Wednesday 9 November 2016

9 Gross Beauty Things All Girls Do

9 Gross Beauty Things All Girls Do
source – Makeup Savvy
If you haven't gone a week without cleaning your makeup brushes then you are probably lying, but after you read this post you will feel reassured that every girl does this and a whole lot more gross stuff. It takes a great deal of time to look after our skin, but not everybody knows the extent it can go to. For today I wanted to share with you 11 gross beauty things that all girls do which you can hopefully relate to.

Sorry guys but girls are pretty disgusting too.

1. Not Cleaning Brushes - I think this is a pretty obvious one that every girl can relate towards. In our defence it takes us alone half an hour or more to apply the makeup and then another 10 minutes to remove it every day, so where do we fit in the time? And don't get me started on the Beauty Blenders.

2. Out Of Date Products - How would we know when a product goes out of date? Do we care? Unless there is a label telling me my Benefit blusher expires March 22nd, 2015 or the product has started gathering wildlife, then I will keep using it until I get bored.

3. Tasting Lip Products - 9 times out of 10 lipstick reviews will comment on how good they taste which seems strange but for some reason we all do it. If a lip product smells or tastes nice it definitely makes a difference.

4. Using Your Fingers - Whether it's blending concealer, wiping away mascara smudges or over lipstick marks, we have all used our fingers for our makeup. I'm pretty sure when I was younger, I guiltily used my fingers to blend my foundation in.

5. Sharing Makeup - You get together with a few of the girls and you realise you forgot your mascara so your friend kindly lets you use hers or you let her borrow your lipstick. We've all shared 1 or 2 lipsticks over the years and it is kinda gross.

6. Picking Nail Vanish - If you've chipped a nail, it just seems so much more satisfying picking the rest off than having to reapply it all.

7. Slept In Makeup - Guilty of doing this more times than I care to admit.

8. Repurchasing Razor - Buying a razor is just as bad as buying sanitary towels and it is such a boring product to have to constantly repurchase and they aren't cheap! But we all reuse that razor that we know needs thrown out.

9. Pulling Hair - This is so gross but so true, we all enjoy after a shower, pulling out all the loose strands of hair and seeing how much has fallen out. This is quite scary the more you actually think about it.

What gross beauty things do you do??


  1. Using your fingers to apply makeup is in no way gross, providing you have washed them. Bacteria has been shown to survive for shorter periods of time on human skin than on other inert surfaces such as plastic, ceramic and wood, as they have plenty of tiny places to colonise and no defence. Your skin is designed to deal with bacteria; if anything, using other materials against your skin should be considered gross.

  2. Haha this is spot on I am definitely guilty of a few of these if not all!
    Beauty Candy Loves

  3. Hahaha, i love this, every single one is so true... i never wash my brushes! Oops!! x

  4. I wash my brushes every two weeks, I wish I had time to do it every week! When I was younger I used to sleep in my makeup and I couldn't care less, but now in my 30s I see that it was a big mistake!


  5. Hahahahaha number nine is so true, I thought I was the only one doing it!

  6. Hahaha this is funny! I hate cleaning my bloody makeup brushes!

    Jaynie Shannon*


  7. Picking nail varnish is my most loved and hated habit haha I do it so much to the point I just avoid painting my nails! Love this x

  8. Everything is so true. I still use my fingers to blend concealer and apply some base product, what can I do, even professional MUA does it ;)

    Selene Addicted

  9. Hahah #1 and #2 are so accurate. I never make time to wash my brushes...I probably should...

  10. I do 1-8, but not 9. As for fingers, I do see where you are coming from because sometimes I do my makeup with my hands and begin doing my hair and putting on my clothing, leaving them to wash at the end when my prints are on my clothes and my hair is oily >.<

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  11. Hahah this is too true! I'm so guilty at using makeup products way past their dates and not washing my makeup brushes xx

    Lauren |

  12. Oh my, I'm horrific at peeling and picking off my nail varnish. The only time I don't do it ids when I have gotten them properly done, because I know it costed me a small fortune haha! I also don't wash my makeup brushes as much as I should....xx

  13. I have never actually slept with my makeup on. I feel all gross & when I´m super lazy I will just use the super-bad makeup wipes that are next to my bed. With everything else though, yes, I´ve definitely done all of it!
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

  14. I've definitely been guilty of a few of these!

    xo, Liz

  15. I'm totally guilty of most of these, haha. This was a fun post! :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  16. I do all of these haha... I do have to say, that I much more prefer applying makeup with my hands.

  17. Is it bad I've done all of these?!

    Thanks for sharing though! :)



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