brightening up the under eye area. It can be a little difficult to blend but I do think using a sponge helps. My eyes instantly look more awake and healthy, people wouldn't believe that you've only had a couple of hours sleep once you use this. Totally worth the price tag.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette | Something that is a lot easier and cheaper to get your hands on is the Makeup Revolution Highlighting Palettes. I am yet to get my hands on the 3 trio palette but for now I like to use this one. This comes with a variety of highlighting shades that are perfect for not only brightening your facial bones (brow, cheeks etc) but for applying over blushers. They don't last all day but they do last a couple of hours and really make a difference to your makeup. I find powdery highlighters easier to apply but more difficult to control. I always use this palette when I want to brighten certain areas on my face, whereas the YSL I use just for under my eyes.

Benefit High Beam | This was sat in my drawer for months without being used, it was only until I watched someone on Youtube apply it on their brow bones that I decided to include it in my everyday makeup routine. Once I have filled my brows in I like to go ahead and dab 2 or 3 dots of this highlighter onto my brow bone and then blend in with my little finger. This really makes a difference to highlighting my brows and making them look a lot more put together. It also looks incredible in any photographs which is a bonus!

What is your favourite highlighter??

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Makeup To Hide A Hangover

makeup that hides the hangover
So you went out for one drink last night which turned into five, you didn't get home till 3am and have to be up for work at 7. You've woken up with bags half way down your face and some new spots, what do you do? Makeup will be your best friend today and these products especially will make the difference. No more looking like a zombie and you can go to work looking fresh as a daisy!

Maybelline Lash Sensation - For most people eyes is the one area that suffers the most with lack of sleep so it is essential to keep them looking as awake as ever. Whenever I look rough or really tired I like to go ahead and use this mascara to give my eyes a lift. This mascara is amazing for giving you that instant thick volume without using fake lashes or numerous coats. It doesn't smudge and immediately gives your eyes a wake up call.

Benecos Trio* - When you are hungover makeup is the last thing you want to be spending time doing so you want to be using quick and easy products. This 3 in 1 blush, highlight and contour is perfect for giving your face some colour and definition within a few minutes. I especially like the shade of the blush it adds a rosy colour to your cheeks that looks really healthy. The highlighter is good too for giving your skin a nice glow, which is exactly what you want after a night out.

Makeup Forever Eye Crayons - If you are wanting to give your eyes an even bigger lift, eye crayons are definitely a winner. They are so much quicker and easier to blend than powdery eyeshadows. This one in particular is my favourite to reach out for as it adds a lovely champagne-y shimmer to your lids that is flattering and finishes your eye makeup off perfectly.

Maybelline Eraser Concealer - This concealer is amazing for covering up dark circles and allowing your skin to look a little bit more awake. I use this concealer in my everyday makeup routine because it really does help reduce the appearance of dark circles. I love the application to this, you twist the tip and product goes into the sponge application and then you dab the sponge under your eyes. It's so easy to blend out as well, doesn't crease your makeup and lasts a good few hours.

Makeup Revolution Lipstick 'Chauffeur'* - I never leave the house without applying something on my lips so a nice subtle nude is what I tend to reach out for when I can't be bothered for anything that takes time. Chauffeur is the perfect nude for every day wear, the creamy high gloss glides onto the lips so easily and allows the lips to stand out. I really like this lipstick for those days I want something on my lips but not anything too noticeable.

What makeup do you reach for when you are hungover??

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Gifts For Guys Who Have Everything

Gift buying for a woman is pretty straightforward let's face it we would be content with a bouquet of flowers or a new Naked palette. However, men on the other hand can be quite a challenge to buy. With Fathers Day slowly creeping up and birthdays, weddings and other occasions dotted here and there I decided to write a gift guide for men who have everything or who are a challenge.

