Sunday, 30 August 2015

The £1 Makeup Revolution Lip Liners

Makeup Revolution Lip Liners
When it comes to makeup lip liners are a shiny, new toy to me, I mean I've tried them before but I rarely stop and swatch them or purchase them in a store. These Makeup Revolution* lip liners may have just changed my opinion. At a flabbergasting £1.00, these lip liners are well worth the trip to Superdrug to swatch and add into your baskets to buy.

At the moment the Makeup Revolution have released 8 new wonderful shades of lip liners all of which would cost you only £8, this is insane. All these shades are perfect for all seasons especially the pinks for summer, it would be nice to see a plum purple or a Russian red to be released in winter.

From light to dark these are the shades I received: The one, Nearly Naked, Baby Pink, Soft Pink, Bold Pink, Cherry Red, Rebel and Vamp. I have been wearing 'The One' which is a lovely nude shade perfect for wearing when you don't want colour but want something on your lips. 'Baby Pink' for when I want a pop of colour but not a drastic amount and 'bold pink' for when I want bright pink lips.

These are so pigmented and I'll be honest I did think because of how cheap they were that they wouldn't be very good but it surprised me how pigmented and long lasting they actually are. I haven't been using them as lip liners I have been using them as lipsticks almost because I love the shades so much.

I can't wait to see if they release more out as they are incredible and should be worth so much more than they are.

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*PR Sample/gift.
Have you tried these lip liners yet??

Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Lack Of Sleep Treatments

The Lack Of Sleep Treatments
We have all had those dreadful lacks of sleep nights whether it's off working until 3am on a college assignment, unable to sleep in this irritating heat or your brain won't just switch off worrying, we've all been there. You wake up the next day looking like your eyes are carrying heavy shopping bags full of bottles of milk, a slight exaggeration I know

Wouldn't it be great to cheat sleep and look as though you've had 12 hours sleep? Well, my friends here are some products that'll get your eyes looking awake in no time!

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Eye Cream* | Eye creams are essential for getting rid of those tiresome, dark circle looking eyes and the latest favourite of mine has been by Jurlique. This rosy scented eye cream gets my eyes looking bright as rain, I like to pop a tiny amount of this under my eyes just before bed and first thing when I wake up. My eyes have never looked more awake and healthy from a product. Dark circles? What dark circles? It seriously makes a difference to your eyes.

Loreal Lumi Magique Highlighter Pen | Let's just take a moment to appreciate how stunning the rose gold packaging is, moment over. When I apply my makeup I like to draw a triangle under my eyes just before I apply my foundation using this highlighting pen. It not only highlights that area it also conceals too, so it is great for covering up those tiresome eyes. I would say it has medium coverage and it definitely brightens your eyes up, people wouldn't believe you've only had 4 hours sleep.

Rimmel Scandeleyes Nude Eyeliner | I have never been a big fan of black eyeliners but I love how they instantly make your eyes pop so I like to play it safe with a nude liner. This liner is amazing for brightening up your eyes as well as given your eyelids a bit of a wake-up call. It makes such a difference to my eyes it is incredible, so easy to blend on as well.

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What is your lack of sleep treatments??

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Thoughts On MyProtein

Thoughts On MyProtein
Taking protein was something I never really understood but was always curious to know more about. I used to watch my boyfriend consume a protein shake every other day to put on weight or to help with muscle pain but, I still didn't understand the whole concept behind them. I have regularly been going to the gym for quite some time and thought now was the perfect time to give MyProtein a try and see if they make a difference.


MyProtein is definitely a website to check out if you are interested in protein or wanting to up your fitness game. They sell a variety of products from powders to clothing at high quality at the lower prices!. What makes this company stand out for me is their range for women. A lot of fitness websites are targeted more towards men, whereas MyProtein offers a range for both. The website is so easy and helpful to use, offering a variety of products for different goals.

