Wednesday 2 November 2016

Clock Change: Top Tips For A Good Nights Rest

Top Tips For A Good Nights Rest
Am I the only one who feels as though sleep is just not an option lately? Especially since the clocks have gone back, the days are shorter and the evenings are getting chillier. I find that a good night's rest is just not an option at the moment, so lately I have been changing things up a bit and trying out new techniques that, believe it or not, have improved my sleeping pattern and my nasty dark circles! 

Here are some tips that will help you to sleep easier and better.

1. Get a Routine - This is definitely the most significant step to get a better night's sleep. Set yourself time for every evening to unwind and de-stress as this will completely relax your body before bed.

2. 9pm Turn Off - Since the New Year I set myself a goal to spend less time on my computer and more time doing other hobbies and believe it or not I have gained a better night's sleep. Definitely try and step away from your laptops an hour before bed and relax with a book or even some music.

3. Herbal Tea Break - Fitting with tip 1 I have a routine every evening of around 7pm to make myself a cup of Clippers Green Tea* or their Sleep Easy Tea* if I am wide awake. I find hot drinks very relaxing and totally prepares you for bed. (Just maybe not the coffee)

4. Do Something Therapeutic - If your mind is elsewhere after 8pm then it's beneficial to do something therapeutic. For example, buying yourself an adult colouring book and spending an hour or so before bed colouring. It definitely takes your mind off any worries and relaxes you at the same time.

5. Get Prepared - This one I often suck at and that is being organised the night before. If you've got work or college the next day it is worth meal prepping, sorting out your outfit and washing your hair the night before. If everything is sorted before you go to sleep you are definitely going to be able to sleep worry-free.

6. Sleeping Mask/Spray - A new tip that I find works really well is spraying some sleeping mist onto your pillow just before you hit the hay and zoning out with a sleeping mask on. The sleeping mask I like to use is by the brand Ooloom* which is an online site that sells a variety of different animals sleeping masks to help you get a better nights sleep. You can even purchase a dream journal which is amazing and something I wish I had thought of buying years ago as I quite like researching what my dreams mean on the dream meaning app.  

7. Little Touches - I always find that if you dim the brightness of your phone, light some candles and turn down the volume on your TV you are definitely in a chance for a better nights sleep. If your TV is blasting your more focused to be wide awake and if any lights are bright it can be harder to shut off.

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How do you get a good nights sleep??


  1. I loved reading this blog post! Your eye mask is soo cute! I do love a good spray to like help you relax before bed. I have a couple I like to use on rotation. That is also awesome you have been turning on off your phone at 9pm! I really need to do that but I haven't done it yet which is a total excuse! I think this has inspired me to create a better sleep routine! Thank you!


  2. These are some great tips, establishing a routine is key. I think you need something that tells your bran that you're about to go to sleep so pipe down, mate. Lovely post xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  3. That sleeping mask is cute! Great Tips Katie xo

    Lisa x

  4. Couldn't live without my clippers tea. Whenever I feel really anxious it gets me ready to sleep. Honest helpful tips.

  5. Books, tea, candles and essential oils are my secret



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