Friday, 22 November 2013

BabyLips Worth the Hype?

BabyLips Worth the Hype?
Probably breaking a few baby lips hearts out their (sorry guys!) but this post is a lip product that I don't think is worth its hype.
Maybelline Baby Lips have become very popular in the blogging world and everyone loves using them. They are worth I believe £2.99? which is cheap but - for me they aren't worth the hype everyone is given.

This is the one Maybelline babylips lip balm I own in pink punch.

I am glad it is the only one I own to be completely honest, I ain't too fussed about the £2.99 I am glad they are cheap to get a hold of because if this was say £7-8 I may have been more disappointed.

Before I even purchased the one Babylip I own I wasn't keen on the packaging, I had this discussion with another blogger on Twitter and she agreed. The packaging can put you off them as in my eyes it is a little tacky and cheap looking. I do like the colour of the actual lip product itself but the packaging for me was putting me off.

Anyway's I put the packaging to aside and when trailing around Boots admiring the make-up section I saw these on the side isles hanging down on one of those card stands. I picked the pink one up as pink is my common lip product colour to purchase and tried it once I got home.
When I first opened it I smelt it - I thought it smelt quite nice, but when I applied it to my lips my instant thought was "has it did anything?" because literally I felt no difference on my lips.
I tried it again a few days later before going to uni to see if it added anything to my lips..nope. I saw no difference I am applying it the right way I don't think the can be a right or wrong way to apply a lip product like this.
I tried it again not long after and noticed after 2 other attempts that this time my lips looked the tiniest bit pink not noticeable whatsoever. They don't moisturize very well either, they say they last '8 hours' I don't even think they lasted 5 minutes for me. It may just be this one shade - maybe others are better?

Smells nice
Easy to get a hold of
Appealing colours

took 3 attempts till I saw a tiny difference
not '8 hour' lasting
packaging isn't appealing
don't add much colour or moisture

I will keep retrying like this product as it is a shame to see something so hyped up for it not to work for me..maybe I need a darker shade? But unfortunately this shade was awful for me.

What are your thoughts on Maybelline Baby Lips?

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Yankee Candle Haul

Yankee Candle Haul
 Christmas is just around the corner and me being a candle lover already this is the perfect time to stock up on some winter Yankee candles.
I am a student and of course times are hard with money so I stuck with purchasing a lot of samples and one big Yankee candle for the meantime! 

Yankee candles are amazing for looking for that perfect scent, they have a wide range of scents from sweet, fresh, fruity the lot!

If I like the scent of one of the samples then I may repurchase the bigger version, but honestly these will last me till Christmas right!?

Sun & Sand
I got this a good few months back but kept it until now to burn, anyway's it smells really nice and fresh it probably was a typical Summery scent but never mind! still can't wait to try it.

Pink Dragon Fruit
Again I got this awhile back and only took it out my cupboard now it smells amazing!
It is probably one of the nicest scents I have smelt from Yankee candles range. It is extremely fruity but fresh at the same time, I can imagine this being the perfect candle for your living room as it smells quite strong so it would overpower a room. The colour is pretty too I do love vibrant pinks!

Christmas Eve
Just the name of this gets me very excited for Christmas! this one is difficult to describe the scent, as all I can smell at the moment is cinnamon! it over powers them all - but from what I can smell its scent is a mixture of all Christmas scents in one candle that is the only way I can describe it.

Christmas Tree
Well like the name says it smells like Christmas trees! however as lovely as it smells I find it smelling a bit too much of perfume (unless my scent is bad!) this is just what I can smell. It does smell very much like Christmas and I can see me really liking this candle!

Winter Wonderland
The name of this has got me singing 'Walking in a winter wonderland' in my head, again the name is really Christmas themed and exciting! The smell of this is really nice it doesn't smell like 'winter wonderland' not that I can put my mind to what that smells of..but to me it smells fresh and something you would come across smelling around the Christmas period.