Impact Whey Protein Cookie Dough Flavour | I have tried protein shakes before but didn't really enjoy the taste so I decided to opt for something more sweetening. I consume one of these protein shakes half an hour before or after a workout (mostly before as I eat a meal after). This flavour tastes exactly like a cookie dough milkshake you can hardly taste the protein, however it can be a bit sickly and incredibly filling. It definitely has helped with regards to any muscle pain but other than that I haven't noticed a difference.

Protein Chocolate Wafers | I was very excited to try these as a pre or post gym snack rather than constantly have a shake. They taste exactly like a chocolate wafer would very delicious and they definitely fill you up for a few hours but, they leave an awful aftertaste in your mouth. I tried drinking water, brushing my teeth but that aftertaste does not leave my mouth! If it wasn't for the aftertaste I would say these are amazing but the taste put me off, unfortunately.

Protein Cookie | This double chocolate cookie tasted very yummy and left no aftertaste in my mouth. I ate this before a workout probably not the best decision and it filled me for hours! I would definitely try these again and have them as a pre-workout snack. The only downside I had was it tasted very soft, almost stale but I'd imagine it is because it is made with protein.

Strawberry and Banana Smoothie | I love smoothies so I was very excited to try this sample even if it was in a powder formula. I really liked the taste of this, very refreshing and filling. Perfect as a breakfast smoothie or as an evening drink to cool down after the gym with. Tastes very fruity and could hardly taste the protein thankfully.

Overall I would say MyProtein was fun to try out and there are a couple of bits I would try again and a few bits on their website I like the sound of. I think once you are used to the protein taste it becomes an everyday part of your diet. I have noticed a difference in how my body feels I am a lot more energetic when I workout and I don't get as tired as quick. I also feel like I rarely get as much muscle pain. You can follow MyProtein on Twitter here where they offer a wide range of advice.

I have a wonderful 30% off discount for you all to use on MyProtein's website: BLOGGER

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Have you tried MyProtein??

Monday, 24 August 2015

My Top 3 Face Masks

My Top 3 Face Masks
There is nothing I enjoy more than indulging and de-stressing with a good pampering. Of course, what would a pamper session be without a good face mask? A rubbish one. Today I wanted to share with you all my top 3 go-to face masks that I have been using recently and give a mini review as to why they have quickly become my favourite pamper masks.

Quick Fix Purifying Charcoal Mask | Charcoal is my all time favourite when it comes to face masks as they really benefit oily skin. I have tried 2 or 3 face masks from this brand (available in Boots for £4.99), all of which have really benefited my skin. My face is always left feeling super moisturized and any excess oil that I have this mask removes it. I like to use this face mask whenever my skin is feeling clogged up or like it says on the tube; lifeless and it'll fix it for me.

LUSH Catastrophe Cosmetic | Do you ever feel like your skin needs to just calm'it down a bit? This face mask is perfect for when your skin feels a little rough and is in need of some soothing moisture. Even though I have oily skin it is sometimes nice to use a face mask that calms and adds some vitamins to my skin. I like to use this whenever my skin needs some vitamins and to cool it down a bit. It definitely helps calm my skin down and I am always left with fresh, glowy skin.

Clinique Pore Refining Charcoal Mask* | A little bit like the Quick Fix mask only this mask does a bit more. I like to use this face mask when my skin is having a bit of a breakout, needs calming down and feels overly oily. This mask is really good for helping reduce those imperfections and my skin is always left feeling 100 times better afterwards. It reminds me a lot of the Origin's Charcoal mask it has the same benefits but for a cheaper price.

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What is your favourite face mask??

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Secrets to Silky Smooth Hair

Secret to Silky Smooth Hair
Got dry split-ends? Is your hair in need of some moisture? Or maybe it just needs some extra TLC? Well, I think I have the secret to achieving silky smooth locks, you can thank me later. 

Hair oils and masks are something I use regularly, they make such a difference to your hair and require hardly any effort at all. You could sit in the bath for twenty minutes on Pinterest with a hair mask on or instead of drying your hair let it dry naturally and apply some hair oil to your ends. They make such a difference in your hair.

