Sunday 29 March 2020

51 Things To Declutter

51 things to declutter
Decluttering your house is such a good way to not only give your mind clarity and balance but, also a great way to use your time wisely during the current situation we are all facing.

Tidy house, tidy mind, right?

Here is a list of 51 things worth tossing out now!

1. Out of date makeup
There is usually a little tub on the back of products with a '12m' sign.

2. Out of date skin products

3. Products only used once or dried up
Bye St Moritz Mousse

4. Makeup that isn't your shade
I said goodbye to so many Barbie pink lipsticks that don't suit me!

5. Old, dirty muslin cloths

6. Perfume bottles that have a drop left

7. Nail polish that has gone a funny colour

8. Clothes that have stains or holes in them
Soooo many pairs of socks and tights

9. Clothes that have been worn once and never again in more than 6 months

10. Clothes that don't fit anymore
More excuse to buy new ones right?

11. Clothes that make you go: what the f**k??
Yeah, I am talking about you T-shirt with a smiley pizza face

12. Bras that have wiring sticking out

13. Bras that have passed their sell by date
I'm talking ones that have lost their colour, shape etc.

14. Old bedding

15. Towels with holes in them

16. Books you've never read before

17. Books you won't read again
Bye my teenage favourite Twilight Saga books

18. Old magazines

19. Old letters, appointments

20. Letters with important details on that you can find elsewhere

21. Old Christmas, birthday cards

22. Old receipts

23. Out of date food
You'd think I was preparing for an apocalypse with the number of tinned soups I had

24. Out of date tea or coffee

25. Cracked, chipped mugs

26. Dead house plants

27. Notebooks that have been used once and replaced

28. Pens that don't work

29. Notebooks that have/will never get used
So many marble notebooks

30. Earrings without a partner

31. Jewellery that has lost its colour

32. Watches that don't work anymore

33. Chargers for old phones

34. Old phones
I managed to sell my old Samsung Galaxy online and made a bit of money from it!

35. DVDs that haven't been watched

36. DVDs you can watch on Netflix

37. Games that never get touched

38. Boxes from electronics

39. Excess coat hangers

40. Wrapping paper scraps

41. Candles that have burnt out

42. Worn out hair bobbles
I am still working on this one.

43. Social media that you never use

44. Unsubscribe to emails you don't ever read

45. Spam/junk folder
So many emails offering me Viagra...

46. Blurred photos

47. Reward/store cards you never use
A library card? Really, Katie?

48. Old apps from your phone, you never open

49. Delete old contacts or texts

50. People who make you feel unhappy, anxious or doubtful

51. Negativity


What things on this list are you going to declutter??


  1. I definitely need to get rid of a massive dead house plant in my kitchen. I'm ashamed to say it's been dead for months : / xx

  2. I really need to sort my phone apps out and I recently sorted out my wardrobe and I feel so much better :)

  3. Ooo this post has inspired me to declutter tomorrow, and I actually can't wait to start!

    - Han, xo |

  4. I'm going to be doing some decluttering after reading this. I've got some nail varnishes which are probably more than 10years old!
    Rosie x

  5. Wow, love this! What blogger template you are using pls?

  6. Thanks a lot. This is such a wonderful sharing!

  7. I always love your content and find it well worth the read, keep it up!



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