Friday 31 July 2020

My First Impressions: Typology Skincare

Typology SkincareTypology Skincare
Who'd have thought the lack of makeup or fresh air during lockdown would change my skin for the better? Not me that's for sure!

Whilst quarantining, I have really taken the time to concentrate on my skin and try out some new products which have benefitted my skin massively. Over the past couple of months, I have been playing around with some new skincare bits from a Parisian brand called: Typology. Therefore I thought it's been a minute, why not share my first initial impressions of the brand.

Background Story:

Created by the founder of, Typology is a clean, simple, stripped back skincare brand that has recently just launched online in the UK.

They are specifically focused on providing vegan, cruelty-free, no harsh chemical products, using a high concentration of active ingredients for the best results. And the same goes for their sleek, clean packaging, using recyclable plastics and aluminum (Which helps keep your products fresher for longer!).

On their website, you can read their ingredient blacklist which contains 15 ingredients that you will never find in any of their products, with a little explanation why - which is fascinating and quite important to learn about if you're a skincare fanatic like me and loves learning about the science behind beauty.

The Base Products:

Kicking off with the first product I had tried out, the 7 Ingredient Micellar Water* is a great makeup remover for all skin types. As previously mentioned, I haven't been wearing much makeup over the past few months, but on the off day that I have been, I have used this to remove my makeup. It leaves my skin feeling soft, which I think is down to simply only containing 7 ingredients. My only critic on this product is it can be quite hard to remove stubborn mascara, so I sometimes have to reach for a different product, but other than that this is a great all-round makeup remover!

I have never tried a cleansing balm before so the skincare junkie within me was excited to try this out! The Nettle Purifying Cleanser* contains eucalyptus and spearmint essential oil as well as nettle powder, which all help to regulate sebum production, repair, and promote damaged skin and rebalance oiliness. I am still getting the hang of using a cleansing bar, but so far I am enjoying it! What I love most about using this is the ability to use it on your body as well, I find this leaves my skin so soft and smelling amazing. - Pro tip use this in the morning to wake you up!

Moving onto a type of product that I've never really heard of before, the Organic Peppermint Hydrolate* is a water-based product that you apply after you have cleansed your skin, so a bit like a toner but only more beneficial. This product is suitable for combination, oily, and acne-prone skin and is aimed to purify the skin and relieve any inflammation, which it definitely does! It has helped reduce the appearance of any stubborn scars and has overall helped dramatically with my complexion. I wish I had taken a before/after photo to show the difference it has made. This is also supposedly helpful for sunburn, hives and even has properties to help with blood circulation in the legs! You can also use this to create DIY mouthwashes and homemade toothpaste, so overall an all-rounder product!

The Treatments:

I am a big fanatic of Hyaluronic acids, so I was excited to try out the Hydrating Hyaluronic acid + 2% B5*. Hyaluronic acid is such an important ingredient to have in your skincare routine as it helps with keeping those wrinkles at bay with hydration! I found this a little more hydrating than The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid, so I like to only use this once or twice a week and switch between the two. My skin definitely looks more hydrated and radiant, I also find makeup goes onto my skin much smoother once I've used this.

The Bakuchiol Blemish Serum* was the treatment I was most excited about because this is specifically targetted towards imperfections and spots. At first, I wasn't sure about the consistency, it felt greasy and didn't settle into my skin, so definitely an overnight treatment. However, the next morning my skin looked and felt so fresh and healthy! This is definitely a product that takes a while before you see any results in terms of imperfections, but I do think it is a great overnight serum that helps balance your skin out, you just have to be patient with it.

The 9 Ingredient Lip Balm* is a great overnight lip product that helps nourish the lips and reduce any tightness/dryness. As the UK has gone through multiple hormonal changes, my lips have suffered, so this product came at a good time has definitely helped with improving the soreness and dryness.

Yayy a skincare routine set designed for hormones and imbalances within the skin, the Periodic Serums* is the perfect skincare set for any woman who struggles with those imbalances within the skin around the dreading TOM. I've been testing this system out over the past couple of months and have really been able to notice a difference. The first week you start with the Hydrating and Soothing Serum, the second week is the Glow and Bounce Serum, week three is the Hydrating and Astringent Serum and week four is the Mattifying and Anti-Blemish Serum. All of which has made a dramatic difference to my overall skin. I personally love the concept of this as I, unfortunately, suffer from redness and imperfections mostly around the time of the month, so having this system has really helped with keeping my skin balanced.

Overall I am excited by this brand, I love what Typology represents and how informative the products are. I feel like I've managed to fill my brain up with even more information on ingredients and the benefits.

*PR Sample/gift.

Have you tried Typology skincare yet??


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