Friday 30 November 2018

Skincare Lessons I've Learnt in my Early 20s

Skincare Lessons I've Learnt in my Early 20s
It's no secret that skincare is a huge passion of mine, I mean, the clue is in the name of my blog. Throughout my teenage years, my skin has gone through it all with hormonal acne, inflammation, scarring, dark circles, name it it's probably been there. I have always been quite cautious and mindful about what products benefit my skin or what are a complete waste of money, especially now that I am in my early twenties.

Since I am almost 25, *sobs to self uncontrollably* the year of being stuck in the middle of not being close to 20 anymore but also edging that little bit closer to hitting that 30 milestones. I figured now is a good time to share what skincare lessons I have learnt so far.

Even though there have been no signs of grey hairs or wrinkles yet, touch wood, I have started incorporating things into my beauty regime to help postpone ageing and read up on what I should be doing now for my skin.

A lot of people don't believe that creams and gels, impact your skin from ageing, which is fair enough. But if my dad who's in his 50s has no sign of wrinkles and his reasoning is down to moisturizing every day, then I'm going to think there is some truth behind it. 

"Even though your skin's appearance likely won't change much in your 20s, you're essentially living on credit until your 30s, 40s, and 50s."

1. Start Eye Creams When You're Young
I've used eye creams ever since I turned 21 and it has 100% improved the appearance of my under eyes. They're not for everyone, but for someone who unfortunately looks like death if I'd had less than 8 hours sleep or wakes up with puffy eyes, they're really good. My eyes feel really hydrated even after a night out of dehydration with alcohol. I definitely think they work for keeping your under eyes in good condition.

A few favourites:
Origins Ginzing Eye Cream
Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment

2. SPF is SO Important
Unfortunately, growing up I was one of those people who thought 'you only need SPF when it's hot outside' and I was so wrong! SPF is so important to help with not only shielding your skin from ageing (fine lines and wrinkles) but, reduces the risks of skin cancer. I am starting to sound like a doctor, but I want to look as young as possible for as long as possible!

3. Retinoids Are Your Best Friend
Truthfully, I never even heard of retinoid until The Ordinary came around and I researched the science behind these miracle workers. Retinoids stimulate the production of new skin cells, they help with fading dark spots, hyperpigmentation and acne scarring. They renew the skin and treat acne, reduce the appearance of fine lines and help with skin discolouration. I try to use this ingredient in my skincare at least once a week and I can say it does help with reducing dark spot scars, but I imagine these sorts of products won't show results they will just help prevent future fine lines etc.

A few favourites:
The Ordinary Retinoid 2%

4. Face Wipes, Cleanse
Although it may seem like the perfect thing to use when you can't be bothered to take your makeup off, face wipes do more harm than good for your skin. If I ever use them, it's to remove harsh eye makeup, but I won't ever use them for my skin purely because of how bad they can be. A lot of face wipes contain alcohol or fragrances which can strip the natural oils from your skin's barrier and dehydrate your skin. They also don't remove all layers of makeup, even though they may seem like they do, this can make your skin breakout. I like to remove my makeup with micellar water and then go in with either my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish or the Glosser Milk Jelly Cleanser and my skin feels 1000% clean compared to face wipes.

5. Some Products Do More Harm Than Good
I am not going to throw brands under the bus, but during my teenage days especially, I was so desperate and unmindful on what will treat my spots that I would buy into those overpriced skincare advertisements and only see temporary changes. What I've learnt from this apart from buying expensive products doesn't always mean miracles are going to happen, but also to be aware of what ingredients are actually in the products. A lot of products can contain ingredients that can worsen your skin, so be mindful of that. I always like to use a cosmetic ingredient site to tell me what ingredients are inside products and the harm they can cause before I consider trying them.

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What skincare lessons have you learnt??

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