Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Benefits of Green Tea

The Benefits of Green Tea
have been drinking green tea for almost 3 years or so now and still to this day I cannot fault it one bit. I usually have this hot in a mug every night and the occasional morning. It has become addictive I am so used to having this everyday that when I don't have it, it feels weird.

Green tea isn't to everyone's standards I admit when I first tried it I didn't like the taste one bit - but I tolerated it because I was determined to try anything that benefits for skin. The taste does get easier once you drink it a few times, you can drink this cold some people like to add lemon or honey to it to make the taste sweeter, but I personally prefer it hot.

Look at some of the benefits it apparently does to you I definitely agree that it gives healthy skin. 

What green tea did to my skin...
I thought I would separate this into sections as it has benefited more than just my skin. So I started drinking this mostly because of my skin, I suffered with breakouts a lot - since I was maybe 14-15. So I wanted to see if this would do anything for my spots - it did. It did take quite a few month for me to notice a difference to my face but, when I did notice I was really happy about it. My skin used to suffer with a faction of spots in certain sections of my face, until I drank green tea. It definitely had helped my spots clear away (along with creams of course!) but this definitely had an impact along the way.

What green tea did to my body...
Obviously I don't know whether its protected me against half of the things it suggests above but, I definitely 1000% know it has maintained my weight. I have to be completely honest here ever since I have been drinking this my weight always remains around the same (obviously I'll loose or gain a pound now and then) but this stuff definitely helps keep my weight at bay. Cannot recommend this enough to anyone who is looking for a alternative to help keep your ideal weight or loose weight.
I have remained the same weight for a good two years now + ever since having this in my life it has made exercising to burn a few pounds/calories really easier.
It boosts your metabolism up and since I have drank this for so long my body is used to this.

Other benefits it did for me..
I noticed when I have a cup of this near bedtime it not only helps me get to sleep a lot better (as I used to struggle sleeping beforehand) but I noticed when I have to wake up 6-7am for University or something this made it a tiny bit easier to get out of bed.
I read somewhere it can be good for stress levels - I agree with that one. It can definitely relax your body.

Tip -  Personally from my experience I found drinking this when you have a hangover is ideal too!

I have tried herbals teas, peppermint teas etc but this is definitely the one with the most benefits. Do let me know what you think of this or if you would like to see me write about other drinks/foods that have benefited me I will be happy to try

What are your thoughts on green tea??

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Real Technique Make-up Brushes Review

Real Technique's Make-up Brushes Collection | Review
Hello lovelies! I decided to blog a post on something quite popular and recent in the world of Beauty: The Real Technique brushes. I have tried out a fair few from her range and decided to review them myself!
Real Technique Make-up Brushes Review
Powder Brush:
The Powder brush was the first brush I got by RT. I was on the hunt for a new powder brush and I came across these so I thought since they were so hyped up on Youtube and this that I'll give it a go. The powder brush is apart of the 'base' range, I like to use the powder brush after I have applied foundation, powder just sets it all in place. I do feel like after using this brush that my skin gets a healthier finish than it does to the brush I used before (eco tools).

Blush Brush:
The blush brush was actually one of the last brushes I bought from Boot's it is such a good brush not only for blusher but for bronzer I like to use this for contouring my cheeks. It is apart of the 'finish' range, it leaves just enough on your cheek bones, not too much or round like some blush brushes do. Definitely recommend this brush if you are like me and prefer blush brushes that don't leave circles on your face! 
Real Technique Make-up Brushes ReviewStippling Brush:
The stippling brush is part of the 'finish' range also. I like to use this to apply foundation it just leave a high finish to your skin. By far the best brush I have used to apply my foundation to my skin. It just leaves a glowy, juicy and healthy finish to your foundation. I have used several brushes that just apply your foundation but don't give any effect so this brush was a surprise to me. It is probably one of the most hyped brushes I have saw, others agree with me about it given you a higher end finish. Mostly recommend this brush out of all their range!

Expert Face Brush:
The expert face brush is apart of the 'base' range just like the powder brush. However I feel like it should be apart of the 'finish' range as it definitely gives a good finish to your skin. I use this to blend in remains of foundation, I like to use the stippling brush to apply my foundation onto my face then this brush to blend it all in. It leaves a lovely finish using both together, so I would recommend buying both if you want a 'high end' finish to your foundation. I noticed using this brush that my foundation was locked onto my skin better, as sometimes foundation can get difficult to blend depending on the brush you use. This definitely helped to avoid any blending problems! 
Real Technique Make-up Brushes Review
The Foundation Brush: 
The foundation brush is part of the 'base' range too, you can tell what range they are from by the colour :) anyway's..this brush I occasionally use to apply foundation depending on how my skin looks on that day. This is a good starter foundation brush from RT but, I would recommend the two above^ more. But if you want a alternative then try this it does has advantages: it is brilliant to apply to your skin, it has a angular shape to the bristles which gives your skin a bit of effect. 

