Sunday 30 October 2016

Last Minute Halloween Makeup

When it comes to Halloween I take my hat off to those who take the time to research, practice and plan their outfit in advance. Every year I tell myself I'll do the same and instead I am rushing around last minute pulling together some sort of 'creation' with mostly my makeup and some black outfit because black is scary right? 

Today I wanted to put together a quick post on some of my makeup staples that are perfect for Halloween for those of us who don't have the time or just don't really like dressing up, but want to get into the spooky-spirit.

When it comes to creating a frightening face you definitely need a bold eye look so a palette I'd definitely recommend is Makeup Revolution Give Them Nightmares. This palette is full of adventurous shades that you'd never really touch for your everyday makeup. This palette is perfect for creating a Halloween look as it has all the shades you could possibly need and for £4 you should definitely have it in your collection. I always associate eyeliner with Halloween, I guess it's from previous cat makeup looks I've tried and failed with over the years. You could definitely create an amazing makeup look with eyeliner, even simple designs like spider webs, stitches or some sort of skeleton look. If on the off chance I wear eyeliner I always reach for Soap&Glory Supercat Liner as this creates such good makeup looks without the hassle of smudges or mistakes.

I've included my Too Faced Sweetheart Blusher because this blusher has amazing pigmentation and what's Halloween without going a little ott on the makeup? Even if you were dressing up you could always use this if you were dressing as a clown or a rag doll.

Halloween makeup isn't complete unless there is something going on with your lips so I've included three budget-friendly Makeup Revolution Lipsticks. If you weren't wanting to dress up but wanted something bold on the lips, then what's more daring than a green lipstick? This and the purple shade is from Makeup Revolution's 'atomic' range and only costs £1. I think these would look great if you were to dress up as a unicorn or a clown, very bold and quirky so great for Halloween. I have also included a very deep purple lipstick that shows up as black, from MR's rose gold collection just in case the green was too daring. This shade goes really nice with a smokey, bold eye to look so definitely a one to grab if you want something not too in your face.

What is your Halloween look this year??


  1. The revolution lipsticks are amazing!

  2. I always use the Soap and Glory supercat eyeliner, it's probably my most favourite makeup product I own!

  3. I tell myself every year that I'll plan the perfect Halloween look too and when it actually gets to it I end up having a night in makeup free with a tub of Ben & Jerry's! I really like the makeup you've picked out though, the colours in the MR palette are gorgeous! x

    Always, Alice

  4. Makeup revolution is such an amazing brand love their eyeshadows and lipsticks. This was a great post thanks for sharing :)



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