Thursday, 12 September 2013

Ombre Haircare

Ombre Haircare A few of you have suggested for me to create a ombre haircare story about products I use and how I look after it so I decided to finally post about it! Above are all of the products I use to look after my ombre.
Marilyn hair mask from LUSH has been spoken about before on my blog, I purchased this because when you first ombre your hair a lot of people get this 'brassy colour' so I wanted to gradually get it looking lighter and this mask helped do that. It helped condition my hair too which is something you need to do quite often with ombre hair.

Aussie is one of my favourite haircare brands, I like to use this deep treatment occasionally when my ends are looking frizzy and dull but, don't want to put a mask on that takes 10 minutes. This leaves my ends soft and definitely helps get rid of that 'frizzy dull' feel to my ends...has a nice smell too!

Herbal Essences hair masks are something I would recommend. This one helped keep my ends in good condition from breaking and becoming dry. As when you ombre your hair it can become quite dry, I have ombre'd my hair twice and I used this straight after I dyed it just to give me hair a deep treatment. It did the job!

When you bleach your ends of your hair of course you are going to suffer with some frizz and damage but it can be controlled and for me these two products helped that.
Again..Aussie saved the day for my ends! this not only helped maintain the frizz it helped condition my ends. Bleach leaves your hair with a damaged texture this stops that and helps put your condition back in.

Charles Worthington is probably one of the only Higher end products I have purchased and loved. I felt as though this cream did a similar job to Aussie it locked in condition and maintained frizz so the isn't a lot I can say about this that hasn't been already covered. Recommend both or either!

After I bleach my hair and washed it off, I apply the Moroccan Oil when my hair is damp. I noticed so many good things about this product it softens my ends, adds a serious amount of health to it, gives it a lovely shine and helps get rid of the brassy colour. For me this has been a holy grail for ombre cannot recommend this product enough!
This was took last month so my hair hasn't really changed since then, this is basically what it looks like since May. All of these products mentioned + the sun had helped my hair look this colour.

1. if you have really thin damaged hair don't use this!
2. after you bleach your hair apply a mask then an oil this will instantly help repair your hair
3. try to avoid heat for a few days just so your hair gets to repair
4. constantly apply a mask or treatments to your hair every other day
5. don't over use products I applied each of these every other time I washed my hair!
6. Macadamia Oil and deep mask packet is what I used after bleaching my hair first time it is cheaper than some products if you want to try their range

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Friday, 6 September 2013

Bio Oil Review

bio oil review
Hey everyone! So today I thought I would do a little review on a product I have been using on and off for quite some time now but has worked wonders for my skin! Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare well known for treating scarring or stretch marks, it has other benefits of course but these are the two most common reasons people purchase it

Even though I haven't gained weight, had a baby or been pregnant, I still unfortunately have a few stretch marks on my thighs. Since I am still young this is all to do with teenage hormones and growing up from a child to a teenager, so if anyone else is a teenager that suffers with them and isn't sure why don't worry, your body is just growing up! 

I have been using Bio Oil to help reduce the appearance of spot scarring on my face as unfortunately I suffer with them and stretch marks on my upper thighs. 

A little goes a long way with this bottle and I purchased the 60ml bottle a good half a year ago maybe longer, it isn't the biggest but it is ideal as it lasts so so long! I am only half way through using it so you do the maths!

I apply a tiny amount to the palm of my hand and rub together then massage it gently to my stretch marks (massaging in for 1-2 minutes). I sometimes repeat the process twice morning and evening if I have the time.

For my face scars I tend to not apply this to my palms I dab a little bit onto my finger and apply it to areas that are scarred or over a spot that I know will scar.I also only use this once a day because... 
1. I still get occasional spots and Bio-oil advise you not to use this whilst having blemished skin.
2. I have blemished prone skin so trying oils and new products can break me out sometimes.
3. I suffer with oily skin as it is. I feel like I am just adding more oil to it if I cover my face in it.

Finale results! - Since I have been applying Bio-Oil to my stretch marks for almost 2-3 weeks properly I have noticed an amazing difference. I wouldn't even say I have stretch marks anymore because this oil has completely wiped them away. Just after one use (having rubbed in 2 minutes) I noticed the next morning they weren't as noticeable.
So after a few weeks you'd not even think I had any they completely faded away.
I should have took photos of a before and after process but I wasn't confident enough to try this!
Unfortunately I have only been using Bio-Oil on my face for a few evenings now because I was reluctant to. So I can't give you my opinion just yet, but when I do I will be sure to tell you's.

Tips...Personally if you have stretch marks and want rid of them properly I suggest just every evening (if you have time morning too!) applying this to your scars or stretch marks and rub in a circular motion for 2 minutes, TRUST ME the better attention you give you skin the quicker the results will come.
If you are like me and afraid to apply oils to your face just dab a tiny bit onto areas that are scarred or just over a spot that way you aren't covering your whole face in oil and looking like you are about to get cooked.

Have you tried Bio Oil??

Monday, 2 September 2013

What I Wore on a Night Out

I haven't blogged in a few days so I decided to do a post on make-up, hair and outfit that I had wore for my night out on Saturday. My make-up varies on what I wear for that day - so the theme that seemed to have went down here was pink to match my top. I will explain where everything is from and what I used
Products I used in order:
 Rimmel London Wake me up foundation in ivory
 Collections lasting perfection concealer in fair - for under eyes and any blemishes
Mac mineralise skin finish in medium plus - for face to be set
Bourjois Chocolate bronzer in lightest shade - for contouring cheek bones
Sleek brow kit in light - for eyebrows
Revlon eyebrow style gel - keep eyebrows in shape
Mua mosaic blush - for apple of cheeks
Sleek i diving eye shadow palette the colour Taupe - for eye lid colour
Benefits They're real mascara
Rimmel London Scandeleyes waterproof Kohl liner
Mac lipstick in Chatterbox
Products I used:
Tangle Teezer 
Aussie Dual anti-frizz milk
Tresemme heat defence spray
Bumble & Bumble thickening spray
Hair-dryer by Nicki clarke
Tressemme Hairspray
Back comb brush by Avon
Vidal Sassoon curling iron
Charles Worthington RESULTS spray

Step by step process:
After washing my hair I applied Aussie Dual anti-frizz milk 
Brushed my hair using tangle teezer then applied Tresemme heat defence spray Followed with Bumble + Bumle thickening spray - then blowdryed.
Once blowdryed I just brushed through with a normal brush, then tied hair back
I washed my hair in the morning so when it got to around 7-8 my hair was when I got my hair curled
I applied heat defence spray to it once brushed then my friend curled it - Hair spraying sections
It took around an hour or more to curl as I have a lot of hair..
Once finished I hair sprayed it and back combed certain sections
As a finish spray I used Charles Worthing results spray to add a bit of shine/gloss.
This is what I looked like when I was all finished..
Crop top - Topshop
Black skater skirt - Topshop
Wedges - Miss Selfridges
Rings - Topshop
Earrings - Urban Outfitters

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