Sparkling Cinnamon
Cinnamon is one of my all time favorite scents and I enjoy it on the occasional foods! it just smells really nice and yummy. This candle is one of the strongest scents I have ever smelled from their range, it seriously over powers the rest of the candles. To me it smells like those fire ball sweets you used to be able to buy from the shop! it does smell very much like Christmas as cinnamon can be known for being Christmas scent.

Fireside Treats
This candle smells so yummy, exactly what the image is - it smells like marshmallows. I can see me really liking this scent as I do enjoy sweet scented candles that make you want to eat them!

Christmas Cookie
I get this candle every year and somehow it is always in my Christmas box off someone. I luckily got a jar last year of this and it lasted me a good while so I had to purchase the glass version this year. This candle just literally smells like biscuits to me, it is very much a sweet, yummy scent. It isn't to everyone's scents as my mam dislikes it but if you are one for yummy food scents then this is perfect!
Christmas and a sweet biscuit scent in one what more could you want from a Christmas candle!?

That is all my Yankee candles I have!
Some may say this is a lot but I love candles especially in winter!
I apologize if my description of each scent wasn't brilliant but it is hard to get their scents when the Cinnamon overpowers them all!

What is your favorite Christmas Yankee candle?

Thursday, 14 November 2013

DIY Vintage Deco for Bedroom

DIY Vintage Deco for Bedroom
This is totally different to what I would ever do on my blog but I have been thinking about new posts to create and this was one of them.
I enjoy watching DIY posts on blogs so I hope you's enjoy this one! it is my first one so it maybe a bit rusty until I get a tripod.

So enough of the boring intro...basically this is a DIY on how to create a vintage or 'shabby chic' deco for your bedroom re-using the Yankee candle jar. The is lots of different ways to reuse Yankee candle jars and this is one way!
You don't have to just use a candle jar you could use any jar you wanted to, the rose garments you can make yourself or purchase them off Amazon like I did.
It is a cute way to brighten up your room without spending a fortune :)

All you need is:
Rose Garment
Yankee jar (or any jar)

Hand cream
Toilet roll tube
DIY Vintage Deco for Bedroom
Step one: 
Firstly, just for the people who are re-using a candle jar - you need to freeze your jar for about half an hour or put boiling water into your jar to steep to get rid of the access wax.
Once you have the jar ready grab your scissors and rose garment!
DIY Vintage Deco for Bedroom
Step Two:
Now for this you need to cut your garment up in two depending on the length of it. Cut it to your satisfaction. I cut mine into two and then cut one part into another two just so I knew it would fit into the jar. (a whole garment won't fit or it will be too much)
With the remains of the garment just keep it for now as you can use it for other purposes.
But...if your garment is like this one I am using and has metal wire inside you may find it tricky to cut it with scissors so maybe pliers is better to use.
DIY Vintage Deco for Bedroom
Step 3:
At this point you take your garment you are going to place into the jar and curl it as though it was twirly pasta! if you are finding it difficult to curl as it is a bit hands on and can hurt your hands especially with metal inside, use a toilet roll tube and rap your garment around that.
DIY Vintage Deco for Bedroom
Final Step:
Now just start at one end and place it into your jar, this is the most fiddly bit I found. Move the roses and the wire around to suit your satisfactory, if you find the is too much garment cut some more off. Or if the is to little grab some more from the other section until it suits you then add the lid...and their you go! your own cute vintage deco for your bedroom!
DIY Vintage Deco for Bedroom
This is the final image of mine!

I hope you enjoyed this post and may possibly use this in your room or even in bathroom! I never like wasting things that can be storage or deco for my room so a lot of things in my room I have re-used or used as something else, if you are interested in more of these let me know I could do other ways to re-use jars or I could show you other cute ways to create your room to look a little vintage!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

My new boots

I thought I would do a quick post on some new shoes I have purchased that I have been in love with for wearing in winter.
Winter is my favourite time of year for fashion and styling etc, I love the whole concept of thick over sized jumpers, ankle boots and nice fluffy socks!
I have seen these boots a few times on people around town and they have always stood out to me but I always put off getting them...

...until I came across these on Ebay from here they are my favourite winter boots I have had my eye on this year. When I first saw them they didn't have my size so I kept checking (they are very popular so hard to get a hold of) but when I saw these in my size eventually I instantly had to purchase them!