Schwarzkopf is a brand I am very familiar with but very unfamiliar with at the same time. I never think to try any of their range out and whenever I want to try a new product out I tend to sway towards Aussie. I have been using both the Schwarzkopf Ultime Repair Intensive Hair Mask and the Got2B Argan Oil Tame & Shine Styling Oil for the past couple of weeks now and I can see such a difference to my ends.

I would wash my hair like normal with shampoo then squeeze all the excess water out and apply a small amount of the Repair Intensive Mask to the ends of my hair. This mask only requires a minute of your time but I like to leave it on for five. It contains rich omega oil which is brilliant for damaged, split-end hair. The mask has a very unique, fresh scent to it not like the fruity masks I am used to. Once rinsed off I then go ahead and towel dry my hair.

Once my hair is somewhat dry (not dripping wet) I brush my hair and apply a pea-sized amount of the Got2B Argan Oil to my ends. This oil has a very sweet, fruity scent to it which reminds me of summer holidays weird enough! What I like about this product is my hands don't feel greasy after I have applied it to my hair, this saves a trip to the bathroom sink!

I rarely dry my hair because I think hair masks and oils have better results if you leave your hair to dry naturally. My hair is usually a little tatty after washed but this hair mask really helped my Tangle Teezer glide through my hair easily. Also when my hair did dry I noticed such a huge difference in texture, my hair has never ever felt so soft. My ends feel so moisturized, my hair looks healthy and the oil adds a lovely shine to my hair!

Both of these products together make the perfect silky smooth hair.

*PR Sample/gift.

What is your secret to smooth hair??

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Effortless Ways to Refresh Your Blog

Effortless Ways to Refresh Your Blog
Hello lovelies now before you read on I want you to go grab your cups of teas as I am about to talk about an in-depth, obliging post related to all of our wonderful blogs.

Ever go through fazes of feeling not so much bored but as though your blog needs some extra TLC and a bit of an update/refresh? I am really satisfied with my blogs overall design but of course, there have been times where I feel not 100% satisfied with parts of my blog that don't require much effort, maybe I am just picky ey? 

I think it is so important to feel 100% satisfied and content with not only your blog posts but your overall design, pages, layouts etc. I do notice a difference if I am not feeling 100% with my blog as when I write a blog post it doesn't sound 100% me. Today I wanted to share with you all some effortless ways to refresh your blog that help you feel more confident and cheerful about it. Without the hard work of HTML...

Update, Update, Update | The word update can sound a bit draining but it is such a simple, effortless way to have a positive feeling towards your overall blog. If you don't have an about me page maybe think about creating one, if you have one update it to sound fresher and now. Update any contact details, bio's, images etc to sound more up to date! I like to do this occasionally and it does have a refreshing effect!

Remove Any Unwanted Widgets | I have come across lots of blogs with hundreds of widgets down their sidebar some of which don't even seem in use. Maybe clear up your sidebar a bit? Change things around? Do you really need the Twitter widget if you have the icon? I like having all my social media widgets on top to make it easier for readers to search, maybe do this if you haven't already? Just play around with your sidebar, widgets are so simple to add and remove. Too much can look too cluttered for me personally.

Change Font, Sizing, Colour | I went through a phase of writing in pink when I first started blogging, colourful times I know. I think it is very refreshing to update your fonts every now and then or even just the colour can make a bit of a difference. Black and grey have a very professional feel to them and I like to highlight any links in pink to add a spec of colour to my posts. Keep it simple.

Add Widgets | Similar to the second tip but if you feel like your blog is lacking a bit of personality or just looks quite bland down the sidebar why not consider including your favourite blogger's buttons? I love having other blogs down my sidebar as they are so appealing to have and also show you are very user-friendly with other peoples blogs. Also maybe even consider advertising bloggers on your sidebar too? This could earn you a few pennies as well.