Shading Brush:
The shading brush is the last brush to talk about if you are still awake from reading so much! zzzz. Anyway's this brush is different it is apart of the 'eye' range it is the only eye range brush I have ATM. I use this to apply eye shadow or the occasional highlighter to areas around my eyes. It is such a soft brush, easy to apply eye shadow but with it being a shading brush the isn't a huge amount I can say about it unless I did a tutorial with using this! 
Have you tried these brushes yet??

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Best & Worst Aussie Products

Best & Worst Aussie Products
Today I thought I would write an in-depth review on all of the Aussie products I have tried. Aussie is currently my favourite drugstore brand for haircare I have rarely been left disappointed and the prices are amazing, you always come across good hair deals!

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo:
I love this shampoo! I have gone through maybe two or three bottles of this stuff. It definitely brings your hair to life, I noticed my hair looking a lot less dry and dull after using this. It has a lovely scent to it as most aussie products do, so if you like nice scented shampoo this brands good for that. It definitely gives your hair a 'moist' feeling.

Aussie Colour Mate Shampoo:
I have only used this once or twice as I got it a few weeks ago, but I am sure I have had this bottle before. I dye my hair every other 5 months or so and to keep my hair in good condition I use a colour shampoo and personally this lasted my colour much longer than any other colour shampoos have. It definitely 'stays colourful' on your hair, obviously you have to give it a few goes till you notice a difference but it is worth it!

Aussie Take The Heat Shampoo:
Take the heat? more like take the oils. This personally left my hair looking greasy within one use. I may give this another go one day but at the moment I won't be, just after one use my hair felt and looked greasy. I didn't give it long enough to see whether it has any benefits for protecting hair from damage but, I was put off with it within one use.

Take The Heat 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment:
I have always loved and will remain loving Aussie's masks or 3-minute treatments! I like to use them once every week just so my hair is getting a good condition frequently. Tip - good to use if you have ombre hair and it is a little fragile.
After given the shampoo to this a go and wasn't being impressed I was reluctant to try this, but I didn't let the shampoo stop is such a good treatment, I don't apply this to my scalp as much, I feel like this works more towards your ends of your hair. For me, this let my hair look shinier, healthier and on some occasions: thicker. All round good treatment by Aussie!

Aussie Dual Personality Anti-Frizz + Conditioning Milk:
What a mouthful to read! I purchased this in Boots when they had their 3 for 2 deal. This was the product I got free and what a great freebie it is! this is like my holy grail Aussie product. I cannot stress out enough for amazing this product really is! after you washed your hair and towel dried it you apply a pea sized amount of this to the ends of your hair. I like to apply it then plait it and leave it overnight, so I usually apply this at night. You see results within one use (well I did), I noticed my split ends were practically gone, my hair felt thicker, softer and like the bottle suggests 'anti-frizz' it DEFINITELY treats frizzy hair. I don't actually get frizzy hair but for those who do this may work for you!

Aussie Dual Personality Coloured Hair Protection + Shine Serum:
Last, but not least is an Aussie serum, I haven't ever actually used a serum so this is my first time! I have used this once or twice so not enough times to review this. But once I start using it more I will edit this or create a separate post. All I can really say about this is DON'T use loads because I applied maybe two pea sized amounts to the ends of my hair when my hair was damp, and the next day my ends were seriously so greasy it looked like straw 

You tried any Aussie products you'd recommend? 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Harry Potter World Studio Tour

Harry Potter World Studio Tour
Harry Potter World Studio Tour
Harry Potter World Studio Tour
Harry Potter World Studio Tour
Harry Potter World Studio Tour
Harry Potter World Studio Tour
Harry Potter World Studio Tour
Harry Potter World Studio Tour
Harry Potter World Studio Tour
Harry Potter World Studio Tour
Harry Potter World Studio Tour
Hello everyone reading! I thought to talk about a favourite film/book of mine and that is of course Harry Potter. I have grew up reading and watching Harry Potter so it only seemed right to go to the studio tour in London.

Not only did I get to see where some of the clips from the films were shot but I got to see a lot of gadgets, clothes etc the characters used! I absolutely loved the studio I felt like such a child in there. The music they played was from the films and everyone was so excited which made the whole experience feel a lot more magical. 

I couldn't leave the studio without some goodies so I bought the famous chocolate frog and Bertie Botts every flavour beans, which are not nice. I wish I could go back and buy one of their mugs but I am sure I will return soon.

I would love to go back in winter when they have the Christmas decorations up as one of my favourite parts of the HP films is the Christmas scenes.

I definitely would recommend going to the Harry Potter World Studio Tour in London if you are a huge fanatic like myself. It is full of so many things you see in the movies!

Have you been to the HP tour??


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