I was so anxious for them to arrive but when they did I was at a party on that nighttime they arrived so I wore these for it. They are so comfortable! like I wasn't sure if they would hurt my feet or not but I found them so comfortable and warm.

What I love about these boots is they are easy to style with anything. I have worn mine with skater skirts but you could wear them with jeans, skater dresses, leggings..anything really can work with these.

What I love about these types of boots is they focus a lot on your legs like they can make your legs look thinner and longer. (I am a little small so these are great!)

They are in trend at the moment so they are very popular and difficult to get your hands on. Topshop and River island sell these but they are a bit more pricey, mine were £33 which is brilliant compared to the high street shops.

What have been your favourite winter boots?

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Christmas Lush Haul

With winter on the way Lush are starting to bring out their Christmas cosmetic collections so I went in for a little browse and ended up coming out with a lot of things...the unfortunate thing is I wanted more than I got!

I love Lush and the is a big clue in the name why it is called what it is. 
When I went in the store the was so many products I wanted to purchase! I did go a little overboard on the products but it has been so long since I last was in their so it was needed..
The woman who served me even said 'are these all for you!?'..awkwardly I had to say no but of course they are! I have enough to last me till Christmas!
I love their Christmas selections of bathbombs, masks, shower gels etc etc and these were the ones I purchased...
Top left is: The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar...
How cute is he!? he was the first product I saw when I walked in, he is so cute! I don't even want to use him. Not that he looks much of a penguin but you can tell what he is, he is a bubble bath bar. I am excited to try this but I have the slightest feeling he isn't going to be as great as his appearance!

Top right is: Secret Santa Bath Bomb...
This was so expensive but look how big it is! it is quite a heavy bath bomb. I can't work out what it smells like because my nose is mixed of all scents but appearance wise I was really impressed with. Lush have definitely upped their game since last Christmas!

Bottom left is: Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb...
This smells gorgeous! it reminds me of Twilight for some slight reason, it looks like it will make my bath create a lot of colours!

Bottom right: So white Bath Bomb...
This bathbomb looks so relaxing I am sure they did this last year but a smaller version. It smells like apple it is so yummy! can't wait to try this!
Top left is: Shoot for the Stars Bath bomb...
The colours look so pretty! I love how much detail has been put into the design for this. Just when you think lush can't get any better they go and create this

Top right is: The Melting snowman Luxury bath melt...
I purchased this because of how cute it is! a melted snowman come on..I have already used this bath melt and to be completely honest with you it isn't that great. Obviously I wasn't expecting a bath bomb explosion of colours or anything but I'd of thought it would at least smell nice. Unfortunately I didn't like the smell and it didn't really do much for me :( which is a shame as it is cute!

Bottom left is: Father Christmas bath bomb...
This is another cute bath bomb that caught my eye as are mostly all of these clearly..I have a feeling this bath bomb is going to be really great just by the colours!

Bottom right is: Golden Wonder bath bomb...
Out of all the bath bombs I picked up this one was the messiest it is covered in gold glitter and is quite heavy/big. Even just taken the photo of it was a hassle as it went on my bed! but nonetheless I am excited to try this! it is going to make my bath very glittery (my mam won't be impressed).
Snow fairy shower gel..
Every year Lush bring this shower gel out around Christmas time, it is an amazing yummy scented shower gel. I always purchase this every year so it was no surprise that I got it this year too. I got the small sized bottle because I have been liking a few other shower gels, but nonetheless I recommend this to you as it has a lovely yummy candy floss scent to it.

Hand & body lotion charity pot...
I always get these whenever my last one expires or has ran out so I got another one, these are handy to carry in your bags especially in this time of year. I like to carry these to uni with me and whenever I feel dry hands or elbows etc I just apply this. 

That is all the Lush products I purchased I hope you like them! I might have to create a Lush wishlist as the was so much more I could have purchased. Definitely check out their new products if you are like me and love bath bombs!
Lush have really impressed me this year and I am looking forward to trying these!

What Lush product you lusting over?


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