Have A Theme | When I first started blogging my photography didn't have a theme, my photos weren't all the same size, my font would change frequently and my structure in blog posts would change a lot. I think it is very refreshing to try and keep everything similar so your brain is a lot more relaxed about how things look. Plus continuity is always a winner it helps readers familiarize with your personality more.

I hope these effortless tips helped you feel a lot more positive towards your blog!

Any effortless tips you know to refresh blogs??

Friday, 14 August 2015

Banish The Blemishes

Banish The Blemishes
Nobody likes spots, whether it's one massive planet on your chin or a couple of pesky little ones dotted on your forehead, all of which can really rain on our parades. I have oily skin which can often resort in having a couple of these banes on my face. I have been experimenting with a variety of products lately (old and new) and upping my skincare game recently so I decided to share what I have been using to help banish the blemishes.

La Roche-Posay Serozinc - This is like the invisibility cloak on Harry Potter, it is such an amazing toner. I used to believe the myth that toners did nothing for your skin until I tried this product. After cleansing my face I go ahead and spritz this all over my face and let it dry naturally. Redness gets reduced, spots dry up and my face overall feels a lot healthier.

Origin Spot Remover - I remember hating this product at the beginning and then falling in love with it months later. This spot treatment is a life saver for any little breakouts - dab a tiny amount over a spot and wallah! This product reduces any swelling so quick (like within a few hours quick!). I always like to use this product on those 'skincare emergency days'.

S5 Serum* - I never really understood the purpose of serums I just thought they were unnecessary add-on's into a skincare routine. Oh, how wrong was I. I have been applying this serum to my face every other evening before bed. It does take a little while longer to dry in compared to other spot treatments but the results are worth it. S5 has completely got rid of any redness I have and the next morning my face looks a lot clearer.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo - Y'know when your skin isn't that bad but you think it is? This product makes a difference in getting your skin looking healthy and fresh. I have been applying this in the evening if I don't use my serum and by morning my skin looks a lot more awake. I think this product is amazing for everything - redness, reducing spots and generally clearing my skin. I always like to use this when I feel really unhappy with my overall skin as it helps to keep it looking clearer.

Australian Tea Tree Stick* - This is new into my collection of spot treatments and it reminds me of a lot of teenage tea tree products I tried growing up. This doesn't smell very pleasant I'll be honest (nothing like tea-tree) but, it does make a difference in reducing any pesky spots. Not so much under the skin spots but little ones it does help reduce them in size. I think this would be perfect for teenagers who suffer from hormonal spots or even whiteheads I think this product could remove those!

*PR Samples/gift.

What is your treatment for banishing the blemishes??

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

5 Simple Ways To Make Yourself Happier

5 Simple Ways To Make Yourself Happier
It's natural for us all to not feel hunky-dory all of the time, we all get off days and it is difficult to stay happy twenty-four seven. When I am in a bit of a gloomy mood I like to try and get myself out of it as soon as possible, I decided to share some simple ways to make yourself happier.

1. Bake A Giant Chocolate Cake - I find there is nothing more comforting then shutting off those negative thoughts with a bit of baking in the kitchen. I enjoy baking a lot with my boyfriend so whenever we spend time indoors we bake something and it can be a lot of fun as well as tasty!

2. Turn Off Social Media - Sometimes the internet can really take over our lives and it's important sometimes to turn it off. Go get some fresh air in your lungs or even colour in I find this so therapeutic. I have a post about de-stressing with colouring in here too.

3. Get Out Of Your Rut I love comfort. I don't enjoy blogging anywhere apart from in my bedroom at my workspace. I also enjoy working on projects at home too, but sometimes it is nice to change it up a little. Maybe visit a coffee shop or a library, change it up a little can actually make you work a lot more positive and feel very refreshing.