The Groomers
If there is a man in your life who spends more time looking at the bathroom mirror than you then these gifts are for him. If you want to treat him to a luxurious, pampering gift then L'Occitane do some incredible shaving gift sets for men. As well as some little stocking filler's for them to carry on the go like the hand creams, which are a personal favourite of mine that come everywhere with me. The gift sets could be ideal if you know someone who likes taking care of his skin or even for someone who is going away, as the sets include everything for the perfect shave. You can find the men's grooming page hereIf you know someone who likes smelling great Boots is another option for gifts, you can't go wrong with them as a last minute option.

The Gadget Man
Men and their toys, if you know someone who loves to spend their free time playing games or keeping up to date on social media then NotOnTheHighStreet is a good place to look. They sell some unique, quirky gifts that are perfect for someone who loves gadgets. The best thing is a lot of them can be personalized which might make a nice gift to a family member. FindMeAGift also do some cool, unusual gadgets that come across quite jokey so these could make a humorous gift to say a brother or cousin.

The Foodie/Drinker
Everyone loves being given chocolate or a bottle of wine as a gift so this could come under an easy, last minute option or could be made to look quite thoughtful. NotOnTheHighStreet again sell some personalized gifts even in the food category! If someone is hitting a milestone age you could perhaps give them a personalized bottle of champagne. Or if there is an anniversary or wedding coming up you could put together a food and drinks hamper for them. Can't go wrong with food as a present!

The Gardener
If you know somebody who loves taking care of his garden then it could be worth looking into gifts for them as it is something they would appreciate and be put to good use. I recently bought my Granddad a personalized piece of slate from Amazon for him to stick in the garden as an anniversary gift. Amazon have some lovely gardening gifts that have a personal touch to them as well that I think a lot of older family members would appreciate.

The Awkward One
There is always one person who is so difficult to buy for and stresses us out with what to get. For those people I usually start to look at online subscriptions, these days there is a subscription box for everything - pets, beauty, stationary, magazines, books, food etc etc. This could be a gift you pay for a few months and then they pay afterwards. Either that or you could always look into cinema tickets, restaurant gift cards or store gift cards.

If you are still struggling with what to get someone who has everything then just give them a pat on the back.

*PR Sponsored.

What gift would you get someone who has everything??

Friday, 8 April 2016

Spring Makeup Staples

Spring Makeup Essentials
Days are getting longer, daffodils are filling the shops and people are ditching their coats for jackets. I think spring is on its way! Whenever the season starts to change I like to change my makeup look too, so I've ditched the purple lipsticks for pinks and the gold eyeshadows for nudes. Today I wanted to share with you what my Spring Makeup Staples are that I have been reaching out for.

Blusher | During winter I would reach out for my shimmery, deep pink shades for my cheeks but, recently I have been reaching out for my Dusty Natural Mineral Blush* in 'pink ladies'. This is a delicate shade of soft pink with a subtle light reflecting shimmer to give you a little bit of a glow. A little goes a long way and the results are beautiful, definitely a lovely subtle colour for all skin tones.

Bronzer | With the weather warming up a little it's nice to give your skin more of a healthy shape that'll look lovely when the sun shines! I like to use my Soap & Glory Solar Powder Bronzer and blend a little bit of it into my cheek bones to give my face to definition. It blends in so easily and even if you apply too much it is easily solved. This always shows up nicely in photos and will look perfect this summer too.

Eyeshadow | I've been wearing a lot of gold, shimmer shades over the festive season so since I can actually see some sunshine I have been making more use of my Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. I like to stick with the warm nude or pink shades as I always find those shades the most flattering in spring. I haven't used this palette in so long but it is definitely a one to splurge on if you love your pinks and nudes because the consistency is amazing.

Lips | I have slowly been starting to get more into wearing pink lip products and the ones I reach out for are the Revlon Colorburst Lip Crayons. I've always preferred lip crayons to lipsticks because they are a lot easier to apply and don't require much of your time, especially if you are on the go. These two glide on so easily and last such a long time to the point where I don't ever need to top up!

What are your spring makeup staples??

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Lack of Sleep Treatments

Lack of Sleep Treatments
So you were up late last night trying to finish off your assignment that needs to be handed in at 9am. You've had 3 hours sleep and you look like a zombie from The Walking Dead, what do you do? These are my go-to makeup products I reach out for if I have had lack of sleep. 

