Sunday 18 June 2017

Making The Most Of Your Notebooks

Making The Most Of Your Notebooks
It has come to my attention that I own so many pretty, unused, marble/copper notebooks that I could possibly start my very own stationery shop. We'll call the shop Crazy Notebook Lady. The peculiar thing is I can't ever bring myself to start writing in these books because they're just too dainty to ruin the binding, am I weird? Perhaps.

I recently had a massive clear out and realised I need to stop admiring my pretty notebooks and put them to use - that way I can buy more pretty ones, that's my logic anyways.

If like me, you have a problem with buying unnecessary notebooks I have a list of ways you can put them to good use.

1. Daily Journal - A little bit like a teenage diary, only you don't write you have a crush on Johnny Depp, instead at the end of every day take a few minutes to write down what you did that day or if in doubt I always like to write a sentence of what has made me smile that day. A little bit like the 5 Year Journals you can buy, but with your own spin.

2. Lists - Keeping a mental note in your head of what you need to accomplish every day can be a little overwhelming, which is why writing a list of groceries you need to buy, chores you need to do or any other errands down creates more space in your brain. If you have 2 or 3 notebooks floating around, maybe use each one for different specific lists so one could be food related, one money/bills and the other for miscellaneous everyday bits. I am a sucker for a good list.

3. Creativity - If like myself your brain ticks with ideas at the most obscure moments, (usually in the shower) it is worth carrying a notebook with you just so you don't forget those inspirational thoughts. This doesn't have to be anything momentous, it could literally be DIY photo bunting, something relating to your course/work or wanting to sell your old clothes on depop. Just simple thoughts you are wanting to get off your chest which you know you'll forget about later.

4. Passwords, Codes, Etc - In this day and age, we need usernames and passwords for pretty much everything online so it's quite difficult to remember every single one of them, which is why it's always good to write them down in a notebook so you don't accidentally lock yourself out from spending money on ASOS. Then again, is that really a bad thing? Saving money hack right here.

5. Record Your Dreams - Sounds a little adolescent but I have a thing about psychology and discovering the reasons behind my crazy dreams. If a dream repeats itself or lingers I like to write it down and keep track of what it could mean. I even have a dream app which gives me an understanding of why I have dreams and what they are connected with. This is always amusing to look back on.

6. Your Thoughts - If like me, you have a tendency to overthink or worry about things, it might be worth jotting those emotions down in a book. I was told in one of my anxiety sessions to keep a mental note on my thoughts every day, this is a good way to track what goes on in your mind and a therapeutic way to get them out on paper, sometimes you realise things aren't as bad as they seem if you write it out in front of you.

7. Recipes, Healthy Tips - I recently bought the book Eat Pretty, Live Well by Jolene Hart which is filled with 85 foods to their beautifying benefits (review soon). This book inspired me to keep a notebook on all the foodie things I want to remember. Whether that's healthy recipes to try, benefits of certain foods and their impact on my health or other general tips that I know will come in handy.

8. Inspiration - We all get those days where we lack inspiration or motivation so writing down quotes that inspire you is always a good way to go. Sounds a bit strange but I used to write the famous Harry Potter quote 'Working hard is important, but what matters more is believing in yourself' in the front of my notebook when I was at university to remind me why I started - I even have this quote on my bedroom wall. But, keeping a notebook of inspiring quotes or just little picks me ups is a very useful thing to do.

9. Future Plans - Writing down your goals or ambitions to achieve every week is always a good way to use up notebooks. This could be simple things like wanting to eat at home more, try squatting an extra 5kg in the gym, little achievable goals that you can tick off every week.

What do you write in blank notebooks??


  1. Most of mine get used for work - boring ay! Love the idea of writing down your dreams x

    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty

  2. I definitely need to start writing more lists for groceries. When I think about what I need to buy for the week there's so much I know I need, but when I get to the store I somehow forget everything.

    Perfect Shade of Mauve

  3. I have lots of notebooks all empty because I don't know what to write on them, but I've been writing blog posts ideas on them and that way I get more use out of them!

  4. These are lovely ideas! I have a 5 year diary but love the thought of starting my own once it's finished x

    Everything But The Kitchen

  5. What great ideas! I always seem to have too many notebooks, that I never want to write in because I don't want to ruin them. But these ideas are very useful and helpful x

    Lauren |

  6. I love these ideas! I definitely will use them to write on my notebooks!!
    Thank you xx

  7. These are lovely ideas! I always find myself browsing all the pretty notebooks when I go to a bookshop or a craftshop, but I always tell myself not to get any. I have a (mostly neglected) diary somewhere that I need to put into good use!

  8. gosh this is sooo me. I love drowning in bookstores for hours with endless ranges of every kind of notebooks. Love your ideas xD

    Gạch bông Việt

  9. I've been using my journals a lot more lately and it honestly feels wonderful to just put thoughts and lists down on paper instead of keeping it in my brain.
    Love Vicki ♡ victoriajanex

  10. I definitely need to start writing more lists for groceries. Love your ideas



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