4. Treat Yourself - A quote I found on Pinterest says "buying clothes isn't just buying clothes, it's buying happiness" and I completely agree. There is nothing more enjoyable than treating yourself to a new outfit or makeup so if you are feeling a little blue go out and buy something nice to cheer you up, I am so guilty for doing this.

5. Spring Clean Go and buy some pretty flowers to brighten up your home with a bit of sunshine. Get yourself to Paperchase and purchase some inspirational postcards, I have dozens of them dotted all over my walls or on my desk and they really do make a difference. I wrote a post on giving your room a detox here.

What do you do to keep happy??

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My Graduation & Tips

My Graduation & Tips
Some of you may or may not know that I recently graduated with a BA Hons degree in Advertising & Design at The University of Sunderland. Having spent three years which flew over, working the hardest I ever have I was able to come out with a degree at the end of it, hard work really does pay off.

I was finally able to fling my cap in the air such a Harry Potter moment and be proud of what I have achieved. This day was one of the most important days of my life as it closed a few doors as well as opened a lot more! Not entirely sure what my next step is in life but who do know what their next step is, right? At the moment I just want to be able to enjoy the remains of summer before tying knots with the serious, big, wide, scary, nerve-racking world. 

My graduation was definitely one of those days full of different emotions; stress (hair drama!), emotional, relief, excitement, proud and sad in some ways as I am saying goodbye to it all. I really enjoyed my time at university and it is definitely an experience I won't forget.

I decided to share some of my own newly tips I recommend to any upcoming graduates that will make your special day that little bit easier.

1. Bring Safety and Bobby-Pins | I luckily read a blog post beforehand recommending to bring safety pins and I am 1000% glad I did. For your graduation banner and robe to sit on you properly without sliding everywhere you need a pin to secure it into your clothing. Trust me I saw numerous students without any and on photos or going up on stage their gowns were sliding, you want to look top-notch you are paying after all!

2. Ignore The Rule To Wear A Shirt (Ladies!) | I got emails recommending me to wear a shirt or blouse underneath my robe which wasn't something I felt comfortable wearing. I wore a nude off the shoulder dress which I had no problem at all with wearing. Wear something you are comfortable in as long as your robe is able to hook somewhere you'll be fine.

3. Give Your Bag To Your Family | I um'd and ah'd about taking a bag to my graduation as I was baffled as to where I was supposed to put it when I went on stage. I'd recommend giving your bag to someone in your family before you go and sit with the other graduates or if you get the choice put it under your seat. I took my bag with me and was able to put it under my chair as well as take a few snapshots of all my friends before we went on stage.

4. Break Into Shoes, Plan Ahead | This is more towards you ladies who like to titivate yourselves up. I planned my makeup, outfit, hair, tanned my legs and broke into my shoes before the day happened. I didn't want to stress out or find my shoes hurting me so bad I'd be going on stage barefoot. I did have some hair drama but I didn't let it rain on my parade. Just make sure you prepare everything days before.

5. Be Proud And Happy | I have heard stories of someone fainting, falling off the stage or just nervous about the full day. Don't be. It's the last time you will probably see half of the people there to be happy, enjoy it and wear your cap with pride. I was nervous beforehand but soon as I got there I was excited to see everyone I knew graduate. It is a one time opportunity to make the most of it.

Congratulations on anyone who's graduated or is going to graduate fairly soon!

Any more graduation tips leave them below!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Apps I am Guilty of Downloading

apps I am guilty of downloading
Whenever I am wondering through my BlogLovin homepage my eyes are instantly drawn to posts involving apps. Posts like 'My Top 10 Apps', 'Instagram Photography Apps' these sorts of posts always get me prying and spending countless amount of time on the app store, oops

These sort of posts are brilliant ways to get to know bloggers a little bit more away from the keyboards. You are getting a taster to what they enjoy doing outside of the blogging world as well as having a snoop yourself at some recommended apps.

