Tuesday 6 November 2018

Three From Nivea

Three From Nivea
I can be a little bit of a snob when it comes to skincare, a lot of products I use in my daily skincare routine tend to be on the more high-end as I find these just work for my skin more effectively. However, one skincare brand I always reach for within drugstore is Nivea. I've used Nivea products as a spotty teenager and as a young adult and have always reached for this brand to remove my makeup and to hydrate my body. Plus it's inexpensive which is always a bonus!

For today's post, I wanted to share with you my top 3 Nivea products and why they have become a staple in my skincare regime.

When it comes to removing my makeup I have tried all the micellar waters, but only a small few don't dry or disrupt my sensitive skin. I like to use micellar water to remove the bulk of my makeup and then go in with a double cleanse. Nivea MicellAIR Make-up Remover Wipes are great for removing long-lasting makeup and waterproof mascara without drying the skin out. I don't tend to use wipes in my skincare routine, but these are amazing for removing harsh eye makeup without drying, which is down to the black tea extract that helps reducing skin puffiness.

Once I have removed my eye makeup with the wipes I like to then go in with the MicellAIR Make-Up Remover. This lightweight formula also includes black tea extract as well as green tea extract, which is great for sensitive skin. I remove the bulk of my makeup with this water and it sweeps it away with one step. It doesn't irritate my skin or dry it out, which is why I like this brand. It's so quick and easy to remove my makeup without breaking my skin out.

If I double cleanse my skin or want something lightweight, I occasionally use the Nivea Face Cleansing Lotion. This lotion cleanses thoroughly yet mildly, protecting the skin's natural moisture balance and prevents drying the skin out. You can also use this as a makeup remover, but I have not tried it for that. I tend to use this if my skin is in need of hydration or if I have had quite thick makeup on all day and need some balance put into my skin.

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What are your favourite Nivea products??


  1. I've never used Nivea skincare! I bet this would be brilliant for my problematic skin!!
    ||Caitlin|| http://caitlinpaigexox.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I like Nivea products. It is one of the best best skincare products in the world.



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