Thursday 28 June 2018

101 Skincare Mistakes

101 Skincare Mistakes
Following up from my 101 Skincare Ingredients Guide I've decided to write a little 'skincare series' on all the beauty knowledge I have learnt. When it comes to taking care of our skin we aren't perfect, we're all guilty for sleeping in our makeup after a night out or picking a spot every now and then. It is important to take care of your skin, especially when you are younger to help benefit when you are older.

Here are 15 skincare mistakes to avoid in the hope it'll improve your skin in the long run, aka wrinkles, sunburn and ageing.

1. Picking or touching your face
Most of the time you won't even realise you're doing it, but touching your skin or picking at it can be seriously bad for your skin in the long run. I am a sinner for picking a whitehead, it's probably the most common mistake ever. Think of it this way every time you touch/pick at your skin you are damaging it and running the risk of leaving scars and holes, gross.

2. Over-Exfoliating
It might feel amazing at the time scrubbing your skin with an overly harsh facial exfoliator every other day, in the hope, it'll shift those dead skin cells. But it won't be permanent. Once or twice a week is much more beneficial than every other day. I actually avoid facial scrubs and only stick to watery exfoliating substances that require just a wipe over the face (Pixi Glow Tonic). Over-exfoliating can remove your skin protective barriers and strip away the natural oils.

3. Sleeping with a full face of makeup
Guilty as charged. Now I'm going to break this down to you in the hope it'll change your future-drunken self to stop doing. Sleeping with makeup on can cause eye infections, wrinkles, breakouts, broken eyelashes and clogs your pores. Since learning this no matter what state I am in I always make sure to remove my makeup before my head hits the hay.

4. Skipping Moisturizer
I have oily/combination/acne/whatever it wants to be kind of skin, therefore using a moisturizer is crucial. I did however use to fall into the trap of 'adding more cream to my face will make it worse', until I realised how important it is to moisturize. My Dad has amazing skin and he told me all he does is moisturise! I've noticed so many older people with amazing skin and they all say its off moisturizing. I am for sure a believer that what you do for your skin now will benefit in the long run. Hopefully doing this will postpone wrinkles!

5. Not using SPF in your skincare
It's been drilled into our head from our family to wear sun cream and even though we listen, we never really think about applying sun cream on days it's not sunny - or at least I didn't. This article really opened my eyes on how important it is to apply SPF even on days you don't think you need to. My primer has a high SPF so my skin isn't at as much risk of sun exposure.

6. Not washing your face
Seems like such a simple thing to skip out of your routine, but it is so important on how your skin appears. I wash my face every morning and evening and it's becoming a routine for me to do. Think of it this way you wake up with dead skin cells, sleep on your face and if you were to go outside your skin is then hit with pollution and germs! If you don't wash your face you are more prone to breakouts, premature ageing etc.

7. Not changing your bedding often
I think because I've suffered from bad skin since I was around 14-15 I've had the basic skincare tips drilled into my brain and one of which is changing your bedding often. I change my bedding either once or twice a week and I am forever swapping my pillowcases around. A bit similar to No.6, your skin produces dead skin cells overnight as well as your hair, therefore it's important to change your bedding and keep your skin away from bacteria.

8. Not using the right products for your skin type
Your skin could be dry one day so you apply a thick moisturiser and the next week, it's oily so you don't use any. Your skin needs balance and it's important to know what your skin type is before you think about what products to buy. Price doesn't always determine quality, I've bought products in the past after reading highly rated reviews that are not even targeted towards my skin and end up doing absolutely nothing. It's worth reading up or getting your skin checked out on what your skin type is.

9. Having hot showers
Having a shower that is too hot can dry out your skin and make it increasingly prone to irritation. I always try to wash my face with cold water to help tighten the appearance of my pores. If water is too hot my skin actually goes sensitive and very red, so I always try to avoid this as much as possible.

10. Using products with toxic ingredients
It's always good to check what ingredients are in your skincare, hair care and makeup before you apply to your skin. I might do a post all in what products to avoid in depth, but as an overview avoid parabens, phthalates, fragrances if you can. I still use products with these in, just not as much as I used to.

11. Good night sleep
I mentioned in my 13 Things I've Learned in 2017 post that I much prefer my early nights juxtapose to 2am sleeps. Not that I wake up with flawless, fresh face skin, but I do find my eyes don't look tired, my skin doesn't look dull and I've also noticed my skin is much more plumped than it would be if I was to sleep early hours.

What is your skincare 101 mistake to avoid??


  1. I always find myself touching my face or picking a spot! It's such a bad habit, but I just can't seem to not do it haha. These are such fab tips xx

    Lauren |

  2. Oh so many of these I'm a culprit of :P

  3. I totally agree with these tips! Amazing post! ❤

    By the way, my brand new post is up on the blog, I would appreciate you visit! :)

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