Netflix | I don't know anybody who doesn't have a Netflix account but if you don't have one you should get one! I just couldn't help myself getting this app knowing how handy it will be for travelling or just lying in bed having no effort to turn off laptops of TVs. It can really take over your life if you are not careful, like seriously I must have watched a quarter of Pretty Little Liars on my phone, had square eyes for a while.

Pinterest | I tend to be someone who only tries things out once the hype has died down a little and Pinterest is one of them. I have always had an account but never used it until now and unfortunately, I am addicted. The app is so much more addictive than the actual desktop webpage as you are pinning things a lot quicker. My account is here for anyone who wants a new friend!

Scrabble | I am a bit of a geek when it comes to games that get your brain ticking. Scrabble was always one of my favourite board games as a child and lately, I really wanted to play it. I found this app on my app store and now I find myself playing against someone nearly every day, it is quite sad I know. This app always relaxes me though whenever I need to go AFK.

CocoPPA | Sometimes I find the app icons look a little too big and dull so if the opportunity to change them to look pretty then I will do it. CocoPPA is an app that is great for customizing your app icons. I spent hours changing all my icons which is a bit of a problem but it can be so addictive especially if you love pretty designs.

What apps are you guilty for downloading??

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Jewellery in a Bath Bomb

Jewellery in a Bath Bomb
Jewellery in a Bath Bomb
Any sort of bath bomb that comes in not only a box but a cupcake case smelling of the most scrumptious, mouth-watering chocolate scent gets top marks from me. You may remember me reviewing a candle a few months ago which inside had a dainty, silver, diamond ring. I thought this was one of the best ideas I have ever come across until I discovered Jewel Candle which not only stock candles with jewellery inside but bath bombs too!

If you know somebody who loves jewellery and a good pamper evening then this is the perfect gift to buy someone. Jewel Candle not only sells beautiful, intricate silver rings but also earrings and pendants. I do love a good soak in the tub with some candles lit, face mask on, a cup of tea and a good bath product so when I received this almost £25 bath ballistic cupcake I saved it for a special day where I really needed it. 

I've been a little stressed recently since graduating from university so I decided to give myself a pamper evening using this delicious cupcake. If someone blindfolded me I would be tempted to eat this as it smells so realistic to a chocolate bar. What I really liked about this product is the fact it is a 2 in 1 which you all know I absolutely love. The top half of the cupcake (so the cream) can be used and reused as an exfoliator and the bottom part (the cake so to speak) is where the fizz happens as well as the delicious aroma. Once the bath bomb has dissolved you discover the jewel in its protective bag.

The jewel I received was a dainty, silver heart-shaped ring which fits perfectly on my middle finger which I did worry about since I have tiny fingers. What I loved about this product was the relaxing, delicious scent it has as it really puts your mind at ease and soaks up all the negative thoughts. The product itself left my skin feeling lovely and soft also I smelt of chocolate for a couple of hours, yum.

I definitely think these Jewel candles and bath bombs make the perfect gift for someone who enjoys a good pamper evening. I also think they could be a nice gesture to someone who is having a bad week.

*PR Sample/gift.
Have you tried one of these treasures??

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

LUSH: Battle Of The Face Masks

LUSH: Battle Of The Face Masks
Having tried numerous LUSH face masks in the past I thought I now have a fair amount of knowledge to write a post on what face masks do what and maybe help out what one is best suited for your skin type too. I have oily to imperfect skin thanks to my Dad! It is not all bad I guess because I won't get wrinkles as fast! But, it comes with a price and that price is buying numerous face masks to treat any imperfections or oiliness!

Love Lettuce
Out of all the face masks I have tried from LUSH this one is my favourite purely because it has an exfoliating texture to it which is great for oily skin! This did everything I expected a face mask to do: reduce redness, access oil, any blemishes and moisturized don't ask for much do I?. BUT, that is not the best news...I was able to see fast results within the first use which is incredible and tells me a lot about the mask. My face looked and felt a lot healthier within the first use and when I did use this it smelt pleasant and sat nicely on my skin. This mask is the easiest to wash off probably because it has the exfoliating formulation. I definitely recommend this face mask if you have oily to spot prone skin. Holy grail? I think so.