Don't worry there's still hope to look flawless on 3 hours sleep!

Maybelline Eraser Concealer - Let's face it our eyes are what suffer the most when we've had hardly any sleep so it's only right to try and cover those dark circles as much as possible. I like to use the Eraser Concealer because it totally wipes out any dark circles and almost lifts your eyes to look a lot more awake. This blends in nicely with a sponge and instantly reduces the appearance of dark circles, problem solved!

Benefit High Beam - Once under my eyes are set I like to dab some of High Beam onto my brow bone and my inner corner just to lift my whole eye area. Highlighters are a great makeup products for giving your face a boost of energy that allows your makeup to look a lot more glowing. This makes such a dramatic difference to my whole face.

YSL Touche Eclat - If my eyes still don't look as though I've had a solid 9 hours sleep I will then go ahead and use my YSL pen and dab a couple of spots under my eye then blend in with a brush. This will instantly lift under my eyes and gives them a highlighting effect. I'd recommend applying this before your foundation and powder because it can sometimes make it crease.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler - I will then take extreme measures and curl my lashes just so my mascara will definitely give me instant volume. These eyelash curlers are amazing and instantly give your lashes a boost, which is what you want after lack of sleep.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara - Once my lashes are curled I will then add one coat of this mascara. I love this mascara especially because one coat does all and will instantly give your eyes length and volume. This is my all time favourite drugstore mascara because the results are what you expect from high end mascara. This just sets my whole eyes off for the day and nobody will suspect that I look tired!

What are your lack of sleep treatments??

Sunday, 3 April 2016

My March Favourites

March favourites
Well this is a first I've actually managed to get my March favourites up at the end of the month...round of applause please. March has been a hectic, whirlwind and flabbergasting month that has just went over quicker than a blink of an eye. I have loved quite a lot of bits and pieces this month so I thought why not bring them all together in a blog post.

As I type this I am currently sat eating away at an Easter egg.

Dusty Mineral Blush 'Golden Delicious' - This is a lovely bronze toned blusher that is perfect for achieving a healthy glow. I was a bit sceptical about applying such a dark shade to my cheeks but the results are amazing. Very pigmented and definitely adds definition to your cheeks, you could totally use this as a bronzer too.

YESto Dark Circle Corrector -
Since working a lot more hours and keeping busy, my eyes suffer with dark circles. I like to apply this corrector as soon as I wake up and just before bed with my index finger. It is definitely one of my favourite creams for under my eyes as it has reduced the appearance of my dark circles by a lot.

Topshop Denim 'leigh' Nail Varnish - Topshop have recently launched 6 nail polishes that are named after their iconic denim jeans. Such a cool idea! I received the leigh shade which is probably my favourite from the collection. Put it this way I applied the colour to my nails a week ago and they are still looking as strong as ever. Definitely pick these up, this is coming from someone who is lazy when it comes to painting nails.

ChinUp Mask - Sounds a little peculiar so I might write a full blog post about this product. This is a slimming, firming and contouring face mask that removes 2cm from your chin in just 30 minutes. I was in doubt that it wouldn't do anything with regards to my chin but holy moly it really does. You measure your jawline, apply the face mask to your upper neck and then secure it with the strap. I really found this relaxing, beneficial and quite incredible to try.

Silk Eye Mask - Since the clocks have went forward and the days have got longer I find it difficult to get a good nights sleep. I've been putting this eye mask on before I go to sleep and find I get a really good nights sleep. I have also noticed my eyes look a lot more healthier, I am not sure if that's in my head but silky eye masks are really good for relaxing and going to sleep!

Cadbury's Mini Eggs - As you all know the Easter bunny arrived last weekend so it's only normal to be eating away at some Mini Eggs. These will always be my favourite Easter chocolates!

Tiger Post it Note Book - This book is so cute and perfect for marking pages with colourful organisation. You all need to get yourselves one of these, NOW.

What have you loved this month??


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