Cosmetic Warrior
I think from personal preferences this mask was the one I found smelled the worst. The other three smelt pleasant and refreshing but this one has abstracts of garlic in which is probably the reason for the scent - despite the scent it's pretty good! This face mask has tea tree oil in which again is supposedly good for breakouts but, me and tea tree don't see eye to eye at times. I never experience many results from tea tree products but I definitely did with this face mask. Very similar to Love Cosmetics in the sense I saw fast results however I found this face mask only focuses on reducing any redness and adding a healthier fix. I don't recall seeing many results regarding my oiliness but it definitely reduced any redness I had, so if you get a lot of blotchy, red skin this could be a shot to try! 

Catastrophe Cosmetic
This has been good for reducing any redness or dry skin - even though I am oily skinned I still get dry patches off products. I did find it a little hard to remove from my face and it took a longer time to apply which is probably my own fault because I tipped all the liquid out of the pot - DON'T DO THIS. Other than that it has been great! This smells like Palma Violet sweets so it is a very pleasant scent to have on the skin and it comes out in a blue consistency! Once washed off my face it already feels incredibly soft as though I have drunk a gallon of water typical comparison to say but it did! I didn't notice any results regarding my imperfections straight away but you do start to see a slow result the more you use it, my redness was reduced the next morning and my face looked a lot healthier! I didn't see much results for oily skin.

This is a recent face mask I've tried so my knowledge on this will be up to date whereas my others will be based upon previous posts! So far this mask has been amazing for calming down my skin. I've had a bit of a breakout on my chin and when I mean breakout I literally mean explosions of a new planet. Anyway's I have been using this face mask to calm down any sore, inflamed areas on my face. This looks and smells literally like chocolate which is rather annoyingly tempting to eat. It is a little hard to remove like the Catastrophe Cosmetic but once properly removed and my skin has had time to settle my face feels hydrated and a lot less inflamed. I think if you get really sore skin or even those annoying under the skin spots definitely try this face mask out.

Hopefully, these personal thoughts have helped you decide which face mask might be best for you to try! I love LUSH face masks I have not used one that has let me down. I still want to try the Oatifix face mask sometime soon so I may update this post in the future like I have previously done.

What is your favourite LUSH face mask??

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Makeup Revolution | Ultra Base Correction Palette

Makeup Revolution | Ultra Base Correction Palette
Makeup Revolution | Ultra Base Correction Palette
Have you ever saw a palette so beautiful, eye-catching and pastel galore-d not a word but it is now before? The Golden Sugar Palette by Makeup Revolution was my favourite palette for prettiness but now I think I have a change of heart. This Ultra Base Correction Palette will make anyone who loves pastel colours hearts melt.

I am sure you have all heard of this wonderful, inexpensive, good quality makeup brand before, if not I suggest you scroll onto their website after this post of course. The corrector palette contains 8 creamy, blend-able colour correction creams to correct and balance out all complexions. The correcting shades in this palette are professionally chosen to balance out any discoloration as well as concealing blemishes with a natural finish.

Pink - Brightens
Lavender - Neutralizes yellow tones
Green - Neutralizes redness
Orange - Neutralizes blue tones
Peach - Helps balance out any discolouration
White - Adds highlight and brightens
Cream - Neutralizes purple and covers dark areas
Brown - Balances ashiness in medium to dark tones

I was most excited about trying the green, peach and cream corrector's to help reduce any redness from blemishes and hide away those dark circles. So far I think this palette has made such a difference in camouflaging out those discolorations on my skin and reducing the look of any imperfections.

I would definitely recommend this to anybody with imperfections of discolorations on your skin as this palette has it all for making those problems hide away. This is definitely a palette that has a rightful place in my makeup bag and is the perfect emergency kit for fixing!
*PR Sample/gift.

Have you tried the corrector palette yet??


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